Removing Peach Juice Stains With Dishwasher Detergent

Ever gotten peach juice stains all over your clothes when you ate that almost overripe peach?

I saw one of the greatest tips at Because I'm The Mama and wanted to share it with you.

One of her children had done just that -- thoroughly enjoyed some peaches they received, so much that she had stained several of her shirts with peach juice.

She tried several very common stain fighting techniques -- pretreating with a laundry pretreater, Oxiclean, and even bleaching the clothes, but the stain remained.

She even dried the clothing in the dryer several times after trying to remove the stains -- so the stains were clearly well set after that.

This is what she did to get out those peach juice stains from her daughter's clothes:

Step 1: Create a solution of warm water and one tablespoon of dishwasher detergent into a tub.

Step 2: Soak the stained clothing overnight in the tub (she in fact soaked even longer -- 36 hours).

Step 3: Wash as usual.

So, has this worked for anyone else? Have you used the dishwasher detergent solution on any other food stains with luck?

Has this method instead of removing the stain ruined your clothes?

I'd love to hear from you, sharing your uses for dishwasher detergent for cleaning and stain removal in your home. You can share your dishwashing detergent uses here, or read even more ways people have used this product for cleaning and removing stains in their home, for uses other than cleaning their dishes.

You can also read's tips for removing peach juice stains.

Finally, you can share your own stain removal tip here, or read over 200 others that have already been submitted.

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Lemon Shine Dishwasher Crystals Made My Whites Whiter
by: Carole Majerus

This could be my imagination but I live in central Florida and my water is really hard. My whites are always dingy. So I tried throwing lemon shine dishwasher lemon crystals in my laundry of whites today and I think they came out whiter. Try it and see if you think the same thing.

I have soaked many stains in dishwasher detergent
by: Anonymous

One of my last resort stain removal tricks is to soak clothing in dishwasher detergent overnight.

It works most of the time!

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