Lemi Shine Review: This Dishwasher Detergent Additive Helped My Hard Water Problems

by Bonnie

Bonnie shared her Lemi Shine dishwasher detergent additive review.

Bonnie says:

I LOVE this stuff!

After several years of not being able to use my dishwasher for anything other than a drying rack - (dishes came out dirtier and spotted because of hard water and the removal of phosphates from dishwasher detergent) - I tried LemiShine once and everything came out sparkling.

A second run of the dishwasher and the crud that had built up on the bottom from dishes draining (hand-washed) was gone.

I was blaming the dishwasher, when the problem was the hard water and lack of cleaning power in detergent - LemiShine solved the problem!

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your review Bonnie.
Lemi Shine pacs review
I've recently gotten to try this product myself, although I am currently using the pacs version instead of the original powder version. ***Update: After I finished the pacs I've continued to use this product, but now use the powder because I think it's slightly cheaper! ***End Update

I have also found it really helps with the hard water build up in both my machine and on the dishes themselves.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used this product, sharing how it has worked for them. You can share your review here, and I'll add them!

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Hardwater Film Removed From Dishes & Utensils With This Stuff!

M. Schaffer shared these before and after pictures after using this product in her dishwasher, to remove the filmy residue left by hard water on her dishes and utensils.

This film can cause glass to become cloudy, and turn normally dark colored objects much lighter. This cannot be washed or scrubbed off with normal soap, but instead something acidic is needed to remove it.

That's where this product comes in. With it's formulation, which includes citric acid it can easily rinse such cloudiness and scale away.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

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It Removed Limescale Build Up On My Dishes!

by Ashli

I love Lemishine!

I had limescale buildup on all if my dishes and it was GONE after only one wash!

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Lemishine Helped Remove Hard Water Scale Buildup In Dishwasher

M. Schaffer also shared a before and after picture of her dishwasher, after using this product for several loads.

In the before picture you can see that there is a lot of build up of minerals, caused from hard water.

She explained that "the scale buildup could not be removed by scrubbing."

However, after only 3 uses of this product much of the build up was gone!

There is, of course, as a dishwasher cleaner made by this company which I (Taylor) have personally had success using to also remove this scale and build up. You may want to use the two in tandem!

I'd love to hear even more reviews of this product from those who've used it. You can share your reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

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Comments for Lemishine Helped Remove Hard Water Scale Buildup In Dishwasher

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I Use It Daily
by: Tammy

I love Lemi. I use it in my dishwasher everyday. I purchase a small container at the grocery store or Walmart. In fact, it was a clerk in the grocery store that lead me to this product. It's awesome. Thank you for your review!

by: Anonymous

This stuff is great!

cheaper at Lowes
by: Teresa

We use Lemi shine as well, get it from Lowes. Locally here Lowes has a $3 less price than the grocery stores.

highly recommend
by: Elaine

I use this wondeful stuff every time I run the dishwasher. Highly recommend.

citric acid might be cheaper
by: Jessica

If it's using the power of citric acid then I would test out using pure citric acid OR the fruit fresh (like what you use for canning). It's cheaper and may just do the trick.

doesn't do the trick for me
by: Heather

Lemi Shine does not do the trick for me. I use a Cascade packet and Oxiclean for the dishwasher. Ten times better job than Lemi Shine.

by: Shannon

I use a splash of vinegar in each load. It's cheaper and works great.

now I use much less detergent
by: Joyce

You put the Lemi-Shine in the detergent reservoir that closes and then put your detergent in the small open one. It doesn't take a lot either. Great product! It has allowed me to purchase less expensive dishwasher detergent.

love love love it!
by: Kim

Love love love Lemi Shine. I thought my dishwasher was broken and needed a new one until I was recommended this product.

used when didn't have water softener
by: Jo Ellen

I love this stuff!!! I used it when my water softener was broke and until it was replaced!! It's awesome! Dishes and glasses sparkle!!

Love it! Can't live without it.
by: Anonymous

It doesn't take much and it works. I had been taking my glasses out of the cupboard and soaking them in vinegar once a week to keep them clear. This was time consuming, but was the only solution I could find that worked until a friend told me about Lemishine. It's an amazing product and you will see results from day one. I use it as needed and a bottle of it lasts quite awhile. This is one product that surpasses expectations.

Cheaper solution to hard water
by: Chris Broyer

I tried LemiShine at a relative's recommendation and it was good, but I had noted that it is simply citric acid in powder form. I bought a large container of citric acid for less money and it worked just as well.

Recommended by repairman!
by: Julie

My dishwasher repairman recommended Lemishine after I complained about dishes with a residue and it works wonderfully! I did however have an unpleasant side effect, it is taking the color off of my Mikasa painted dishes and leaves a rough surface on the edges of my Corelle- plates, bowls.So, I guess you swap one issue for another! My husband has the solution, hand wash everything, he said with a giggle!

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