How To Clean Spice Grinder Naturally & Easily

by Taylor

Here is a quick tip for how to clean a spice grinder.

Spices taste better when they are fresh ground, so many people have invested in grinders to make their food taste even better, but then are stumped on how to clean the blades.

Similar to cleaning blenders and food processors, you are more limited in how to clean these types of appliance because of needing not to get the mechanical parts wet, and also those sharp points that are just waiting to harm your fingers.

Here is a quick tip for how to do it naturally -- use kosher salt.

Before grinding the salt just brush off and around the blades of your spice grinder with a brush, such as a pastry or basting brush, to get off as much spice dust as possible.

Next, add a small amount of kosher salt into your grinder, and grind it up. The salt will remove all the little particles of spice from around your blades, keeping you from getting another spice taste next time you grind something new.

Then, just brush off any salt particles left on the blades, and wipe the machine (always unplug it first) with a damp cloth to remove any other debris.

Quick, simple, cheap and natural! One of my favorite combinations!

Did you know there are LOTS of ways to use salt to clean things in your home? It is one of my favorite, and best kept secret natural cleaning supplies.

Here is my article for uses for salt for cleaning, stain removal and more. In addition, I've collected even more tips and tricks from readers and other websites.

You can either check out these additional tips and tricks, or even share your own uses of salt here in your home for things besides cooking.

In addition, I'm sure there are even more ways for cleaning a spice grinder. How do you do it? You can share your tips for cleaning appliances here, or read other tips for other kinds of kitchen tools at the link.

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