Oxydol Laundry Detergent Is Awesome! - I Use It To Wash My 9 Kids Clothes

by Shepherd

Shepherd has shared a short review of Oxydol laundry detergent.

Shepherd says:

I have 9 children and I have been using Oxydol to wash their clothes for 3 years now.

I love the smell and it does an awesome job at removing stains. I have been using the "Smells Good" scent and wouldn't buy anything else.

Taylor says:

Thanks for your review of this laundry detergent.

Wow, with 9 kids I bet you have to do a lot of laundry. One of the good things about Oxydol is that it is lower in cost than many name brand detergents. Of course, it is not easy to find online cheap, but instead I have noted it is available only in certain stores.

I have found that is available at both Meijer and Dollar General, typically, along with many more regional supermarkets.

I would love to hear from even more people, sharing what you think about this detergent. You can share your laundry detergent review here for this, or any other brand, telling me what you like or don't about it, and why.

I am especially interested in hearing how other lower costs varieties of detergent work, since if they work just as well there is no need to buy something that costs more, right?

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Oxydol With BIZ Is A Good Cleaner And Stain Remover For Sports Uniforms

by Maria

Maria says:

I use Oxydol liquid with BIZ already contained in the detergent for washing my son's sports uniforms, currently football.

I can remember my grandmother using Oxydol powder and since I was already a fan of the BIZ product for removing stains I gravitated to the latest form of this detergent which contains it.

For washing his uniforms I follow the approach of soaking with the regular BIZ, then washing with the Oxydol that has the BIZ additive.

They come out great.

This detergent is a lot cheaper than using the other more popular brands. I normally find this at one of the Dollar stores, though it sells for about $3-4.

As I am not one for using detergents that contain perfume for the general wash I normally do not use Oxydol for the rest of my laundry, however if I am running a separate load for my son and there are heavy soil or stains, e.g. food stains on shirts, I will use it.

My sister's son works in a restaurant and she uses it to wash his uniforms.

It is excellent both as a whitener and stain remover. She said that it is especially nice to have a detergent that does so much for such a small price.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this review Maria.

I have now heard from two readers saying that this detergent has BIZ added to it, but I have never actually seen confirmation of this on the Oxydol website (which apparently appears to be quite poor, with lots of broken links, etc).

I did see they had a partnership between the two brands though, so I guess this shouldn't surprise me.

If you've used this laundry soap, please tell me what you think of it, and also where you can find it in stores! You can share your review here and I'll add it to the site.

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It Gets Out All Kinds Of Tough Stains!

by Patty

When it comes to laundering uniforms, whether they are factory, restaurant, soccer, baseball, or football, I reach for the Oxydol.

It is the cheapest and most effective detergent I have found to tackle really tough dirt and stains like grass, blood, coffee, egg based, fruit, and vegetables.

I have also used it to remove old red drink stains from a white table cloth by presoaking over night.

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Oxydol Powder Is The Best For Soaking Out Stains

by SR101 Reader

If you have kids then you definitely have lots of laundry stains. I have used Oxydol to remove grass, mud, food, and drink stains.

It also is great at taking out odors like perspiration from smelly gym clothes.

I prefer the powder form which I use to soak stained clothes prior to washing. There is no better approach than soaking heavily stained clothes over night because the real work is being done while I am resting.

My friend works at a day care center and gets various stains on her work clothes like formula, baby food, etc. She also soaks her clothes in Oxydol and has good results, but she said that for the same stains on baby clothes Oxydol would not be the way to go since babies have much more sensitive skin than adults.

She noted that Borax and Oxi Baby (an Oxi Clean product) powders are good for soaking baby clothes and Lestoil works well on peanut butter.

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It's A Powerful Whitener And Stain Remover

by Terry

To be honest I did not think that Oxydol was still available as it was something my grandmother used.

When I started working as a desk clerk at a hotel where white shirts were required every day I discovered it was still around. One of the workers at the restaurant told me if I wanted an inexpensive way to keep my shirts really white I should get some Oxydol powder and do a 30 minute soak before washing.

She also said it was excellent in getting out all kinds of stains on her white uniforms, as well as grass stains from her son's clothes.

While my job does not cause the amount of stains she has to deal with I have gotten out the occasional coffee and soft drink stains and it is definitely terrific at keeping my shirts a bright white, without the separate addition of any type of additional bleach to the wash.

BTW for stains it really helps if you mix up a paste of the Oxydol and apply it directly to the stain, leaving it on just long enough that it does not dry before dropping it in the washer, unless you prefer to do a soak longer than 30 minutes.

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I Second Recommendation Of Liquid Version For Cleaning Sports Uniforms

by Joyce

I also use this inexpensive and very effective detergent on my son's sports uniforms (mud, grass, blood, etc.)

Both the front of the bottle, and also on the back where the various ingredients are listed, it shows that Biz is included.

I have only been able to purchase the 50 oz bottle in my area, but I believe they do make a 100 oz size as well.

I do agree that their website could be a bit clearer.

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Hard To Find In Stores Now: Where Can I Buy It?

by G Joanne Thompson

Joanne says:

I have been using Oxydol for over 50 years and still feel it is the best laundry detergent. Other detergents cause rash and itching but we have no problems with this brand.

However, I am finding it harder and harder to find Oxydol in the stores.

I have checked all the major grocers with no success. I did find some at Big Lots once but when I went for more, they no longer had it.

Can you refer me to an Oxydol merchant in the Tacoma, Washington area?

Taylor says:

You're right Joanne, it is getting hard to find this laundry soap in stores.

I personally recently noticed it in my Walmart, at least the powder version, and I have also seen it in a couple of dollar stores (but the exact one right now escapes me).

I'd love for readers to tell me where they've seen it anywhere, not just in Washington, to help people that want to buy it know where they can look!

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I Use Oxydol For My Daughter's Messy & Smelly Restaurant Uniforms

by Amy

Amy shared that she has been washing her daughter's restaurant uniforms, and the restaurant manager suggested Lestoil and BIZ for stain removal.

She also shared that a good detergent was also needed, and explained why she was using this low-cost detergent for the uniforms.

Amy says:

Since I now have a lot of messy (smelly) uniforms to wash I use Oxydol for these garments, since it has some oxygen bleach included in it.

This laundry soap is a bit more economical than other detergents. Although I don't like scented detergents it is fine for her uniforms.

They come out really clean and smell fresh with this approach.

Taylor says:

Thanks Amy for this quick review of this product.

I would love to hear from even more people who've used it, sharing how it works for them, and also where you've purchased it, since it isn't found everywhere. You can share your review or experience with it here.

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Comments for I Use Oxydol For My Daughter's Messy & Smelly Restaurant Uniforms

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gets out every stain
by: Tracy

I make my own most of the time but this brand is also AWESOME!! Gets every kind of stain out.

Fels and Oxydol Are A Good Laundry Team
by: Sandy

Whenever we stayed at my grandmother's house she would use Fels Naptha to pretreat stains on our clothes and then presoak/wash them with Oxydol powder. We got pretty dirty (grass, mud, and ice cream) but she got our clothes clean. Of course she always had us help with the chores, that is why I know what she used for the laundry. To this day I use both of these products to tackle tough laundry stains.

I Use Oxydol Or ERA Oxi For Laundering Uniforms
by: Niki

For laundering uniforms, either the ones I wear to the restaurant or my son's football uniforms I prefer Oxydol, but if I can't find it readily available I will use ERA OXI. In either case soaking overnight produces the best results for the stains on my uniforms and the major dirt and stains on his. ERA is a bit more expensive than Oxydol, but works well for the uniform problems.

my store discontinued selling it, sad :(
by: Sharon

I've been using Oxydol for some time now, and the stores I bought at has discontinued selling it. I'm so sad, had I known I would have stocked up. Family $ store.

Where to find Oxydol
by: Becky Hetherington

Dollar Tree for $1, very watered down but works good.

Great for uniforms
by: Anonymous

Great at removing the stains and smells from uniforms worn at the day care center,like spit ups and baby food. It also is good for laundering workout clothes. Presoaking is the best way to handle these loads. It is also very reasonable compared to other detergents. I prefer the powdered form of this detergent, as it just does a better job on protein type stains like formula.

The Best
by: John C

I love this product. When I moved from Kansas City to south Florida, I could no longer find Oxydol Powder with Biz in the stores. I emailed Oxydol customer service and found out it's not available in Florida but is available online. When using Oxydol with Biz I find no need to add Biz or fabric softener. My clothes come out clean, stain free and soft.

My next trip home, I'll be stocking up and bringing back several boxes. For clothes that really are clean, stain free and smell good, I've never found a product that works as well.

Awesome Team
by: Tammy

I just tackled several loads of very stained and dirty camp clothes using a combination of presoaking and washing with Oxydol and Biz powders. These clothes were stained with mud, blood, tomato sauce, perspiration, and a number of things I could not even identify! I think one of the camp counselors for telling me about using both of these products together. I was already a Biz user but had not tried Oxydol. Talk about clean and fresh smelling, yes to both of those accounts. I would recommend this team to anyone who has lots of stained and really dirty laundry, especially when the stains are many days old.

First time trying it
by: Anonymous

I had never ever even heard of Oxydol in my life. I have used tide, gain, arm & hammer for my laundry. I but Purex or dollar detergents to scrub my deck. So I do not like Purex.Tide is getting ridiculous pricey and Gain is OK.

Oxydol was on sale at my local grocery store and it's the first time I see it there, for $7.99.
I am using my last "backup" tide so am looking to buy more detergent. Being curious, I googled it.
Amazon gave it solid 5 star with 9 reviews and then I came across this page. I read all the reviews and decided to buy it. Just bought today. Two loads so far and I have a he washer. I have to tell you, there is no "sour" unclean smell. And clothes looks and feel clean like using tide!!!

Yes!!! I am sold!!!
Oxydol rocks!!!

Found it
by: Karen

I live in Canada and used Oxydol faithfully until it was no longer available here, about 20-25 years ago. No other laundry soap comes close in smell, stain removal or excellence in cleaning laundry. Then I found this site and read it is sold in the DollarTree stores, which we have here, so going there soon and hoping I'm successful! So glad I found you!

original powder is best for whites
by: Frank

I will say this and this only. The very best way to get clothes very white is with hot water and original 1 cup formula Oxydol, for now they actually have it at the dollar store. Recently I bought a great big box of Tide with bleach for half price clearance, people swear by it for whites, but I find it leaves a little dirt on the socks like Oxydol does not, the same way it was back in the 80s. People ranted and raved about new tide with bleach, how great it was, but I always found Oxydol to be a little better. The tide with bleach was not bad, but not really white like Oxydol gets them. Oxydol no longer dyes its bleach green, but rest assured what you are buying IS original Oxydol. Wash in as hot water as you can and don't worry about oversudsing, as Oxydol rinses out so good, and is so gentle on skin, cleans without harsh ingredients of today's detergents. No matter what scent you get, your clothes will smell unscented clean.

I cannot vouch for it on colors, I always used Cheer powder on colored clothes until it was not he, then it did not matter, one liquid was the same as the other. Proved that today. There were embarrassing grease stains on pants and a shirt on my line, and I brought them in, rewashed in cheer powder before was all oxi and voila cheer got all the dirt out like magic and in the coldest waters cheer works too.

Prefer Oxydol But Gain Works Well For Uniforms
by: Rita

I really like the Oxydol powder for soaking and washing my restaurant uniforms. Presoaking became a regular habit when I started the restaurant job. What a difference presoaking makes. It is super at getting out stains and is an excellent whitener. Since most stores do not carry it sometimes I substitute Gain Powder. Gain is available in most stores and there are frequent coupons and sales to offset the normal higher price. I generally do not like scented detergents but when it comes to my uniforms it is worth ir. A co worker suggested it and she was right. She has 2 kids so her laundry problems are not just her uniforms but also other stains like grass, blood, grimy socks, etc. For grease stains, cooking oil, salad dressing, etc. we all use Lestoil.

Love it
by: CoLinda

I'm from a family of 7 kids. Our father farmed 500 acres and us kids were always in dirt and in the fields helping. Not only did Mom wash our clothes with Oxydol, we washed our hair in Oxydol. Sometimes we'd rinse our hair with vinegar, than Downey fabric softener. I remember my hair was really soft and shiny. Mom and us girls got lots of compliments about our hair. I didn't realize it was still around. Also our clothes were always clean and smelled good too. I'm going to start using it for my laundry. Glad I ran across this site.

Love this laundry powder!
by: Anonymous

I only discovered Oxydol with Biz a few months ago, and have been buying the powder version through Amazon. This is hands down the best laundry detergent on the market. I've been trying like heck to get my local grocery store to carry it! Works great on oils and stains, smells wonderful, and really rinses clean. I love it!

works as well for much less
by: Kabuff

Was using Tide®, but cost is just getting too out of control. Oxydol costs half the price, but yet, have no problems with its cleaning ability. Have never looked back at Tide again. There is no excuse for using Tide. Tide is a good detergent, but is way too much $$$.

Oxydol Liquid for $1 Walmart
by: Anonymous

I order this all the time from Walmart for $1 a bottle. It is in the store isles so when I order groceries I just add a few bottles. Great for sports clothes any tech clothes or pads it gets the smell out. I also use it when I do tub scrubs for my washing machine.

years of family use
by: Doug Ihnen

My Grandmother used it when I was growing up. I had worked in the trailer industry. It's always hot there. After perspiring for 8 to 12 hours a day my clothes got wet and smelly. As an adult I have used Oxydol for years. No allergies, clothes ALWAYS got clean, with a clean fresh smell ALWAYS.

cheaper and better than making your own
by: Anonymous

I used to make my own laundry detergent to save money and get the clothes clean, plus Tide kept changing their formula and put me in the hospital with severe allergies. Nowadays, it's not worth making your own because you can buy Oxydol Ultra Laundry Detergent with Triple Action plus Enzymes for about 0.03 per load and it does an excellent job and is safe for all machines. It can be used to pretreat stains and to wash laundry. Oxydol also sells a powder version for those who like powder.

I buy mine at WalMart. If your WalMart doesn't carry it, WalMart online does, and so does Amazon. Some of my friends have told me they've picked it up in the Dollar Stores. For those of you who are young and have never heard the name, Oxydol has been used in the USA and Great Britian for over 100 years; they just don't pay for advertising and that keeps their cost down. Just follow the label instructions and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Liquid didn't leave scent behind after washing
by: Tim Triolo

I was excited to see the Oxydol brand in my local grocery store chain, as I loved the original scent in the past. This new Oxydol boasted a really fresh, long-lasting scent, and I was looking for something new and not "mango" or "fruity." This smelled clean, fresh, and gender-neutral so I bought it.

I have no qualms with Oxydol's cleaning performance, but the fragrance just does NOT seemingly scent your clothing. In fact, I tried washing my sheets in hot water, colors in cold water, and casual clothing in warm water. I got zero scent after pulling it from the dryer. So I decided to use an entire cup of the detergent. It did not leave any residue in my clothing, and again, it did a great job of cleaning, but zero scent!

I bought this with a coupon, and it is VERY reasonable for a 50 load bottle--we're talking six cents per load! But since I'm unimpressed with the scent, I'm going to scent my clothing with Downy original (pink cap) scent in conjunction with the Oxydol until it is used up.

NOTE: I read online that when Procter & Gamble sold the Oxydol brand to CR Brands (around 2000), they kept the patent to the ORIGINAL scent. So CR Brands had to come up with their own scent for the product. So this Oxydol may not be the same fragrance that you and I remember from yesteryear.

I've used it all my life
by: Lucy Dooley

My Grandmother used Oxydol in the 1960’s and all my life. I married in 1979 and followed the leading tv adds- my clothes faded, looked old and ugly after one box. I went back to OXYDOL and never changed. For many years I owned a fabric store and taught sewing- my customers were won over to OXYDOL claiming stains that nothing would remove came out!!!!

I would buy four boxes for surplus because it is difficult to find as trendy detergents took space squeezing out the BEST DETERGENT EVER SOLD!!! If more stores would stock it- maybe our would would be more colorful because it keeps clothing bright and smelling fresh longer!!!!

I remember the "Super Phosphorus" Super Clean!!!

Only like the powder, the liquid smells too strong
by: Bridget C

The only washing powder that I can use and not break out in a rash. Now I can't find it anywhere. The liquid has too strong of smell for me.

Great product
by: Dale Coenen

My wife and I have used Oxydol since 1968 and have always been very satisfied with the results. However, in Wisconsin it is nearly impossible to find. I have checked Walmart, Festival, Fleet Farm, Dollar General, Pick and Save, Piggly Wiggly and other places I thought might have it but never found it. To order online the price is just ridiculous.

stains remained in washed clothes
by: Mike Wojnowicz

Washed a load of 12 bath towels, two white towels came out with detergent spots that will not come out. Same in a different load of summer tee shirts, 3 of the 16 came out with same stains. Tried soaking in plain water overnight, rewashed no soap, stains still in shirts. Not all laundry affected. Help please. I have used Oxydol for years.

Has the liquid detergent changed?
by: Rebecca

I love liquid Oxydol "Smells So Good" scent. However, my new bottle is very different. The liquid is normally green but this one is a light blue with no scent at all. I am concerned that this bottle might be defective and wondering if I should discard the remainder of the product. Has anyone else had this problem?

Where can I get it?
by: June

I've used this detergent for 50 years. I can't find it anywhere in my area of PA. I absolutely love the clean smell not to mention the cleanliness of my clothes. Please help me find it. On Amazon it's 50.00 to 75.00 dollars. If it has changed hands I would like to know. Just so it works and smell the same.

worked great for my white parka
by: Mary

I last bought a ten load sized box of Oxydol at a Dollar General. I remembered it from childhood and in a pinch it was trusted substitute for high priced market brands. I loved it. Couldn't find any more. Recently I needed to launder my white parka. I found these little looks like about eight to ten oz canisters of Oxydol with oxy at Dollar General. I want you to know that white parka came out of the wash so blinding white people stopped me and asked me how I care for the coat. Now I pick up one of those little canisters about every week. If it isn't the main event I use it as an additive. I have no dingey wash and no stains. Ethel would be so proud.

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