How To Get Rid Of Skunk Smell
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Here are home remedies and homemade recipes for how to get rid of skunk smell from your skin, your pets, including dogs and cats, and more when these animals spray.

When you, a family member or your pet gets sprayed by a skunk you want to know how to get rid of that smell fast.

If this has happened to you before, please share how you did fixed the problem, with either a homemade or commercial remedy.

If this is a problem you've had yourself, hopefully you can get some ideas for what to do here.

Here are the tips submitted so far:

share how you got rid of skunk small here
Share Your Tips Here
coke bottle
Use Cola
skunk in grass
Recipe For Skin & Laundry
skunked dog
Methods To Remove Odor From Dog Or Other Pets

skunked dog
Deskunk Dog Recipe Recommended By Vet
distilled white vinegar
Neutralize Odor With Vinegar
Nature's Miracle skunk odor remover
Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover Review
hydrogen peroxide
Use Plain Peroxide On Pets

Summer's Eve douche
Women's Douche Helps With The Odor

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get rid of skunk smell

It is everyone's worst nightmare to have your home, belongings, pets, or yourself or a family member sprayed by a skunk.

The smell can be overpowering, and it really clings and lingers.

That's why I want to hear your home remedies and recipes for removing skunk odor from all types of surfaces.

Please make sure to say what surface you got the odor out of, and exactly how you did it so we can all learn tips and techniques that really work.

The best recipes and tips will be featured on this site!

How Did You Get Rid Of Skunk Smell?

Some skunk odor removal recipes work better than others.

Please share with us how you got rid of skunk smell from your pets, your children, your home, etc., telling us the instructions and recipes for what you used, and how well it worked (or not).

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Click the links below to see tips from other readers telling how they got rid of skunk smell.

Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover Review 
Mary shared her review of Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover, and how it worked after her dog was skunked. Mary says: I had the wonderful job of "de-skunking" …

Removing Skunk Odor: Home Remedies & Recipes You Can Use 
I get asked questions about removing skunk odor all the time, because unfortunately this is a common occurrence. If these little critters are common …

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