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Below is information and facts about the typical laundry supplies you should stock in your home, along with reviews of major brands.

As you can imagine there are many different types of equipment and supplies you could stock in your laundry room, but there is only so much space, money and need for various items.

That is where this page is designed to help.

You can explore information and reviews about various products, so you can decide what you really need, and what you don't, and how you can use what you have in the best ways.

laundry supplies

You can also skip down to share your own reviews here.

This page can get rather long, so I've tried to organize it to let you skip to various parts of the page, as needed. My organization system is basically put into the order in which you might use various laundry products, during various parts of the laundry cycle, from washing, drying, etc.

Here are the sections, and you can click on the links to skip down to that part of the page.

Bleaches & Supplies For Pretreating Stains

Before clothes go in the washing machine stains should be pretreated. Here is information about various products you can use for pretreating, presoaking or otherwise brightening clothes and removing stains.

chlorine bleach liquid chlorine bleach clorox bleach 101 bleach ultimate guide to laundry bluing
Chlorine Bleach Uses & Information Powdered & Liquid Chlorine Bleach Reviews Clorox Bleach Household Bleach: Do Generic & Store Brands Really Work? Liquid Laundry Bluing: The Ultimate Guide

mrs stewarts liquid bluing oxygen bleach non chlorine bleach clorox 2 free and clear color-safe bleach oxiclean
Mrs. Stewart's Bluing Oxygen Bleach Uses & Information Non Chlorine Bleach Reviews Clorox 2 Oxiclean Uses

types of bleach laundry stain removers homemade stain removers enzyme cleaner biz stain remover
Bleach Uses For Laundry & More Laundry Stain Removers Reviews Over 55 Homemade Stain Removal Recipes Enzyme Stain & Odor Remover Reviews Biz Stain Fighter

dry cleaning solvent rubbing alcohol hypoallergenic fabric softener baby laundry detergent natural laundry detergent
Dry Cleaning Solvent Rubbing Alcohol Uses For Stain Removal & More Hypoallergenic Supplies Supplies For Baby Laundry Natural Supplies

used color catcher Shout Color Catcher
Color Catcher Products {To Prevent Dye Transfer} Shout Color Catcher

Laundry Detergent Boosters

Laundry boosters are products that you add to the wash to help the detergent work better. Here is information about some of these boosters, many of which also happen to be natural laundry supplies.

First, here are my articles telling how to use these products as boosters, along with using these products in other areas of your home as well.

baking soda borax powder washing soda
Uses For Baking Soda Uses For Borax Powder Washing Soda Uses

In addition, here are tips from around the web and other readers, sharing how they use various laundry boosters. You can also share how you use these items for washing your clothes.

baking soda borax hydrogen peroxide distilled white vinegar 20 Mule Team Borax
Share Your Baking Soda Uses Share Your Borax Uses Share Your Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide Share Your Uses For Vinegar 20 Mule Team Borax Reviews

In Wash Scent Boosters

You may also wish to use scent boosters for your clothes just to add some scent. This is the newest type of laundry supplies to hit the market - they add scent and nothing else (not to be confused with softeners, which add scent and also condition your fabric at the same time).

Here are the reviews I have gathered so far:

downy unstopables downy unstopables, lush scent downy unstopables, shimmer scent downy unstopables downy unstopables, lush scent
Downy Unstopables Information {By Taylor} Downy Unstoppables {Positive & Negative Opinions} Downy Unstopables Can Stain Washables Downy Unstopables Caused Allergic Reaction: Experiences From Readers Downy Unstopables Caused Rash & Hives: More Experiences From Readers

gain fireworks, sweet sizzle gain fireworks, sweet sizzle gain fireworks, original scent Snuggle Scent Boosters, Lavender Joy scent
Gain Fireworks {Mixed Opinions} More Gain Sweet Sizzle Fireworks Reviews Gain Fireworks Caused Allergic Reactions Snuggle Scent Boosters

Odor Removers & Disinfecting Products

Sometimes laundry gets stinky, or really really gross and needs to be disinfected. Here are product reviews to help you with these unfortunate types of incidents.

OdoBan Odor Eliminator

Washing And Drying Accessories

In addition to a washing machine and dryer, you may use additional laundry supplies or equipment to wash your clothes, such as lingerie bags and drying racks.

You may also wish to use products to clean your washing machine. Here are the reviews I have gathered so far of such products:

wonder wash and spin dryer affresh washer cleaner clorox washing machine cleaner smelly washer cleaner tide washing machine cleaner
Wonder Wash Plus Spin Dryer Affresh Washer Cleaner Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner Smelly Washer Cleaner Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

Lemi Shine machine cleaner
Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner

Fabric Softeners For Use In The Washing Machine

Many people swear by using fabric softener in the wash, some to make the clothes soft, as the name implies, and others to imbue a certain scent to the clothing. Others don't want to use the stuff, saying it makes clothes heavy and greasy. In fact, if you use too much you can even get a softener stain.

There are two different types of fabric softener, those that go in the washing machine as a liquid (and also a new crystal version by certain companies), and also those that go in the dryer. There are obvious differences between these two types of laundry supplies, so I've separated them out on this page.

First, here is some information on how to make your own softeners, including my recipes, recipes from others, and suggestions for blends of essential oils to use as fragrance.

clothes in washing machine essential oils clothes in washing machine
Homemade Softener Recipes Essential Oils Recipes For Homemade Laundry Products Share Your Tips For How To Make Your Own Softener

In addition to making your own there are obviously lots of various commercial softeners you can purchase. Here is the information on this site about softeners used in the washing machine.

share your fabric softener review natural fabric softener fabric softener reviews comfort fabric softener downy fabric softener
Share Your Fabric Softener Review Here Natural Fabric Softener Brands How To Use Fabric Softener & What It Does To Clothes Comfort Fabric Softener Downy Fabric Softener

gain fabric softener purex softener crystals snuggle fabric softener suavitel fabric softener downy ball
Gain Fabric Softener Purex Softener Crystals Snuggle Fabric Softener Suavitel Softener How To Use A Downy Ball And Troubleshooting Tips

downy fabric softener ball
Downy Fabric Softener Ball Reviews

Readers' Fabric Softener Reviews

Here are softener reviews, written by readers like you who have actually used these laundry supplies, to share that they think about them.

comfort fabric softener downy april fresh liquid softener downy clean breeze scent dropps fabric softener pacs, lavender gain fabric softener, original scent
Comfort Fabric Conditioner Ultra Downy Softener {Variety Of Scents} More Downy Fabric Softener Opinions Dropps Fabric Softener Pacs Gain Softener

lenor softener purex 3 in 1 purex 3 in 1 purex crystals lavender blossom scent purex crystals fresh spring waters scent
Lenor Softener Purex Complete 3 In 1 Sheets More Purex 3 In 1 Laundry Sheets Experiences Purex Crystals {Several Scents} Purex Crystals Caused Several Allergic Reactions

snuggle blue sparkle fabric softener snuggle blue sparkle fabric softener suavitel field flowers scent suavitel morning sun scent tide with a touch of downy
Snuggle Ultra Fabric Softener Snuggle Fabric Softener Allergies Suavitel Softener Suavitel Fabric Softener Allergies Tide With A Touch Of Downy

xtra nice 'n fluffy fabric softener
Xtra Nice 'N Fluffy Fabric Softener {Overall Negative}

Dryer Sheets: Fabric Softeners For The Dryer

Here's the information on the site all about softener sheets, and static controllers, for use in the dryer.

clothes in dryer dryer share your dryer sheets review arm and hammer dryer sheets bounce dryer sheets
How To Use Dryer Sheets Recipes For Homemade Dryer Sheets Share Your Dryer Sheets Review Here Arm And Hammer Dryer Sheets Bounce Dryer Sheets

bounce dryer bar
Bounce Dryer Bar

Readers' Dryer Sheets Reviews

Here are the reviews of dryer sheets which have been submitted by readers like you. These reviews are from people who have actually used the products, and are sharing how they worked for them.

arm and hammer total 2-in-1 dryer clothes, lavender and vanilla scent bounce dryer bar outdoor fresh scent bounce bar bounce outdoor fresh dryer sheets Bounce free & sensitive fabric softener sheets
Arm And Hammer Total 2-In-1 Dryer Cloths Bounce Bar Problems More Bounce Dryer Bar Experiences Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets {Multiple Scents} Bounce Free & Sensitive

cuddlesoft fabric softener sheets downy lavender serenity scented dryer sheets gain apple mango tango dryer sheets Kroger Home Sense dryer sheets, free and delicate scent Meijer Jump dryer sheets, free and clear scent
Cuddlesoft Fabric Softener Sheets Downy Dryer Sheets Gain Dryer Sheets Kroger Home Sense Dryer Sheets Meijer Jump Dryer Sheets

Seventh Generation dryer sheets, free and clear scent simplicity hypoallergenic dryer sheets snuggle blue sparkle dryer sheets snuggle free and clear dryer sheets Target Up & Up dryer sheets, unscented
Seventh Generation Dryer Sheets Simplicity Fabric Softener Sheets Snuggle Dryer Sheets Snuggle Free & Clear Dryer Sheets Target Up & Up Dryer Sheets

walgreens hypoallergenic dryer sheets walmart great value free delicate dryer sheets
Walgreens Brand Dryer Sheets Walmart Great Value Dryer Sheets

Ironing Supplies

Finally, after washing and drying your clothes some of them may need to get ironed. Here are some articles on the site that provide information about ironing laundry supplies.

homemade laundry starch ingredients iron cleaner dritz hot iron cleaner faultless hot iron cleaner
Homemade Laundry Starch Recipe Iron Cleaner Reviews Dritz Hot Iron Cleaner Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner

Pet Hair And Lint Removers

Even when your clothes don't need to be washed, they still may have lint or pet hair all over them, and need to get cleaned up.

Here are some articles and reviews of products you can use for this task.

pet hair removers scotch pet hair roller pledge fabric sweeper
Pet Hair Removers Scotch Pet Hair Remover Roller Pledge Pet Hair Remover Fabric Sweeper

Safety Tips & Concerns

Once you have laundry products in your home, even though they are normal everyday types of items, you've got to consider the fact that many of them aren't safe for ingestion, and may otherwise cause harm. Here are some safety tips and precations to keep in mind:

laundry detergent bottle bleach and ammonia
Keep Supplies Out Of Reach Of Kids & Pets Bleach & Ammonia: Don't Mix!

Share Your Laundry Equipment Or Supplies Review Here

What product do you love for caring for your clothes, either for washing, drying, or anything in between?

Or, what product did you try that you thought you would love, but turned out to really disappoint you?

Here are some helpful hints to make sure your review is as useful as possible:

Tell me which exact brand and type of laundry supply you are reviewing, and any other important identifying characteristics of it.

Further, helpful information would include how it cleaned your clothes, how it smelled, whether it removed odors or stains in your clothing, how it effected wear and tear of the fabric, or any allergies or skin reactions you or a family member experienced, if these are applicable.

Any other details relevant to your opinions of the product or supply are all appreciated.

Submitted Laundry Supplies And Equipment Reviews

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Feel free to comment on any of these submissions to tell your own experience with this detergent, or about any other thoughts you have.

Wonder Wash: Viable Alternative To The Laundromat? 
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