Oxiclean Dishwasher Booster Review: Not Impressed

by Taylor

I have almost finished my bottle of Oxiclean Dishwasher Booster, which I've been using in my machine for a couple of months.

I saw this at the store and was immediately intrigued, because I had no idea how the brand Oxiclean, which is normally associated with laundry, related in any way to a dishwasher rinse aid. I thought, "is there oxygen bleach in this product? If so, how would that help my dishes?"

After using this product for several months I confess I am still baffled. As far as I know this is just like any other rinse aid product, which has nothing to do with "the power of oxygen." In fact, there is no indication that this product contains any Oxiclean in it at all, which is probably just as well since I doubt that would help do the job of a dishwasher rinse agent.

The product claims that it removes cloudy film, food particles and spots and streaks from dishes. If it does this at all, my observation is that it does so no better than a generic rinse agent such as Great Value brand rinse agent (which I normally use), and perhaps the Oxiclean version is worse.

I noticed no vast improvement in the shine of my glasses and dishes when using this product, and perhaps saw a decline in contrast to my previously used brand.

Bottom line is that I was not very impressed with this product and I don't think it was worth the extra money you pay for the Oxiclean brand name.

Although I'm a big fan of Oxiclean stain remover powder, this is an area of cleaning where the company should just not have ventured. I will not purchase it again.

I would love to hear from others who've used this product, sharing your opinions about it. You can share your dishwasher rinse agent review here for this, or any other brand. In addition, if you click the link you can read even more reviews of brands that readers have already submitted.

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Oxiclean Dishwashing Booster Left Horrible After Taste On Glassware

by SR101 Reader
(Upstate New York)

SR101 Reader says:

This product leaves something on the glassware/mugs/plastic cups etc. that transfers to whatever beverage is put into them -- coffee, water, soda, wine.

It is like soap.

It does not matter the type of material (e.g. ceramic, glass) the horrible taste is there.

Taylor says:

Sorry you experienced this problem with this rinse aid.

I tried it myself, and while I didn't like it, fortunately this was not a problem we encountered.

I'd love to hear from others who've used this product, sharing how it worked for you, good or bad. You can share your review here, or read reviews of other products that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Oxiclean Dishwashing Booster Left Horrible After Taste On Glassware

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Works for me!
by: Anonymous

No aftertaste as someone else here reported. So far the only rinse aid I have found that leaves my glassware spot free, before even the dishes had spots, no more! Love the stuff.

wondering if it's a hard water thing...
by: whimsy

I have hard water - the city is on well. This is a *miracle* product in that when we used a detergent that left an awful, gritty, stubborn white film on every surface of the dishwasher, this product cleaned it all back out with minimal light scrubbing in a few places to finish the job. (The detergent, like others at our local grocer, works fine for the fresh river-water supply in our neighboring city, but horrible results for our water.) Though this Oxiclean product worked great as a worst-case-scenario cleanup product, we find "Ecover" brand eco-detergent & and their 'eco' rinse aid work best for the chemistry of the water we have being that we prefer to keep cleaners with gentle, biodegradeable, chemicals in our cabinets and Oxi products don't rate that well on those measures.

Great product
by: Anonymous

I’ve had great results with this. Much better than the other dishwasher rinse products. Glasses look SO much better. Removes film from everything. Unfortunately the grocery store stopped stocking it so now I have to order it.

Sometimes cheaper than value brand
by: Anonymous

Something I've noticed many grocery stores have started doing recently is decreasing the quantity of product you get with the store brand along with a slight price increase, making it so the value brand is actually a worse deal.

This brand rise aid is usually a better deal than the other brands because of this now. I don't care if it actually does what extra stuff it claims or not if it's cheaper, so it's what I buy.

made the rinse aid dispenser gummy
by: Lynn S

I have always been very happy with Finish Jet Dry Rinse Agent. I live in an area where the water is extremely alkaline and leaves spots on everything. I even have to wipe out my sink after every use. I have had very good luck using Finish Rinse Agent with dishes coming out crystal clear every time. But for whatever reason I decided to give OxiClean Dishwashing Booster a try, since I have a lot of faith in the OxiClean name.

I found no difference in how my dishes were cleaning or spotting; they were just as clean and spot free as they were with the "Finish" product. However I did find one issue. The port that you put the OxiClean booster or the Finish agent in became gummy and I have not been able to get it clean even pouring hot water into it.

I can only hope that with repeated use of Finish it will eventually be cleaned out. Luckily I am NOT getting any indication that this is hampering the ability for the Finish product to work so at least that's still OK. However, I will not use the OxiClean Dishwashing Booster in the dishwasher again.

One of OxiClean's recommendations is to place two squirts into the bottom of the dishwasher. If I was to ever use it again, which I doubt, that would be the only method I would use.

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