How To Clean Mattress Stain - Help For A Reader

by Maurice
(Poole England)

I received this question about how to clean mattress stain from Maurice.

Maurice's Question:

I have an orange coloured stain on my pocket sprung mattress.

This stain appears to come from the inside of the mattress. It starts from underneath the pillows down about 45cm and across 30 cm and is under both pillows. Have you any idea how we can remove this stain?

Taylor's Answer:

Thanks for asking me for some stain removal help.

You clean and remove stains from mattresses in a similar way to upholstery, because you can't take the fabric cover off the mattress and wash it, just like you can't take off upholstery.

Unfortunately, just like with upholstery, mattresses which get a stain, dirt or soil inside, in the fibers and stuffing of a mattress are much harder to clean than surface stains.

The reason is that while you can clean the surface with a stain remover or cleaner, those do not go down deep into the mattress, where it sounds like your stain is coming from.

Hint: That is why I advise cleaning up spills on mattresses, upholstery and carpet right away. If let to sit and soak in the spill is much harder or impossible to remove once it soaks into the backing or cushions.

When stains and soil have traveled into the inside of the mattress you may need to just throw it out and get a new one.

You will know if this is your problem if you have done several stain removal treatments and although the stain looks like it disappears at first, it "reappears" after a day
or two. That means the stain is deep inside the mattress, and basically impossible to treat.

However, there are a couple of things you can try. Since I don't know what your stain is I will just give some general guidelines for how to clean mattress stain only.

You can try using a wet vacuum carpet cleaner on your mattress to extract the dirt and soil from inside it.

Hint: Before trying this vacuum the mattress thoroughly, so the wet vac does not cause any loose dirt on the outside of the mattress to turn to something akin to mud.

Before using the mattress again after using a wet vac let it dry thoroughly, for at least 48 hours. Remember that although the outside may feel dry it takes longer for the inside to dry.

The other general advice I have for you is to take your mattress out and sun it. Sunshine has been used for centuries for stain removal because the UV rays are germicidal and will kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, it acts as a natural bleaching agent.

I hope these tips for how to clean mattress have been helpful to you.

If anyone else has any suggestions for Maurice, please share them in the comments.

In addition, if you need some questions answered yourself, you can ask me for stain removal help here, just like Maurice did.

In addition, you can house cleaning help here.

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