Ways To Use Sunshine For Stain Removal & Cleaning Your Home

Here's how to use sunshine for stain removal and to help clean your home, with the most natural of cleaners, the sun.

List of ways to use sunshine for cleaning and stain removal, since sunlight is the most natural way to clean! {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

The power of the sun is an often forgotten way to remove stains from your clothes, and other household items.

However, even though this method of removing stains is now sometimes forgotten, it was not always so.

List of ways to use sunshine for cleaning and stain removal, since sunlight is the most natural way to clean! {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Women have long opened their blinds, and let in fresh air and sunshine to help freshen their homes.

In addition, they have known that line drying items out in the warm sunshine helps to naturally bleach and whiten the items hanging on the line.

To be sure sunshine can sometimes over bleach items, such as faded fabrics that have sat in a sunny room to long.

However, used in the right doses sunshine is a free and natural ways to help clean our homes, and remove stains.

Here are some examples of ways I recommend to use sunshine on this site to help remove stains:

In addition, another great way to use sunlight for stain removal is to sun your mattresses once or twice a year, to help remove stains, and freshen and air it out. You can try doing this at the same time you flip your mattresses, which can be during your spring and fall cleanings.

Similarly, a great way to air out and freshen up your pet's bedding is to lay it out in the sun too. This will help remove stains and odors.

There is another reason, besides stain removal, to place items out in the sun. That is because sunlight is germicidal, meaning it can kill germs.

Now, sunlight will not completely and thoroughly disinfect any surface of your home, but the UV light contained within sunlight will kill some germs, and also things like dust mites.

That is why adding sunlight to a room can also really and truly "freshen" it, because it can kill lots of those little germs floating around in the dust motes.

So the next time you want to remove some stains, or otherwise clean and freshen up your home don't forget this free, natural cleaning products -- sunshine.

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