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Are you in need of a stain removal tip or 100? If so, this is a great place for some ideas for removing spots or spills from your clothing, upholstery, and carpet, among other surfaces.

I have lots of tips listed below, organized alphabetically by type of stain, to make it easier for you to find what you're interested in.

You can skip down to see the A-Z list below.

The other way to organize the tips is by surface that needs to be cleaned, so I've also tried to help you out by organizing the ideas and tricks shared below into these major categories as well.

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stain removal clothes tips carpet stain removal tips mattress stains

upholstery cleaning tips car upholstery cleaning tips

leather stain removal suede cleaning tips

Now, if you're interested in a particular type of spot or spill, such as mustard, blood or lipstick, for example, this is the place for you. You can jump to the section of the page you want by clicking on one of the letters below.



stain removal tip

Here on this site I share tips and techniques for removing stains, such as in my A-Z Guide. However, the beauty of this topic is that there is generally more than one way to do it.

This section of the site is devoted to readers tips, plus some great resources I've found from around the web, like videos, that I have embedded onto the site.

Everyone has a trick, idea or success story to share, and the rest of us can benefit from your experience. Therefore, I'd love it if you'd click here to share your tip with me.

Even if you don't have anything to share yourself, feel free to take a look around and hopefully you'll find ideas that can help you out!

If you used a specific product to remove your spot please share your stain remover review with me here.

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"A" Stains

apple cider
Apple Cider

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"B" Stains

ballpoint ink pens bbq ribs barbeque chicken beer
Ballpoint Ink {Collected Tips} BBQ Sauce {Collected Tips} Barbeque From Clothing Beer From Clothing

blackberries and raspberries pigeons sitting on a ledge blackberry stains blood stains
Berries From Clothing {Home Remedies} Bird Droppings From Clothes Soak Blackberry With Oxiclean Blood {Collected Tips}

blood stain in carpet blood drop on fingertip blueberries spilling from basket blueberry stain
Blood From Carpet Blood From Fabric Berries {Collected Tips} Blueberry From Clothes & Carpet

running woman salt shaker butter
Bodily Fluid From Clothes Salt As Home Remedy For Bodily Fluids Butter {Collected Tips}

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"C" Stains

melting candle melting candles burning candles girl applying chapstick
Candle Wax {Collected Tips} Remove Candle Wax From Carpet Remove Candle Wax From Clothing & Tablecloths Remove Chapstick On Clothing

charcoal charcoal drawing chocolate stain melted chocolate
Charcoal Dust From Jacket Art Charcoal And Chalk From Carpet Chocolate {Collected Tips} Chocolate From Clothes

chocolate chips splashing coffee spilled coffee coffee stain on carpet
Chocolate From Carpet Coffee {Collected Tips} Coffee From Clothing Coffee From Carpet {Collected Tips}

spilled coffee on carpet crayons melted crayons
Coffee Off Carpet Crayon {Collected Tips} Use WD-40 For Multiple Surfaces For Crayon

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"D" Stains

deodorant on shelf woman applying deodorant deodorant bottles cloth baby diapers
Deodorant {Collected Tips} Deodorant Remover Reviews & How To Make Own Remove Deodorant From Clothes Cloth Diapers

carpet potted plant on carpet dirt stains clothes dryer
Diarrhea Out Of Light Colored Carpet Dirt And Mud From Carpet Dirt From Clothes Dryer Stains: Causes & Cures

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"E" Stains

No stain removal tip has yet been submitted for this letter.

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"F" Stains

fruit juice food coloring baby drinking from bottle
Fruit Juice & Beets {Home Remedy} Food Coloring & Dye Baby Formula & Spit Up

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"G" Stains

gas can grape juice grass stains basket in grass
Gas From Clothing Grape Juice From Clothes Grass {Collected Tips} Grass From Clothes

baby in grass gravy greasy hand mechanic's hands
Grass From Carpet Gravy From Linen Grease {Combined Tips} Home Remedies For Grease From Clothes

shaving cream cooking oil chewing gum melted gum on fabric
Grease From Carpet With Shaving Cream Grease From Clothes (Food Oils & Grease) Chewing Gum {Combined Tips} Gum From Clothing

gumball machine girl blowing bubble
Gum From Carpet Remove Chewing Gum By Fighting Sticky With Sticky

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"H" Stains

hair dye woman applying hair dye shower head christmas lights
Hair Dye {Combined Tips} Hair Dye From Clothes & Carpet Hard Water Stains, Spots And Buildup Holiday Stains

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"I" Stains

ice cream ink spot WD-40 ink stain on clothing
Ice Cream Home Remedies Ink From Carpet {Combined Tips} Ink From Carpet With WD-40 Ink From Clothing {Combined Tips}

ink stain on clothing ink spot
Ink From Clothes Ink On Leather {Combined Tips}

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"J" Stains

broken jelly jar orange juice spilling
Jam From Carpet Fruit Juice From Carpet

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"K" Stains

ketchup bottles ketchup kool aid packets red fruit punch in carpet
Ketchup {Collected Tips} Ketchup From Clothes & Carpet Kool Aid {Collected Tips} Fruit Punch & Kool Aid Out Of Carpet

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"L" Stains

leather and suede sign lipstick lipstick tube
Martha's Advice For Cleaning Suede & Leather Lipstick {Collected Tips} Lipstick From Carpet

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"M" Stains

lipstick on clothing makeup cup of markers markers
Lipstick From Clothing Makeup Home Remedies For Clothes Markers {Collected Tips} Marker On Carpet

Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook mattress mildew on fabric leather jacket
Martha Stewart's Guide {And Videos} Mattress Stain Coming From Inside Mildew {Combined Tips} Mildew From Leather

mold in bathroom mustard on hotdog 3 types of mustard
Mold {Combined Tips} Mustard {Combined Tips} Mustard From Clothes & Carpet

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"N" Stains

nail polish spilling spilling nail polish bottles spilled pink nail polish
Nail Polish {Combined Tips} Nail Polish On Carpet Nail Polish From Fabric & Clothing

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"O" Stains

cooking with oil
Food Oil & Grease {Combined Tips}

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"P" Stains

paint stains dripping paint peaches pen stain removal
Paint {Combined Tips} Paint From Carpet Peach Juice With Dishwasher Detergent Pen Removal From Multiple Surfaces

perfume bottle permanent markers permanent markers woman exercising
Remove Perfume With Baking Soda And Ammonia Permanent Marker {Combined Tips} Permanent Marker From Clothes Perspiration {Combined Tips}

lots of animals dog on carpet pet stains on carpet dog and kitten
Pet Stain & Odor {Combined Tips} Carpet Pet Stains {Combined Tips} Pet Stains On Carpet Pet Stains From Clothes & Upholstery {Combined Tips}

bee on flower pollen from flower pomegranates boy with popsicle
Pollen {Combined Tips} Pollen From Various Surfaces Pomegranate {Combined Tips} Popsicle From Clothing

Potpourri From Carpet

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"Q" Stains

No stain removal tip has yet been submitted for this letter.

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"R" Stains

red wine in glass red wine spill on tablecloth pouring red wine red wine spill on carpet
Red Wine {Combined Tips} Red Wine From Clothing And Fabric Red Wine From Upholstery Red Wine Spill On Carpet

rust stain
Rust Stains {Combined Tips}

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"S" Stains

salsa car upholstery salt self tanner
Salsa From Clothing With A Lemon Salt And Grit From Car Upholstery Salt Stains From Leather Shoes Self Tanner From Clothes

soda stains on car seat spaghetti sauce stain faultless starch sticker residue on clothing
Clean Soda On Car Seats Spaghetti Sauce From Fabric & Carpet Spray Laundry Starch From Upholstery And Carpet Remove Sticker Residue From Clothing

suede jacket sweat syrup bottle
Clean Suede Jacket Sweat From Clothes Syrup From Carpet

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"T" Stains

cup of tea tea and lemon tomato sauce drop of tree sap
Tea {Combined Tips} Tea From Clothes Tomato Sauce {Combined Tips} Tree Sap {Combined Tips}

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"U" Stains

spot on upholstered ottoman urine stains dog on carpet mattress macro
Upholstery Spots {Home Remedies} Urine {Combined Tips} Dog Urine From Carpet Urine From Mattress

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"V" Stains

sick woman
Vomit From Carpet

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"W" Stains

inside washing machine water stains drinking white wine white wine
Washing Machine Stains On Clothes: Causes & Cures Water {Combined Tips} White Wine {Combined Tips} White Wine From Clothing
wine stain removal
Home Remedies For Wine Stains

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"X" Stains

No stain removal tip has yet been submitted for this letter.

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"Y" Stains

removing yellow stains from clothing
Yellowing From Clothing

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"Z" Stains

No stain removal tip has yet been submitted for this letter.

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You can also tell us what homemade or commercial stain removers you used.

Finally, you can share what didn't work in removing the stain, if applicable.

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Holiday Stain Removal Tips Video Not rated yet
Below is a video giving some tips for holiday stain removal. The items that they talk about include: Red wine stains Candle wax stains …

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