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Here at Stain-Removal-101.com I research and learn about a lot of stain removers, laundry supplies and cleaning products and supplies in the course of learning and sharing how to remove a wide variety of stains, and clean my house and clothes.

Products Recommended By Taylor

My list of recommended stain removers, cleaning and stain removal supplies lists the best ones I can find that are currently on the market, after researching the topic carefully.

I will not recommend a product unless my research indicates it is effective for removing the type of stain I indicate, on the type of surface I indicate, or will otherwise clean what I say it will clean.

Along with my personal experience, I may rely upon reviews from consumer magazines, such as Consumer Reports or similar publications, positive praise from Amazon.com reviews or other similar sources, or from trade associations such as the Carpet & Rug Institute, along with recommendations from my readers here on this site.

Therefore, I have not personally tried each of these products, and I may add or subtract from this list as I learn more, and as new products come on the market and others are discontinued.

Product Reviews From Readers

Further, I also publish reviews from readers and others who have actually used the product themselves, and are sharing their own experiences and opinions about it. In those cases I make clear that the review is not from myself, but from someone else.

You can always tell when the review is from someone else since I share the name of the reviewer, or if they've chosen to remain anonymous they are called an SR101 reader.

Obviously, if I am publishing someone else's experience I have not personally tried the product myself under the circumstances with which they describe it.

If I see an obvious issue with a review as I review them before publication (and yes, I review each one) such as using a product on a surface or in a way not intended I try my best to call attention to that fact in my commentary, but as always use caution when trying new products in new ways.

Receipt Of Products To Review

As this website has gained in traffic and popularity I am now beginning to receive free samples and products from companies to try and review.

If you are a PR rep, you can learn more about my cleaning products review policy here, to see how to send me your product for your.

My receipt of free products is a good thing for you, as a reader, because it means I can now try more products to see what works best. Did you know that most of the time I buy these products using money from my own pocket or get free samples from the company like any other consumer does when they have special offers?

I always disclose, as required, when I receive a product for free and I also share if I am compensated by the company for my time in reviewing the product, since it takes a lot of time to do all the testing.

However, let me assure you that even with free samples and/or compensation for my time, I will continue to tell it like it is about products, the good and the bad. If a company is scared to hear the truth, they better not send me their product for review.

What If I Try A Product And I Didn't Like It?

If you try a product reviewed here on this site and you are dissatisfied with it I would appreciate it if you contact me and tell me about your experience, so I can investigate and make sure I still want to stand behind that recommendation.

You can also submit your own review of a product to alert people to the problem you experienced.

Please note that I cannot give money back guarantees or anything like that, because I am not the manufacturer or seller of the actual products. Just as with any other purchase you must speak with the person from whom you bought the product.

What If I Try A Product And Love It?

On the flip side, I would also like to hear your recommendations for stain removal products, laundry supplies, and house cleaning supplies and equipment, because new products come on the market all the time and I want to make sure I know about all the great products out there, so I can make sure I am recommending the best ones.

Monetary Compensation For Products Purchased Through Affiliate Links

When I or a reader review a product I always try to provide you with links to online stores where you can buy the product. This takes extra time, but I think it is a helpful courtesy to my readers.

Of course, when you buy a product by clicking on a link through this website I may receive a commission for that purchase, known as an affiliate commission.

See my disclosure policy for more details about what companies I am affiliated with, and my committment to only recommend great products.

Getting a commission from the sale of the product helps keep this website going, and allows me to have the time to research new products and provide you with free stain removal, laundry and cleaning information.

That does not mean, however, that I will recommend a stain remover or cleaning product just to get a commission.

I am committed to finding and recommending only the best products for you, because I want this website to be a trusted resource and guide for you, and for you to keep coming back to the site for assistance.

Thanks For Being A Reader!

Finally, I really appreciate you coming to this site for information and I am working hard to make sure what I tell you is as accurate as possible, and will help you in your everyday life.

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CAUTION: This website is provided for informational purposes only. It is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees. Some stains and messes just won't come out, and are permanent. Further, some cleaning methods can harm your item, so if what you want to clean or launder is sentimental or expensive call a professional. See disclaimer of liability for more information.