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Facts & Essential Information

There are lots of types of washing detergent available to wash your laundry.

Here are articles about various types available, along with other issues you'll need to consider before you add it to your machine.

Basic Types Of Washing Machine Detergent You Can Choose From

Choosing which product to wash your clothes and other washable fabrics in can be difficult, not only because you have to choose a brand, but also because you've got to choose a type of detergent.

washing machine detergent

For example, you may need high efficiency detergent, natural, powdered, liquid, gentle, or with or without enzymes or other particular ingredients.

Many of these products also have additives such as bleaches, softeners, and scents, as well as special formulations such as for babies.

Finally, laundry soaps are available in a wide range of prices, from super expensive to super cheap, and everything in between.

The choices can be endless.

Here are some articles with the low down on some of these topics, to help you find the best laundry detergent for your family's wants and needs, and special circumstances.

pouring laundry detergent into cap
Liquid Detergent Facts & Uses
powder laundry detergent
Powder Detergent Facts & Uses
laundry detergent pacs
Stain Remover & Laundry Detergent Pacs
HE laundry detergent symbol
Guide To High Efficiency (HE) Products

enzyme laundry detergent
Info Re: Laundry Products Containing Enzymes
baby laundry detergent
Brands Of Baby Laundry Supplies
delicate wash
Brands Of Delicate Wash
natural laundry detergent
Brands Of Natural Detergent

soap bubbles
Low Sudsing Detergent: How Does It Really Work?
faded blue jeans
Detergents To Prevent Fading Colors

Major Problem With Some Brands & Scents: Allergic Reactions

If you don't have allergies to lots of things you may not consider how many people all around you are truly impacted by the problem of laundry detergent allergies. Trust me when I say, however, that you most likley know several people for whom this is a major concern.

The reason for this is that soaps, including those made for washing clothes, get up and personal with your skin because some residue from them stays in your clothing. That, coupled with the strong scents many laundry products are given means that rashes, hives, and other allergic reactions are common.

This is a major cause of mine here on the site, to educate and assist people with these problems, because my son is an allergy sufferer himself, and I've lived the ups and downs of hypoallergenic and scent and dye free products.

Here's some advice for how to deal with this serious issue, to make sure your clothes get clean without endangering your or your family's health and comfort if you're an allergy sufferer.

laundry detergent allergies
Allergy Symptoms & The Cure
hypoallergenic laundry detergent
Available Hypoallergenic Brands & Reviews
powdered detergent
What To Do When Have Allergic Reaction
detergent allergy symptom picture
Pictures: Find Out If You're Suffering From Detergent Allergy

Laundry Detergent Can Cost Big Bucks, But Does It Have To?

It seems like they keep raising the price of detergent every other day, doesn't it? Well, I feel your pain. I personally believe everyone should have products available to them, in their price range, that do a good job.

Heck, you've heard about the recent increase in Tide detergent theft right? That's a real shame and shows that these products are really just priced too high in this bad economy, in my opinion.

Plus, there is a prevalent belief that cheap brands don't clean your clothes as well, but take it from me, the queen of using cheap and store brands - this doesn't have to be the case!

Of course, there are some dud products out there that really do suck at cleaning your clothes, including several cheap or discount brands. I'll help you find the diamonds in the rough that work really well to wash your clothes, and are still within your budget.

Plus, I've explored several other ways to save money when doing your laundry, such as making your own laundry soaps and other supplies.

Here are some ways to make the cost of this essential product more manageable for you.

low cost laundry detergent
Low Cost Options & Ideas
homemade laundry soap
Homemade Detergent Recipes {From Taylor}
homemade laundry detergent
Homemade Laundry Soap Recipes {From Readers}

What Can You Do If You've Bought A Detergent And Hate It?

If you've been searching for the best laundry detergent, there's no doubt you tried a few that didn't make the cut for you, either because they didn't work well, or you don't like something about it (or it causes you to have an allergic reaction).

Here's a great idea from a reader who shared what to do with extra detergent. She says:

If you purchase detergents that end up not working for your household, rather than dispose of them, the local animal shelter, or your veterinarian's office, would most likely gladly accept your castoffs.

I like that idea. I'm not sure if women's or homeless shelters will accept open bottles of detergent too, but if they do this may also be a good place to donate these items.

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