Cleaning Eggs - Trick For Cleaning Up Fresh Dropped Eggs

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Here is a cool video which gives a trick for cleaning eggs up off the floor or other places when you accidentally drop one.

I hate it when I accidentally drop an egg on the floor, or when I get a cracked egg, while still runny, on the counter or floor. The main reason is that it can be a real mess to clean up.

This video presents a great tip for how to clean eggs up without a lot of trouble -- use table salt.

Just cover the spilled egg with table salt, wait 15 minutes, and the egg will now be a consistency where you can just scoot it into a paper towel for the trash. (I wouldn't actually suggest sweeping it up with a broom -- yuck, the egg is still raw!)

But with this method you don't need to clean up all the slimy egg. Cool huh?

Note that you'll still need to wipe up your floor or counter afterward, just like anytime you're handling raw eggs. You can use this homemade disinfectant recipe if you'd like, to disinfect the area.

Here is the video below:

You can share your uses of salt around your home here.

Uses of salt for cleaning and more

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suck it up with an oven baster
by: Daytonian in Manhattan

Use an oven baster to suck up the remains for those who don't have pets.

save sawdust
by: Tabby

Save sawdust from your favorite woodworker. Works the same as salt, free.

makes dog's coat shiny!
by: Anonymous

I usually let my dog lick it up. It then makes her coat very shiny a few days later.

easier way!
by: Anonymous

Call the dog to lick it up, then disinfect! ;-)

Egg cleanup
by: Anonymous

Salt is too expensive to just pour a heap on a spilt egg. Just grab a dustpan and scoop it up with whatever and just wash the dustpan afterwards :)

it works!
by: Ronda

Drop an egg on the floor? Dump salt on it before wiping it up. The salt adds grit and makes it so much easier.

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