Tide With Bleach Ruined My Towels

by Guitar Guru

Here's a review of Tide with Bleach from my friend Suzanne, the Guitar Guru, who had a bad experience with this detergent.

Suzanne says:

I recently used Tide Plus Bleach for the first time and what a disaster! It ruined my brand new, expensive, light green "Macy's Hotel" towels - creating bleach spots all over them. PLUS, it ruined my 10-year old, purple Charisma towels (same bleach spots) that I've never had washing issues with.

Macy's told me that it wasn't their fault, that it was the fault of the detergent, and they would not replace my towels.

And, I must agree that it's not Macy's fault! Do you think I should approach Tide and ask them to replace my towels? If so, do you have contact info for me? Thanks!

Taylor says:

Suzanne, I'm sorry to hear you had this problem with Tide with Bleach. I know you previously had written me to share how much you loved Tide liquid detergent, so I know this feels like an even bigger betrayal of your trust in this brand.

You didn't tell me if you used the powder or the liquid variety, and apparently they have a slightly different formula, although both are actually not made with chlorine bleach, but instead with "bleach alternative," which is supposed to be color-safe.

In fact, the FAQs on the Tide website about the Tide with Bleach product states:
The bleach in Tide with Bleach is a special, oxygen-based bleach, not chlorine bleach. Therefore, it does not affect the colors or fibers of your fabric like chlorine bleach can. This special bleach also helps to remove tough stains.

Further, the website explained the difference between the Tide Plus Bleach powder, versus the Tide with Bleach Alternative, in the liquid version, saying:
Both products are designed to deliver outstanding stain removal and whitening. Tide Powder with Bleach is a non-chlorine bleach with a bleach activator. Tide Liquid with Bleach Alternative contains special ingredients to whiten clothes
as an alternative to bleach.

I would definitely call Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of this product, to discuss the problem with them, since this definitely should not be happening since it is allegedly safe for use with colors. You can call their toll free number at 1-800-879-8433
Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST.

I am wondering if this had anything to do with the way you added the detergent to the washer? If you add the detergent first, and let it mix with a bit of water it will be diluted before it touches your fabrics. However, if you add the clothes and then pour the detergent on top this will allow the detergent to touch the clothes, undiluted.

I'm not saying this is what happened here. I'm just kind of conjecturing about what may have happened in this case.

***Update: Suzanne wrote me back to answer a couple of my questions, so here's what she told me below.***

Thanks for your comments, Taylor! To answer your questions...

- I used the liquid form of Tide with Bleach.

- Also, a friend who stayed overnight kindly did the towels before she left. I suspect that she may have put the liquid directly onto the towels. But, I've done that MANY times myself, but only while the machine was filling-up. I wonder if she let the detergent sit on the towels for a long time ....?

- Finally, thanks for the customer service phone number. I'm definitely going to call!

***End up update***

Has anyone else had this problem with this variety of Tide detergent? Or, have you used this type of detergent and loved it? Either way, I would love it if you shared your reviews with me. You can share your Tide detergent review here, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Tide With Bleach Ruined My Towels

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Purple spots on white towels... Tide HE
by: Ron

My white towels now have purple spots after using liquid Tide HE with alternative whitening.

response re purple spots
by: Taylor

Sorry to hear you had that trouble Ron, and it may well have been caused by the detergent. There are other possible causes of these mystery washing machine stains and I've written an article with other possibilities you may want to also check out!

Purple everywhere!
by: Anonymous

I have used tide for years. They must have changed the "Tide with Bleach Alternative" formula! Several of my white towels, sheets and clothes now have purple stains all over them. I used the liquid version in my front loader machine, like I have done for years, but now it turns everything that is white purple. Tide has ruined several of my daughters shirts from Justice, which are not cheap, my towels and sheets. I am not usually one to do reviews, but I needed to warn others!

Lightened the color of my towels
by: Anonymous

I use Tide liquid with bleach alternative which I love the results of the way it cleans. However it has lightened the color of our new expensive Karatex towels. We have two we haven't used yet and the color is quite a bit darker than the washed towels. I think the color may be safe. Thank you.

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