Makeup Stains: Tips And Home Remedies For Removing Them

by Taylor

Below I've gathered some tips for removing makeup stains.

Typically, it is best to know exactly what type of makeup you need to remove, and then tailor your stain removal techniques to deal with that particular stain, exactly.

That is because there are different techniques for removing a lipstick stain, for example, compared to a blush stain.

However, I know it is not always easy to tell, especially after the fact, what kind of makeup caused your stain, especially if you don't notice it until later.

Therefore, here are some general suggestions below that should work on a wide variety of these types of stains. However, if these suggestions don't work I would check the A-Z Stain Removal Guide to see more specific instructions for the exact type of makeup involved (or scroll to the bottom of the page for links to some of the most common specific types).

If You Catch It Quickly Try Baby Wipes!

If you just put on a shirt, or something like that, and a bit of makeup smudges onto your clothes and you see it right away a quick trick that often works is to rub off the marks with a baby wipe.

Here's more information about using baby wipes for this task plus a whole page of additional ideas for using this versatile product.

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Makeup Stains Removal From Clothing Video

You may get makeup stains if you put on your clothes after you apply your makeup, or it may brush off while you are giving someone a hug.

The video below gives some tips for how to remove these stains from washable clothing.

The tips are most suited for removing oil based foundation stains.

She suggests using the following:

Baking Soda {Refferal Links}

You can also see another video below with even more tips and ideas you can use.

In addition, check out these reviews of laundry stain removers below:

Laundry stain remover reviews

Photo by wrote, from Flickr CC

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Lestoil Handled Makeup On Shirt From Halloween

by Heidi

Heidi says:

I used Lestoil to remove some makeup stains from a shirt worn on Halloween.

Of course the stains were 3 days old when I pulled the shirt out of the hamper!

I was sure that removing these spots was going to be a real chore that would take several attempts, but Lestoil did the job in one wash.

I just sponged the stains thoroughly, let them sit for about 20 minutes, then washed as normal with Wisk detergent.

While I have successfully used Lestoil to get out oil and grease stains from clothing it was the first time I used it to remove makeup.

Lestoil Stain Remover & Cleaner {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

uses for Lestoil
Thanks so much for this tip Heidi.

You're definitely not the only person who loves this oil and grease remover, which actually as you've shown, has lots of other uses as well.

If you're not familiar with Lestoil make sure to click the link for lots of reviews and uses for this product shared by readers. You might just want to get some for yourself after learning about all it does!

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Removing Make Up Stains From Clothes

Here's another video about removing these spots. The video tips below are especially designed for foundation, blush, and powder mainly.

To get out these stains the video suggests using one or more of the following items for stain removal:

Denatured Alcohol {Referral Links}

If none of these video tips help you with your stains, like I said above I suggest you check the A-Z Stain Removal Guide on this site for the more specific instructions for various types of makeup stains. Here are some of the most common ones:

In addition, if you've got another good method for removing these stains I would love to hear it. You can share your own stain removal tip here.

top 10 Halloween stains
Finally, as you may have guessed, this is one of the top Halloween spots and spills. You can check out my article for removing the top 10 Halloween stains here, if you're a victim of such a scary problem!

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Comments for Removing Make Up Stains From Clothes

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any recommended detergents for washing machine?
by: Anonymous

Instead of handwashing each item of clothing with makeup on it, is there a detergent or washing powder that gets rid of makeup in the wash?

How to remove a stain from my favorite shirt?
by: Sandra

I spilled some liquid make-up (foundation) on my favorite white tee shirt. I put stain stick on it and I have washed it 3 times in the washing machine ---did not dry it in the dryer, but hung it on a hanger to dry. Some of the stain is gone, but there is still a spot where it was. What can I do at this point?

set in black eye liner
by: Karen

While at laundry someone left a black eyeliner pencil in it. I put a light colored load of wash in, spots of eyeliner dried on all clothes. What can I use to try to remove?

foundation makeup or BB cream
by: Stephanie

I dropped spots of foundation make-up like Cover Girl. I made the mistake of applying makeup after I've put my clothes on. I just can't seem to remember from my past mistakes! Anyway, it's just impossible to get rid of this type of stain. Please help!

Removing liquid facial foundation spot on a white cotton ladies top
by: Carmen Stress

I shook a Fit me bottle of Maybelline liquid foundation to apply my makeup and a small spot got on my white cotton top. I tried to wash it out right away but it won't come out. I've ruined a white top once before trying to remove a stain like this. In the past, I've tried to bleach it out but it only ruins the fibers and is still visible and directly in the front so it makes the top unusable.

It is a brand new top. So far all I've done is try to wash it out with a dab of Dawn Detergent using a wash cloth with a hand towel in the back of the stain to absorb the stain from behind it. I want to use the right stain remover.

.. Help me 🙊🙈
by: Anonymous

Can I use my club soda to remove brown eyeshadow off white shirt, or Dawn? I need step by step. I'm scared in going to destroy it.

already washed, what will work now?
by: Rita

I have a makeup stain on a new top and I made the mistake of using Spray & Wash and then washing. I bought Amodex to use on it but since I already washed it, is there anything I can do?

Foundation stains
by: Jen

I have found that coconut soap (referral link) gets out almost anything. Small white bars are sold in the laundry section. Scrub it in as you would any bar of soap. Scrub the spot, then wash.

Dawn dish soap
by: Anna

Dawn is also effective in removing make up and baby formula stains. I have used it many times! This is one product you should have in your kitchen and your laundry room.

Face Makeup Foundation Mystery
by: Susan

Please! I have not seen the resolution to this problem ANYWHERE! When I get foundation on clothing it will NOT come out! It's like a stubborn grease that just stays put. What would you recommend for getting out face foundation makeup out of fiber (clothing)?

face makeup
by: Pam

I took off my shirt to change the other day and managed to smear foundation and concealer across the collar!! Help!

rubbing alcohol for carpet
by: Chelsea

Rubbing alcohol works for removing oil based make up from the carpet.

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