Clean Artificial Flowers With Salt

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Below is a quick tip for how to clean artificial flowers.

A lot of times when we have an artificial flower arrangement sitting in our homes for a while it starts to look dingy and dusty.

However, it is difficult to get that dust off with conventional means, such as a dust rag because who has time to wipe down each individual leaf and petal?

Here is a quick video tip for cleaning those artificial flowers that are able to be placed in a bag.

Fill a paper bag with 1 cup of salt and gently place your artificial flowers in too.

Next, shake the bag and the salt with "grab" all of the dust and your flowers will come out clean and beautiful.

Then, all you need to do is rearrange them for display in your home, and you're done!

See the video for a demonstration:

Tell me in the comments how this tip for using salt worked for you.

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Uses of salt for cleaning and more

Quick tip for how to clean artificial flowers easily and naturally {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Clean Artificial Flowers With Salt

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is a plastic bag OK?
by: Meg D

Is it necessary to use a paper bag? (If so, why? Just wondered if a plastic bag would work, since paper bags aren't as readily available these days.) ;-)

use the washer
by: Legsa4

I wash mine in the washer on delicate then dry on a towel.

Thank You
by: Susan

Worked perfectly!! My husband cleaned two big boxes of flowers in less than an hour. 4 batches of 1 cup salt in a big paper bag. Removed all dust and city grime. Thanks so much for posting this tip.

I give mine a shower
by: Sharon

I put them in the bathtub and turn on the shower. This does a great job and so easy. I shake off the excess water and put them on the patio to dry. Simple and easy.

use dishwasher
by: Rhonda

Believe it or not, place them laying down on the top rack of the dishwasher. Run on light cycle. Put on econo though, so the heated drying is not so hot. Then when finished, shake out excess water and let air dry on towel. There may be a few petals or leaves in bottom of dishwasher, but you can easily see where they go and easily put them back on : )

wash mine in the sink
by: Anna

I wash mine in the sink using laundry soap to wash and fabric softener to rinse and let dry in the dish drainer. I've never had any be ruined and they smell terrific!

use air compressor
by: Megan

We have an air compressor, so every spring our arrangements get blown off.

silk flower cleaning spray
by: Lisa

When I worked at a hotel we used to buy a silk flower cleaning spray (referral) and loved it, and it smelled awesome.

another method
by: Lee

Also a light spray with tech grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with "No Rinse body bath" (yes, the stuff Granny got washed with in the hospital).

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