Dishwashing Detergent Uses
For Cleaning & Stain Removal

Did you know you can use dishwashing detergent for cleaning and stain removal, and not just for cleaning dishes in your dishwasher?

Read some tips for how to do this, and also share you own.

I knew there were lots of uses for this awesome cleaning supply, but I have to say I have been surprised how many uses I've collected so far.

Make sure when you use a cleaning product in an alternate way that you first test in an inconspicuous area so it doesn't harm the surface you're going to use it on!

Here are some of the uses for dishwasher detergent submitted so far:

share your homemade cleaners recipes here
Share Your Recipe Or Use Here
Removing Peach Juice Stains On Clothing
frozen meals
Remove Tomato Sauce Stains From Plastic
melted crayons
Removing Crayon In Dryer

how to remove blueberry stain
Remove Blueberry Stain From Carpet
spaghetti sauce stain
Spaghetti Sauce Stain Set In Dryer
garage floor
Cleaning Stains Off Garage Floors
baby drinking bottle
Pretreating Formula Stains On Clothes

coffee ring in mug
Removing Coffee & Tea Rings In Mugs
coffee ring in mug
Removing Coffee & Tea Rings In Mugs

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dishwashing detergent uses

I love to find additional uses for common house cleaning supplies besides the obvious, which in the case of dishwashing detergent would be for washing dishes in the dishwasher.

Above I've collected the tips which have already been submitted for how to use this product for cleaning and stain removal, but I'm sure there are even more ways.

Be sure to tell me whether your tip uses powder or gel detergent, since there is sometimes a difference.

In addition, please share not only how it worked for cleaning, but how it effected the surface you cleaned or laundered, since sometimes this can be a harsh way to clean and it can cause damage if not done carefully.

(Please note that you can also share dishwasher detergents reviews here, if you have a specific brand or type of detergent you like to use the most, or check out the other reviews already submitted.)

How Do You Use Dishwasher Detergent For Cleaning And Stain Removal?

Making and using your own cleaning products is becoming quite popular. One of the most common homemade cleaning supplies is dishwasher detergent.

How do you use it around your home for cleaning or stain removal?

You can also share your recipes for homemade cleaning solutions which feature this product in it here.

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