How To Remove Chapstick Stains On Clothing

Knowing how to remove chapstick stains on clothing is a must if you accidentally run your clothes through the wash without getting that chapstick out of your pocket.

The tips below will help you with not only chapstick, but also with lip gloss or lip balm stains, which are also items that we often accidentally wash in our pants or jacket pocket.

All of these products leave behind a rather greasy spot, so here's one of the simplest tips for removal, provided by a reader, Amanda.

Amanda says:

I would like to share my 'mom tip' of the week. Thanks to my daughter leaving lip gloss in her pocket for the wash, our entire laundry had nice grease stains. Not happy.

How to remove lip gloss, lip balm and chapstick stains from clothes easily and effectively {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
But, thanks to Palmolive it came right out. Just dab on stains, even if set-in stains. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes, then wash. Remarkable.

Taylor says:

Thanks Amanda for that tip! I will say further, it doesn't have to be Palmolive dish soap, but instead just about any dishwashing liquid will do. This stuff is amazing for removing greasy stains of many types! (You can check out this article for lots of uses for dish soap around your home.)

In addition, it can really help to scrub the dish soap into the greasy spots using an old toothbrush, to really remove all that set in grease.

Often this will work on both clear chapstick as well as those lip glosses and balms that have a tint or color to them.

In addition, here is my advice for chapstick stain removal, which discusses how to remove these stains from clothing, upholstery and carpet.

Below is a video giving alternative directions for removing chapstick stains from clothing.

To use the method below you will need:

So, tell me in the comments below if one of these stain removal methods worked for you.

How to remove lip gloss, lip balm and chapstick stains from clothes easily and effectively {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Top photo by nonstopflights from Flickr Creative Commons

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Comments for How To Remove Chapstick Stains On Clothing

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How do I remove lip stain from a white dry clean only silky blouse?
by: Dia

I dropped my lip stain wand today on my dry clean only white silky blouse. Any suggestions? I'm afraid of trying anything for fear of setting the stain.

Sheets went through washer AND dryer
by: P'nutte

I had a tube of Chapstick get washed and dried on a set of flat and fitted red sheets. Tube was "cake batter" (not a tinted tube with an actual color).

It's more than just a few spots. .I'd say every few inches.

Any suggestions that wouldn't take an unreasonable amount of time to deal with? Wondering if these sheets can still be salvaged?

lipbalm laundry disaster
by: Sheri

Help! I forgot to remove my lipbalm from my pant's pocket before washing and drying them? When the clothes are wet (ex: khaki pants), they look fine, but when dried, there are grease spots on them.

Is there anything I can do to correct this besides doing a better job of emptying my pockets prior to doing the laundry?

How can I remove a lipgloss stain from clothing?
by: Rebecca

How can I clean lipgloss out of clothing? My child decided to put it in a pocket and it is not coming out, any help?

It is a glittery waxy type gloss.

Vaseline lip ointment exploded in the washer and dryer staining the whole load of clothes.
by: Elaine

My son washed a tube of Vaseline lip ointment in his jeans. We didn't know until the clothes came out of the dryer spotted. I rewashed the load of dark clothes 2 more times with Lestoil and laundry detergent. I think the stains are set in because they went through the dryer. Can anyone help?

Dish Soap Works
by: Josh

The ONE time I didn't check my pockets for lip balm it left oil spots everywhere! Initially I thought these clothes were all a total loss until I read this article. We use Target brand Free and Clear dish soap so I applied a dot on every stain and agitated with a small brush. Let them sit for 30 minutes then rinsed all of the soap off in sink prior to putting in the washing machine. Using a combo of laundry detergent and a few cups of white vinegar I washed them. VICTORY!! Every single grease spot is gone. Hope this helps as seeing the spots really bummed me out.

Chapstick Stains After Dryer
by: Esther

I read the chapstick stain section but I didn't realize there was a chapstick in the load until after it had already dried in the dryer. I tried washing it once in Dawn and then air drying and the stain did not come out. Should I even bother trying the long method listed on the site for chapstick stains or is it just not going to come out of my husband's dress pants and dress shirts since it has been in the dryer already? Thanks for any input you have. I just don't want to buy a bunch of detergents and take the time if it definitely won't come out.

what I did when washing my chapstick
by: Chrissy

Twice recently, I've washed a chapstick in the load--it melts in spots all over the clothes--and when they're wet/dark, you can't see the spots. The chapstick was so small that it just got scooped into the drier with the clothes. Good news is it comes out with a washing, even after it's been dried.

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