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I've been busy gathering all kinds of house cleaning tips from readers for all kinds of rooms, areas, surfaces, appliances, etc. in your home.

Take a look below for over 145 tips already submitted, or add your own!

I already have quite a few tips for cleaning that have been submitted, along with videos I've embedded onto the site that you can look at.

I have them organized alphabetically, by the type of object you want to clean, so you can find them easily.

You can jump to the section of the page you want by clicking on one of the letters below. In addition, you can submit your own trick or idea here.



cleaning tips

Much of this website is devoted to how to remove various types of stains from various types of surfaces.

However, when you are removing stains you are often cleaning the item too, and so cleaning and stain removal really do overlap and go hand in hand.

I've been getting so many good stain removal tips from readers that I wanted expand and allow you to also submit your own ideas and tricks for house cleaning too.

In addition, I've added some of the best videos I've found from all over the web into this section as well.

So, click here to jump down onto the page to submit your own ideas, so it can be featured here with all the others.

If you have a homemade cleaners recipe to share, click the link to share it. You can also see over 75 other recipes already already submitted, or read my articles on homemade cleaning products for your home.

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"A" Tips

aluminum pressure cooker aluminum siding aluminum wheel household appliances
Cleaning Aluminum Cleaning Aluminum Siding Cleaning Aluminum Wheels Cleaning Appliances

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"B" Tips

bamboo floor bamboo flooring grill grates bathroom
Clean Bamboo Floors Bamboo Floor Tips Barbecue Grill And Grill Grates Cleaning The Bathroom

bathroom mildew cleaning the bathtub bathtub faucet bird
Removing Bathroom Mold & Mildew Bathtub Cleaning Removing Rust Stains From Bathtub Naturally Bird Dropping Clean Up From Hard Surfaces

blender brass doorknob brick wall brick patio
Clean Blender Quickly And Easily Cleaning Brass Clean Brick Clean Bricks Using Oxygen Bleach

bronze cookware
Cleaning Bronze

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"C" Tips

melting candle candleholder canvas tennis shoes tree sap
Remove Candle Wax Removing Melted Candle Wax From Glass Candleholder Canvas Cleaning Remove Tree Sap From Car

carpet basket of eggs car upholstery car upholstery
Reduce Carpet Odors With Essential Oils Egg Stains Off Car Car Upholstery Cleaning Remove Salt And Grit From Car Upholstery

cast iron cookware salt in cast iron skillet cleaning ceiling ceiling fan
Clean Cast Iron Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet {Home Remedies} Ceiling Cleaning Clean Ceiling Fans

chrome bathtub faucet coffee maker coffee pot coffee pot
Cleaning Chrome Clean Coffee Maker Clean Coffee Pot Coffee Pot Home Remedies

copper pots copper pot dirty concrete crayon on concrete
Cleaning Copper Copper Pots {Home Remedies} Clean Concrete And Remove Stains Remove Crayon On Concrete Or Brick

motor oil on garage floor moss on concrete corian countertops pencil
Removing Oil Stains From Concrete & Driveways Moss Removal From Concrete, Driveways And Walkways Cleaning Corian Remove Pencil Lead From Corian

kitchen countertop crayons crown moulding cutting board
Removing Countertop Stains Remove Crayon Marks And Stains Cleaning Crevices, Moulding & Tight Spaces Clean Cutting Board With Salt

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"D" Tips

wood deck diamond ring dishwasher dishwasher
Clean Deck And Remove Stains Clean Diamond Jewelry 6 Strategies To Empty The Dishwasher Cleaning Dishwasher

clean dishwasher empty dish soap bottle baby doll drain
Clean Dishwasher With Vinegar What To Do When Kids Using Too Much Dish Soap Remove Marker Marks From Baby Doll Drain Cleaning

baking soda and vinegar chemical reaction dryer melted crayons gum balls
Vinegar And Baking Soda As Drain Clog Remover Dryer Cleaning Removing Crayon In Dryer Remove Gum From Dryer

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"E" Tips

egg electric tea kettle
Cleaning Eggs Dropped On Floor Descale An Electric Tea Kettle To Remove Hard Water Buildup

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"F" Tips

fiberglass fireworks artificial flower
Clean Fiberglass Clean Fireworks Stains On Cement And Driveways Clean Artificial Flowers With Salt

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"G" Tips

garage floor garbage disposal garbage disposal gold coins
Clean Garage Floor Smelly Garbage Disposal Remedies More Remedies For Garbage Disposal Smells Cleaning Gold

gold rings graffiti on garage door granite counter top granite countertop
Clean Gold Jewelry How To Remove Graffiti Cleaning Granite Counter Tops Removing Granite Stains From Countertop

barbecue grill cleaning grouted tile
Barbecue Grill Cleaning Clean Grout

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"H" Tips

woman applying hair dye sharpies shower head vinegar
Remove Hair Dye From Hard Surfaces Remove Sharpie Ink From Hard Surfaces Removing Hard Water Stains, Spots And Buildup Hard Water Stain Removal Using Vinegar

hardwood floors cat on wood floor
Removing Stains On Hardwood Floors Removing Pet Stains From Hardwood Floors

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"I" Tips

No tips have been submitted yet for this letter.

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"J" Tips

jewelry Polident denture tablets
Cleaning Jewelry Use Denture Cleaning Tablets For Jewelry

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"K" Tips

clean kitchen cabinets kitchen kitchen sink
Clean Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Hints Clean Kitchen Sinks

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"L" Tips

red cloth lamp shade leather sofa leather jacket leather and suede sign
Dusting Cloth Lamp Shades Cleaning Leather Removing Mildew From Leather Cleaning Suede & Leather

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"M" Tips

mattress mattress macro baking soda mattress
Mattress Cleaning Remove Urine From Mattress Cleaning Mattress With Baking Soda Clean Mattress Stain Coming From Inside Mattress

microwave microwave mold and mildew on bathroom coffee ring in mug
Cleaning Microwave Clean Microwave {Home Remedies} Cleaning & Removing Mildew & Mold Removing Coffee & Tea Rings In Mugs & Cups

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"N" Tips

No tips have been submitted yet for this letter.

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"O" Tips

man cleaning oven clean oven
Oven Cleaning Cleaning Oven Racks With Ammonia

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"P" Tips

pearl necklace pet playing on carpet plastic containers carrot juice
Cleaning Pearls Remove Pet Hair Cleaning Plastic Remove Carrot Juice Stains From Plastic

plastic containers porcelain kitchen sink pots and pans burned pot
Remove Tomato Stains From Plastic Clean Porcelain Sink Cleaning Pots Cleaning Burned Pots With Baking Soda

pressure wash
How To Pressure Wash

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"Q" Tips

No house cleaning tips have been submitted yet for this letter.

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"R" Tips

refrigerator inside refrigerator rust stains rusty chain
Clean Refrigerator Cleaning Refrigerator Naturally Removing Rust Stains From Objects Removing Rust With Vinegar {From Metal}

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"S" Tips

dirty shoes gum on shoe scuff marks on white shoes shower
Cleaning Shoes Remove Gum On Shoe Remove Scuff Marks From Shoes With Toothpaste Clean A Shower

shower and bathtub, with curtain shower head glass shower door shower curtain
Cleaning Shower & Tub Walls & Floor Clean Shower Head With Vinegar Clean Shower Door Wash Shower Curtain

shower curtain power washing silver tea service silver necklace
Clean Shower Curtain Power Wash Siding On Your Home Cleaning Silver Clean Silver Jewelry

spice grinder sponges stainless steel pot stainless steel sink
Clean Spice Grinder Disinfect & Clean Sponge Clean Stainless Steel Clean Stainless Steel Sink

clean stove top porcelain stove drip pans suede shoes suede jacket macro
Clean Stove Top Cleaning Stove Drip Pans Suede Cleaning Clean Suede With Baking Soda

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"T" Tips

blue tile blue mop cleaning toilet pumice stick
Clean Tile Q & A: Rinsing Cleaner From Tile Floor Clean A Toilet Pumice Stick Or Stone For Toilet Ring

lysol cling, lavender scent toothbrushes toy ransom box
Remove Stains Caused By Lysol Cling Gel Clean Toothbrush Toy Ransom Box: To Get Kids To Pick Up

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"U" Tips

upholstered couch
Upholstery Cleaning

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"V" Tips

vinyl floor vinyl siding
Clean Vinyl Floors Cleaning Vinyl Siding

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"W" Tips

little girl cleaning wall crayon on wall permanent marker on wall washing machine
Cleaning Walls Crayon Removal From Walls Permanent Marker Removal From Walls Clean Washing Machine

washing machines white board wood desk crayon removal from wood floors
Getting Rid Of Washing Machine Smell Remove Permanent Marker From White Board Removing Wood Stain Crayon Removal From Wood Floors And Furniture

sharpie on wood dog on wood floor water stains on wood water glass sitting on wood table
Remove Permanent Marker From Wood Surfaces Removing Pet Stains On Wood Floors Removing Water Stains On Wood Floors Removing Water Stains From Wood Using Mineral Oil

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"X" Tips

No tips have been submitted yet for this letter.

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"Y" Tips

No tips have been submitted yet for this letter.

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"Z" Tips

No tips have been submitted yet for this letter.

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Toy Ransom Box: Method To Get Kids To Pick Up After Themselves 
Ever heard of a toy ransom box? There was some discussion of it here on the site recently when we were discussing how to get kids to pick up after …

Uses For Alka Seltzer For Cleaning Items In Your Home 
Below is a video showing several uses for alka seltzer for cleaning items in your home. The idea for each of them is to let the alka seltzer dissolve …

How To Clean Egg Stains Off Car 
When your car gets egged the most important thing you can do is to get the egg stains off as quickly as possible. This is not too difficult if you realize …

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