How To Remove Stains Caused By Lysol Cling Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Did you know that Lysol Cling gel toilet bowl cleaner actually stains your toilet because of the excessive dye that has been added to the product?

If you've not tried it yourself, now you've been warned.

If you want to read about what it has done to people's toilets, you can click here to read Lysol Cling staining horror stories from readers, who've had their toilets stained a rainbow of colors including blue, purple and yellow.

Lysol Cling Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stains Your Toilet!

If you didn't realize this problem with the product until you actually used it though, you've got to figure out a way to get those stains out of your toilet, along with throwing the product in the trash!

Fortunately, many people have also written in to share what worked for them to remove the stains, along with me writing some suggestions of my own.

What follows below are all the suggestions shared so far, telling what cleaning products and processes they used to remove the stains that Lysol Cling Gel caused.

Good luck with removing your toilet stains, and please, if you successfully used a method to remove the stains from your toilet make sure to write in to share your tips, so I can add them to the page.

You can share your stain removal method here.

How to remove stains caused by Lysol Cling Gel toilet bowl cleaner, with lots of suggestions from readers of what worked for them {on Stain Removal 101} #LysolClingGel #ToiletCleaner #ToiletCleanerReviewsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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How To Clean Blue Line In Toilet Caused By Toilet Bowl Cleaner

by Pat Dotson

I received this question from Pat about how to clean blue line in toilet caused by Lysol Cling Gel toilet bowl cleaner.

Pat asks:

I'm using Lysol Cling and it's leaving blue streaks in the toilet bowl that won't come off.

I've tried bleach to no avail. I'm a frequent user of this product but have always used the lighter blue version. This product is dark blue and is leaving streaks in the toilet bowl. What can I use to remove these stains?

Taylor's answer:

Thanks Pat for your question. First off, I would call the manufacturer because the toilet cleaner should definitely not be causing blue streaks and stains in your toilet bowl. They may have a solution for you to fix the problem.

I will update the review page for this product to see if anyone else is experiencing this problem too, since they may have put too much dye in a batch or something like that.

***Update - I have since received MANY complaints about this, and with further investigation have found this is actually a widespread problem. So read on below for additional tips from readers sharing how they removed the stains from their toilet.***

However, if the manufacturer doesn't have any good answers for you, this is what I'd try. Since you've already tried chlorine bleach to remove blue stain in your toilet, I'd next try some light abrasion to try to remove the blue stains.

Sometimes, hard water or lime scale itself build up on the toilet, and if that is what has become stained with the blue dye you'll need to remove it with some abrasion.

Here's an article about how to use a pumice stick to clean a toilet ring, for details about using abrasion to clean up your toilet.

To remove this stuff from your toilet I suggest using one of three different scrubbers to remove it: pumice stone (get a pumice stone with handle which is designed for the toilet, so you don't have to reach in as far), a stainless steel scrubber, or a plastic scouring pad called a Dobie Pad.

Toilet Cleaning Product {Referral Links}

Traditionally, pumice stones have been used to clean toilets of certain stains, and they do work well for the job.

How to remove stains caused by Lysol Cling Gel toilet bowl cleaner, with lots of suggestions from readers of what worked for them {on Stain Removal 101} #LysolClingGel #ToiletCleaner #ToiletCleanerReviewsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
Of course, they only have a couple of cleaning uses so I like to also suggest other things that you can use in multiple ways. That is why I like both stainless steel scrubbers and Dobie pads. Both of these are traditionally used as scouring pads in the kitchen, but really they both have lots of household uses, and I like to keep some in both my kitchen, but also in my cleaning closet for other uses.

Keep in mind, when choosing one of these, that the stainless steel scrubbers are a bit tougher, and more abrasive and can therefore scratch certain surfaces (and so can pumice stone), and the Dobie pads are made of plastic, and claim to be non-scratching.

Your toilet is most likely made of vitreous china, since that is the most common material for them, and it is both tough and nonporous. However, it can get scratched from using an abrasive like I'm suggesting, so whichever of the products you choose make sure to test first in an inconspicuous area, to make sure no major scratching appears before you use them to remove blue stains from your toilet.

Further, for all of you out there with toilets stained blue from these toilet bowl cleaners, many of which keep your toilet water blue at all times, you can avoid these stains in the future if you just choose a product that doesn't contain the blue dye!

I've answered this question about how to clean blue line in toilet caused by toilet bowl cleaner as part of the section of my site where I answer house cleaning questions. You can ask for cleaning help here, or read other questions and answers I've already provided.

***Update: While some people have had luck with abrasives, not everyone has. In fact, one SR101 reader wrote in to tell me "I have tried the pumice stone and it did not work." Unfortunately, this may not work for everyone, but please also check out all the other ideas for products or techniques that have used to successfully remove these stains from their toilet.***End Update

Photo by castledweller

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Lysol Cling Stain Removal - What Worked For Me

by Dave

Dave shared how he removed the stains from his toilet caused by the Lysol Cling.

Dave says:

I had success in removing a blue stain from my toilet that resulted from my using Lysol Cling Max (Spring Waterfall) and I hope this will help others. The stain was partially my fault, as I had left the cleaner in the bowl for several hours before rinsing. It left a blue ring at the water line as well as larger stains where the gel had sat. Regular scrubbing with a toilet brush had no effect.

What worked for me was Comet cleanser (Scratch Free with Bleach) and a conventional brush. The stain came out on first scrub. No Lime Away, pumice, or special scrubbers were necessary.

That particular toilet is infrequently used and free of scale/lime, so that was not an issue for me.

Please everyone, be aware of the dangers of mixing bathroom cleaners. Some combinations can result in fumes that are quite toxic.

Comet Bathroom Cleaner {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks Dave for sharing how you cleaned your toilet and removed these stains.

Perhaps this would work also for people who have gotten the stain on their toilet seats.

If anyone else tries this method, please report to me, sharing how it worked for you. In addition, I'm sure there are other methods for cleaning and removing these stains too, so if you have another method that worked please share it here.

In addition, Dave is right that you need to be careful when trying to clean stains of this nature not to mix cleaning chemicals together. For example, you should never mix cleaning supplies where one contains bleach and another ammonia, since that can create toxic fumes. Here's more information about why bleach and ammonia don't mix!

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Lysol Cling Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner Country Scent Removed With Soft Scrub

by John

John shared how he finally cleaned his toilet after it got stained with this toilet bowl cleaner.

John says:

I purchased this for my wife. What a mistake. Stained the bowl so bad it took over an hour using Soft Scrub to remove most of the stain. I think I will sue them for a new toilet.

This is junk that was never tested on a real toilet bowl and no, we do not have a lot of lime in our water.

It is going back to the store for a refund!!!

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Lysol Cling Gel toilet bowl cleaner. Unfortunately, this has happened to a lot of people.

Glad to know your method for cleaning up the mess though!

You can check out more Soft Scrub reviews and uses here.

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Removed Lysol Cling Max Coverage Stain With CLR And Scotch Brite Pad

by John
(Eagan, MN)

John shared how he cleaned up the stain left behind from Lysol Cling Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

John says:

I had asked my wife what happened to our toilet bowl, why it had blue streaks in it...Well they appeared after the Lysol was used and she tried bleaching it.

After checking out the web I came on this site and read that Lysol is convinced that it is dying the calcium deposits. So I thought I would try to clean it up.

5 to 10 minutes of working with a scotch brite pad and some undiluted CLR cleaner did the trick. All the blue is gone.

I did not look too closely to see if the pad scratched the bowl or not, but the stain is gone now. I did not take pictures unfortunately.

CLR Cleaning Products {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks so much John for sharing your tips for what worked for you. Hopefully this will help others having the same problem!

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I Got My Teal Lysol Cling Gel Stain Off With Folex

by Hannah

Hannah shared how she removed the Lysol Cling Gel stains from her toilet, and toilet seat, using an unusual product for the job.

Hannah says:

I also stained my white toilet seat with this product and wanted to get it off with something less harsh than bleach.

I used a carpet cleaner spray called Folex. It was really easy to use. I just used a sponge with a scrubby side, and sprayed the carper cleaner on the stain, scrubbed it and then IMMEDIATELY washed it off with water.

I had just stained the seat, so the stains were still fresh. I'm not sure how well this would work long time stains.

Folex Carpet SPot Remover {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing what worked for you Hannah in cleaning up these stains.

As you can see from all the ideas listed, lots of different and diverse things have worked. I wonder in your case how much of the clean up worked because of the Folex and how much because you used a sponge with a scrubby side that helped used the power of abrasion to clean off the stain.

Who knows for sure, but I'm glad your method worked for you!

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Bar Keepers Friend Got Lysol Cling Toilet Stains Out

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader:

Bar Keepers Friend Uses Around Your Home
I too used the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and was horrified that it left the toilet bowls (all 3) with purple streaks. I will no longer buy any Lysol toilet bowl cleaner at all.

I lightly scrubbed the toilet bowls with "Bar Keeper's Friend" and it has removed the stain.

I would think that if you have let the cleaner stay in the bowl for any length of time, that it would be harder to remove.

No more Lysol for me!

Bar Keepers Friend Products {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks for your tip!

I also got a comment from another reader who told me basically the same thing. She said:
I used Bartender's Friend (another brand that's like Comet) and a brush, and it worked for me, too. Thank goodness!! This product is far too dangerous from a staining perspective to ever use again.
***Update: Yet another reader has used this method successfully. Howie Pass says:

Here in Southern California we live with very calcium rich water so buildup is a very common problem.

One of our toilet bowls turned entirely blue below the water line after the mother-in-law tried to clean it with a blue toilet cleaning product.

I was certain it was a thin calcium layer which took the stain, so I broke out my trusty canister of Bar Keepers Friend and annihilated that colorful crust in seconds with a blue scrubby sponge.

Bar Keeprs Friend is mild acid powder which is non-abrasive so I find myself using it frequently to clean calcium related stains.

I always check to make sure a surface is safe for use with the product before proceeding.

***End Update

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I Used Bleach To Remove The Purple Stains From My Toilet

by SR101 Reader

I removed the pretty purple stains Lysol's product left behind by turning off the flushing function of the toilet, adding more water and a big glug of bleach. Let it sit, and it was gone!

Very disapointed that Lysol would do such a, well, stupid thing adding too much color. Never again!

Chlorine Bleach Products {Referral Links}

You can get more information in this ultimate guide to chlorine bleach here.

Ultimate guide to chlorine bleach

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Bon Ami Removed The Stains Caused By Lysol Cling

by SR101 Reader

Thanks for the suggestion to use some abrasion--Bon Ami removed the stain for me.

I would expect one of those magic erasers would work well too, as they are highly abrasive.

Won't buy this stuff again. Geez.

Bon Ami Cleaning Product {Referral Links}

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Lemi Shine To Remove Blue Staining From Toilet Bowl

by Beaz

Beaz shared how she got rid of the stains in her toilet caused by this product, using Lemi Shine dishwasher detergent additive.

Beaz says:

I used Lemi Shine to remove the blue staining from Lysol gel toilet bowl cleaner.

It worked like a charm, easy to use and didn't have to scour like other products ... just sprinkle on, let sit a few seconds and clean your bowl like usual.

I did add more, about 3 times, and just used the toilet brush and it looks like new again.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing what worked for you.

This product really helps remove lime scale and hard water build up, which I've long suspected was one of the things the toilet bowl cleaner was staining -- that build up. It makes sense that dissolving the build up would also help remove the staining then!

You can get more information about Lemi Shine here, including reviews and uses for this product.

Lemi Shine detergent booster reviews and uses

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Nothing Seems To Remove The Blue Line From My Toilet

by Denise

Denise shared her problems with the blue line in her toilet.

Denise says:

I was surprised to learn that Lysol toilet bowl cleaner may be the source of the ugly blue line in one of my toilets, since the other two are perfectly fine.

In any case, I have tried so many products and methods to no avail.

I've scrubbed with Bon Ami, CLR, and Zud, none of which have worked. Neither has straight vinegar nor bleach removed or faded the stain.

The blue line does not appear to be from lime or calcium scale as there is no crusty residue. It actually looks and feels like the blue stain has been completely absorbed into the porcelain.


Taylor says:

Denise, I'm sorry nothing has worked for you so far.

I sure don't know of anything that could remove a stain which has absorbed all the way into the porcelain. That is surprising though, since porcelain is used for things like toilets because it is not very porous at all, and doesn't absorb much.

Does anyone else have more suggestions for Denise? If so, add them in the comments below.

In addition, you can share your own or read other toilet bowl cleaner reviews here.

Toilet cleaner reviews

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I Removed Lysol Cling Gel Stain From Counter With Vinegar & Baking Soda

by Jamie-Lynn

Jamie-Lynn had her white countertop stained with this toilet bowl cleaner, and shared what she did to remove it.

Jamie-Lynn says:

This Lysol stained my white counter top. The bottle had been sitting there and I didn't realize it had been dripping until much later.

I'd say a couple of hours later I tried vinegar and baking soda mixed together and it came out!

First, I wiped with just vinegar, then with just baking soda, then I poured the baking soda right on the stain and then poured on the vinegar so that it would have its little chemical reaction right on the stain and continued to wipe it.

It got a little messy with all the baking soda and vinegar I used but it came out! Hope this helps!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing what worked for you in cleaning up the stains from this product Jamie-Lynn.

I hope that one of these methods listed above, and shared by readers, will work for you to remove stains in your toilet caused by Lysol Cling Gel, or another toilet bowl cleaner that has excess dye in it.

If not, also check below in the comments, since there are even more ideas and tips shared there.

In addition, make sure to check out these additional household cleaners reviews shared by readers, to make sure you're always using the best product for the job.

You can also share your own reviews there as well!

{I - Q} household cleaners reviews

Left hand photo by rowdykittens, from Flickr CC

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Comments for I Removed Lysol Cling Gel Stain From Counter With Vinegar & Baking Soda

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nuke it
by: Ted

I have scrubbed the bowl right down to the smooth porcelain. There are no longer any "hard water" deposits there at all. The blue stain is still present right in the porcelain itself. I have tried a long soak with straight Clorox bleach without noticeable result. I will be going to muriatic acid next!

WARNING! These two super-bleaches are hazardous to handle and require very good ventilation during use because of respiratory effects.

Got them out
by: Anonymous

Read many posts online and was bothered to see Lysol blue stains on my white marble. As Lysol is made of HCl,I used Palmolive ultra concentrated dish washer liquid with scotch brite. Just a few minutes and the stains are completely gone. I tried even lemon juice and nothing worked out except this soap. Finally I'm happy. Hopefully it helps.

I was horrified
by: Anonymous

I used Lysol max coverage toilet bowl cleaner and set the bottle on the counter. The blue cleanser leaked out of the bottle and stained my white laminate countertop blue. I tried several cleansers and none of them removed the stain. After reading the posts on this thread, I tried baking soda and vinegar and it worked! Thanks for all the suggestions. I threw the rest of the Lysol out.

Vinegar and baking soda
by: ttsxii

The vinegar and baking soda with a scrub sponge worked like a charm. Soak the surface with mixture and apply elbow grease.

Hoover Platinum Instant Stain Remover
by: Anonymous

I had a blue stain at the water line from letting the Lysol soak to remove a rust stain. I tried everything; Barkeepers Friend, bleach, The Works, Rust Out, scrubbing pads, steel wool, etc. and the stain got lighter but didn't go completely away. Then on a whim, I drained the water out of the bowl and sprayed the stain with Hoover Platinum Instant Stain Remover for carpet and upholstery and the stain disappeared. I rinsed the bowl and it looks like new.

Folex worked!
by: Taylor

I have tried everything on the blue stains and was sure that I'd just have to live with it until we replaced the toilet. Folex worked great with a little bit of elbow grease and one of those green scrubbies! I am thrilled ,no more embarrassing blue streaks in our guest room toilet.

I got it out
by: Anonymous

I had that nasty dark blue line at the water line in my white toilet. I tried everything, even a paste of Bartender's Friend. Finally one day in desperation I tried this: Clean toilet as best as you can and flush. Then add water to the toilet so the water goes just above the blue line, submerging it completely. Add a LOT of bleach to the water. Let it sit overnight. In the morning? GONE! Now, let see if it lasts!

Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Foamer
by: Elizabeth

Received a blue ring on a white laminate countertop from a Lysol Cling Toilet Bowl Cleaner bottle that leaked. Tried WD-40 but it didn't work. Sprayed Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Foamer for the Bathroom and it was like watching a magic trick, the stain lifted immediately! I love this Clorox product and use it in our shower. It is great for any mold.

Mr. Clean Eraser worked for me
by: Anonymous

I had good luck using Mr Clean Magic Eraser. I used an older one because, believe me, I threw it away afterwards!

Lysol's answer, and my solution that worked
by: Anonymous

I wrote Lysol and received the following response the next day via email: "The dye used in this product is water soluble and does not normally remain in the bowl. However, if the toilet is more than a few years old, it is possible that the surface has become eroded or worn. This causes microscopic pitting of the surface which can trap a residue of the cleaner. In most cases, this residue will disappear as the toilet is used and flushed. If you wish to remove it immediately, you may wish to use Zud ® Rust & Stain Remover, Lime-A-Way®, Sno-Bowl, or X-14 Mineral Stain Remover."

However, Lime-A-Way didn't work for me; nor Comet. Perhaps because the Lysol cleanser had sat 3 weeks undisturbed in the toilet bowl before it was discovered. By that point the entire bowl and tank were stained light blue with a dark blue line at the water mark. What worked was a lot of elbow grease with a pumice stick (about $13 at the hardware store), the type meant for toilets on a stick, then filling the toilet bowl slowly and carefully (so it doesn't just run down the drain) with a quart of liquid bleach and a half cup of powerful dry bleach. Shut the top, left it for 24 hours undisturbed. The next morning--perfect. Alleluia!

lysol toilet cling is big problem.
by: Patricia Mosser

To whom this may concern, I have two toilet bowls I clean with Lysol Cling toilet bowl cleaner. And now they are both filled with blue that I cannot get out. It's Lysol Cling that did it. I feel that Lysol should replace both my toilets. Like I have said before, to the head people at Lysol, think with your hearts. I love my home.

to Patricia
by: Taylor

I'm sorry this happened to you, and as you can see from this page you're unfortunately not alone. I do want to point out though that this is a website not affiliated in any way with the Lysol company, and therefore at this time your complaints have not been heard, through this comment, by people at that company. This is an independent site which allows people to review a large number of cleaning and laundry products. If you wish for Lysol to do something about your toilets you'll need to contact them about it, perhaps through a customer service number on the bottle.

what worked on my bathtub stain
by: Anonymous

Glass stove top cleaner worked on a bathtub stain.

Removing blue ring
by: Karen

I bought a new toilet and before long a blue ring appeared from using Lysol action gel, so I used the "Cleaning Creme for Smooth Top Ranges" for glass and ceramics cooktops. It worked like a charm and the blue ring is gone and so is the Lysol. I will never buy it again. I just pour some of the cream on a sponge and gently scrubbed the ring away.

Finally, *THE* Solution
by: Ken

One of my toilets is a dual flush, with a pressurized tank. So there is no possibility of putting a chlorine tablet in the back like our other toilets. Costco had an 8 pack of these blue kind that clip to the rim to keep the toilet clean. Besides that it didn't work at keepping the toilet clean, it left the dreaded blue ring at the top of the water level. Being at that transition line, I didn't notice for months (I used two). After I noticed the blue, nothing worked at removing it. I scrubbed like crazy on several occasions using a pumice stone, 26% HCl cleaner (works awesome on rust stains) and oven cleaner. I tried SoftScrub with little to no effect. From your site here, I tried Comet with Bleach. I scrubbed and scrubbed and it helped a little bit. With the toilet water level lowered an inch and the toilet walls damp, I shook more Comet powder to coat the sides. I left it and when I returned an hour later, VERY minor scrubbing and it was clean and white as a whistle!

Removed blue ring in toilet
by: Anonymous

Had blue line in the toilet at water line. Read that this is caused by cooper deposits in water. There's no texture to the line, it's simply blue. Rubbed baking soda around the line and let it set for 20 minutes. I scrubbed the baking soda with Clorox scrubbing pads. Have to scrub hard. Got almost all the blue ring off and what it left is very light.

Blue stain from tablets
by: Anonymous

Bar keepers worked for me, thank goodness, my blue stain came from those blue tablets you put in the tank to keep the bowl clean, never again!

Thanks Dave
by: Anonymous

Thanks Dave, barkeeper friend and a elbow grease did the job!

abrasives are the way to go
by: Anonymous

I used ZUD cleanser. It was like a miracle. Done in two minutes. Perfect result. Thanks for your idea about using an abrasive.

Blue toilet ring from Lysol
by: MH

I lower the water level in the bowl
Then spray with "Clorox Cleaner +Bleach". No other clorox product works. Let stand 15 min. It took 2 treatments for all blue to be gone.
This is the only bathroom cleaner I use now.

used Clorox toilet bowl cleaner to remove blue stain from this toilet cleaner
by: Anonymous

I used Clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and the blue stain came off the minute I started to scrub it with the brush. I was totally amazed. I had tried everything else to no avail but that product was the charm.

Try a whitening toothpaste
by: Anonymous

Whitening toothpaste helps remove blue lysol stains. I scrubbed the stained toilet seat with a blob of Colgate total advanced whitening toothpaste and wiped down with warm water and the stains are totally gone.

Cleaning vinegar
by: Dusty

I have had luck draining the bowl and spraying it with straight cleaning vinegar which is a bit stronger than regular white vinegar. Keep the surface wet for about 20 minutes maybe longer depending on how heavy the limescale is, then scrub with a brush, this will remove the lime build-up on the inside of the bowl which is holding the dye. I have also been told that dropping denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl will remove the blue stains, I have not tried this yet.

stains from leaving so long
by: Anonymous

I sprayed my toilets and counters in the bathroom after a plumber was here. I walked away and let dry on it’s as suggested by the CDC. When I came back, there were yellow and blue stains everywhere I had sprayed. I tried Barkeepers Friend and regular cleaning and Mr. Eraser. I hope someone has a solution for this. If so, thank you so much.

stained sink
by: Anonymous

I thought Lysol would clean kitchen sink/ white bath sink but it only stained both, my stainless sink in kitchen looks like it took the coating off of it, it looks worse than it did before trying to clean it with Lysol. It also stained my shower. I'm trying to remove the stains with baking soda/water in a spray bottle, no luck. Does anyone know a better/faster way to do this? I don't know what Lysol is made for, it just stains everything I use it on. Help. Thanks.

by: Melly

Thank you for all of the suggestions!! I couldn't find any of the brands that were mentioned, but I did use a product called Goof off Heavy Duty Household remover and it worked within minutes!!! I tried peroxide and baking soda and a few other methods and nothing worked. This worked! I am so happy!

remove cleaner stains easy
by: Mike

The easiest way I found to remove toilet bowl cleaner stains is to use a product like Cerama Bryte stove top cleaner. Had stains in my bowl for months before I tried this. They came right out with the toilet brush.

turned (brand new) toilet seat black/nothing worked
by: Faith

I was scrubbing my toilet with this awful product when I saw it was turning my toilet seat blue and then black. I quickly tried all of these products and nothing worked. I am finding my receipt for the awful cleaner and my new toilet and sending to Lysol for replacement/refund!

I will let you know how it goes, I don’t back down too easy, so we shall see. I am so happy I found your blog! It helped, I forgot about all the cleaners I have lol.

Can’t post pictures, but I tried:

Vinegar and baking soda
Barkeepers friend
Creama Bryte

Beyond mad! Thank goodness I am not preparing to entertain!

Clorox. We struggled with blue stains for a year
by: Anonymous

We even suspected that we had a copper oxide stain and that our water was corroding our pipes!

We tried many cleaners in our quest to remove the blue stains in our toilet bowls, including vinegar, bleach, ammonia and, yes, even Lysol - which we now believe was the culprit in the first place.

Our solution was to drain the bowl, soak some rags in undiluted Clorox and let it soak overnight. The next day the stains were gone.

Having gone through a lot of toilet grief and even thrown away one toilet, we will not be buying any more Lysol products.

by: Kaila

I use this stuff in my tub cause they were out of the Lysol cleaner and I always clean my toilet and tub with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. It stained my whole tub. So I went out and tracking down some Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. Took the stains right out.

What do people use in place of Lysol Cling?
by: Sandie

I am so happy to see this page with solutions to the stains caused by Lysol Cling. I'm wondering what people are using in place of the Lysol. I used Clorox, but had problems with the cap of the bottle leaking badly. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has found a good replacement! Thank you.

last resort to cover entire vanity if can't remove stain
by: Barb

I put the Lysol bottle on my laminate counter top. It leaked. I tried vinegar, bleach, Bon Ami and even a special product that said it would remove all stains. Nothing worked. I went on Amazon and found they have a product that costs somewhere between $110.00 to $130.00 that will cover the entire vanity to make it look like marble. It comes in several colors. It looks like it takes some work. If no one comes up with an easier solution I will be forced to do that.

Barkeeper's Friend powder
by: Jo

I used Bar Keeper's Friend powder to remove *most* of the blue staining in a toilet cleaned with "Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner 10x". I drained the toilet and used an old washcloth rag, mixing the powder with a bit of water to a paste, as directed.

BKF worked for me in my stainless steel sink
by: Anonymous

I also had the bad luck of using Lysol for toilet in my stainless steel sink. Thanks goodness COMET and similar products like Bar Keepers friend (that’s the one I used) worked fine for me. Good luck to everyone.

Same problem
by: Sab

I tried draining the toilet today and used comet, but the entire bowl below the water line is blue for me, too, and no amount of scrubbing changed that. It seems to have dyed the actual toilet. The toilet has been in this house more than 30 years and my new one has no stains even though I use the same product.

Mine was scrubbing bubbles purple stain BUT, I found a solution:)))))
by: Anonymous

My toilet got stained with the scrubbing bubbles toilet gel (purple), only in the parts where water didn’t touch the bowl. I tried the pumice stone, scotch brite, bar keepers friend, baking soda and vinegar, etc! Nothing worked. WHAT DID WORK was a scrub daddy and the pink stuff paste. I thought that with a giant purple stain in my toilet bowl, my security deposit was (literally) going through the drain with this situation, but the scrub daddy/pink stuff combo did the trick! Ya’ welcome everybody!!!!

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