Lemi Shine Rinse Agent Review

by Taylor

I recently tried Lemi Shine rinse agent in my dishwasher.

This product is supposed to remove hard water minerals from your rinse cycle to keep your glasses and dishes shiny, and from getting such hard water build up.

When I saw this product at the Walmart I grabbed it off the shelf, since I have severe hard water in my home and I thought it might help.

However, I have to say after finishing the whole bottle I couldn't see much difference between it, and my old stand by dishwasher rinse aid, the Great Value brand. It wasn't worse, just not better in my opinion.

Of course, to be fair, when I researched this product further, for the purposes of writing this review (but not before I used it, oops!) I found that the rinse is not designed to replace original Lemi Shine, which you add with your dishwasher detergent to help with hard water build up, but the rinse is instead supposed to act as a supplement.

Therefore, I didn't really attack the main part of the hard water build up problem in my dishwasher when I used this product like I thought I would, but only a small part of it.

Therefore, before I totally give up on this rinse aid I think I'll try it again, along with the original powder which you add each time, along with your detergent, and see how they work in tandem.
Lemi Shine pacs review
I now have used the Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner to clean my dishwasher, and it really was great to remove the hard water build up (click the link to read my review) so I definitely tried these products in the wrong order!

In addition, I also got to use the new pacs containing the original formula dishwasher detergent additive and they were also awesome. Basically, I just did this completely wrong -- serves me right for not reading directions better, so I need to try this stuff again before I make up my mind totally! ***End Update

Of course, I think there could be a lot of people like me that don't understand this when they pick up just this product at the store and may be disappointed since they, like me, didn't understand exactly how it is designed to work.

Has anyone else used this product, or any of the other products from Lemi Shine? If so, I'd love to hear your experiences and opinions of them. You can share your review here.

Further, if you're in the market for a new dishwasher rinse agent, I've collected lots of rinse aid reviews here for many different brands, that you can check out (or add your own review as well!)

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