Problems With Cascade Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent: Not Dissolving & Clogging Dishwasher

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I've gotten several reports from readers about Cascade Action Pacs dishwasher detergent problems that range from annoying to rather distressing.

It seems that these problems have to do mainly with the fundamental part of this product -- the fact that they are in gel packs.

This packaging (we're not talking here about the bag or plastic box they come in, but each individual detergent packet) seems to not dissolve well while in their machine, at least for some people, despite the company's suggestion that this shouldn't be a problem at all.

Further, even more annoying than the pacs not dissolving, which can result in having to run the dishwasher again since clearly no soap was applied to the dirty dishes in such instances, is when those same gelatin (or whatever it is that is supposed to dissolve in the hot water and release the soap) like pacs clog up parts of the dishwasher. That's Just. Not. Good.

Here are experiences shared by readers about these exact problems. It has honestly made me hesitant to try these product in my dishwasher, and I think for the time being I'll just stick with my powdered detergents.

Sure, I have to pour them out each time but I'm not sure the convenience of grabbing a pac and not having to measure anything is worth the possible problems.

Have you had similar problems with this or other dishwasher detergent pacs? If so, I'd like to hear your experiences. Further, if you've figured out how to avoid these issues I'd also love to hear that as well. You can share your experiences here, and I'll add them to the site.

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Action Packs Not Always Dissolving In Dishwasher

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I very recently purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher and decided to use the action packs.

I have a problem with the packs not dissolving completely.

Out of the 10 loads or so that I have done, on three occasions the pack dissolved about 50%. What am I doing wrong?

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear you're having this problem.

I would love to hear from other readers, sharing if they've had similar problems with this product not dissolving in their dishwasher.

As to your question of what you're doing wrong, I'm not really sure, since you didn't say what you were doing as you added them.

Here's a video from Procter & Gamble, the makers of this product, showing how they're supposed to dissolve quickly and also showing how to place it in your dishwasher detergent dispenser. Hope this helps!

I've answered this question as part of the cleaning questions section of my site. You can ask me for cleaning help here, or see what other questions I've already answered!

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Gel Coating Of Cascade Action Packs Accumulated In My Dishwasher Manifold

by SR101 Reader

An SR101 Reader shared his experience with this product.

SR101 Reader says:

These gel action packs will clog the manifold and tear up the part. The reason is the gels do not dissolve, and they end up clogged in the manifold.

In my own dishwasher I checked the manifold and saw a bunch stuck in there. I had to pull these out with twisters, and got a hand full out.

Cascade owes me the replacement money for this disgusting find. I encourage everyone who uses this product to check their own to see if this is happening to them.

Taylor says:

Sorry to hear this happened to you!

I have had another complaint of this product not dissolving properly. I would love to hear from even more readers, sharing if this has happened to them. You can share your own experiences here.

***Update: I got this question from another reader, but I didn't personally know the answer since I haven't experienced this problem with the pacs myself (since I don't use them). The SR101 Reader asks:
Do these dissolvable packets clog pipes by adhering to the pipes as grease can?
***End Update

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My Repair Man Says That Undissolved Pacs Are A Common Problem

by Janette
(Philadelphia, PA)

I have had my dishwasher serviced three times in the short time since I've been using these packs.

Each time they found undissolved plastic packs and clogged up drain parts.

I have a fairly new dish washer (2009 Maytag ), and never had a problem with any of the liquid soaps.

It seem that only when using some sort of powder it causes major problems.

Now I'm out $500.00 in repairs.

You would think that the company would have tested this product for these problems.

According to my repair man, who has been in this type of work going on 35 years, they have more calls about this type of problem than any other.

I think that it's just wrong.

I WILL discontinue using this product and ALL Cascade/Dawn products.

I will also tell anyone who cares NOT to use them too.

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Cascade Gel Paks Do NOT Dissolve

by DG

DG says:

Like other comments, I just got done paying several hundred dollars to a dishwasher repairman because I used these gel paks and the gel clogged my drain pipe.

I now have to not only repair the dishwasher, but have to repair the damage to my hardwood floors, since the dishwasher leaked due to the gel clogging the drain.

It coats the pipe, reducing the flow of the water, which caused the pipe to back up and overflow onto the floor under the dishwasher.

When the repair guy took the pipe off and took it outside to flush it out with the hose there was a long glob of plastic gel that came out of the drain hose, almost like a thick hose liner.

The repairman's first question was, "Do you use gel paks in your dishwasher?" Guess this is a BIG problem these days.

My sister uses WalMart's house brand of powder detergent and says it's great.

Consumer Reports recommends WalMart's detergent and also Costco's Kirkland brand.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your experience DG, although I'm sorry you had such trouble.

I personally love Walmart's powder detergent, and started using it after Consumer Reports recommended it. You can click on the link to read my review if you're interested in switching from the pacs back to a powder.

Has anyone else had trouble with this product? If so, I'd love to hear from you. You can share your reviews and experiences here.

Here are reviews of Cascade Action Pacs dishwasher detergent, with several people reporting that the pacs were not dissolving or were clogging their dishwasher {more information on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Cascade Gel Paks Do NOT Dissolve

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They don't dissolve
by: TommyD

Had a problem with Cascade gel packs which clogged my LG Dishwasher manifold. I removed the side panel and cleaned the thing out and no more problem. Not sure about other brands but do not use Cascade gel packs.

No problems until today
by: Douglas

I've been using the gel pacs for years without problem until today. I've run the same load of dishes three times with two different gel packs, but neither of the gel packs dissolved in the machine (one gel pack went through two washes). I decided to put one of the two undissolved gel packs in a bowl of hot water (like in the video link that is posted) and it completely dissolved in the bowl in less than a minute. This leads me to think the problem is with my dishwasher. I'm currently rerunning the load of dishes with the other undissolved gel pack just placed into the bottom of the machine, instead of in the dispenser to see what happens.

Not Dissolving
by: York

I'm getting rather annoyed at the fact that 20% of Cascades' dishwasher pacs do not dissolve in my dishwasher.

It's a waste of consumer's money and time if the product doesn't perform as it should.

Money wasted first buying the product and secondly having to spend electricity as well as water to restart the dishwashing cycle again.

Time wasted in shopping for and making a decision that product will work best for the price you're willing to pay for it.

Also time wasted on having to restart the entire process all over again.

Having to endure such aggravation has caused me to reconsider Cascades' quality control standards as it relates to satisfying consumer's demand for reliable and safe products.

Cascade total clean packs do not dissolve
by: Marta

Cascade Total clean packs do not dissolve in dishwasher. I have run the dishwasher twice and still not dissolving at all. I'm going back to Sam's store and returning the box. This is an inconvenience since a lot of water and electricity was wasted.

Cascade Not The Product To Use
by: Anonymous

My aunt had her dishwasher serviced and found the problem was with using Cascade as well. She was told by the repairman the best product to use in your dishwasher are the Finish Tabs. They dissolve the best. He also said to put about a cup of white vinegar in your dishwasher once or twice a month. Let it sit overnight and use your dishwasher the next morning. This will help dissolve any calcium buildup, etc. You can even run a load of dishes with the vinegar. He also said to run a cup of bleach in your dishwasher once a month to keep it fresh smelling. (No dishes when you use the bleach.) My aunt told me all of this when I bought a used dishwasher a while ago and I haven't had any problems with it, as I have been following her advice.

run hot water in sink prior to starting dishwasher
by: Anonymous

I have never had an issue with any gel pacs dissolving. I always run the water in my kitchen sink before turning on my dishwasher to ensure that my dishes are getting washed and initially rinsed with nothing but HOT water. The gel pacs may only be partially dissolving if the water is not hot enough to completely melt the exterior. Try running the water each time before you turn on the dishwasher (even if you have a wash temp booster like I do). Dishes come out cleaner, soap dissolves correctly, win win.

Possible solution
by: Orlie

While stacking the dishwasher you must make sure that the water can reach the gel packs on the door. The water is what helps the packet dissolve.

Action packs dissolving
by: Em

Run water in your sink until it is hot for the most efficient, effective use of your dishwasher and dissolving of packs. Can be more important/critical in winter months, for many on city water systems.

So long water pump
by: Jerry

We had our GE Nautilus installed for almost one year. Perhaps coincidence, but the pump just went out and it will no longer drain. This was the first and last action pack I will buy.

problem with them not dissolving too
by: Ancelmo Pederasty

Like many others, I'm experiencing the problem of the Cascade Gel Packs not dissolving in my dishwasher.

When they DO dissolve, the product is superb! Not only do the dishes, glasses, and silverware come out sparkling and squeaky-clean, but the stainless steel dishwasher tub is sparkling.

Unfortunately, about one time out of three the gel pack fails to dissolve and I must waste water and energy running the dishwasher a second time.

If Cascade can correct the non-dissolving problem, they will have the best product on the market.

Suggestion for undissolved gel packs - load dishwasher differently
by: Anonymous

We also had the issue with undissolved packs sometimes going through the cycle 2 or 3 times without dissolving until we figured this solution out. On my model dishwasher there is a spray unit on the front left bottom of the dishwasher that sprays up and hits the door where the soap dispenser is on the dishwasher door. It seems if you cover the sprayer with dirty dishes it prevents it from properly spraying the gel pack and dissolving it. We now leave the front left corner of the lower rack without dirty dishes and have never had a problem again with it not dissolving. My unit is an older Maytag, but I would suspect most units have a similar system for moving the soap around. I hope this helps someone.

by: Anne Kelly

I am experiencing this issue and these are the packs that I have bought. I have found several plastics pieces clogging my drain.

They work for me
by: Kathy F

I have used Cascade gel packs for years and I love them. My dishes come out sparkling and clean. Even the dirtiest dishes come out clean. I don't rinse dishes, only take off large food items. Only once in 7 years did I find the tablet on the bottom, not dissolved. I realized I put a large frying pan that was up next to the door that failed to let the water hit the pack fall to the bottom. I used Finish once...and didn't like the results. The dishes were never as clean as Cascade.

Cascade Pouch not Dissolving in Whirpool
by: Sudhir

We are also facing same issue as Cascade Dishwasher Pouch not dissolving in Whirlpool Gold Series dishwasher. However, we never had this issue with our old GE dishwasher.

I checked the water temperature, which is perfect as per recommended by Whirlpool. The drain is not clogged, in short no operational issues discovered. I found the issue with Silverware Basket, which is right under the Soap main compartment. When cycle is in process lid opens and pouch rested on the top of the Silverware basket or inside the basket. The water somehow not reaching to the Pouch or pouch not dipped in the water (per video shown by Procter & Gamble).

I my opinion this is the DESIGN issue by Whirlpool. I have reported to Whirlpool today and their technician will be coming to check and provide some solution; let's see what happens.

Sticky residue on ceramic bowl
by: Anonymous

A sticky residue has appeared on a ceramic bowl and rubber spatula. Is this the undissolved Cascade packet? We are going to stop using the packets just in case.

I experience the paks not dissolving more with generic brands then with name brands
by: Sheri

I have had less problems with the name brand gel paks. I have had this issue at least once to twice a week with no name ones.

Since I am buying at Sam's Club I am getting huge containers. Of the last container of Cascade only one in the packet did not dissolve right. But, the washer was over filled and door was stuck shut and run on short wash cycle. So I can't blame the gelpak.

perhaps need to run hot water before starting the machine
by: Anonymous

I wonder if some of the problems might be because people are not running the hot water before starting their machine? I read somewhere where the dishwasher heats the water 20 deg above what it enters the dishwasher at. Hence, getting the water hot before it enters the dishwasher means it get even hotter and thereby dissolving the packs more thoroughly.

Just a thought...

Finish product works well
by: Anonymous

I have been using Finish dishwasher packets in my Whirpool dishwasher and had been very happy with the results. Had a coupon for Cascade so bought that brand. Have had problems with the packets not dissolving. Think I will go back to Finish!

had to replace dishwasher pump after used these
by: Alice

I have a wonderful and expensive KitchenAid dishwasher which functioned flawlessly until I began to use these packs. After a costly repair job, when the pump had to be replaced, the repairman told me to use ONLY Cascade powder and to use Finish dishwasher cleaner once a month. The gel packs did not dissolve and clogged up the pump. I have had no problems since following his advice.

I loaded my dishwasher differently to fix the problem
by: Another Anonymous

"Anonymous" solved my problem! I've been using these action packs for a while, and they worked great. Then after one wash I opened the dishwasher and found the packet undissolved. I ran the washer again. Totally undissolved again! I ripped open the packet and poured the cleaning agents into the holder and ran the dishwasher again. And even THAT didn't dissolve!!! After reading the tip from "Anonymous," I realized I had put a tall water bottle in the left corner of the bottom rack--something I had never put in that spot before. It was totally blocking the sprayer that comes up from the bottom to dissolve the cleaning agent. Moved that bottle and ran the dishwasher again with a new action pack, and the problem was solved!

Cascade Platinum Dawn Action Packs
by: Patricia Connell

I have been using Cascade Action Packs for over a year. I only now notice that Dawn was in these. I thought the color of the container change was because it was Platinum. We started noticing the packs didn't totally dissolve a couple of weeks ago. The last few days they hardly dissolved at all. I am currently running the dishwasher with a cup of vinegar and checked the nozzle holes. I discovers several clogged with what looks like part of the gels packs!! small cellophane and fiber. Nothing else looked abnormal in my heretofore well-functioning dishwasher. I am pretty disgusted as I know I put only partially clean dishes back on the shelves at first. Until now I have always preferred Cascade to other brand dishwasher cleaners, and had no problems with the pods. Now I have 2/3 of a container of these that I will probably have to throw out.

Caused drain back up
by: Anonymous

I have been using Cascade Platinum gel packs for a couple years. My kitchen sink drain is connected to my utility tub. This drain backed up and would not drain. Many pieces of undissolved soup started coming up in the utility tub. I will never use this product again.

Forced me to change
by: Ann

I have used cascade dish washing detergent beginning with the powder and on to the gel packs. Recently since the newest tabs with all the extra cleaning power are on the shelves I decided to upgrade, bite the bullet and pay extra to have extra clean dishes. This has not been the case. Today I have run my dishwasher (now on the 3rd try) to get the tab to dissolve. Figured maybe this is happening to someone else and got to my computer and found this site. Will cease using Cascade after reading the comments above. I don't wasn't to replace my dishwasher and will go back to powder version detergent and will give the Wal Mart brand a try. There is a problem with these tabs and in my opinion if your not having problems with them now you just might in the future. To big a chance to take. Cascade user for many, many years but feel forced to change.

Caused leak
by: Anonymous

Found a piece of plastic pod on a dishwasher part, removed it but still have a leak. Now we have to call a plumber and mo more pods for us!

Did not dissolve for me either
by: Anonymous

I wish I'd read this before I too called a repairman. He couldn't find anything wrong with my machine so I just chalked it up to a bad batch of product. It was good for a while , but tonight AFTER I put away what I thought were clean dishes I found the rock hard soap packet. Won't buy this product again. Not so convenient when you have to run the sink taps or wash everything twice.

Have clogged up my machine
by: Anonymous

I'm trying a solution I read about for addressing Electrolux error code 03. Run the dishwasher empty on the hottest setting in order to hopefully flush out the accumulated plastic gunk. Then do the same with a bowl of white vinegar on top rack a couple times a year for maintenance. STOP using the gel packs. Anyone need an unopened bag?

Happened to me too
by: Anonymous

Just happened to me. I started my Kitchen Aide washer 5 minutes ago, opened the door to check on pack and there it was dangling. I squeeze the "action" out of the pac, threw away the plastic and restart the washer. If I am not around to do this, I have to rerun dishes at inconvenient times. Gonna try a different kind or stick with powder.

Poor product
by: Anonymous

I originally started using these pods and they wouldn't dissolve. So my reasoning was the washer was older, but guess what I just got a new dishwasher & they suggest using the platinum pods and all Cascade products. My first wash had a partial left over pod with detergent in it. Now you may ask if my water is hot enough to dissolve and YES it is. So as a consumer I would rate these a 2 out of 10. What's really interesting is the dishwasher I bought branded this as the only pods and rinse to use. If the pods aren't dissolving then where are the pieces of the pod going? Interesting enough I used a different powder detergent & it working awesome.

Same with other brands.
by: Anonymous

I've used the top of the line pod from Finish. I think this is a common problem across brands.

Anything but convenient
by: Anonymous

Cascade gel pacs are anything but convenient. They do not dissolve, leaving dishes dirty, clogging my dishwasher and more unnecessary work. I had to have my dishwasher professionally cleaned. Will use no more.

Stuck in compartment
by: Anonymous

I put the packet in just like he did but it has stayed stuck in the compartment and not dissolved. If moisture gets to it, it is like glue keeping the flap shut on the dispenser. I try to make sure it is dry when I close the little door.

Clogged my machine
by: Anonymous

Just had an appliance repairman out to check our dishwasher which has been running loud, intermittently. He found undissolved detergent gel pacs stuck in the pump intake that pumps water to spay the dishes during the wash cycle. He said he sees this all the time, and to discontinue using detergent gel pacs. Good to know, $90 service call. Shame on Cascade and P&G.

Clogged my sump pump
by: gcnyc

So my dishwasher is attached to a sump pump. Seems that these packets or the powder turns into yellow gooey crust which jams the sump pump. It cost me a hefty price in plumber fees.

Plastic film on glass
by: Anonymous

I have been noticing an awful gel-like film on my glasses lately. It seems like the gel packs are dissolving and sticking to the glasses. You can see a large amount of it on the upturned bottoms. Its gross to say the least. I changed to Finish now and hope I see an improvement.

Pods clog and damage dishwasher
by: Anonymous

My dishwasher flooded my house during the night using these pods! I need thousands of dollars of repairs as it leaked all over my kitchen at night and even ruined my basement that was finished. I feel that Cascade should pay for the damages since the pod was found as the reason for a clogged drain!

No problem here
by: Anonymous

Are you running the water at the sink until it's very hot before starting the dishwasher? If your dishwasher has an extra-heat wash, try that. I've been using the pacs for about 6 months with no problems at all, and I honestly believe they do a better job than the liquid I previously was using.

Will not disolve
by: Angela Montgomery

For 2 years I have used huge warehouse containers of Cascade tablets (Total Clean most recently -105 pacs). It stays stuck in open dispenser only partially dissolved. I've scrupulously cleaned and dried dispenser 1st numerous times. I've checked the water tightness and integrity of the seal. I've sprayed Pam in dispenser 1st. I make sure nothing too tall is in front of dispenser. I've turned both sides up and down. Nothing works. Now I have to do the dishes when I'm around. Set a timer and open the dishwasher after prerinse to dislodge the tablet and throw it down into washer bed. We have a Kenmore Elite Ultra wash. After this container is used. I'm done. And I've used Cascade for more the 30 years!

by: Anonymous

Just purchased for the first time Cascade gel packs. Followed directions and placed in the dispenser and ran my dishwasher on heavy load. The gel pack remained in the dispenser and turned into a solid rock. Wanted to try the gel packs instead of liquid or powder. Useless and was a waste of my money.

clogged up the dishwasher
by: Kaila

I've been using them for about a year now. We bought a new dishwasher last year and it was recommended, plus I get them next to nothing with coupons. I've used about 60 of them on normal loads and I noticed in the bottom there was a gunk in the strainer part. Well I took it out and it looks as if someone had shoved the filling of a diaper in there! Then I put two and two together and 2 weeks ago my husband had to change the pipe under the sink. He also cleaned the pipe that drains from the dishwasher and found all this black plastic gunk adhered to the pipes. We are lucky it didn't close off completely.

clear portion of the paks doesn't dissolve and causes damage to dishwasher
by: Rialbo

Just switched from a large tub trial of Finish Gel Paks which worked very well to Cascade Gel Paks which I'd had in pantry and decided to use up before continuing to buy the Finish product. It was within use of a couple of dozen days of wash cycles that the dishwasher motor beneath the machine started to emit an electrical "burning" smell. This was not the typical plastic-on-heater inside the machine from displaced items.

After checking thoroughly for burn wires, components and control board, I took apart the washer arm, filter screen and impeller from inside the machine and found strips of plastic-like material clogging the pump impeller discharge into the pop-up nozzle and inside the wash arm. It appears that the blocked impeller outlet and pop-up increased the pressure facing the pump and motor which overheated.

I've washed no plastic items or cellophane covered TV trays and assume that the only source of this material is the clear portion of the Cascade Gel Paks that do not dissolve.
The motor is still functional and the coil windings do not appear darkened significantly so am continuing to use again with Finish and have tossed the Cascade. Engineering background has led to this conclusion.

after running dishwasher 3 times, still didn't dissolve
by: Brenda

The Cascade Complete has green & blue gels in it claiming Dawn liquid has been added to the pack. I have now run my dishwasher 3 times & the packet does not dissolve. I thought I'd google it to find a remedy to this problem and now I can see I'm not alone. While I haven't had to call a plumber out here yet (knock on wood that I don't have to) it's disheartening to read the damage that these little packs are causing. I bought a huge container at Costco of these & they weren't cheap!

Costco may accept the opened container for a refund, however, with so many complaints here, I'd hope that Proctor & Gamble is taking note of this and are beginning to be proactive themselves!

waste of water and energy
by: Anonymous

The last 10 cycles these pods have not dissolved! Waste of water & energy! Is Cascade going to make it right and offer a refund? I'm going to stop using this product until this problem is corrected.

only dissolve 50% of the time
by: Angela

This is really a terrible product. I have a brand new dishwasher and these will dissolve maybe 50 percent of the time. As I type, I am running the dishwasher for a second time because the gel pac did not dissolve the first time. I'm actually online to find another product since I'm going to trash the container of gel Pacs I have, as a reference, no other water is running in the house and I always turn the sink on and run it a few minutes to get the water boiling hot.

messed up dishwasher
by: Annette Cortes

Brand new dishwasher! Used Cascade powder from box and worked great, but tried pods twice and dishwasher will not open to let water out to begin cleaning. I was told by my plumber he doesn't fix dishwashers. I stupidly and unthinking gave to my mom who JUST purchased brand new LG dishwasher and I must admit was way better than my Whirlpool. The FIRST time she put a pod into her dishwasher. It stopped working!!!!!!! What is Cascade going to do to address this ongoing problem? If I can get dishwasher tech out to fix this. Meantime a class action lawsuit sounds in order.

end of dishwasher cycle, and pak still in bottom of dishwasher
by: Anni Robinson

The pak, at the end of the wash cycle, is still sitting in the bottom of my Fridgedaire dishwasher. The unit is 2 months old and I was about to call for servicing. I have to wash twice because the pouch won't dissolve. I will switch brands to see if that alleviates the problem.

non dissolving Casade pacs
by: Anonymous

Tried to use the Cascade platinum pacs for the first time today, but with no success. Pack was still intact after the first wash was completed. I ran a second wash with the same pack, but with the same results-pack did not dissolve. I have a kitchen dishwasher and that it what was recommended. Very disappointed with the product and will return to Costco. The Finish tabs are far superior and have never had a problem with them.

by: Anonymous

Same problem, plastic cases found in machine not dissolving, leaving part in dishwasher.

Brand spanking new dishwasher
by: Diana Lingenfelter

My husband bought a brand new Maytag dishwasher. Last night I go t to use it, the sales guy said only use Cascade platinum, so I did. It didn't dissolve at all so my dishes are still dirty. So I tried again with extra hot temperature. Opened when done and still not dissolved. What is going on? Why would Lowes sales guy tell me to only use Cascade Platinum if the packs wont dissolve. I have tried 3 times. Now I get to hand wash my dirty dishes. Because I have no other dishwasher soap. I will be using a different kind of soap, and calling Lowes about this.

You're not alone...
by: JimmyMac

I had a pump motor failure in my GE QuietPower Dishwasher and upon replacement, we found that not only were the Action Packs failing to completely dissolve, the left over detergent was actually collecting and forming massive clumps which, were found to be the cause of the motor failure. The inside of pump housing and water path from filter to pump were clogged to the point where I had to use a screwdriver to clear out all of the hardened crud.

I'll probably use up the remaining packets from this bucket but will most certainly be trying any other brands I can find, or simply switching to some liquid brands if I can find one that will work with my washer.

Not Working
by: Katrina

I have decided that I am done with this product. I have had nothing but issues. My dishwasher gets plenty hot and plenty of water. Having to run the dishwasher multiple times seems like a poor reason. I will be switching to another product.

Dishwasher not cleaning?
by: Anonymous

I just installed our new dishwasher, I read the directions for use before I ran the first load, it says to run the tap water into your sink until you get full hot water flowing before starting your dishwasher there for assuring that you get good and hot water filling your dishwasher, if not the water in your dishwasher will not be hot therefore it won't clean properly, which could in my mind also tell me it won't dissolve the detergent gel package, there for not being able to do a good job cleaning.

Big problem
by: Anonymous

The pac dissolved enough to wash my dishes, but after 1 year of using my new dishwasher, completely clogged my dishwasher. Will never use them again.

Undissolved Pod
by: Dottie

Shopping at my local box store I opted for the Cascade Platinum instead of the more economical brand that I normally buy. When I was unloading the dishwasher last night I questioned whether I had actually run the cycle because of the condition of the dishes. After further inspection, I realized that the pod, although appearing to be broken open, had not dissolved.

I just saw another video which suggested that the water was not hot enough and to run the tap until the water is hot and then immediately start the washer. That video also made some suggestions for loading which I found interesting.

I am going to follow those instructions and give the pod another try. However I will say based on your video these things should not really have mattered.

defective pods
by: Susan Scheick

Dishwasher pod squirted me in eye had to go to ER and cornea graft.

response to Susan regarding eye injury
by: Taylor

Oh Susan, I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. These pods do have such concentrated soaps and detergents that getting them in your eye can have much more severe consequences than even regular soaps we're more used to. If you haven't already, I would inform the manufacturer, Proctor & Gamble, about this injury ASAP. This is the type of stuff they need to know and deal with to make these products safer.

Not a Problem
by: Zella B

I've used the Cascade Gel Packs in both an older model machine as well as one that is now about 18 months old. I've not had a problem with the packets dissolving properly except once.

That time I didn't insert the packet into the detergent compartment correctly, I managed to get it in at an angle, and the little door couldn't open properly. This resulted in only half the packet being dissolved and used. Totally operator error.

I use white vinegar for the rinse aid, and we have very hard water. Still, my glasses are spotless and I rarely have any baked-on food related issues.

I tried store brand once to save a few pennies and regretted it through the whole box.

Got stuck in dishwasher
by: Anonymous

5 pods later and still stuck. No clean dishes but a half used pod or full pod still intact after trying it 5 times. Nothing is wrong with my dishwasher. Will never buy this product again!

Did not dissolve
by: Maxine

This has been annoying, costly and a waste of time. Always make sure water is HOT before putting on dishwasher however, recently two different packages of Cascade did not dissolve wash after wash. Sometimes I used the dishwasher three times before I gave up on these gel packs. Annoying is the nicest thing I can say about this problem!

Broke my dishwasher
by: Anonymous

Since using the pods for dishwasher we have starting noticing dishes not being cleaned and dishwasher was not always draining fully now dishwasher doesn't work at all and dishwasher worked perfect until switching to pods. Worst mistake ever. A 2 year old dishwasher broken.

Not dissolving
by: Anonymous

I ran the washer and it did not dissolve cascade complete 12x power. I ran it again and it did not dissolve and there was a lot of suds in the bottom of the washer. I ran it 2 more times with no detergent and suds were at bottom of the washer. I bought Cascade liquid and ran it last night with very little liquid, still suds at the bottom of my washer, this is very upsetting and feel my washer is ruined.

Replaced 20 ft of drain pipe due to Cascade clog
by: Anonymous

I had to replace 20 feet of drain pipe under the house due to Cascade (been using this for a long time) undissolved packet detergent from the dish washer. I threw out a full bag of the stuff after the pipe replacement. The white detergent blocks the pipe over time and hardens to a wet cement. It clogged the pipe clean outs as well. We'll never use any packet type detergent again, ever!

Buyer Beware!!!

Eating internal parts
by: Anonymous

My friend has a 6 year old GE dishwasher and found a huge pool of water on her wooden floor which by the way got ruined. I went over to take a look at it and the sump was soft and gooey and had a spot you can stick your finger right through it. So I took it all apart to change out the sump and found tons of caked up white residue and all of the plastic and rubber parts mushy and eaten away. Also the entire gasket around the tub strainer was all broken and eaten away. I found that between the harsh chemical pods and the inferior parts they now make for the dishwashers it's safe to say to USE Cascade Gel! I've used it in my dishwasher and never had any problems.
So if you like paying for repairs bills and new dishwashers then keep using pods. The company's who make them aren't going to tell you not to use then because they want to make a ton of money selling you parts and another dishwasher. By the way I look up reviews on which to use powder, pods or gel, let's put it this way, the internet can be ones worst enemy!

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