Toothbrush Uses For Cleaning,
Laundry & Stain Removal

Everyone's got a toothbrush around somewhere, and here's a list of toothbrush uses you can employ them for around your home, for all types of cleaning tasks.

With a need to save money and also for environmental reasons, more and more people are reusing things in their home, and finding new ways to make them useful.

I've listed quite a few ways to use either new or old toothbrushes around your home below, based on ideas found here on the site. This can give you ideas of how to use these products for yourself in the future.

Please note that for many things the toothbrush provides the scrubbing action, but there often is another cleaning agent involved as well.

Here are the uses submitted so far (and you can also read my tips and ideas below).

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crayon marks on wall
Remove Crayon From Wall {Also Using Toothpaste}
Remove Chocolate Stain {Also Using Cream}
green gum on clothing
Remove Gum Particles From Delicate Clothing & Fibers

shower head
Clean Shower Head Of Mineral Buildup {Along With Vinegar}
washing machine
Clean Crevices In Washing Machine Dispensers
ballpoint pen
Remove Ballpoint Ink From Clothing {Also Using Hairspray}
shower tiles
Clean Shower Grout {Also Using Soft Scrub}

shower tiles
Remove Oil Based Paint From Carpet {Also Using Acetone}
shower tiles
Remove Mildew In Bathroom
bike chain grease
Remove Bike Grease Stains From Clothes {Also Using Lestoil}
playing baseball
Scrubbing Kids Sports Uniforms {Also Using Oxiclean}

shaving cream
Remove Grease From Carpet {Also Using Shaving Cream}
shaving cream
Remove Mud Splatters On Clothes {Also Using Shout Pretreater}
polish silver
Polish Silver In Tight Crevices {While Wrapped In Cloth}
Remove Margarine Spot From Clothes {Also Using Dish Soap}

crayon on concrete
Remove Crayon On Concrete Or Brick {Also Using WD-40 Or Goo Gone}
red gasoline can
Removing Gasoline Stain From Clothing {Also Using Dish Soap}
Remove Vaseline Stain From Clothes {Also Using Dish Soap}
Cleaning Jewelry {Also With Blitz Jewelry Cleaner}

cooking oil
Remove Cooking Oil & Food Grease From Clothes {Also Using Dish Soap}
coffee ring in mug
Scrubbing Coffee & Tea Rings From Mugs & Cups
girl applying chapstick
Remove Chapstick Stains On Clothing {Also Using Laundry Pretreater}
crown moulding
Dusting & Cleaning Crevices, Moulding & Other Tight Spaces

Clean Tight Spaces In Aquarium & Decorations {Using Baking Soda}
baby clothes
Remove Stains From Baby Clothes {Also Using Paste Of Oxiclean Baby}

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toothbrush uses

There are all types of things in your home that need something soft to scrub them to get them clean, remove soil, dirt or grime, or get deep into the fibers to loosen stains.

This is especially true for things with small crevices, or tight corners, that it is hard to fit your whole hand in to reach.

These are some of the perfect things that you can use a toothbrush to clean.

Think about it -- a toothbrush is designed to do these exact things for our delicate mouths, so why not for other things as well?

Should You Use Old Or New Brushes?

There is some debate amongst people about whether you should use a new or used toothbrush for some or all of these cleaning tasks.

My answer - I think it depends if it would gross you out to use an old one.

Obviously once you use this cleaning tool for removing a stain or cleaning something it is basically off limits for using on your teeth again.

However, there is nothing inherently wrong with recycling a toothbrush by using it for a new purpose after its served its purpose for brushing teeth already.

Things To Do If You Use An Old Toothbrush For Cleaning

However, to keep from spreading germs from your mouth everwhere, you may want to use this tip for cleaning your toothbrush before you switch from brushing your teeth with one, to other purposes in your home.

At some point though, whether you are cleaning with a new or used one, the bristles on the brush will get too smooshed and worn to effectively scrub anymore and then its time to throw it away in the trash. They won't last forever.

Ideas For Marking Your Old Toothbrushes So No One Uses Them For Teeth Brushing Again

If you do decide to use a new brush for cleaning purposes, make sure to label it as a cleaning brush somehow so no one accidentally later uses it for teeth brushing.

There are several ways to do this, but here are some ideas:

  • Put a dot or other mark on them with a permanent marker
  • Mark them with a brush or two of nail polish

You Don't Have To Buy The Best Quality Brushes For Cleaning

Finally, make sure to buy cheap brushes, such as those you can find in packs in bulk or at the dollar store for cleaning and removing stains, and not the really expensive fancy ones that you should at least use in your mouth first before putting them to a new purpose!

If you've got tip for using this product for cleaning something in your home please skip down to share it now and I'll add it to the site.

What Unusual Ways Do You Use A Toothbrush Around Your Home?

I'm always looking for more helpful household hints, and unusual uses for everyday items in our homes.

Share your tips and ideas below. Remember, photographs are not required, but they are encouraged, especially if it helps everyone understand your use or tip.

Submitted Toothbrush Uses Around The Home

Click the links below to see uses for this product which have already been submitted by others.

Feel free to comment on any of these submissions to tell me whether you use the product in a similar way, or about any other thoughts you have.

Tips For Cleaning Crevices, Moulding & Other Tight Spaces 
Dianne shared her tips for cleaning crevices, moulding, and other tight places around your home, where it is hard to get your hand to clean dust, dirt …

Click here to write your own.

Photo courtesy of meddygarnet

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