Palmolive Dish Soap Review - Works Well But Not Fond Of The Smell

by Taylor

I tried Palmolive dish soap, in the original scent, as part of my unofficial project to try a bunch of cleaning products for review and comparison on this site.

It was very thick, which is something I really like. I have a complaint of many liquid dishwashing soaps, that they are very thin, which means I end up using more to get all the dishes done. The bottle lasted me quite a long time, and yes, I did use it all before trying a new one. Waste not, want not.

But, I quickly determined I was not very fond of the original scent of this soap. I would guess that there are many people who may disagree with me about that, since this scent has been around for quite a while now, and I would assume they would change it if enough people complained. However, it smelled very artificial to me, and well, like soap.

I like products to smell like nothing, or to have a natural scent. This did not.

Overall, I thought it did a good job cleaning though. It got rid of grease, and helped loosen up dried and baked on stuff on pots and pans if I soaked them in hot water with a small squirt of soap.

I would be willing to try some of the other varieties of Palmolive dish soap based on my experience with this one, since there are other scents available. The actual cleaning power was good, so I would assume if I could find a scent I liked more this might be a good choice.

I would say, however, that this is not the cheapest product on the supermarket shelf. Therefore I would most likely only buy it again if I have a coupon for it, making it the cheapest option.

I am always looking for more house cleaning supplies reviews. You can share your dishwashing soap review here, or read other reviews of brands, scents and varieties that have already been submitted.

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Palmolive Soft Touch With Coconut Butter Review

by Janel

Janel says:

I Just tried a new scent of Palmolive Dish Detergent, Soft Touch with Coconut Butter. It is horrible on grease!!!

This detergent did nothing to remove grease from my dishes and pots. I had to rewash them a couple of times.

I will not be purchasing this again!

I never had any problem with Palmolive other than it makes a lot of suds and the high price.

I will continue my search for a dish detergent that I really like.

Thanks for this great website's nice to come here to read what others have to say about different products!

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Palmolive Fresh Infusions Dishwashing Liquid Review: Lemon Thyme Scent

by Taylor

I recently bought a bottle of Palmolive Fresh Infusions dishwashing liquid, in the lemon thyme scent, while I was at Target.

I have now finished the bottle and overall I thought the soap was alright.

It worked pretty well for washing dishes. The one thing I noticed is that it was difficult to rinse away the soap, so I had to spend more time doing this than I would normally to make sure there was not a film of soap left behind.

However, other than that issue it worked well enough for cleaning both lightly soiled dishes as well as heavier pots and pans.

Further, the scent was nice. Although it is called "Lemon Thyme" I have to say I didn't get the herbal scent too much, but mainly smelled lemon. Since I like lemon scents that was fine with me.

Finally, this product bills itself as "naturally inspired." It also has packaging trying to suggest that it may be eco-friendly. However, I noted that it didn't even really make claims about this, just suggested that with clever packaging.

Therefore, I would say this is a classic case of "green washing" where a manufacturer tries to position a product into a niche where it really doesn't belong. If you read my criteria for defining what green cleaning supplies really are this one wouldn't pass the test.

If you're not concerned with having an Earth friendly cleaning product for washing dishes, this won't bother you. However, I just didn't want anyone to assume it was eco-friendly when it is not.

Has anyone else tried this variety of Palmolive? If so, I'd love to hear what you thought of it too. There are two other scents available, Lime Basil (which is green in color) and Ginger White Tea (which is a light pink color). If you've used any of these varieties please tell me what you thought of it. You can share your review here for this or any other brand, or read lots of other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Baby Palmolive Dishsoap Review: For Bottles, Toys & Dishes

by Taylor

I'm almost done with my bottle of Ultra Palmolive Baby dish soap, so I figured it was time to share with everyone what I've thought of this product.

I bought the bottle partially on a whim -- it looked so cute with the little giraffe on it, and I wondered what was special about a soap made specifically to wash baby dishes and toys.

That seems awfully specialized to me, and perhaps I thought, not necessary.

After using this product I agree it is unnecessary. I see no distinction about this variety that makes it inherently better for washing baby stuff than any other dishwashing liquid. Washing dishes is washing dishes, no matter what type they are.

This product worked well - just like many of the other versions from this brand that I've also tried. It just didn't work better than the others, in my opinion.

It has a relatively thick formula, which meant a little went a long way, and it cut grease as well as would be expected.

I tried to wash a couple of cups with dried on milk in them to see how the baby dishwashing liquid did with this challenge, since that is what it is advertised to be designed to do. Yes, it cleaned the cup, but so does regular dishwashing liquid. Again, no difference better or worse.

However, this product had one distinction that will most likely cause me to buy it again - the scent.

It is a completely artificial scent -- I cannot identify anything in nature that it is like, although it is floral and bright. However, even though I can't describe it well, I know I like what I smell. It is a completely wonderful and fun scent that does actually remind me of babies, and is a nice smell while washing dishes (or my hands if I'm needing to while standing at the sink).

Even my husband (without me prompting) said he'd be sad when the bottle ran out, since he enjoyed this scent more than any other soap we've ever tried. And that is saying something, since I've tried A LOT of them!

Therefore, although I'm not convinced that everyone with a baby at home needs to switch to this variety or their baby bottles and dishes won't be clean, anyone looking for a cute bottle of soap to sit on their counter and a nice unusual scent to enjoy while washing dishes might like to give this variety a try.

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Palmolive Lotus Blossom Lavender Scent Essentials Works For Me

by Stephanie Lyons
(Salt Lake City, UT)

This works great for me.

I have had no problem with dirt, oil, or grease not being cleaned off.

The fragrance is pleasant and not overpowering.

It leaves a pleasant smell in the kitchen while doing dishes.

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Palmolive Soap Review - Scrub Buster With Micro Beads Is My Favorite

by Lola

Lola says:

With a family of five I am busy all the time, and it is very important to get my dishes clean the first time.

This product gets my dishes clean with no effort at all. It lasts a long time in my dish water, suds up nice in hot or cold water, and gets the toughest of crud off of my dishes. I find it works better at getting off stuck on, baked on foods than other dish soaps I have tried.

I have been using Scrub Buster for well over a year now and I recommended it to others. I also notice it leaves my wash cloths and sponges smelling very clean, there is no funny after scent like other dish soaps can leave.

In addition, there is no residue left in my sink or on my dishes at it rinses clean and quickly.

Palmolive Scrub Buster is my favorite as it is also very gentle on my hands. I just love it!

Taylor says:

Thanks Lola for your review of this type of Palmolive soap.

I tried to find out more about it online, but it looks to me (although I could not confirm) that it has now been taken out of Palmolive's line up of soaps, and may be being phased out.

***Update: This type has definitely been discontinued now. ***End Update

Too bad its been discontinued because the idea of the micro beads is very interesting. It can be tough to get baked on, dried on food off dishes, pots and pans, and it sounds like this product may help with that. Of course, we can always use pot scrubbers.

I would love to hear even more reviews of this product, or for other dish soaps. You can share your review here, for this or another brand, telling me what you like (or don't) about it, and why. In addition, you can read other reviews already submitted.

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Comments for Palmolive Soap Review - Scrub Buster With Micro Beads Is My Favorite

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I like the one with aloe
by: Anonymous

I like Palmolive with Aloe because it does not dry out my hands.

Great but can't find
by: Jean Rose

Palmolive Scrub Buster is the best dish soap ever, plus it smells wonderful. The problem is, I can't find it anymore. Palmolive, get it back in the stores!

Dislike the smell
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know of any harmless additives to add to the "original" scented Palmolive liquid to eliminate or mitigate the smell? My husband bought two huge bottles at Costco and we're stuck with them until they are used. Lemon juice? Lime juice? Thanks!

Solidifies into gel
by: Anonymous

Bought antibacterial Palmolive dishwashing liquid and it solidifies into gel like substance after 2 months. Why?

Cap breaks
by: Ann Latendresse

I have been using this dish soap since I was old enough to reach the sink. I am 84 yrs old. Now that you have changed the cap, I am not able to continue to do so. The cap breaks before the soap is all gone and I have quite a bit of soap left. Please correct this problem so I can go back to my favorite dish soap.

Thin consistency
by: Anonymous

Why is the consistency of original Palmolive so much thinner? I have used this product for years but find I now use twice as much soap as I did before to complete my job. I am now considering changing my soap.

Inflamed hands
by: Anonymous

The Palmolive soft touch coconut butter will do some serious damage to your hands. The other soft touch with the vitamin E is just as horrible. I threw them out because my hands are now inflamed and it will takes weeks to recover! These are the worst in history. If you use them, you might as well wash your dishes with bleach.

Used for years
by: Sue Anne Walker

I have used this product all of my adult life and am in my 70's now. 30 years ago I had an electric stove and spilled tomato soup into the burner cavity and it got burned on. I tried all sorts of cleaners but finally poured some Palmolive in there and it loosened that gunk in no time! I am so glad you have kept the original Palmolive because so many vendors change theirs all the time and usually not for the better. This is a most wonderful product and I hope you keep it just the way it is! I have always called it "Palmahvelous"! It lasts a long time and cleans so easily.

smelly dish cloths
by: Tony

Concerning the smelly dish cloths after using dish soap. I threw away a couple of bottles of Palmolive after experiencing the smelly dishcloth phenomenon thinking it was a bad batch. I purchased some supermarket house brand ("Selection") antibacterial dish soap and have the same problem with the smelly cloths. I'm wondering if the same facility produces the house brand as well as Palmolive.

In an experiment to see if there might be a quick fix to this problem, I put a couple of drops of lemon juice into the soap bottle and will see over the next 24 hours or so if that might have curtailed the smell.

Used for 20 years
by: Anonymous

I've used the Palmolive Pink Classic Non Concentrated gentle & caring for over 20 years. It is tough on grease, soft on hands and inexpensive. It's the only dish soap I'm able to use without using gloves. The other dish soaps break out and tear up my hands if I don't use gloves. It has a very light smell of roses, so is quite pleasant.

new soap bad NEWS
by: Rick

The have changed the formula, smells bad now and very thin with no suds--not like the original I have been using for 20 years!!!

Missing the original green Palmolive dish soap
by: Leslie

I'm very sensitive to smells and I really liked the old Palmolive scent. I can't find it anywhere. The new ultra smells very harsh and I'm sad that I'm going to have to find a new product to use.

Green Palmolive scent
by: Anonymous

I do not like the scent of current product, the scent changed.

Fragrance change
by: Rae Haller

I have been using Palmoline dish soap for over 40 years. Recently the fragrance of the Original formula has changed. The smell is harsher and displeasing. I will not be purchasing this product anymore.

Green original
by: Anonymous

How can the original palmolive scent change and still called original, its different. I don't like the smell at all. Smells like a laundry detergent. I will need to change brands after years of use.

Wasn't original
by: Anonymous

You probably didn't like the scent of the "original" Palmolive because that's not the original scent! It's been gone for years now, unlike someone who said since 2017. The original was very unique and pleasant!

I am having that problem with Palmolive Orange Scent
by: Sheila

My sponges smell after using this. It is very disappointing, as you would think they would test their alleged formula changes in a working kitchen before releasing the changes to the rest of us.

Palmolive oxy scent will NOT come out!
by: Anonymous

For a week i've been tasting "flowery cleaner" in my food. I realized it's palmolive scent permanently in my new Tupperware n plastics! I threw out so much food! I ALWAYS rinse dishes in hot water but after soaking ALL night this sickening smell/taste is still there! I never in 25 years had this happen until I got Palmolive oxy! I lost over 200 bucks easy in food and dishes etc! I kept some bowls for proof. I need to contact Palmolive! Beware all!

by: Anonymous

New eco friendly is absolutely terrible. The smell is terrible and it gave me tiny yellow blisters all over my hands and wrists! I have used Palmolive for over 20 years! Please fix it!! I want it the way it was! Cannot use this new stuff!!

recently the quality has dropped
by: Linda King

My mother has been using this product forever. However we've noticed recently the quality has DROPPED immensely! Very unhappy as it's the only product we like to use!! It's twice as thin and takes twice the amount to clean! The soap bubbles are gone before you've finished your dishes!!! As bad as Dawn now!!! Why did you make these poor quality changes? Or did we somehow get a bad batch??? I'm hoping it was a bad batch as I really don't want to switch brands!! I'm not one to complain but this is not good.

Smell has changed
by: Anonymous

I always LOVED the smell of the green Palmolive dish soap and it always reminded me of my grandmother. Now when I buy it, it doesn't smell the same and I am so sad. I won't buy it ever again.

Sadly disappointed
by: Rod

We've always bought Palmolive dish soap. Bought the large bottle at Costco yesterday. Sadly, this will be the last time ever. The stuff was watered down big time. Noticed as soon as I tried to refill our smaller container. Poured it all over the place. Did the dishes tonight, hoping maybe thinner but just as strong. Not even close.

Costco Palmolive
by: Anonymous

I bought the large bottle 145 fl oz at Costco on June 4,2023. It will be the last time. The dish soap was watered down.

What happened to the original green liquid?
by: Philipa

What happened?!!! Palmolive dish soap STINKS and is watered down and does not stay sudsy at all!

Why is the lid glued on?
by: Anonymous

Why is the lid glued on? I'd like to pour some dish soap into another container but I have to squeeze it out in tablespoons with my arthritic hands. Worst design ever!

Palmolive change
by: Margaret G

For months I have been meaning to see if there were any comments online as to what happened to Palmolive. Glad to see I am not imagining that the product I have used for 50+years has changed, for the worse! It is so thin that I use at least twice as much as I used to and it still doesn't get the grease off totally! I found an old bottle in my back up pantry and compared it to the bottle on my sink - no comparison! Have always been brand loyal until now. I am really bummed. I have purchased my last Palmolive!

doesn't need to be strong, works well now
by: Liz

I've been using Palmolive dish soap for years. I thought I was going to get the stronger version, which I don't need. I set up my dishes and do another small job and come back and they practically
do themselves. It is a good product, doesn't need change nor made stronger. Please keep a old friend available.

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