Finish Dishwasher Detergent Review - Gelpacs Break Easily

by Ellie
(Huntington, WV)

Ellie has provided her Finish dishwasher detergent Gelpacs review.

Ellie says:

I usually purchase powder or powder packs for my dishwasher, but I bought these packs full of gel detergent, from Finish, because they were on sale.

They don't store very well. The box I purchased had approximately 40 gel-packs.

The box is standard with a plastic bag inside that holds the gel packs. They worked sufficiently in the dishwasher, but were pretty messy to use.

Before I even got through half of the box, some of the gel packs burst open and stuck to others. This caused some loss of product and a lot of mess.

By the time I was down to the last few pack remaining, I was forced to use 2 packs at one time and even threw approximately 4 of then away because they were stuck to the bottom of the bag.

Even though they were on sale they ended up costing more by being wasteful and messy.

Now I only purchase powder or powder packs for use in my dishwasher. I also recommend to others to avoid the gel packs for the same reasons.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Ellie for your Finish Gelpacs review.

If you like Finish dishwasher detergent, but want something powdered in a pack form, you may want to try Finish Powerball tabs.

I've actually heard about several other gel pack type products that have had similar issues with breakage and spilling. Has anyone else had experience with this issue?

You can share your own experiences with these dishwasher detergent pacs, or any other dishwashing detergent, by share your dishwasher detergents review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Finish Dishwasher Gel Packs Don't Clean Stains

by Frances Brown
(New Germany, NS., Canada)

Frances has shared her experience with Finish Dishwasher Gel Packs.

Frances says:

I have been using Finish Gel Packs for about two months. I bought them to try because I had a good coupon offer.

While I like the ease of just putting a gel pack in my dishwasher it does an abysmal job of cleaning stains. The water in my area stains badly, and Finish simply does not do the job.

I have never had any problems like this with the powdered detergents, so I will be going back to them.

Taylor says:

Thanks Frances for sharing your experiences with this product.

It is interesting to me that, at least with this product, I have not received any positive reviews. Generally I get some of both about various house cleaning supplies reviews. However, it is not all Finish products, but just these gel packs which have been so disappointing to people.

If others have used this product I would love to hear from them too, whether your experience has been positive or negative.

You can share your dishwasher detergents review here, for this or any other detergent, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Finish Gelpacs All Stuck Together: It's A Nightmare!

by Cass
(Matthews, NC)

One Big Mess!

One Big Mess!

Cass shared the problems with this dishwasher detergent with me, also sharing a photo.

Cass says:

I had originally used the Finish powder packs that were individually wrapped and I was anoyed with having to unwrap each pack and find some of them broken and messy, so I was excited that possibly I would get to save a messy step when I decided to use the gel pacs instead. NOT!

This was a neightmare. After the plastic inner bag was opened and my 20 gel packs were exposed to air and possible my damp hand as I removed and used the 1st one, they all fused together.

I have only been able to gently remove 4 more packs without them bursting. I have no idea what I am going to do with the remaining 15.

It really is sad because product wide, Finish does remarkable well up against it's more expensive competitors, but they missed the boat in packaging.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this picture with me Cass. Unfortunately, you're not the first person to share this problem with me for this product, and I really haven't figure out any good way to unfuse them from each other.

Even though they can be expensive, I'd say you'll have to call these a loss and get a new dishwasher detergent, hopefully this time one that doesn't get all stuck together. If you'd like to try another Finish product the Powerball tabs have gotten much better reviews, overall, than the gel pacs.

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How I Keep My Gel Pacs From Sticking Together Or Leaking Now

by Carl S.

I see a lot of people are having problems with with their gel-pacs leaking or sticking together.

After almost a year after switching to gel-pacs, because of residue from any form of solid tab or powder detergent, I've had only a couple of instances of my pacs sticking together or leaking.

Once I open a new package they go immediately into a flip-lid plastic container stored inside the cabinets.

This reduces the moisture problems and make it easier to grab.

One hand opens the lid, grabs a pac, then closes the lid. Takes about 2 seconds. Better than 2 hands wrestling with the plastic bag.

Our container will easily hold 3 packages of gel-pacs so some may have been stored this way a good while.

Also, no experience with undissolved pacs.

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Even Though The Finish Gel Pacs Were Recommended I'm Not Using Them Anymore

by Tricia
(Gosport UK)

Tricia shared her experience with this type of Finish dishwasher detergent with me.

Tricia says:

I have a brand new Zanussi dishwasher & the powerball in the gel type cover that you don't unwrap was recommended.

However the tablets frequently don't dissolve.

They are not cheap & I am not prepared to pay the extra for a product that is so unreliable.

Taylor says:

Unfortunately Tricia, your complaint about this product is not uncommon.

They really need to work on this issue, in my opinion, or not have the product on the market since it is really turning people off to all Finish products as a result.

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These GelPacs Stink! Literally

by ChrisZ
(New Berlin, WI)

ChrisZ says:

We just got a dishwasher and I pre-purchased the Finish Gelpacs.

I first ran the machine last night and it wasn't a pleasant odor, but tolerable.

However, today I ran several loads and I have been nauseated most of the day and was also hit by a horrendous migraine attack.

The only time I wasn't nauseous was when I was outside the house.

I must say the product cleaned the dishes really well!

I am generally sensitive to the smells of a lot of household products, but this really is the worst just below pine cleaners.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear this Chris, I hope you feel better soon.

Lots of people have also said that the orange scented version of this product also smell bad.

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Finish All In One Gelpacs Not Good Compared To Cascade

by Jean Blevins
(Archdale, NC)

Jean says:

I got Finish all in one gel pacs because of a good deal with a coupon.

My normal detergent is Cascade Complete gel pacs in orange scent.

With the Cascade, I had never had a problem with my dishes and glasses looking absolutely sparkling.

With Finish, my glasses have a cloudy look and the last load I washed the gelpac did not completely dissolve and I had blue detergent running down my dishwasher door and in the detergent cup.

Naturally, that means that the dishes were covered with detergent and had to be redone.

Nothing was cleaned.

Needless to say, I have learned that coupons do not always a great deal make.

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Finish Gelpacs Didn't Completely Dissolve And Clogged Up My Plumbing

by Sue Mannos

Sue has shared her experience with Finish gelpacs dishwasher detergent.

Sue says:

I have used the Finish pressed powder with the red ball detergent and liked them. However, I accidentally bought 20 Finish gelpacs and used them instead.

After a couple of weeks my sink started backing up. I tried everything to unclog it unsuccessfully. Then, I called a plumber.

It ends up a lot of chunks of undissolved gel packs were spewing out. I threw the rest out. It was pretty disappointing.

My friend then told me she found a lot of undissolved gel packs at the bottom of her dishwasher.

Taylor says:

Thanks Sue for sharing your problems with this type of Finish dishwasher detergent.

It is interesting that other people have complained about other brands of gel packs too, although not necessarily about them not dissolving properly. For instance, I've gotten several tips for using Cascade detergent in the action packs so it does not spill or break. It seems these individual packs are becoming very popular -- in general do you like them or dislike them, and why? I would love to hear readers' thoughts on this issue.

Has anyone else had this same issue with the Finish gel packs not dissolving, like Sue? If you have used this type of dishwasher detergent, and had either a good or bad experience with it, I would love for you to share your dishwasher detergents review here. (You can also share reviews of other brands, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.)

***Update - I have gotten so many reviews of this product, I needed to start another page. Actually the next review I received was positive! You can read even more Finish gelpacs reviews here.***

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Comments for Finish Gelpacs Didn't Completely Dissolve And Clogged Up My Plumbing

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Bursting gel packs
by: Irene

Yes, this product has burst packs quite often. It just happened this morning which prompted me to write. I like the product but it is a gooey mess when it bursts. I shall try the hard pill type next. Shame, I think the gel packs work well!

They do not dissolve
by: Lisa

Yes, the last few gel pacs I have used I have found not fully dissolved at the bottom of my dishwasher. When I contacted the company they said it was my dishwasher's fault, but I had it checked.

gelpac joke
by: Dennis Kasl

The gelpacs are a fiendish joke. They do not separate easily or cleanly. They must be a profit-maker. They were certainly not made for the consumer!!

individually wrapped packets work great
by: Tracie

The gelpacs stick together but the individually wrapped packets work great!

Gelpac Mess
by: Norma

My reason for checking this site, was to see if anyone else had experienced problems with Gelpacs. I've used them for a long time without any problems and then after buying a large Mega Value box of 90, I completely wasted one whole bag. Some of the Gelpacs in the bottom bag had burst and they were all gooey and runny, completely stuck together, and instead of saving money, I lost money. I have changed to another form of dishwashing detergent and will no longer buy Gel Packs.

On the positive side, I really liked the advantage of just popping one in the dishwasher without having to unwrap something.

Thank you.

mine stuck together too
by: Tracie

My gel packs did the same thing. I use the Finish packs that are individually wrapped. They work the best in my dishwasher but will not be using the gel packs ever again.

Turned silverware coppery
by: Anonymous

Old line silverware. Never any problems before. After wash had a copper/gold tint--restored easily with silver cloth. No disclaimer on package.

tablets OK, but gel packs didn't dissolve and caused machine malfunction
by: Anonymous

I have used the Finish dishwasher tablets for quite a few years with no problem but since using the gel packs I have had to call in an engineer who found that the packs did not dissolve and were wrapped around the motor of my machine causing a malfunction.

I am now using a supermarket home brand but bits of old undissolved gel packs are still coming through and, yet again, I have had to call in an engineer.

anything with gel paks
by: Billie Patterson

When using gel paks you must have dry hands to handle them, otherwise they will stick together.
Another thing I want to mention is that if you are unsatisfied, check out Facebook and see if they have a site for your brand. If not, you may write a letter to the manufacturer and they will help solve your problem and either give you a refund or send coupons for something else.

add to the correct part of your soap compartment
by: Anonymous

Many dishwashers have two spaces in the soap compartment. If you don't put it in the side that is slotted or opens first it won't dissolve and benefit the whole cycle in time.

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