Lestoil Cleaner Review - To Remove Tough Grease Stains On Clothes

by Kathy PA
(Freeport, Maine)

Kathy has shared her Lestoil cleaner review as a laundry stain remover for grease.

Kathy says:

My husband frequently gets grease on his work clothes. Lestoil is my go to stain remover.

The product is petroleum based so it works really well on the really black heavy grease that is used on trailer hitches and the like.

Lestoil Stain Remover & Cleaner {Referral Links}

I just use a tooth brush to rub it in to the fabric.

If the soiled garment is a knit, like a t-shirt, I use the smooth back side of the brush so I don't cause pilling.

The back of the container says to wait 5-10 minutes before washing and then launder in the hottest water possible for the fabric.

Sometimes when I have treated a large area I will re-wash before drying as the product can leave some odor and we prefer as little scent as possible in our clothes.

The product also works well on "mystery" stains.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kathy for your laundry stain remover review.

I think this is very helpful for people, because I get asked all the time for suggestions for stain removers that can get rid of tough grease stains.

I would love to hear from the readers in the comments too, about your own opinions and thoughts about Lestoil as a laundry stain remover.

So, do you have a laundry stain remover review to share? If so, you can submit your own laundry stain remover review here.

You can also review any other type of stain remover here.

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Lestoil Gets Out Set Grease Spots In Clothes

by Christine

Christine has shared this tip for how she uses Lestoil.

Christine says:

I wanted to share a stain removal tip that I learned from a friend.

Having four kids, it is quite common to take a piece of clothing out of the dryer only to find a grease spot on it. I used to throw things away when that happened until my friend told me about Lestoil.

You find it in the cleaner section in the store.

Put a dab of that on the spot, let it sit a few minutes, and then wash the article again. It has worked every time!

It is a petroleum based product, so it has a strong smell, but it works and has saved me many an outfit!

Taylor says:

Thanks Christine for sharing your tip for how you use Lestoil.

I have several kids myself, and they do seem to be notorious for throwing things in the wash without bothering to mention (or even notice) that they have a stain on them.

Once a grease or oil stain has gone through the dryer it is soooo much harder to get out. I'm glad you've found something that works for you to deal with these stains, even then.

I would love to hear even more reviews of Lestoil, or any other laundry stain remover. You can share your laundry stain removers review here.

I know this product is difficult to find in some stores. Therefore, there is a link below where you can buy Lestoil cleaner if you're interested.

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Diesel Mechanic Grease Stains Removed With Lestoil

by Laura

Laura shared how she uses this product in her home.

Laura says:

My man is a mobile diesel mechanic.....so I deal with the grime from him rolling around in the dirt along side the interstates, plus all the grease build up on his clothes and the diesel smell is a whole different story.

I have tried a number of degreasers.....Lestoil is the only product that works.

I fill the washer up with water and 1 cup of this stuff and let his uniforms soak over night. The water is completely black in the morning before I even turn the machine on.

Nothing else even comes close to the clean I get from Lestoil.

Thanks for your review Laura, and explaining how you use it!

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My Product Of Choice For Removing Bike Grease Stains

by Felipe

Felipe says:

I mountain bike and I usually get my cycling clothes stained with the grease from the chain and Lestoil is always great to clean them up.

I usually apply a small amount around the stain and rub it gently with a toothbrush and it works perfectly.

Today I also used it to clean my bicycle chain as well!!

It also helps me clean the garage floor from oil stains and for me it smells pretty nice for a petroleum base product.

Next time you see it at the store don't hesitate. I am sure it will solve your stain problems too.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing all those uses for this product Felipe.

You can see even more cleaner degreaser reviews here, if you're looking for such a product (or you can share your own!).

***Update: I've now got another bike chain cleaner review up on the site if you're interested: Simple Green Bike Cleaner Degreaser Review ***End Update

Photo by Wha'ppen

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Pretreating Stains With It Works Great

by Julie

I pretreat stains with Lestoil. Then I wash the clothes with my regular laundry.

I've used both hot and cold water. It ususally works with one or two applications.

The only trouble I have is finding Lestoil in the store. The big box stores don't usually have it.

I have to go to a local independent grocery store to find it.

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Removed Oil Paint From Clothes

by Aimee

Aimee says:

This stuff is great! I used it to get oil paint out of a white cotton jacket!

Taylor says:

Thanks for this quick tip Aimee.

It can be very difficult finding stuff that will remove paint. You can check out even more paint stain removal tips here.

Photo courtesy of Mel B.

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I Use Lestoil To Pretreat Greasy Food Stains

by Stacy

Stacy says:

I work in a restaurant and Lestoil is my ally when it comes to pretreating greasy stains on my work clothes.

Our dress code is white shirts and black slacks, so I have a minimum of 2 loads of wash with stains each week.

When it comes to removing grease stains the hotter the water the better, but of course these garments are warm water care, as hot water would surely cause shrinking.

I have used it on cooking oil, salad dressing, butter, and french fry drippings.

I have also used it to pretreat perspiration stains (yellow) that occur on the days I have to work in the kitchen.

The last thing a server needs is to meet the public with a white shirt that has perspiration stains!

I like to pour off a few ounces into a small pretreat bottle so it is easier to handle on wash day.

I leave it on the garment for about 10 minutes before throwing it in the washer.

As to the odor that some users have mentioned I really do not notice since I also use a scented detergent (Wisk or Tide), and a shot of nonchlorine bleach (store brand) to complete the task.

This is a great laundry pretreater that most people do not know exists.

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Got Rid Of Halloween Makeup Stains!

Heidi shared that this product got out several day old Halloween makeup that had gotten on some clothing.

I debated about where to put this tip, and finally shared it on the removing makeup stains page, so click that link for full details of how she used it, but I wanted to make sure you knew about it here as well!

Photo by wrote, from Flickr CC

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Restaurant Manager Recommends Lestoil And BIZ For Keeping Uniforms Clean

by Amy

Amy says:

My daughter got a job as a server in a restaurant for the summer.

When the manager distributed the uniforms she told her that she must have a clean uniform each day she comes to work. It must be the times since I could not imagine wearing the same uniform with stains two days in a row, and deal with the public!

She recommended Lestoil for greasy food stains such as gravy, cooking oil, and mayonnaise, as well as perspiration stains.

For all other stains she indicated that BIZ should be used.

While I am no stranger to BIZ, the Lestoil product for greasy stains was new to me.

Up till now I had always used Shout aerosol for grease stains.

The process basically consists of pretreating the greasy stains with Lestoil, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then depending on the amount of other stains either presoak with BIZ, then wash, or do a direct wash with the BIZ.

In addition a good quality detergent must be used.

I normally use Tide or Wisk (scent free versions) for most of the laundry.

But since I now have a lot of messy (smelly) uniforms to wash I use Oxydol for these garments.

I will definitely be using Lestoil for any greasy laundry stains from now on.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this tip Amy.

After reading this tip another reader, Carrie, wrote in to share how much this idea helped her. She said:
This is one of the best tips I got from your website. It has really lightened the laundry issues I have been dealing with on my son's restaurant uniforms.

Lestoil takes care of the really greasy stains, and BIZ handles the rest, including coffee, tomato sauce, and everything else he wears home.

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It Really Works On Spots From Greasy Foods

by Sandy

I noticed this tip on your blog a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to buying some Lestoil for myself.

All I can say is Wow, this stuff is great in getting out cooking oil (and other greasy food) stains from my uniforms.

It also breaks down perspiration stains. I sponge the greasy stains, as well as the collars and under arms of my uniforms about 10 minutes before I throw them in the washer.

I thought it was used only for cleaning floors. Most of my co-workers had the same thoughts.

Before I discovered Lestoil I used Dawn dishwashing liquid for grease stains, and while it definitely helped, it can't compete with Lestoil.

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I Use It For Removing Sticker Residue

by Valerie

Valerie says:

It's also good for getting gummy stuff like sticker residue off of things.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing this Valerie.

It's amazing what all this stuff can do, isn't it?

Here's even more adhesive removal product reviews if you've interested.

Adhesive removal product reviews

Photo courtesy of Brandi Jordan, from Flickr CC

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It Beats Other Pretreaters On Grease Stains

by Amanda

Lestoil is terrific in getting out any kind of grease stains whether they be petroleum based oil stains from the car or greasy food stains like hamburger grease, pizza, etc.

I also use it to sponge perspiration stains on shirts before washing.

Since you very rarely see this product mentioned in the media it is usually discovered by word of mouth, and normally you find that someone's grandmother used it and passed along the tip.

My neighbor told me that she used it to get grease stains out of her husband's factory uniforms, otherwise I would never have known about it.

As others have noted on your website it is especially handy for someone who works in a restaurant and/or has kids that are getting into everything.

This is my exact situation as I am always getting some greasy mess on my uniforms, and of course it is only natural for the kids to drop some greasy food on their clothes, for that matter some of the adults are just as bad!

For greasy stains Lestoil is better than any of the pretreaters I have tried. All of my co workers now use it as well.

For the rest of my laundry stains (and I have plenty of them) I depend on Oxi Clean or Biz as an addition to my detergent (usually ERA or Wisk).

Once you find the right combination of products that work it would be ridiculous to switch.

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This Is The Best Grease Stain Remover Even If Items Have Been Through Dryer

by Barb

The trouble with laundry is that it tends to pile up fast. Then when you do focus on the chore you want to get done as soon as possible.

This is how many times stains don't get pretreated, and do make it through the dryer!

Lestoil has saved quite a few articles of clothing in our house.

I discovered this pretreater when my neighbor stopped by my house when I was in the middle of doing laundry.

She said it was the most effective pretreater she ever used on greasy food stains she got on her uniforms when she worked at the school cafeteria.

It is wonderful at getting out grease stains from car doors to greasy food stains, even after they have run the full route through the dryer.

For set in stains that are not "grease" based I have also used the Shout Advanced Gel in the spray bottle with much success.

I hate to say that it is not just the kids that don't pay any attention to the stains they get on their clothes, as some adults are just as bad.

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I Use Lestoil Cleaner Throughout My Home

by Pam P.

Pam has shared many of the ways she uses Lestoil throughout her home.

Pam says:

I think that Lestoil is the greatest cleaning product on the market. I use it in every room of my house.

It's great for cleaning the floors and the tub and toilet.

It get out any grease stain on any surface, including laundry.

I use it for stuck on gum and pine pitch. I recommend it to all of my friends and family.

Sometimes it is hard to find, and it is only sold at limited locations. My daughter lives in South Carolina and wants to use it but it is impossible to find it there.

Please please don't ever stop making it, I'd be lost!

Taylor says:

Thanks Pam for sharing how you use Lestoil throughout your home. I'm glad you shared some additional uses, because the other reviewers have mainly shared how to use it in the laundry.

I agree, it can be hard to find in stores. However, it is available online, at such places like Amazon (see the link below).

I would love to hear from even more people about how they use this product throughout their home, and how it works for them. You can share your house cleaning supplies review here, for this or any other product, telling me what you like about it, how you use it, or anything else you want to share about it.

Used For Removing Oil Stains From Concrete Driveways

Another reader, Dave, shared how he uses this product for cleaning up oil stains from his concrete driveway here. I had a page specifically on that topic so I added his directions there, but I wanted to make sure you saw this use as well! Keep the ideas rolling in!

Removes Crayon Marks From Walls

In addition, another reader, Sandra, shared how this product removed crayon from walls for her, without scrubbing.

Wow, this stuff does a lot, doesn't it?

Lestoil Stain Remover & Cleaner {Referral Links}

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Comments for I Use Lestoil Cleaner Throughout My Home

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Unfortunate Lestoil Fail!
by: Meg

Lestoil is my go to product for all oil based stains. As a child I watched my Grandma remove the nastiest black grease and other stains from my uncle’s work clothes; he was a welder of semi trucks and other heavy industrial equipment. Flash forward 40 years and I used some Lestoil to remove a grease stain from my son’s beloved Lululemon ABC pants, which are very expensive. The spot created by the Lestoil is 10x larger than the original grease stain. I’m so bummed out and frantically searching the internet for help to remedy this problem!!! :-o

Lestoil for cleaning Poison Ivy from clothing and shoes?
by: Richard

I'd like to know if anyone has used Lestoil or a similar product to successfully soak, pretreat, or launder clothing used for working in an area loaded with poison ivy?

I'm quite sensitive to poison ivy, and I want to soak my clothing (and work boots) in Lestoil to break down the irritant. The alternative is to throw them out, I think!

It's not visible stain, but it's worse!

Why is it no longer working?
by: Paule

I've been singing the praises of Lestoil as a laundry pretreat for oil stains and splatters for at least 30 years. I recently purchased a new bottle and it doesn't work anymore. What has changed? Sometimes olive oil splatters and black grease mechanic stains needed a second treatment but I've treated and washed several items, including a couple of 100% cotton shirts 2 and 3 times and the stains remain. Lestoil has been my go-to -- I would dab a spot with a cotton tip swab or cover the mouth of the bottle with a larger stain fabric and upend it, then wash in machine, usually in warm water. What happened? Stains now remain. Have they changed the formula?

Lestoil and bad sneaker odor
by: Mj

I’ve read so many positive reviews about Lestoil. Any suggestions on combatting sneaker odor other than throwing out awesome pairs of sneakers?

I’ve used various cleaner when washing sneakers only to have them still stink!

Leaking bottle
by: Eleanor

I so agree with Jeannette about the plastic bottles. I have had two of them leak through and made a sticky message in my laundry room. I then pour what is left into glass bottles.

Use on upholstery
by: Anonymous

has anyone used it on upholstery?

by: Anonymous

Hi John: I too am very interested as to Lestoil's skills as to possibly using it for cleaning a carpet containing tracked and ground in oil from the bottom of a mechanic's shoes. I haven't yet found any answers either, other than this site however.

From your post, I gathered that you might have missed Kathryn's comment above re: using Lestoil for cleaning carpeting (the only comment I've found here, regarding use on carpeting). So, check it out above if you missed it.

I am a risk taker, so I am looking forward to purchasing some Lestoil soon and trying my luck. I will post here with the results, when I do. Wish me luck!

Where to find it
by: Anonymous

Ace Hardware carries Lestoil

It would be hard to live without Lestoil
by: Anonymous

My daughter always told everyone that her Mom could get out any stain. I've used Lestoil for over 60 years, from baby cloths to adult cloths and it works!

by: Kathy

If you are having trouble finding Lestoil in stores like WalMart or Kroger, check Lowe's.

response re question about red dye
by: Taylor

Thanks for your question. While Lestoil is awesome for what it's made for, it is designed to remove oily and greasy messes. Red dye is not that. I suggest checking out my page about how to remove a dye transfer stain here.

Red dye
by: Anonymous

I washed an ivory sweater with a red one. Now I have red dye on the ivory sweater. Can Lestoil help?

For Make Up And Grease Stains Use Lestoil
by: Jan

For any kind of make up, motor oil, grease, or greasy food stains like gravy, butter, or mayonnaise I always reach for my Lestoil. This stuff is really powerful at removing these stains. I can only say that grease stains were really tough, sometimes impossible if they had a chance to set, until I discovered this product. I was at a friend's house and she was pretreating her restaurant uniforms and getting them ready to thrown them in the washer when she starts applying Lestoil to the oily stains, as well as perspiration stains. I would have never thought of using a floor cleaner for clothes. While she likes the Shout advanced gel for most stains, when it comes to oily ones the Lestoil works better than even the so called grease busting version of Shout. I tend to agree. It is also more economical than the Shout.

Mechanic grease
by: Anonymous

My husband got mechanic oil on my car seat. Any ideas how to remove it?

great product
by: Janiced

I could not agree more about the stain removal properties of Lestoil. It got out tar from my husband's almost white pants when he was repairing the roof.

I use it on any food grease stain--no matter the type of fabric. I put some in a small plastic empty hair dye bottle so I can dab a small amount directly on the stain.

For any other stain (especially wine), I use Oxy 10. It has gotten out stains 1-2 days old. Again, I use a small bottle with a cap that let's me aim a small amount on the stain.

Lestoil...not so less toil
by: Anonymous

The new Lestoil that is available now doesn't work near as well as the old formula. This one is diluted so much, it takes a couple of washes to remove the stains, whereas before, once did the trick. I see a lot of good reviews. Maybe the US has the better product.

where I purchased it - Walmart online
by: Anonymous

I live in So. California and I ordered online from Walmart. Picked it up at the store. Hope this helps

Best grease stain remover
by: Anonymous

I use Lestoil. Pour on stain. Let it sit at least one hour. (I have let it sit days, and it dries!) wash in regular wash. Almost always removes stain. I have had to repeat process on stubborn stains. Even removes old set-in stains.

Used for years
by: Mel

I have been using Lestoil for years on grease stains! I find it is the ONLY stain remover that works at completely removing these types of stains. Once applied to stain, I let it sit overnight for best results. It is a strong smelling cleaner, sometimes I use a double rinse in the washer. If you can't find it at your regular stores, try hardware stores or Home Depot.

Great for many things
by: Anonymous

Oh yes, whether it is greasy food stains, makeup, motor oil, or even greasy medicines like salves I reach for Lestoil. It is the only product I am sure of to get the job done. Just make sure you sponge it into the stain really well on both sides of the garment and let it sit for no more than 10 minutes before washing. Of course you should always use the warmest water appropriate for the garment, but I have even had success with a grease stained shirt that required a cold water wash.

by: Diane

I raised four kids and found Lestoil fantastic for getting out all kinds of greasy stains. Worked on T-shirts, jeans and anything else. Also found it to be great on grass stains. If not for Lestoil I would have had to throw out a lot jeans and pants. Also worked great on campfire soot smudges too.

Used it on carpet with no problems
by: Kathryn

My son calibrates scales and one of the places he went to was a tire factory where they dye the tires "carbon black" and he carelessly walked near the entrance on carpet and tracked the dye in. I tried many commercial carpet cleaners and they didn't work, but I used Lestoil as have been using it for oil based stains to clean garments for years. I have a beige carpet and it worked without discoloring the carpet.

solving the leak problem
by: Anonymous

Since Lestoil is a concentrated petroleum-based product, it eventually eats away at the plastic bottle in which it's packaged and begins to leak. I solved that problem by pouring mine into a labeled mason jar that I keep under my sink. The glass jar maintains its full integrity until the cleaner is gone, instead of after a little while like the original plastic bottle. I wish they'd just put it in a glass bottle so I didn't have to transfer it, but it's a small price to pay for such a good product.

response re bottle leaking
by: Taylor

Thanks so much for contacting me Jeanette, but my name is Taylor. I own this website, which is who you sent your complaint about the Lestoil bottle to. I am in no way associated with this product. Instead, I merely have reviews of the product on my site from readers who've said how they use it for stain removal and cleaning. I think you should send this complaint to the manufacturers. They should know that you're having trouble with the bottles. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about it for you. To find their contact information, which may be a phone number, I would look at the information on the bottle itself.

Has anyone else had an issue with these bottles like Jeanette?

bottle leaks
by: Jeanette

Why do your plastic bottles of Lestoil leak after 6 to 7 months? I like to keep a bottle under my kitchen and if I don't check it after 3 months, it starts. Today I found a full bottle leaking in the cabinet down stairs by the sink. These areas do not get hot or cold and yet the bottles leak. What is the problem?

I Tackle Grease And Perspiration Stains With Lestoil
by: Sandy

Lestoil works well on perspiration stains and their related odors. It is also excellent in removing greasy food stains. I use it to pretreat and as a booster in washing my son's restaurant uniforms. It works better than any of the spray pretreaters for these types of stains.

where can I find it?
by: Anonymous

I cannot find any Lestoil in any of our stores. Where can you buy it?

marketing fail!
by: Doc Martin

I agree with what most here have said - Lestoil is the one consistently amazing stain remover I've run across. BUT GOOD LUCK FINDING IT IN A STORE. :-/

love this stuff
by: Bethany

LOVE this stuff! I've even let clothes sit for a week before washing it and the stains have always come out. We have found it at most hardware stores in the cleaning section. (Our go to place is ACE here in Arizona)

love the smell
by: Linda

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Lestoil, you can buy it at Buehelers in Brunswick.

Carpet cleaning??????
by: John

I cannot find ONE reference on the web where ANYONE has used this product on carpet stains! We have used it for years to remove stains from almost everything else and with GREAT success. However, my wife is concerned about the carpet losing its color. I maintain that if we only put it on the stain sparingly, leave it on for a few minutes and then go over it several times with the carpet scrubber with hot water, it should be fine. Anybody know???

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