Dawn Dish Soap Review - Antibacterial Apple Blossom Scent

by Candice

Candice has shared her Ultra Dawn dish soap review, in the apple blossom scent, which happens to also be antibacterial.

Candice says:

I use Dawn Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing liquid for a number of reasons.

The first is that it is reasonably priced. For a 24 fl oz. bottle I paid under three dollars.

In addition, my understanding is that one dollar from every bottle sold goes to save wildlife.

Finally, it is the best dishwashing soap I have found to cut grease from dirty pots and pans.

When I use Dawn it never leaves a slimy or greasy residue. It makes my dishes sparkle with very little effort on my part.

It requires only a very small amount, just a squirt, to wash a large amount of dishes, and I wash all my dishes by hand since I don't own a dishwasher.

The apple blossom smell is very pleasant and it’s like aromatherapy when I wash my dishes. The smell lingers long after I am done and leaves the house smelling like an apple orchard.

It is also great for my husband as a hand cleaner after working on the car engine. It is antibacterial hand soap that cleans grease and oil off hands without drying them out.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Candice for sharing your Dawn dish soap review.

Until recently, when I decided to buy a different dishwashing liquid each time I ran out, so I could test and review various ones for this site, I always used this soap, in this exact scent.

I love the smell too, and I like that it is ultra concentrated, so it is thick. I tried a generic apple scented version once, since it was significantly cheaper (unlike you, I do think Dawn is a bit on the expensive side), but it was so watered down I ran through it much faster. (You can read my Walmart Great Value dish
soap review here

That did convince me I like ultra concentrated soaps, but still hasn't convinced me that Dawn is a bargain, although I see it more of a bargain than I used to.

***Update: I have since tried Target's Up & Up dishwashing soap in this exact scent and loved it! It is a much better bargain than the name brand, and I like it just as well. You can click the link to read my review. ***End Update

I would note that I don't like the fact that it is antibacterial though. Not all Dawn dish soap products are, and I wish this one was not.

It is only antibacterial as a hand cleaner, so this fact does not effect your dishes in the slightest. Further, I've read about multiple scientific studies saying this added ingredient does not significantly help you out, and does cause the potential for the evolution of super bugs. Therefore, although I like the scent I am trying to steer away from this dish soap myself, in the future.

I may still, when my experimentation phase is over, switch back to Dawn dish soap in something not antibacterial, but only if I can't find something cheaper that is just as effective, and if I can find something better for the environment I'll probably switch away too.

From the number of reviews I've received from readers for this brand of dishwashing liquid, I am guessing that the Dawn brand is the most (or at least one of the most) popular out there. I've collected several more reviews below.

In addition, I've got another page of reviews of Dawn dishwashing liquid here, that you can also read if you're interested.

Further, you can also share your dishwashing soap review here, for this or any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why. In addition, you can read reviews of other brands that have already been submitted.

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Dawn Platinum Review: It Really Did Seem Like An Overnight Soak

by Jessilyn

I use one of the newer varieties and it smells really good and gets any particle of food off the dishes.

I left my dish soaking in the Dawn for five minutes and it took four day old encrusted food such as rice and raisin bran off with no problems.

I could just wipe it away. I was truly amazed at how powerful it was.

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Dawn Detergent Stain Removal Uses

by Sandy

Sandy shared a review of Lestoil stain remover which she uses to remove several stains. However, in the process she also shared many laundry stain removal uses for Dawn, so I added that part of her submission to this page.

Sandy says:

Before I discovered Lestoil I used Dawn dishwashing liquid for grease stains, and while it definitely helped, it can't compete with Lestoil.

I still keep Dawn in the laundry room as my sister uses it to pretreat baby formula stains when she visits. It is one of the few home remedies she found that really does help break down these types of stains, and is not a harsh product for babies.

It can also be used for cosmetic stains on clothes where you would definitely not want to use Lestoil.

Taylor says:

dish soap uses
Thanks Sandy! There are actually a lot of uses for dishwashing liquid for cleaning and stain removal (click the link to see those I've already shared on this site).

While some people think any brand of soap will do, there are some brand loyalists out there that maintain it must be Dawn, and even some that say it must be the original Blue ultra version.

What do others think? Can it be any dish soap or must it be this brand? In addition, I would love to hear even more uses you've got for this product for cleaning or stain removal in your home. You can share your uses or reviews here and I'll add them to the site.

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Now That I've Tried Dawn Dish Soap I Can't Go Back To The Cheaper Varieties

by Megan
(Louisville, KY)

Megan has shared her review of the original blue Dawn, in the ultra concentrated variety.

Megan says:

I usually buy the cheapest dishwashing liquid that I can find, but on a recent shopping trip I decided to spend an extra dollar and try Dawn.

With the recent Gulf Oil Spill on my mind, the tagline "Dawn Helps Save Wildlife," paired with a cute picture of penguins, seemed to get to me.

After using it for about two weeks now, I don't think I could go back to a cheaper soap.

For one, this formula really cuts through the grease and grime in my kitchen, and takes less soap to do it too. I'm not even halfway through the 24 ounce bottle.

I have a dishwasher, but I hand wash all pots, pans, and baking dishes because they need the extra elbow grease.

I also appreciate that Dawn dish soap doesn't contain phosphates, which harm our waterways.

I would probably buy 12 bottles a year, at an extra dollar apiece, and I like knowing that I can support a company that comes through when marine life needs our help!

Taylor says:

Thanks Megan for sharing your review of the blue Dawn, as I call it.

I have noted that this particular variety, unlike some of the other scents, is not an antibacterial hand soap. That means Dawn makes some, but not all of its products antibacterial.

I have gotten even more reviews than what you've seen here for this dishwashing liquid. You can read even more Dawn dishwashing liquid reviews here which have already been submitted, since this page was getting pretty long.

do you suffer from smelly sponge syndrome?
***Update: I've also gotten several reviews from readers all complaining that Dawn causes smelly sponges and dish rags. If you've experienced this, I encourage you to read this page and share your experience.***

In addition, I would love to hear from you too. You can share your dishwashing soap review here, for this or any other brand, telling me what you like (or dislike) about it, and why. In addition, you can also read other reviews of other brands which have already been submitted.

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Comments for Now That I've Tried Dawn Dish Soap I Can't Go Back To The Cheaper Varieties

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cheaper in the long run
by: Nicole

I love Dawn. A little goes a long way so it isn't cheaper in the long run to buy off brands.

why I use this brand
by: Elisha

If Dawn is good enough to clean the oil off our sea animals, then it's good enough for me!

dries out my hands
by: June

I hate Dawn. It makes my hands so dry they crack and bleed.

laundry pretreater
by: Anonymous

I use this for all stains plus a bit of scrubbing with an old tooth brush. The best and very cheap! No more spray pre treats for me.

what happened to this product?
by: Anonymous

What happened to Dawn? It no longer works at all. I cannot get the grease off of anything, it just smears around and stays. No amount of Dawn takes it off anymore.

Mysterious bleach smell
by: Charli

I was hoping maybe someone could help me out with an issue I recently had. I have used other dish soaps but I love Dawn because it works best and I don't have to use as much. I can stretch it pretty well. I have used the original, Platinum, Escapes, etc., and always have this one issue when I put a pan in the oven. Whenever I put a pan of biscuits in the oven in their pans, there is a strong bleach smell coming from it. It was really bad when I used the Lavender Escape. It smelled like someone put laundry detergent in the oven and it came off on the food too. It's a bit less intense with the other ones. I didn't have this problem when I used Palmolive. And I really don't want to stop using Dawn. I have tried contacting Dawn but can't get through. Is there a way around this issue? What can I do to stop it from happening?

Love it
by: Dinah

I started using Dawn Platinum Stain Fighter Lemon Burst Scent and it's amazing! My Aunt told me about it months ago, saying that I would love it but I was skeptical about using it. I've had a lot of problems using certain dish liquids, mostly lemon scented ones. They always smelled too strong and made me sick, so I just stuck to the original blue. Well one day my Aunt came over to drop some stuff off and she said she bought me a bottle. She told me that if I couldn't use it then she would and I could go back to the original. I tried it out and she was right, I do love it! The scent is very pleasant, not strong at all, and it cleans so much better than anything else I've ever used. I may go back to the original blue at some point but right now, I'm really loving this stuff and highly recommend it.

What happened to our beloved soap
by: Anonymous

Not happy with the last couple of bottles I have purchased and I am long standing for the last 20 years as a customer. They did something to the formula and not a happy camper!

Not as good now
by: Judith King

Hi there from WVa, I have used Dawn and Dawn only for a great number of years, and have tried all the scents, but within the last year or so I have noticed the quality and sudsing are not up to your usual standards. A few of my friends said the same thing when I mentioned my problem with it. I have had the same well water for years and used to tell my gr daughter not to squirt too much, as the suds bubbled and lasted forever, today I am using the last of a 21.6 fl oz in just over a week. Pitiful.

Something has changed lately
by: Anonymous

I recently changed from Blue Dawn because it doesn't make the water sudsy enough to finish a load of dishes. I suspect they've changed something. Where it used to say "Original Dawn." It now says Original Scent.

packaging - bottle is slick when soapy
by: Barb Tess

I use Dawn and think it's great soap. My concern is the bottle, it's too smooth and when your hands are soapy, it's too slippery to use. I have solved the problem by saving wide elastic bands that come on fresh fruits & vegg and put a few on the bottle. Maybe in the future, you could make the surface of the bottles a little rough.

I'm sorry
by: Carrie James

I'm sorry I bought a cheaper dish soap cause I didn't have enough money to buy yours. Never again. It was one horrible experience.... Again I'm sorry.

Not dish liquid!
by: Carol M

Dawn came out with their new version of dish liquid in the box stores in 4Q2017. Its very disappointing because it cannot cut through grease which Dawn has built a reputation for in recent decades. The labeling is conflicting since "Hand Soap" is printed in the front along with "cuts more greasy dishes". Under the ingredient section it reads this is antibacterial hand soap! Is it dish liquid or hand soap— the label is clearly misleading. I found it was NOT Effective for cleaning dishes. This is not dish liquid—it’s charactersitics are one of hand soap. This is a colossal mistake to intentional mislabel the brand and confuse consumers that it’s hand soap and dish liquid. I have started the process for a refund and will be sending complaints to Corporate about misleading consumers (marketing mislabel).

There are many others with the same complaint and concerns of mislabeling. This was a clear "Missed the mark" for a company with many endearing brands. Please correct this issue.

Nothing but Dawn
by: Susan Byrd-Harrison

I have used nothing but Dawn (Original/Blue) since it came out. I won't buy anything else. I have used other products in the homes of family and friends and I'm always reminded of why I use Dawn. The other products just don't measure up to Dawn. It does more than clean my dishes ... it helps me all around my home, even in the laundry room.

Dawn does NOT cut grease
by: Anonymous

I have been using Palmolive liquid detergent for years, but I recently saw Dawn on sale and bought 2 bottles...what a mistake!!! It does not cut grease at all - in fact, even after washing the same dishes a second time, the grease remained. I'm throwing it out and heading to the supermarket to buy some Palmolive!...what I don't understand how Dawn got so popular...those poor ducks are probably still infested with oil ☹️

switched back from generic brand
by: Tina

In the interest of saving money, my husband convinced me to buy a no name brand. After 3 months of using that stuff, my hands were dry, constantly itchy and I was going through a bottle a week. This past weekend I said no more and we went back to dawn! My hands are already softer, stopped itching, and one drop does all my dishes! Dawn is the best!!!!!

I tell everyone about Dawn
by: andrea

I use this all the time and I love it, I tell people about it when I get a chance to thank u for making it. It makes life as a mom so much better

Shame on Dawn
by: Anonymous

I recognize that Dawn is using their save the wildlife campaign to gain customers. However I am disappointed that they are still using plastic bottles which only harm wildlife. Come on!

dawn has stopped working
by: Anonymous

I'm finding that I have to add more and more Dawn soap to my dishwasher and it just doesn't cut grease very well and makes no suds. Have they diluted the formula?

containers leak
by: Barbara Hudson

The last 2 large containers of Dawn dish soap developed leaks.

I put the rest in a gallon plastic milk bottle and now that is leaking.

It never happened before and all have been stored in the garage.

I wonder if this stuff is starting to eat plastic?

It's Crap
by: Anonymous

I don't know what people are talking about, I accidently bought the original Dawn the other day and it won't clean my dishes, I had to refill my sink 3 times for 3 loads and still my dishes are greasy. It's ridiculous that they had to take the original formula and make a cheap knock off. I usually buy the Ultra because I think that one is closer to the original but not quite. I would love to make my own because I know I could do a lot better job. Bring back Dawn Dishwashing Liquid and stop calling the original that's out now The Original! It literally take a 1/4 of a cup to wash one sink full!!

lost its power
by: Bill

Dawn has lost its power. It is not clean like it used to, they had to have changed the formula to save money or something because Dawn is all we have used for years. I use in the garage couple drop grease gone. Not anymore. Same in the kitchen, just keep squirting more in the water, really noticeable. Come Dawn, don't miss up a good thing, change it back. You're not saving money, losing profit from sales.

good for blowing bubbles
by: Glen

I posted a comment about the sponge odor when using Dawn dish soap (blue liquid).

It reminded me, that for blowing bubbles, Dawn is considered the best. In fact the bubble experts (scientists) use it when they want to blow the world's biggest soap bubbles.

Thought your readers might find this interesting and perhaps even useful. I'm going to try making big bubbles for the grandkids this summer.

Damage to garage
by: Anonymous

We used Dawn to clean oil/grease off our house Vinson siding and it took off the color!!

Please make a Dawn laundry soap, since it works so well
by: Anonymous

Please make a laundry soap. Added a little liquid soap to my wash (wasn't supposed to) but the results were remarkable. All rough and offensive odors we're gone, and the clothes smelled so nice and fresh. The dish soap I think is the best on the market, you only have to use a little, unlike other varieties where you have to use a lot of soap just to get a bubble in the water, which doesn't clean anything much. Especially grease. Is very economical lasts a long time. Also had many other uses.

Dawn Has Changed and Not For the Better
by: BH

I have used Dawn exclusively for years, but I've noticed in the past few months that it no longer cuts grease like it used to nor does it hold up in the dishwater. I'm left with greasy dishes that I've been sprinkling Comet on to clean until I can get to the store because Dawn does nothing even resembling cleaning. You no longer get what you pay for, so this doesn't surprise me. One thing is for certain though...you've lost a customer.

Works Wonders
by: Adele G.

We have used blue Dawn for as long as I can remember and we are seventy-five years old. A few years ago my husband black topped our driveway and although it wasn’t supposed to - it rained that night! Hard! The side of our beige stucco house and our vinyl fence were covered in black spots. Nothing worked to get them off, not even Lestoil! Then I thought of Dawn. It took the rest of the day to clean it, but it all came off. Thank goodness! Like I said earlier we have used Dawn for as long as I can remember and we will continue to do so because it works on dishes, greasy pots and pans and houses and fences.

It's terrible
by: Anonymous

I just don't get the point of using a strong degreaser (which is what it is essentially) to clean dishes just to be left with greasy dishes! It's annoying and costly. I find myself changing my dishwater more than once just to wash a few dishes. The first time I bought it it was for purposes of cleaning my acrylic bathtub. Well, that's where it will remain (in the bathroom). It's not my kind of dish washing detergent.

Dawn no longer cuts grease
by: Anonymous

I'm disappointed that my dishes are greasy after using Dawn. I have to wash them 2 or 3 times to get the grease off. Even with the spray. Something definitely has changed. I'll be switching to a new brand and when they realize that they screwed up, it'll be too late.

What Happened to Dawn?
by: RJM

I've been using Dawn for the last... who knows... number of years but for the last year or so the Dawn I've been using no longer cuts grease. They've changed something in the formula. Am wondering if they've fallen to the environmentally friendly side of things.

If you look on the back of the container- the label, it lists the ingredients and their purposes. Nothing about cutting grease but listed are several supposed "gentle' cleaning descriptions.

Need to find something else now. Anyone have any ideas?

removes oil paint on clothing
by: Heather

Oil paint on clothing, rub Dawn onto the paint, wash as usual.

Not so antibacterial??
by: Joyce

I'm stunned you say the antibacterial is only helpful for your hands. I mostly don't use any products with it, but I have been believing I was disinfecting my dishes when I'm sick. And that goes for pet dishes, or when I used to let my pets lick a plate clean. I guess I'll go back to bleach and using gloves.

Love Dawn Power wash
by: Mary Close

I love Dawn power wash. I just wish they could make a wider bottom because once the bottle gets low it falls over all the time. It’s like it’s top heavy when the bottle has only about an inch of soap left.

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