Cleaning Burned Pots With Baking Soda

Below is a video showing you techniques for cleaning burned pots with baking soda.

Everyone has been there -- let a pot get too hot, or stepped away from the stove just a little too long.

Not only do you sometimes ruin dinner, but it can seem like you have ruined your pot too, because it feels almost impossible to remove the burned food.

Well, a very simple way to remove that burned food is to use baking soda.

An additional advantage of this method is that baking soda is ingestible, meaning you aren't using a chemical on your cookware that could later be bad if you ingested any residue.

For cleaning burned pots with baking soda you first coat the bottom of the pan with a layer of baking soda, and then wet it to create a paste.

Let this baking soda paste sit on your pot for several minutes, or longer.

The longer you let it soak (without the paste completely drying) the better.

Next, wipe out the pot with a damp sponge. Many times the burned on food will wipe right out, along with the paste.

However, if this method didn't completely loosen the burned on mess, you will need to take additional steps.

Again, cover the bottom of the pan with baking soda and fill with water, a little more this time to make a thin pasty water.

heat this baking soda/water solution on the stove, in the pot, for a couple of minutes until it comes to a boil.

Be careful to then remove it from the heat quickly after it begins to boil, so it too does not get burned and stuck on.

Once the water is cooled down sufficiently so you don't burn yourself again wipe and scrub the pot to remove the burned on food.

Once the burned on stuff is removed, just wash and dry the pot as normal, and enjoy using your pot again for cooking, but be careful not to burn your food again!

You can see the video below for a demonstration of these steps, in action.

Do you have your own tips for cleaning or stain removal with baking soda?

If so, you can submit your own baking soda uses tips here, or read additional tips already submitted.

In addition, you can read my article about even more uses for baking soda around your home, and some of its chemical properties which make it such a great natural cleaner.

Baking Soda {Refferal Links}

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Photo by rochelle, et. al.

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Comments for Cleaning Burned Pots With Baking Soda

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how I do it
by: Terri

I let it simmer with a little bit dishwasher detergent and water. Almost all the burned gunk will just pop off and the rest is easily scoured off with a Brillo pad.

dishwasher detergent
by: Theunise

Dishwasher detergent works like a charm.

Burnt on food
by: Susie J

I use dishwasher powder. I cover the bottom of the pot with a quarter inch of water and sprinkle the powder in over the burnt on grunge. Doesn't need to be a lot of powder. Let it sit for awhile or overnight. This will loosen the grunge and you can scrape with a spoon or repeat. Works every time for me.

burned pan
by: Anonymous

Pour enough wine to cover burned area. Set on burner with lid over low heat and simmer a few minutes. Pour off wine and wash pan. Comes clean every time with no scrubbing.

Tips for glass bake ware?
by: Anonymous

What about glass that's got things burnt on? Can't exactly put it on the stove top. Heat the paste in the oven??

by: Anonymous

I’ve used Comet before and it worked well.

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