Folex Carpet Spot Remover Review - Got Out Printer Cartridge Ink Stains From Carpet

Below are quite a few reviews of Folex Carpet Spot Remover from readers, most of them positive, but a few negative as well.

For those not familiar with this brand of stain remover, it's name is a bit of a misnomer, because you can use it on more than just carpet.

In fact, the company says you can use it on "upholstery, clothing, draperies, car interiors, walls, woodwork, floors and more!"

Despite the few negative reviews here on the page, overall, this is one of the most popular carpet stain removers mentioned by readers of this site, over and over again.

The product is designed to remove many types of stains, and is water based and does not leave a sudsy residue, meaning that it doesn't need to be rinsed away.

If you're familiar with carpet stains, you'll also understand that its lack of residue means it does not re-attract dirt, meaning the spot doesn't just come back later.

So, without further ado here are the reviews from readers of this product.

Angie says:

I was removing a broken printer from our office and on the way back into the office I noticed ink spots all over the place.

NO JOKE. I knew the owner was going to have a fit. I called carpet places that remove ink from commercial carpet and I was quoted a minimum of $75 - $100 for only 10 spots.

I know we had at least
20 of them and one huge one by our new printer.

I went to Home Depot and they said they guaranteed Folex spot remover or my money back.

I had already tried for over an hour to remove those damn spots that went all the way to our elevator, and all that happened was that I also had water stains around the original spots.

As soon as I put this stuff on the carpet the spots started disappearing. Just like the disappearing ink when you were a kid. AMAZING!!

I just had to put this piece of advise on this website. I originally went to Home Depot to purchase WD-40, but they advised me to get this instead...Yay!!

It cost me $5.47 and I saved $69.53!!! Yay!!!!(I had to say it again...this stuff really saved my job!)

Folex Carpet SPot Remover {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks Angie for sharing your Folex carpet spot remover review, and how it worked on ink stains.

Has anyone else used this product for ink stains on their carpet, or for cleaning any other stains on carpet or upholstery? If so, please share your carpet stain remover review here, for this or any other brand to tell me how it worked for you (or read other reviews already submitted.)

In addition, you can share your ink spot remover review here, telling me how various products worked for you to remove ink spots and stains from any surface (or read other reviews that have already been submitted).

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Folex Carpet Stain Remover Is The Best I've Ever Used

by SR101 Readers

SR101 Reader 1 says:

This product works on everything.

It has never caused bleeding of colors, cleans stains completely, and does not leave any chemical residue or smell.

I will live by this brand. Nothing else compares to it.

SR101 Reader 2 says:

I have used this brand for years. Love, love, love it.

I have not encountered a stain that it did not remove.

I even gave a bottle to the men who came to professionally clean my wall-to-wall carpets. They were amazed when I demonstrated how easily the stains came out.

I also use it on laundry items to get out stains.

Great product!

Jennifer says:

I have had very good luck with FOLEX! Works on clothes too, but test first.

SR101 Reader 3 says:

I have tried every spot remover with minimal success on cleaning spots. I recently used Folex and was amazed at its cleaning power.

I used it to get shoe polish out of a rug and couldn't believe how well it worked!

I've used it on other spots as well and have had great success. I will only use this product from now on. It's a Miracle!!

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Folex Carpet Cleaner Also Great For Car Upholstery Stains

Brittany shared her before and after pictures when she used this product on her car upholstery stains.

She explained that five minutes after she sprayed the product on her car's seats she dried them off with a towel, and they were clean!


Here are additional auto upholstery cleaner reviews from readers. I'd love if you've used a product that you liked (or hated) that you share your reviews as well.

Auto upholstery cleaner reviews

Before and after photos courtesy of

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Folex Is A Must Have With Little Ones Around

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Folex actually worked wonderfully on the dark red lipstick and chocolate stains made by my 2year old.

Also works beautifully on upholstery.

Its truly amazing and simply a MUST HAVE with little ones around.

Melissa says:

I use this for cleaning my microfiber couch. It works awesome!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing some specific stains and surfaces this product has worked well on. That's helpful information! (And thanks to Melissa who shared this photo of her bottle of Folex.)

I'd love to hear from even more readers who've used this product sharing what types of spots it has worked on for them. You can share your carpet stain remover experiences here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can share your tips for removing lipstick here, and your chocolate tips here.

Finally, you can read more upholstery cleaner reviews here, or share your own.

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Folex Plus Dawn Dish Soap As Laundry Pretreater

by Marilyn

Marilyn says:

I use Folex as a carpet cleaner, but I also use it, along with Dawn dishwashing liquid (for oily stains) as a laundry pre-treater and it works great!

I even used it on old stains and it took them out.

Just let it sit after pretreating for an hour and then wash.....air dry.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you use this product Marilyn.

Since this isn't really designed for use on clothing, but instead on carpet, I would always caution everyone to be careful when using a product in a way not intended, but it is always good to find something that works!

Plus, Dawn (or any dish soap for that matter) is great for oily stains. You can check out my article on how to remove food grease from clothes to see how I suggest using this common ingredient to remove these spots and splatters.

If you've got a favorite pretreater, I'd love to hear yours too. You can share your reviews of laundry stain removers here, or read the others already submitted.

In addition, you can read more tips for how to remove oil stains here, or share your own.

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Folex, Where Have You Been All My Life!?

by Michael
(Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Three weeks ago, I had a lithium ion battery ignite in my pocket while eating dinner on my sofa. I'm healing up just fine, but in my scramble to stop being on fire, I ended up knocking over my dinner tray and got chicken grease, french fry oil, and ketchup on my recently-installed carpet.

So today, after three weeks of having the stains on the floor, I went to Home Depot to get some carpet tape to patch the carpet and just happened to walk down the cleaner aisle and thought I'd give cleaning it a try.

I grabbed a bottle of Folex simply because it had the plainest packaging, figuring that the manufacturer focused more on making a good product than a pretty bottle.

I did just what the bottle said--I soaked the spots, rubbed them around with my fingers, and blotted them up.


In a matter of minutes all of the stains were gone and there's no need to patch! I guess I'll be returning the carpet tape =D

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Didn't Get Out My Juice Stain From My Carpet

V shared a "before" picture of her juice stain in her carpet.

She tried to use this product to remove it, but it didn't really work.

She said that the "after" picture didn't look much different.

Here are my suggestions for removing juice spots and spills from various surfaces, if you'd like more suggestions for this type of carpet stain.

Vegetable and fruit juice stain removal guide

Photo courtesy of

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Great For Accidents Caused By Our Geriatric Pets

by Dianne

Dianne says:

We have geriatric pets and I have found that Folex works great when there has been an accident on our area rugs! Love this stuff.

We have also used it to clean upholstery!

You can also buy at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this quick tip Dianne.

Pet stains are unfortunately a common problem.

I'd love to hear from more people who've used this product for these types of spots and messes to share your experiences with how it works.

Further, you can also check out these reviews of pet stain removers shared by other readers for even more ideas of how to tackle them, or share your own review.

Photo courtesy of Lee Edwin Coursey

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Finger Paint In Carpet Not Removed With Folex

V also tried to use this stain remover to remove finger paint from her carpet.

As you can see from the before and after pictures it didn't work well for her.

The result in the "after" picture is after applying the Folex two different times, at one day intervals.

I'd love to hear any of your paint stain removal tips though.

Paint stain removal tips

You can share them at the link, or check out these tips for removing paint from carpet.

Before and after photos courtesy of

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Folex Carpet Spot Remover Review - For Popsicle Stains

Pamelotta, from Let Your Yes Be Yes Blog shared how she used Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover to remove a bright red popsicle stain from her carpet.

Her blog entry shows pictures of the carpet stain before treatment, and after, along with the rag which got pink from blotting up all that red popsicle juice.

Pamelotta also showed how she got rid of several dark stains, which happen in a house with four kids, which she says some of which were "sticky and some were hard" with Folex.

So, have you had a similar experience with Folex Carpet Cleaner, or not?

You can submit your own carpet stain remover review here, for this product or another brand, telling me how it has worked for you.

Folex Carpet SPot Remover {Referral Links}

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Comments for Folex Carpet Spot Remover Review - For Popsicle Stains

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Very pleased with this product
by: Anonymous

The light pink carpet in an upstairs bedroom had nasty brown edges that nothing would remove. Folex worked really well with minimal effort and saved me from having to replace the carpet before I sell. It also removed some very old stains from other areas of the carpet. It will never be 100% because the carpet is old and the stains were there for a long time. Very pleased with the product!

Removed Dark Area In Carpet in Front of Sofa Where Husband Always Sits
by: Jean

I had a pretty large area in my ecru carpeting from my dear hubby sitting in his favorite place on the couch with bare feet. I tried several things to try and get it out. I used my Hoover carpet machine with their solution, Resolve spot cleaner, vinegar and water (which did help a little) and my "swear it gets out everything" Spot Shot but nothing really worked. I finally got a bottle of Folex at Home Depot and to my amazement, it got it all out!! I had to do 2 treatments with it but the grime is completely gone!!!

Folex is my new go-to spot cleaner. I must say that Spot Shot once got a red stain out of my son's yellow carpeting when he got sick after eating beets.....not a pretty sight, but Spot Shot did handle it. So now I will keep both cleaners at the ready at all times.

For urine stains
by: Samantha

I have a kid who was a night wetter and it would go through her mattress protector. I used Folex this week and even old stains came right out.

did not work on ink
by: John Boyer

Used Folex on ink stain and it did nothing! Not even a little bit. The stain was just a small ballpoint ink amount. Pin head size.

fantastic carpet cleaner
by: Elaine Ness

Fantastic carpet cleaner and works on fabrics too. It took out a glop of black Melton's shoe polish from a white rug.

Coffee stains
by: Anonymous

Did not remove them.

Has anyone tried it on silk?
by: Anonymous

I use Folex on everything. My daughter got coffee on a new pair of some pants I bought. And I was curious as to whether or not it might ruin the silk. I don't have anything I can test it on ahead of time.

removed stubborn stains from my sofa
by: Mary Ann

It is so ironic, my husband just came home with this product. We never heard of it, but he took a chance. So far it has been an amazing product, it took some stains off my sofa that I could never remove. Love it!!!!

response re RV water stains
by: Taylor

I would check out the mold cleaner and remover reviews here, since you need a product that first kills and then removes the stains from mold in a situation like that.

RV Water Stains
by: Anonymous

Does it remove mold along with water stains in RV inside ceiling, which is carpet?

removed rust stains
by: Suz K.

This product is great. It just completely removed rust stains on my carpet. I wanted to clean some larger heavily soiled areas of the carpet with this product but was worried about using it up as it removed several larger stains completely. I went online to check that I could get more of this product and found that it is available at several popular local stores. Whew, it is something I will always have on hand from now on.

by: Anonymous

Leaves a residue and makes stains worse as it at first looks better but later worse. Should it dry before?

response to Michelle re cleaning rags
by: Taylor

Hi Michelle, thanks for your question. For me, when I use certain cleaning rags to remove stains I don't worry about the stains on those rags afterward. I've designated for those messy purposes, and so I don't need to get out the stains. It's kind of a hazard of the stain removal process. BUT if others do have some suggestions for you I'd love to hear them! Great question.

How to clean my Folex rags???
by: Michelle

Hi, the Folex cleans my carpets well, but then I really have a hard time getting the dirt washed out of the rags (white terrycloth shop towels) that I use with the Folex.

Has anyone else had this experience? Any ideas, insights to cleaning these rags? I've tried spraying the rags with Folex, even with a spray stain remover, Dawn dish soap, soaking them etc, etc, etc. Any help?

Best spot cleaner ever.
by: Jeff F

I used to be the facilities manager at a video post production company. I called myself the "glue guy" because I kept everything held together and working. Did a fair amount of cleaning and repair too. Every day clients and employees spilled coffee, dropped food and generally made pigs of themselves. When I saw obvious stains I would get my bottle of Folex, give the stain a couple of squirts, work it with my fingers and then drop a white cloth over the area. Then I would stand with my full weight on the cloth, pushing my heel into the carpet. When I picked up the cloth - poof! Stain was gone every time. Folex is a ninja on coffee stains in particular. Everyone should have Folex in their home and office.

it's amazing
by: Sandy

This carpet/upholstery cleaner is amazing. Price is reasonable too. Comes in concentrate form and can be used in carpet cleaning machines.

Water stain
by: Anonymous

Would this product help and be safe to remove water stains from my car ceiling?

tried and tried on multiple stains. :(
by: Brittany

I tried Folex on multiple stains in my house all the way from a big red stain caused by juice and a curious 9 month old to a fresh pet stain. Even tried it on a simple dirt stain from my husbands boots. It didn't work on any of them. I have a before and after pic of the red stain. No difference at all except the carpet is wet in the after pic. However I did buy Out! Pet care oxy-fast stain and odor remover and it removed all the stains I could find even the red stain.

response re question about wool rug
by: Taylor

I looked up the product's FAQ's, and it said this: "Folex should not be used on any carpet or material that could be damaged by water. You should always test a hidden area of a carpet or material for color fastness and color stability with Folex, before using Folex on a visible area."

Basically, I would interpret this as do this at your own risk. If you do decide you want to try (which in theory should be fine, since you can use water to clean wool) then test first in an inconspicuous area first. Without knowing more about the rug it could be that the dyes may run, depending on how they were set, so be careful.

As always, if you'd be very upset if you ruined something from doing it yourself, then call in a professional instead.

Hand knitted wool oriental rug
by: Anonymous

Is this safe for 100% hand made wool rug (from India)?

upholstery cleaner too
by: Anonymous

It also works on furniture.

excellent product
by: Stephanie Dolyniuk

When shopping for a good spot remover I happened to pick up a bottle of Folex. After reading the general instructions I purchased a bottle. Believe me this product is excellent---it truly does what it says.

Always have it in my home
by: Mel

I HAVE to have 2 bottles on hand at all times! GREAT for laundry stains too! Hands down best product in my household.

Great stuff
by: Cheryl M

It's the only thing I use. Haven't found anything it doesn't get out.

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