Lenor Softener Problem - I Keep Getting Fabric Softener Stains

by Kelly

Lenor Heavenenly  Softness - Sensual Infusions Gold Orchid

Lenor Heavenenly Softness - Sensual Infusions Gold Orchid

Kelly has written about Lenor softener, sharing her experiences with it, and how she keeps getting fabric softener stains from it.

Kelly says:

This fabric softener is such a lovely smell, but I'm afraid I'm getting stains on my clothes. I'm only putting a small amount in and its a brand new washing machine.

I just got rid of my old washing machine because my clothes were getting stains but now I realize it must be the softener doing it.

It only does it on a few items on each wash, but even if I don't put softener in it's still doing it.

Please can you help me? I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.

Taylor says:

Thanks for asking me your laundry question Kelly.

First, here is my article on how to remove fabric softener stains. This will help you get rid of the stains you already have on your clothing.

Many people like to use liquid fabric softeners, because they really do make clothes feel softer against your skin, but one of their downsides is that they can cause stains. That is because most softeners are made with oils, which coat the fabric, and we all know oils can cause stains.

There is a technique to properly using fabric softener to lessen the possibility of staining. I've also written detailed instructions on how to use liquid fabric softener in your washing machine. Make sure to review this article to see
if you can identify any problems with they way you've been adding the softener which may be causing your problems.

However, the fact that you say the stains are occurring even when you don't add the Lenor softener makes me wonder what is really happening. One possibility is that the softener is still coating the inside of the machine even after the wash, so even if you don't add extra the next time it may still cause stains.

To fix this issue try cleaning the inside of your washing machine. For example, there are quite a number of washing machine cleaners on the market you can use. In addition, you can try to clean it yourself, with hot water and bleach to see if this solves the problem.

I hope this advice helps, so you can continue to enjoy your Lenor softener. I have to say, it sounds like a good scent, with a "hint of honey," as the website states.

(For those of us here in the states, Lenor is mainly available in the UK, and a couple other countries in Europe, and is made by Procter & Gamble.)

Has anyone else used Lenor for softening their clothes and want to share a review? You can share your fabric softener review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

I've answered Kelly's question as part of the laundry questions and answers section of my site. You can ask your own questions, or read other ones I've already answered!

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Lenor Softener Gives Me An Allergic Reaction

by Dave

Dave has shared a problem he has with this fabric softener.

Dave says:

My wife uses this product. It is the triple concentrated type, and the smell is so strong if I use a handkerchief it makes my nose bleed and also when my bedding has been changed the next morning I wake up with a horrific thick head.

This stuff is slowly killing me. How can I tell the wife the damage it is causing to my health? The problem is because it is triple concentrated. She still puts a full cap in the washer. I tried telling her, but she says the smell last longer.

Taylor says:

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a severe allergic reaction to Lenor softener Dave, without the ability to get relief.

Normally, when someone experiences an allergic reaction to any type of laundry supply the first and most effective step is to stop using that product to stop the reaction from continuing. Unfortunately, this doesn't sound like such a simple step in your case since the person doing laundry doesn't wish to stop using it.

I don't feel capable of touching on advice about marriage, so I won't. However, I will say you are right to want to stop using so much of the scent.

They have now come out with some hypoallergenic fabric softeners which are unscented. Perhaps this could be a compromise in your household, so your wife gets the softness she wants but you don't have to smell the scent.

I hope it all works out for you!

Has anyone else used Lenor fabric softener? If so, I would love to hear your review and opinions about it. You can share your fabric softener review here for this or any other brand.

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Comments for Lenor Softener Gives Me An Allergic Reaction

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Softener become thicker
by: Sonia

Since I moved from Germany to Asia I forgot that I kept for several months one box with full bottles of Lenor ... smell still good but unfortunately, those liquid become so thick!!!! Can you please advise me what to do... even I put some amount of water but still the same couple of days later...
Sadly... those are still good and I don't want to throw them away though .....

Cotton Flowers scent caused staining
by: Anonymous

It had a lovely smell and I thought when I washed my bedroom curtains I would add some to the wash. When the machine finished and I was taking my curtains out of my washing machine I see it is badly stained, and I've tried washing it again and it just won't come out. I can't send picture as it in the machine again.

response re thick liquid softener
by: Taylor

Sonia, I'm not exactly sure what you can do. They make ultra softeners which are just more concentrated, I would think this would be just about the same. Just use less and perhaps mix to thin it out right before adding to the load. It will be more of a pain to do than thinning it all out at once, but it might work more. Anyone else have suggestions for Sonia?

Allergic reaction
by: Tom

Took me over a week to find out what was causing this intense itch, red spots, sometimes bordering widespread, started on the ass then moved to thighs, groin, arms and even a finger. Some of them had lighter heads on them, some of them look like mosquito bites... Honestly, never again, never again will I trust anything in my skin or laundry, this is a nasty product, I've emailed lenor (downy in the USA ) and complained, how on earth this made it to consumer shelves. I don't even think I have that sensitive skin but this has caused hell. In the meantime I've got to wash every bit of clothing I own

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