Cascade Detergent Review - ActionPacs With Fresh Scent And Dawn

by Jill

Jill has provided her Cascade detergent review, of the ActionPacs with Dawn, in the Fresh Scent.

Jill says:

I prefer to use dishwasher pacs for cleaning my dishes in the dishwasher because they are easy to load into the detergent dispenser and it's much less messy.

I like to use the Cascade ActionPacs because they get the job done. My dishes come out clean and streak-free.

The combination of the Cascade ActionPacs and rinse aid make my dishes sparkle. The ActionPacs do the same job the Cascade powder does, only with less of a hassle and less of a mess. For example, I do not have to worry about dropping dishwasher detergent on the floor and immediately having to clean it up.

The pacs also take up less room in my cabinets which is great because my cabinet space is so limited.

Finally, I do not have to worry about measuring the amount of powder that goes into the dishwasher when I use the pacs.

The ActionPacs are compact and have a very nice, clean, crisp scent. It also has Dawn which fights through the grease. I do not have to worry about having to re-wash the dishes with them, because they clean the dishes thoroughly.

I enjoy any product that is easy to use and that works well. Cascade ActionPacs do that. All in all I would not use another product.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Jill for your Cascade detergent review.

You sound like you really enjoy using this product, and I can understand why the pacs are so much more convenient.

However, read on below for even more reviews of Cascade's dishwasher detergent packs, in many different varieties and scents, because some people have experienced some problems with them.

I do want to note, however, that these problems with detergent packs are not limited to the Cascade brand. For example, another reviewer has also reported that Finish dishwasher gelpacs leak and break easily too. Therefore, this may be an issue with the design of this type of product, instead of something specific to the Cascade brand.

Some of the reviews below actually provide some tips for minimizing the problems with these pacs, so read so that if you choose to use them you can handle them properly for less breaking, spilling and mess.

In addition, you can share your own dishwasher detergents review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted. (I would also love to hear your own tips for dealing with these detergent pacs.)

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Cascade ActionPacs Versus Finish Powerball Tabs: Which Is Better?

by SR101 Reader

Two of the major brands of dishwasher detergent available in pac form include Cascade and Finish. As I've learned from reviews from others, people HATE the Finish gelpacs, but people LOVE Finish power ball tabs. What I wanted to know was how the Powerball variety stacked up to the industry leader - Cascade. Here's an opinion from a reader sharing what she thinks on the subject.

SR101 Reader says:

I have been increasingly unhappy with the results of the Cascade Action Pacs - yes, convenient, not messy -- the problem was they were also NOT WORKING.

I thought my dishwasher was just telling me to buy a new one ... instead I thought I would switch back to the Finish product, but the integrated Powerball, rather than the earlier version.

The result was impressive - dishwasher performance was excellent, the result, on glasses, on egg (on dishes), was what I had come to expect.

Cascade Action Pacs aren't up to the same standard.

Taylor says:

Has anyone else done any comparisons of these two products and want to share their opinion and comparisons between them? If so, I'd love to hear from you. You can share your own review here.

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Cascade Detergent Problems With Action Packs With Dawn

by Lynne
(Norfolk, VA)

Lynne shared her Cascade detergent problems with the Action Packs containing Dawn.

Lynne says:

I had a great coupon, which when combined with a sale made the Cascade action packs cheaper than the Cascade powder that I usually buy.

Even though this was cheap, it wasn't worth it.

The bag said "tear here" to open, and when I did, the side of the bag ripped and out came the packs.

They don't really smell that great (I bought the Fresh Scent), but I wasn't worried since it's dishes, not clothes I would be washing.

These action packs are sticky and get all over your hands (at least these did) so you have to wash your hands after you touch them.

I have an older dishwasher, and they had to be placed in a certain position to get them to fit in the little compartment.

All of this, plus they didn't really clean the dishes as well as the good old powder.

I mentioned this to my mom, who recommended using two of these packs, one in the pre-wash and one in the regular wash compartment. Still didn't work - but I kept doing it as the bag was used up faster! I really wanted to get back to my powder.

I prefer powder, as it is trustworthy and less messy than either dishwasher gels or packs.

Taylor says:

Thanks Lynne for sharing your Cascade detergent problems with the action packs. As you can see from the other reviews on this page other people have had this problem too, although some of them didn't stop using them because of this.

That is, of course, why they make several different kinds of dishwasher detergent though, because people have different preferences for what to use.

Does anyone else want to share their favorite detergent for use in their automatic dishwasher? If so, you can share your dishwasher detergents review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Cascade Action Pack Review - Citrus Scent Plus Tips For Use

by Peggy
(Rock Springs)

Peggy has shared her Cascade Action Pack review, of the citrus scent, plus some tips for handling these fragile packs.

Peggy says:

I prefer dishwasher packs because they dissolve properly. The powder doesn't always dissolve properly and the gel clogs the dishwasher.

I use Cascade Action Packs for my dishwasher, in the citrus scent. It smells really fresh. These tablets are encased in a dissolving plastic covering and have a liquid on the top layer.

I have not had any issues with this design in the dishwasher. It dissolves the way that it should. In addition, it cleans the dishes effectively.

However, it is important to note that these packs are quite fragile. The bag that they come in was left open on the counter next to my sink and somehow a small amount of water got inside. This caused some of the packs to stick together. Others had small holes in them and leaked into the bag. It was a mess. Now, I'm careful to reseal the package and put it away after each use now.

Other than that little mishap, I have no other complaints about this product. It has performed really well for our dishwasher.

It is reasonably priced, and Cascade also offers coupons for this product in your newspaper circular quite regularly.

Taylor says:

Thanks Peggy for your Cascade Action Pack review.

Does anyone else use Cascade detergent? If so, you can share your dishwasher detergents review here, for this brand, or any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it, and why.

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Cascade Action Packs - Why Are They Banned From My Apartment Complex?

by Kathy B

I received this question about Cascade Action Packs from Kathy.

Kathy's Question:

I recently moved from a home to an apartment, and they ban the use of Cascade action packs in the diswasher. They said they harm the diswasher.

I haven't heard of this before. Is this true because I also have a beach house and use them there?

Taylor's Answer:

I can't say for sure why your apartment complex has banned them, but my guess is because the building manager may have had some trouble with them in the past.

problems with Cascade Action Pacs dishwasher detergent
As great as dishwasher detergent pacs are for convenience there are some problems, sometimes, with them not dissolving properly in the dishwasher and clogging up either the dishwasher itself or the drains from the dishwasher.

I've gotten several complaints from readers about these exact problems occurring with this brand of pacs.

Of course, this isn't the only brand where the pacs have caused problems. For example, I've also had lots of complaints about Finish gel packs not dissolving properly, and one even complained it clogged her plumbing.

I'm a dishwasher powder girl myself, so I don't really use the packs much in my dishwasher except when I'm testing them for a review for this site. I am always afraid they won't dissolve though based on the stories I've received.

I would be curious to learn if others have come across these blanket bans of this or other cleaning products within their apartment complexes. If so, what products have you been banned from using, and why? You can share your experiences here.

In addition, has anyone else used these Cascade Action Packs and liked (or disliked) them? If so, please share your dishwasher detergents reviews and experiences here for this or any other brand, or read more reviews which have already been submitted.

I've answered this question as part of my site where I answer cleaning questions. You can ask me for cleaning help here, or read other questions and answers already posted to the site.

Photo courtesy of Au Kirk

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Cascade All In 1 Complete Lemon Burst Actionpacs Review

by Maddy

Maddy says:

I have a pretty large household of 7 people in total. We run through a lot of dishes, as you can imagine, so I run my dishwasher 1 or 2 times daily.

I have been using Cascade All In 1 Complete dish washing detergent for over a year now. Before using these little gel packs my dishes were left with grime on them and were still dirty. Not anymore, thanks to Cascade Complete.

I can leave caked on dishes in my sink for a couple of days, not rinse them at all, then put them in the dishwasher, and voila! They come out clean, clear, and glistening!

The best part is they are such a great value! I can get a two pound tub of them for under $12 at Wal-mart that will last me weeks, even with my frequent use.

Also, another great thing about Cascade Complete Lemon Burst is they don't smell all soapy like other detergents. Instead, they smell like fresh squeezed lemonade and I get a whiff of it every time I open my cabinets.

This is a great dishwasher detergent. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, it gets the job done well, every time.

Taylor says:

Thanks Maddy for your Cascade detergent action packs review.

So, does anyone else have a favorite detergent for washing your dishes? If so, you can share your dishwasher detergents review here, or read reviews already submitted by others.

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Wouldn't Recommend Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Action Pacs

by Amanda Winn

Amanda says:

We recently just moved into a new home from an apartment.

I never used our dishwasher in the apartment because it was horrible! In our new home we have a nice, fairly new dishwasher.

I bought the Cascade dishwasher detergent action pacs. The scent is "fresh scent."

To be honest, I really don't smell anything when I open the bag or the dishwasher, good or bad.

At first the pacs seemed to do the job. However, over a few washes, I started to notice a white film and heavy spotting on our silverware and glassware.

They do an okay job, but I have to believe there is a better product out there. I would not recommend this product to anyone else.

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Disappointed Because Something Has Changed About The Action Pacs

by SR101 Reader

I have used the Cascade action pacs since they came out and was very happy with them.

Then something changed. I started to get a film and food particles on the dishes.

I totally cleaned all the screens filters thinking this was the problem.

Granted it was much needed but, to my disappointment, it did not solve the problem.

So trying to figure out WTH was going on, I then noticed that the feel of the pacs were different. The insides felt grainier... like the particles were bigger.

I am going to try a new brand and see if it helps.

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Cascade Complete Detergent Pacs Review And Tips For Use

by Anita
(Bridgeport, CT)

Anita has shared her helpful tips to try to avoid breaking, leaking or stuck together pacs of detergent.

Anita says:

Cascade's detergent pacs are my favorite dishwasher soap.

I buy the 20 pac bags, although they are also available in a large container of 60 pacs I believe. It is frankly a better deal to buy a smaller amount at a time because they will not collect moisture while in storage.

The Cascade Complete pacs are easy to use and not messy. They dissolve well in the wash cycle. There are no messes in the dishwasher from spills.

I have also not experienced any film left on the dishes from them, and it has not caused any harm to any of the dishes.

I do prefer to use the gel pacs rather than the completely solid dishwasher pacs as the latter tend not to dissolve during the wash cycle.

I used to store my pacs under the sink, but it is typically warm under the sink, especially while the dishwasher is operating. In addition, it can get moist under there. Therefore, I've moved where I store them.

You must be careful to keep the pacs cool and dry. Make sure not to get any moisture inside the bag. If water or moisture does gather, or they get too warm the pacs melt together and make a big mess.

Taylor says:

Thanks Anita for your review.

I also appreciate your helpful hints for how you've learned how to deal with the pacs to lessen the chance of them leaking or sticking together.

Does anyone else have any tips for using dishwasher packs properly, for as little mess as possible, so they stay a convenient alternative?

In addition, I recognize not everyone loves the packs of detergent, but instead some people prefer powdered or gel detergents for use in their dishwasher. Which kind do you prefer?

You can answer these questions, and share your own tips and reviews, by sharing your dishwasher detergents review here, or you can read even more reviews of this brand, and other brands too, that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Cascade Complete Detergent Pacs Review And Tips For Use

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Lots of things can cause issues.
by: Cheri

I have read a majority of the comments here, both good and not so good. As someone who sells appliances for a living, let me share some of the common issues regarding dishwashers (DW).

Cleaning the trap. You would be amazed at what can get caught in the DW trap; food, hair, paper bits, etc. Make an effort to clean the trap at least ever 60 days if not once a month.

Cleaning the machine itself. Again, things build up on the walls and trays of a DW. Every three months or less, run your dishwasher without dishes and a quarter cup or more of baking soda. This helps clean the interior of the DW and reduce residue on your dishes. A handy tip is to never put grease laden dishes or pots and pans in the washer, it mixes with the water and makes getting all the dishes clean a more difficult task.

Water temperature makes a big difference in the performance of you DW. While there are heating elements on the inside of your washer, use the hottest water you can manage to start it up.

Electric drying can cause the most problems in how your dishes look in the end. It is most economical not to use the machine to dry your dishes, let the air do it. The sheeting action of detergents can really be messed up if it dries too quickly leaving spots and in some cases food on your dishes.

has anyone experienced this?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had problems with glasses and stainless steel silver becoming oxidized after the first use? This hasn't happened before. I can't remove the discoloration. Any ideas?

WARNING: They stink and cause allergies
by: Anonymous

The stench from the Cascade "pacs" is absolutely disgusting. Immediately upon opening a sample that came with a new dishwasher I went into a migraine and started vomiting. This chemical poison should be against the law.

How to open?
by: Paul

I bought a plastic tub of Cascade Complete and for the life of me I can't figure out how to open it. The green lid has a clear plastic contraption under it. Right above it (on the edge of the green lid) is the word "Tear" and three arrows all pointed in the same direction. But no part of the clear plastic indicates where or how to tear it open and get the lid off. Help!

Mine don't dissolve!
by: Anonymous

The gel pack gets melted to the dispenser and soap does not dissolve!

Frigidaire and Cascade Complete
by: Dish washer dad

I have had good results until recently where the gel pacs do not dissolve and at the end of the cycle I find the gel PAC undissolved but expelled from the container and stuck in the dish washer door.
Any suggestion how to fix?

I tried another type Cascade Platinum and the same problem occurred.

I may need to switch back to liquid soap
by: George

Lately my dishwasher has not been dissolving the packets: they remain unmelted in the dispenser. I recognize this may have some other root causes, and I will experiment with variables, including running the hot water before washing, and doing some internal cleaning. All that said, this is a new characteristic, and I may be moving back to liquid soap. I have moved the gel packs from under the sink, which probably has a hostile environment for the gel, and I may resort to simply dropping them in the bottom of the washer instead of the dispensing rack on the door. The comments others have made about the gel being harmful to the draining mechanism (the pump as well as the drain itself) trouble me, and I will keep an eye on that.

Cascade Pacs don't dissolve
by: Marilyn

Don't waste your money on the Cascade action pacs. They don't dissolve. I even cut them up and put them in the detergent well. They only partially dissolve. Dishes look dirty and need rewashing. Will buy a different product.

running dishwasher on pots and pans setting seems to work better
by: Cass Cook

I love these things! But I do hate that they clog my dishwasher. I have found if I run my dishwasher on pots & pans settings rather than the normal wash I don't seem to have as may problems.

excessively strong odor
by: Anonymous

My complaint with this product is the excessively strong odor. Evidently all the products have scent added, and I suppose that is why I got a headache immediately, and my husband, in the other room, began sneezing. The Cascade product people were no help. I had problems with Finish pacs dissolving, but Cascade pacs are dissolving okay. I will be disposing of them because of the scent and trying to find plain gel caps, even though the company rep didn't think they were available.

leaves powder soap specks everywhere
by: Kayla

Absolutely awful. Just terrible. It leaves powder soap specks everywhere. I even ran the dishwasher again with straight hot water and the specks remained. I mean you're better off with a cheaper store brand cleaner than this stuff. It was way too expensive for it to just not work. A waste of water and money. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, it's too much of a hassle.

Pacs don't open
by: D mcneely

I am sick of having to run my dishwasher two or three times because the stupid pack won't dissolve. That is so wasteful, expensive and ridiculous. I want my money back. Finish doesn't work at all so now I can't use Cascade either? Ridiculous.

problems with gel pacs not opening completely
by: Anonymous

I have problems with the gel pacs not opening completely while running the dishwasher. Sometimes I find the lump of powder on the bottom front in the dishwasher bottom. I have had the gel pac to stick inside the dispenser after the cycle is finished. I am not happy with this product and will not purchase it again.

need to pick out pieces of plastic from dishwasher blades - NOT HAPPY!
by: Dani

I was a long time user of Finish Quantum, but I received a sample of the Cascade pacs and noticed my dishes seemed to be almost cleaner and shinier so I made the switch. Now months later I wish I hadn't. I have noticed my loads were having dishes in certain areas that were always coming out dirty. The blades are getting clogged with plastic. At first I thought that tiny piece was a fluke but after continued use and the same thing I realize it has to the Cascade pacs. I have been relentlessly picking pieces of plastic from the arms with tweezers. :( I won't be purchasing these again.

Hated these
by: Marcia

I have used Cascade for years and am very loyal to the brand. The Gel Caps with Dawn almost had me in tears though. I have several Turvis Tumblers which are definitely dishwasher safe. Some I have had for years. These gel caps left such a white gummy film on my glasses. I literally had to scrape it off with my fingernails and a rough scrub sponge. There are still places that are very bad. If this product should not be used on plastic we should be warned in advance. I certainly will not purchase again.

Must rewash dishes
by: Emily Spring

I have had many problems with Cascade action packs. Sometimes they do not fully dissolve leaving a jelly-like goop in the dishwasher. Very frequently I have to re-wash dishes. I usually do this by hand which seems to negate the reason I have a dishwasher in the first place. Please, Cascade makers, fix this problem. It is very frustrating.

Don't melt
by: Martha

I've been using Cascade Gel Packs for several years and never had any problems until recently. When I opened the dishwasher to empty it after the cycles were complete, I smelled something burning. I looked inside and saw the gel pack resting on the water heating coil. It was almost completely intact and undissolved but was burned from where it was hitting the coil. I thought this may have been an aberration so I tried again with a new gel pack. This time I found the undissolved pack in with the dishes. I think it's time to go back to using liquid or powdered dishwasher detergent. I also will complain to the company.

Tried for first time, not impressed
by: Sandy from Michigan

I was in need of Cascade and Meijer did not have the liquid to I thought it was a great time to try the action pacs. My dishwasher is a Samsung that is 3 years old. I put kettles in it without rinsing including from mashed potatoes! Tonight I went to start it for the 3rd time with a pac and was shocked and concerned to see one laying in the bottom of my dishwasher only half dissolved. Makes me wonder what it in my food grinder and how much soap is still on my dishes I just took out. I have never seen this in my washing machine. I am going to the store tomorrow to find my liquid Cascade and will get rid of the pacs. Running to the store is the ACTION they gave me. So disappointed. Also, it is faster to remove the cap and squirt in my liquid soap than unzip the pacs and reclose them as instructed.

Beware ruined my dishwasher
by: Anonymous

I just spent the day, actually several months, researching my dishwasher problem and today talked with a repair company. I've done all the "self help" stuff online, so I had to call a professional. I won't know for a two more days for sure, but one of the first things asked was if I use the "pacs" which I do. The short version of what he said is this: To make it more environmentally friendly, they were required to change the formula of the packs, making them LESS dissolvable than originally formulated. This means the undissolved portions could be clogging the pump. In some models, the pump and motor are in the same unit requiring replacement of both, very expensive! I applaud environmental safety, just wish I'd known it could cost me a dishwasher! No issues are simple, but check it out for yourself. A new dishwasher was NOT in my budget.

Don't melt
by: Amy

I have a BRAND NEW Samsung dishwasher. It's beautiful, quiet, smart and it came with 2 of the finish packs with the power ball. Those worked great. I still had a good supply of my cascade complete detergent pacs that I bought before my old dishwasher bit the dust. I've been using them and sometimes they work fine. Other times, I open the dishwasher and I find the pack still in the little compartment. The other day it was sitting on the floor under the bottom rack. I don't get it. My glasses are sparkly and things appear to be clean with no detergent. I have jet dry already in the little liquid compartment for that so I that's probably why the sparkle I feel like I'm wasting my money.

Not happy
by: Anonymous

Bought mine from Costco & they all stick together & are stale looking. The powder in the Action Pak is very hard. My daughter had a guy in to fix the dishwasher & he said the Action parks are very hard on the dishwasher. We have both gone back to liquid & powder products instead.

Pacs still there
by: Anonymous

Thank you first for posting the reviews. I thought the issues was with my dishwasher not working properly. The Cascade gel pacs do not always drop out of the dispenser. The dispenser opens up and the gel pac sticks in the dispenser. The gel pacs do not always dissolve or don't dissolve completely. I had to wash dishes multiple times in the dishwasher to no avail. I have been lately washing the dishes by hand. What an expensive waste of money.

Action PACs are horrible
by: Gary

I have a nice GE Monogram dishwasher. Every time I use the action PACs I find little globs of gel on my dishes as well as undissolved granules of detergent in my glasses. This tells me that the PACs are not dissolving properly in a timely manner. I've also used Finish Powerball detergent and am much happier with the results. Finish Powerball never leaves undissolved detergent on my dishes

Love them
by: Beth

I've been using Cascade ActionPacs for a year now, and they work great for me. I've never had a problem with them leaking, either, but I make sure that I don't put my hand in the box until I've thoroughly dried my hands. The manufacturer warns that dampness will dissolve the the gel covering.

Worst I've ever seen
by: Anonymous

I was beginning to think that my nearly new dishwasher was broken until I came to this site to see that I have not been imagining things. I thought I was buying quality brand name when I chose the Cascade product. It turned out to be the pits. Unfortunately I can't return the rest because I had used two of them. They don't dissolve in the machine as advertised, and my dishes are never clean the first time around. There needs to be a recall of those products. They are the pits.

I love them
by: Anonymous

I had always had to prewash my dishes prior to placing them in the dishwasher using liquid detergents. I started using the gel paks because of a sale. I noticed the commercial and tried not washing the dishes prior to loading and to my surprise they were clean. Now I no longer have to waste time pre-cleaning. I am super excited and happy I found something that works!!

this product sucks
by: Nancy Yax

I do dishes and laundry at a 7 family house and I can tell you this product sucks. Because I have to wash dishes before putting in dishwasher or they don't clean.

wrecked machine
by: prem

the soap wrappers didn't dissolve and got sucked into the machine and destroyed the pump

by: Anonymous

Ever since I started using the gel packs from cascade my dishwasher keeps coming up with the code 20. Won’t drain a clogged won’t drain at least five times now and dishwasher is new or at least a year old very disappointed.

Not good
by: Anonymous

I used the cascade action pack for the first time today and got an error code on my relatively new Bosch dishwasher that the pump was clogged. There was a ton of debris that looked like calcification that had not been there before, and I can only think that the pack did not dissolve correctly. It took me about an hour to clean out the filters and pump area, and these are being returned. What a mess. The Bosch rep stated that they do not recommend this product. I can only hope my dishwasher is Ok when I run the next cycle.

pods clogged my draining pipes
by: Anonymous

Hi, so, I have used three container of your dishwasher pods and yesterday I had to replace 10 feet pipe plus other-not a good idea.

Cascade Action
by: Rita

I had been using cascade Platinum without problems. My neighbour shopped for me and brought Cascade Action. The gel wrap is not dissolving properly!

Platinum Gel Paks
by: Patty Delavern

Left tons of soap in bottom of my machine!! Never before has this happened??? Why?

dishwasher stopped draining after switched from power to pods
by: John Ingersoll

We were happy with Cascade powder but wife wanted to try pods so I bought what I thought was the best - Cascade Platinum Pods for almost $20 a box. Prior to the pods - dishwasher no problem. After the pods - pods found undissolved -- some in part some all the way. Dishwasher stopped draining and had to call appliance repairman who stated the drain motor was shot and needed to be replaced. Parts on order awaiting repair and results in a week. Stopped using the pods today and consider them (both dishwashers and washing machines) to be a waste of money.

Personally I think that Cascade should have a recall before they get a class action suit for the repair money that they are causing their customers.

want to reimbursed
by: Brenda Holder

They are terrible. They won’t dissolve and I thought it was my dishwasher. Plumber fees and more disappointment. I would like to be reimbursed for the 62 pac I have now.

never dissolved
by: Sylvia Green

I have a new dishwasher; only used it twice (Whirlpool). Both times the machine ran the cycle, but at the end the pod was in the bottom of the machine, still hard.

these are terrible
by: Diana Romero

TERRIBLE!!! They don’t dissolve!! I always have the plastic packaging and soap stuck, yes stuck, in the dispenser. Plastic also clogs up the dishwasher!!

Lemon Scented ActionPacs
by: Sean L.

The soap pods stained the bottom of the inside of my saucepan. The item should be recalled.

clogged dishwasher
by: Joe Billig

I have been using the actionpacs for the past 5-6 washes. My dishwasher fills up with water but that's it. I removed the spray arms and the base and it was totally clogged with pacs.

not dissolving properly
by: Anonymous

We have a newer model dishwasher (2015) and have been using Cascade Pods for about a year.

Rarely do all of the dishes come out clean, and we have rerun the dishes.

Often, the dishes are covered with an oily gel-like substance. It especially clings to plastic items.

Several times a portion of the pod itself was stuck or dried on to the dishes.

Our conclusion has been exactly as the author wrote -- the very "gel" used to create the pods is not totally melting in the washing process, and therefore remains on the dishes and especially plastic cooking utensils. We then have to wash the dishes by hand and wash inside the dishwasher door where the Pod has "spattered" when it was activated.

I'm going to back to powdered dishwasher soap, and will check out Kirkland's brand and also Walmart.

Thanks for giving us a space to share concerns.

$450 to fix the dishwasher
by: Ceci

I started using Cascade Dishwasher pods about 3-4 weeks ago. My dishwasher was not draining due to a clog in the drain. Called a repairman and he said the parts to fix it would cost $450! We had to go buy a new dishwasher! Cascade should not sell these pods and they owe us the $450!!!!!!! Our dishwasher was less than 5 years old, a top of the line Kitchen Aid.

returning buckets of pods
by: Anonymous

Believe the gunk that makes up the outside of the pods mixes with fats and other food sources to create scum that plugs the filter screens. It's a mess. Will continue to run cycles alternating powder detergent with vinegar until it get's cleaned out. Taking two buckets of pods back to the store tomorrow.

strong smell, left in glasses to taste when drink
by: Rose

I use the Cascade complete DAWN grease fighting power dual chamber pac. They dissolve most of the time.

My concern is they have a very strong smell and I can taste it in my glass when I drink water.

I think this is a concern as there are ingredients that are harmful in them. Is this a problem? I'm thinking I need to add a rinse cycle after but that would probably defeat the purpose.

I think I will just not use them anymore. I've had kidney bladder problems. Anyone else?

Cascade Platinum 16X - granules in some of the cups after use
by: William Bateman

Generally works well, in Maytag QuietSeries 300 dishwasher, except for this problem:

Our water glasses are normally placed upside down on the top rack. When unloading the clean dishes, we frequently find small granules of solids on the inside bottoms of some, but not all, of the water glasses. We sometimes find glasses like this that were placed right next to glasses that came out perfectly clean. These granules either defied gravity and splashing hot water, or something caused them to stick to the inside glass bottoms.

Does this product have any insoluble solids in it, and if so, what is it?

Any suggestions?

think starting to deteriorate the seal at bottom of dishwasher
by: Anonymous

A few months ago the black seal on the bottom of my whirlpool dishwasher started to give off black stuff. I think the cascade pucks I am using is making it deteriorate. The dishes are miraculously still getting clean, but the inside of my dishwasher looks horrible. Icky, black stuff all over. Especially on the racks. The inside of my dishwasher is plastic instead of stainless steel, which doesn't help, because the black stuff just sticks to it like glue. Even running the dishwasher empty didn't take it off. The only way it comes off is with some serious cleaning by hand with a brush. I know it's the seal that's deteriorating, because if I run my finger over it, black stuff comes off. So I don't know what kind of stuff these pucks are made of, but it's got to be pretty powerful.

But for me right now, using any other detergent doesn't make the dishes clean. So I'll have to keep using them until we buy a new dishwasher. :(

serviceman advised not to use these
by: Brenda

They clogged up my dishwasher. Especially the spraying arms. Had to have a service man come clean it out. He advised I do not use the pods.

rarely dissolve
by: Anonymous

These pacs rarely dissolve in our dishwasher. Usually the pack partially dissolves and 1/2 of soap and the pac material remain in the dispenser. The rest of the soap is stuck to the dishwasher door. Even if I run the washer again, the soap in the dispenser and on the door remains.

these pods will clog your drain
by: Brian

Yes these pods will clog your drain, speaking from personal experience. The granular part of the pod does not fully dissolve and will eventually build up in the sewer pipe. In my case it happened at the street t coupling where the washer and dishwasher converge. Was able to punch through it with a snake. The backup flowed out of the drain for the a/c and into the garage. There was white detergent clumps all over the garage floor. This is NOT an urban legend. We only use liquid detergent now and have not had any more issues.

caused problems with dishwasher not completely draining
by: Rick

We have a Bosch dishwasher and have used it for 9 years with absolutely no problems. A couple of months ago we began using Cascade Ultimate Pods rather than the powder type cakes. We began noticing that the dishwasher no longer completely drained and that there were suds in the water after the wash. We ran many short wash cycles with no cleaning agent and still suds were there before and after each wash and it didn't empty. The appliance repairman said it was probably the Cascade Pods that weren't completely dissolving and sticking to the pump and seals. We found a sticky residue all around the door seals. We ran a Finish Dishwasher cleaner through a full cycle and after several short cycles with no washing agent the water ran clear and drained properly.

We are back on our cake style cleaners or we cut open the Cascade Pods and put the powder in the soap dispenser. No more problems.

Complete pods aren't good
by: KC

I had been using Cascade Original pods (all green gel swirl on top) ever since I purchased a new dishwasher about 2 years ago and loved it. I would hardly rinse off plates and they'd come out squeaky clean every time. The only issue I was having trouble with was white residue on some of my glassware. So I thought I'd try to "upgrade" to the Cascade Complete. Now about 30% of the time I'll open the dishwasher to find plates and pots still dirty! I thought maybe a coincidence and my dishwasher might just be having problems since things don't last like they used to. Until I ran into a friend at Costco buying a new dishwasher and found out that her's went out right after she switched to the Complete pods too! (she was using gel before)

by: em gg

The gel pack exploded and left a big powered mess all over the dishes so I thought it was just a bad gel tab and put in another one and it did the same thing. I have been using these for a long time and that has never happened before.

leave a residue
by: Joni

Cascade pods seem to dissolve well, but they are actually leaving a fiber or lint like residue. It is clogging the screen on the soft food disposal causing the blade to bend, tearing screen. This makes a terrible noise and requires a repair. I rinse my dishes well before putting them in the machine. I have now quit using them and have gone back to liquid. The pods are very expensive and adding dishwasher repairs on top of that it is not worth the convenience.

Not dissolving
by: Patty

I bought a new bag of cascade pods. All 3 that I have used have not fully dissolved. I used the full normal cycle instead of energy saver and it still did not dissolve.

all stuck together
by: Anonymous

Bought the large dishwasher packs. Last 30 are all stuck together. Pull them apart, soap all over. Not happy with the mess.

Packs stick together bad
by: B B

I am disappointed when getting the packs out they are all stuck together. When you pull them apart stuff goes everywhere.

expensive, and coupons aren't sufficient
by: Misty Elliott

I have been using Cascade pods for several years, and although I love the product I am very disappointed in the fact that there are never good coupons and the product is fairly expensive. The only coupons I have ever seen is for .25 or .50. I would hate to have to switch products because I can't spend that much money on the product anymore.

turns stainless gunpowder black
by: Kay

Cascade dishwasher detergent has turned my stainless cutlery a weird color of black.

How do I get rid of the black? I probably got 200 pieces and polishing each one is out of the question. I would rather eat a bag of hair!!!!!

I have had my stainless for years and never had a problem, at least not until I started using Cascade! My dishwasher works fine. It's definitely the detergent.

Please HELP!

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