Tip For Dusting & Cleaning Lamp Shades & Fabric Covered Vertical Blinds Easily

by Bree

Bree shared this tip for dusting and cleaning lamp shades and fabric vertical blinds easily.

It's one of those duh moments, where you ask, why didn't I think of that?

Bree says:

Libman lint roller
I have a useful tip for lint rollers...I use them to dust my lamp shades and fabric vertical blinds/valance.

It works great.

Thank you for all your wonderful cleaning and organizing tips.

Taylor says:

Thank you Bree for this awesome tip. I love things like this that are so simple, but obviously effective.

Fabric blinds and lampshades can be difficult to dust, since it seems like the dust just seems to stick tight to the fibers.

The sticky part of the lint roller will grab all that dust and remove it without you having to shake or brush hard these sometimes delicate items!

Does anyone else have any tips for cleaning blinds or lamp shades? If so, you can share your tips and tricks here.

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Lamp shade photo courtesy of Amazon.com

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Comments for Tip For Dusting & Cleaning Lamp Shades & Fabric Covered Vertical Blinds Easily

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Paint brushes
by: Tara

Best thing I have found for lamp shades is a dry paint brush. It really gets in the crevices and you can use various sizes for various jobs.

Paint Brush
by: Valahree

For pleated lamp shades use a paint brush, it gets the dust out inside of pleats and doesn't damage the shade.

For a lampshade with folds like a fan
by: Marilynn Layden

Talk about a dust catcher. My lampshade resists most vacuums but is always dusty because it has groves like a fan all around the shade.

My best solution to this problem is -
1. Remove lampshade from the lamp.
2. Take the lampshade outside
3. Use canned air (found in the office supply section of Sams, etc.) and hit all of the grooves.
4. And my lampshade looks just like new

I noticed that the price of the canned air has come down lately, but you will not use very much of the can. And, my lampshade is fairly large.

vacuum with brush attachment
by: DeeDee Robles

I vacuum the lamp shades using the brush attachment, leaves the shades clean and looking new. So simple and guick!

upholstery attachment on vacuum cleaner
by: Glenystasmania

I use the upholstery attachment on my vacuum cleaner, there is one that is circular and has a brush kind of tip, just a quick change of head on the wand and away you go.

brush attachment with my vacuum
by: Anonymous

I need to use the brush attachment with my vacuum. My lampshade is a more rigid shade with accordion pleats so a lint roller won't work here.

paint brush
by: KT

I use a 4" natural paint brush to dust my lamp shade and nick nacks. Works great.

soft bristle paint brush
by: Cindy

To clean delicate items such as ceramics or lamp shades use a soft bristle paint brush.

stale bread
by: Susan Masey

Wipe over with a piece of stale bread, then shake gently. No cost, no elbow grease.

brush extension on my vacuum for dusting lampshades and the wide mouth extension to do drapes
by: Kyle

I use the brush extension on my vacuum for dusting lampshades and the wide mouth extension to do drapes. This does not work on light weight fabrics, and you must make sure that your extension pieces are CLEAN and dry.

3 inch soft bristle clean paintbrush
by: Pam Cheever

Try using a 3 inch soft bristle clean paintbrush to clean lampshades!! If the shade is very dusty, take the whole lamp, or just the shade, outside, dust it and let the wind carry the dirt away!!

unused paintbrush
by: Caroline Angulo

I would use an unused paintbrush to dust my lampshades. It seemed the easiest way to do it. However, I like the lint roller idea, too.

by: Anonymous

Vacuum with the brush attachment.

paint brush
by: Anonymous

Use a paint brush. Saves tons of work when cleaning drapes, vertical and horizontal blinds and tchotchkes.

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