Fels Naptha Laundry Soap Is Awesome For Removing Laundry Stains

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Fels Naptha soap is one of the best and most versatile laundry stain remover products you can use in your home, and as I've learned it can do a lot more than just remove stains!

Below I've gathered up quite a few uses for this product for stain removal, cleaning, and more!

It started with this comment from a reader, Lindsay, that got me thinking I should collect all these uses together, so here's what she said:

Lindsay says:

I love Fels Naptha laundry soap to get out many of my laundry stains.

My Mom used it, and so do I.

All I do is keep one of the bars of the soap on a shelf in my laundry room and whenever I come across a stain from one of the kids' laundry I just wet the bar a little and rub it on the stain.

It seems to work on just about everything I've tried it on, even ballpoint ink!

I love that the bar lasts a long time, and is very inexpensive too.

There is no reason, in my opinion, to buy more expensive products when this one works so well.

Fels Naptha {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks Lindsay for sharing your laundry stain remover review.

I have heard about Fels Naptha because it is the soap the Duggars (you know, 19 Kids And Counting) use in making their own homemade laundry detergent.

I would love to hear from others to share what stains they've gotten out with Fels Naptha soap, and what homemade cleaners you make with it. You can share your reviews and uses of it here, and the best ones will be added to the page or site!

Further, while Fels Naptha is one type of laundry bar soap, did you know that a regular bar soap can also be used as a pretreater. You can find out more bar soap uses for laundry stain removal here.

Round up of Fels Naptha soap uses in your home, including for laundry, stain removal, cleaning and more {on Stain Removal 101} #CleaningTips #StainRemoval #LaundryTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Fels Naptha Is A Simple Tool For Removing Tough Stains

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Jenny shared this quick tip on Stain Removal 101's Facebook page, and I just had to share it here too.

Plus, I've added several other reader comments as well.

Jenny says:

For tough stains or if I don't have time to soak, scrub with Fels Naptha soap. I LOVE that bar of laundry soap!!! Great for getting grass & mud stains out of sports uniforms!

Denise says:

It works really well on stains that have been washed as well…..put it through a rinse cycle so it is wet, put Fels on it and then use an old toothbrush.

Only stain I haven't been able to get out is a REALLY old coffee stain that a certain someone at my house didn't tell me about and had been wearing under a sweater!

Yolanda says:

f you asked me to give my opinion regarding Fels I would sum it up in three words, simple, effective, and inexpensive.

I have used it for several years to pretreat shirt collars and cuffs, blood, formula, grass stains, etc.

It lasts a long time and does a great job in removing stains.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing how you get out these tough stains.

I'm curious, what other stains do people remove with this laundry soap? It seems the list may be endless! :) Please share your uses here.

Photo courtesy of S. Wilson on Amazon.com

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Great For Shirt Collars, Cuffs, And Baby Formula Stains

Myra says:

baby drinking from bottle
Fels Naptha is great for pre-treating shirt collars and cuffs.

It is much cheaper than and other pre-treaters and is just as effective, especially when you have to wash a lot of white shirts.

It also works well on baby formula stains.

Taylor says:

Thanks for these tips Myra.

You're actually not the first person to suggest this laundry soap bar for formula spots. In fact, another lady suggested taking a bar with you when you travel to keep from having to presoak everything later.

***Update: It seems just about unanimous, readers keep recommended this soap bar for formula stains. Here's what some more ladies said:

Virginia said: I have saved clothes that were stored with formula stains for several years (sentimental to me) and then I found this amazing and cheap soap that really works.

Lorrie says: Love it. My mother-in-law told me about this when my kids were babies. Works great on formula stains and lasts a long time.

***End Update

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Fels Works Wonders On Softball & Baseball Uniforms

I am sensing a theme with these comments I've received about how these readers use this product!

Megan says: My mom used it on baseball pants as it even helped whiten her counters!

Carol says: Great product! It works on ground in baseball dirt stains like a charm making those pants white again.

Ramey says: It works wonders on white softball uniforms!

I've even had a reader, Krystal, send in these amazing photos showing the before and after from cleaning these stains using this little bar of soap. How awesome is that?

removing sports uniform stains with Fels Naptha soap, before and after

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Top photo courtesy of rhastings

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Using It For Making Homemade Laundry Detergent

homemade laundry soap recipes
This is a very common ingredient in many homemade laundry soap recipes. You can click the link to see quite a few of them here on the site.

For instance, Angela says: I use this grated to make homemade laundry detergent. It has a nice lemoney smell:)

There are some concerns that homemade products shouldn't be used in front loaders, or HE machines. However, another reader addressed this issue.

Kaloa says: It works great in my front loader...I use it both as an ingredient in homemade laundry soap and use a bar to wet and soap up a stain before I toss it in the machine...love this stuff.

Photo courtesy of moonlightbulb

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Fels Should Be A Staple In Every Laundry Room

by Debbie

NO laundry room should be without this simple, effective, and inexpensive pre-treater.

Fels is the first product I reach for when it comes to pretreating stains.

tips for using laundry pretreater
I have used it on baby formula, baby food, grass, blood, and just about any other kind of crud you can think of.

I first discovered Fels when a nurse at my son's doctor's office told me that she uses it for the stains she gets on her uniforms, and that it was terrific in pretreating the collars on them as well as other shirts.

I also use it for my tops that require hand washing, and of course even though I try to avoid it, my son can really contribute a stain on them as well as my machine washables.

Needless to say, most of my clothing is now machine washable.

I am thankful for that, and for Fels!

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Use To Pretreat Perspiration & Deodorant Stains Plus More

by Xenia

Xenia first read about the suggestion to use this laundry bar on perspiration stains on another page of this site, where Sue discussed a tip for removing perspiration stains using this product on a page dedicated to sweat stains.

Then Xenia shared some tips of her own, which I've added to this page.

Xenia says:

I agree with Sue that Fels is a great pretreater for sweat stains, and in addition for deodorant stains as well.

In fact, during the warmer seasons I generally rub a little Fels on the under arms of shirts even if there is no noticeable stain since deodorants can gradually build up on the material over time and cause stains to appear later.

This typically happens when you apply deodorant and don't let it dry before you finish dressing.

I also recommend washing with a detergent that contains baking soda, e.g. Arm and Hammer, or adding baking soda to the wash if you are using another detergent. This really helps to eliminate any odors.

In any case be sure to use a detergent that contains enzymes as they are the best defense when it comes to stains of any type.

P.S. I have also used Fels to take out ball point ink stains on my work shirts and my neighbor claims it is very effective in removing baby formula stains.

Photo courtesy of Tobyotter

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Fels Is A Good Pretreater Plus Love Idea To Bring Some When Traveling

by Barb

Barb originally shared this tip on the baby formula and spit up page (see link below) where lots of mothers of babies have been raving about how well this laundry bar cleans stains from these pesky stains.

One young mother suggested taking a bar with you when you travel, for pretreating stains on the go.

I'm glad to be able to introduce this good idea onto this page as well, with what Barb has shared.

Barb says:

I never knew that this product existed until I read through your tips on removing spit ups.

I really like Fels for pre treating spit up stains.

While I always try to tackle these stains right away I never thought about taking a bar along when traveling. That is a great idea!

One time I was pretreating a spit up on one of my work shirts (my son likes to share) and I rubbed some of the Fels on the collar and noticed that it was much cleaner when I took it out of the wash.

I also use BIZ for presoaking.

My laundry room looks like one big soak fest as I always have something soaking in the washer, the laundry tub, and a soak bucket!

I do wish that Biz came in a larger size than the 30 oz box.

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Unusual Use For Fels Naptha: Treat Poison Oak & Poison Ivy For Both Skin & Clothes

Quite a few people have shared with me a similar tip about this soap -- that it works for poison ivy and poison oak.

Frederick says:

I bathe in it after out hunting all day to kill any of the poison ivy I picked up along the way. Works wonders -- just don't get it in your eyes!

Amby says:

Love this stuff, but we found a new use for it this past summer. My daughter and I had a horrible case of poison oak.

The doctor told us after working outside and possibly coming in contact with the poison to take a shower and wash with this and to grate it up and use it in the wash it kills the oils.

He said when he was a kid and went to boyscout camp it was on the list of items you had to bring, and none of them ever got poison at camp.

I have used it on stains for years, but never for poison. FYI we get poison a lot (working outside in the woods) and we haven't had it since. I always have it on hand -- great stuff!

Carol says:

It is good to use when you get into poison ivy. It helps wash off the oils on your skin that cause the itchy rash.

Shannon says:

Poison ivy! Its crazy but works. Lather up and let it dry then rinse it off. It helps break up the urushol oils that cause the rash and itching:)

Theresa says:

I remember Mom having me wash up with this after playing in the woods or weeding. In my teens I sat on the counter and washed my legs from my knees down in the laundry tub with Fels Naptha. Two days later I broke out from poison ivy from my KNEES UP, where I had NOT used it. It WORKS!!!

I also use it now to make my own laundry detergent as well. Works great, and SOOOO much cheaper than ever buying it.

Photo courtesy of cygnus921

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More Uses For Fels Naptha Shared By Facebook Readers

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When I shared this page of the site on the Stain Removal 101 Facebook page I got a couple of comments from fans giving me some more ideas for how to use this product. I liked them so much, I am sharing them with you here.

Crystal says:

As a stain stick and a toilet bowl cleaner. I put a couple tbsp of "homemade" laundry soap and some vinegar in at night and then scrub in the morning.

Margaret says:

We used this when we lived in the tipi on Black Mountain with its volcanic dirt lol! We grated it and used it for laundry after pretreating collars and stains with it.

Geni says:

A bar or two under the seats/in the trunk in the car also will repel mice if you live in the sticks.

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Great For Cleaning Oil Paint Off Paintbrush Bristles

by Judith

Judith says:

I always clean my bristle oil painting brushes with Fels Naptha. It leaves them soft and pliable!!

Taylor says:

Great tip Judith, thanks!

You can check out even more paint stain removal and cleaning tips here, or share your own.

Paint stain removal tips

Photo courtesy of sadaton, from Flickr CC

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Strawberry Soda Vomit No Match For Fels Naptha On Car Carpeting

by Kim
(El Paso, TX)

I babysit and while in my van going somewhere one of the kids I was watching vomited strawberry Fanta all over the back of my car, hitting the leather chairs, and the carpet.

I used Fels Naptha to clean the removable carpet from my van. Although it took some soaking, scrubbing and a couple of hours, I finally got the stain out of my carpet. It's awesome stuff!

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Where Can I Buy Fels Naptha?

Question From SR101 Reader:

I can't find Fels Naptha at my grocery store. Where can you buy it?

Pam's question:

I have looked for this product for years. Can never find it. Have inquired at all stores in my area, and no one sells it. I may have to order online.

Taylor's Answer:

Thanks for your question.

I looked around my local store for it recently too, and couldn't find it either.

You can ask your local store to order it for you, and they might do so.

The other possibility is to get it online.

Additional Answers From Readers

Reader #1 says: I found it today at Publix, if you are lucky enough to have one in your area. If not, check e-bay or Ace Hardware. Good Luck!

Reader #2 says: Wal Mart carries it for $0.97 per bar.

Myra says: Sometimes you will find it in the section of the grocery store where they have the bath soap even though it is only for laundry. This is because it is very unusual to find laundry soap in bar form.

Peggy says: I found it today at Krogers. $1.19. it was in the laundry section, not where the soap is.

Twila says: I use this all the time. Buy it at Rural King

Tori says: My Walmart has it. . . I use it to make my own laundry detergent. Haven't purchased detergent in a couple of years now.

Denise says: I LOVE this product! Oddly enough though I didn't find it in the laundry aisle, it was next to Dial bar soap in the "cleanser" aisle!

Taylor's Answer, Updated:

When I first answered this question it was difficult to find this laundry soap bar in stores, but making your own laundry detergent has become much more popular recently.

Because of this many more stores now carry it than they used to, since it is a common ingredient in many recipes.

I have recently seen it in the laundry aisle of Walmart myself, just as other readers said above.

Just look in the high or low aisles of the laundry section of your favorite store, since it doesn't cost much so it isn't given premium eye level shelf space!

I've answered this question as part of my laundry questions section of the site. You can come on over and see what else I've answered, or ask me your own question as well.

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Fels Naptha Soap - Lots Of Uses For Cleaning And Stain Removal

by Abby M.
(Gainesville, FL)

Abby has shared how she uses Fels Naptha soap throughout her home.

Abby says:

Fels Naptha Laundry Soap and stain remover is a product I use regularly. It is one of the best, and least expensive, products on the market that actually works. It's no wonder it's been on the market for over 100 years!

It has a clean, fresh scent and it's handy to use. It can either be used as a bar soap, or you can "flake" it with a food processor or a knife and keep it in a waterproof container.

I have used this product as a regular laundry soap, in a pinch, and a stain remover or laundry additive.

I have also made homemade, eco-friendly laundry soap with Fels Naptha, Borax and Arm & Hammer Washing Soda.

Not only that, but it can be used to remove blood stains and poison ivy resin from clothes.

In addition, I've gotten ball point ink on my favorite silk/linen blend blouse and I was sure I would never get it out. I tried alcohol but it was drying on the fabric and only lightened it. Sure enough, I got out my Fels Naptha soap bar, wet down the spot I wanted to treat, rubbed a little soap on it and left it to sit for about 40 minutes. I came back and put it in the washer, with normal soap and a few extra Fels Naptha soap flakes and voila! Out came the ink stain! It was fantastic!

It can also be placed in a light water mixture to remove aphids from your garden plants.

Finally, one of the best things about it is a bar of it at my local store costs me about $.99.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone as a cheap and effective stain remover for your laundry!

Taylor says:

Thanks Abby for sharing your uses for Fels Naptha soap.

Thanks for sharing your homemade laundry detergent recipe. It is actually very similar to the Duggar laundry soap recipe, because they use Fels Naptha soap in it too. If anyone else has a recipe using this soap, you can share your homemade laundry soap recipe here, or read other recipes that have already been submitted.

As you can see from the other review above, there are many people that really like this soap for stain removal, and I really am amazed by all the uses people have for it.

Have any other readers ever used this product? If so, I would love for you to share your uses and review here.

Fels Naptha {Referral Links}

Amazing uses for Fels Naptha soap around your home, including for stain removal, cleaning, laundry, and even more! {on Stain Removal 101} #FelsNaptha #LaundryTips #StainRemovaluse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Fels Naptha Soap - Lots Of Uses For Cleaning And Stain Removal

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Sharpie permanent marker stains?
by: Anonymous

Does Fels get out permanent Sharpie markers?

Fels Great For Football Pants As Well
by: Kathi

I used to keep a bar right with my laundry soap. When the boys played Rocket Football I used it to get all the grass stains and blood out of their football pants. GOOD STUFF!

Make a paste for pre-treatment of stains
by: Becca

I grate it finely and put in a container with hot water so it makes a paste and use as a pre-treatment for stains.

Making Homemade Stain Remover With Fels Naptha
by: Lisa

I took one bar and grated it and boiled it in a very large pot of water. That was about a year ago and I still have a ton. I put it in a spray bottle. Best stain treater ever!

I use it for all my tough laundry stains
by: Yvonne Adams

This product is found in the laundry aisle in my local store. It is a bar that I use on grease, blood or grass, or any tough stain. I wet the spot and rub the bar on it until a little suds appear. I treat the spots on garments in the whole load, then off to the washer it goes. It has worked great for me. No early pretreatment, use just before you wash it.

May Not Repel Mice!
by: Tad

I saw someone said Fels Naptha repels mice. I haven't had that experience. I keep a bar of it on a shelf over my washer on my back porch. A couple of years ago mice chewed through the wrapper and ate about half of the bar of Fels. They left their usual droppings all over the shelf, but I'm sure they had the cleanest mouse guts around!

a small amount goes a long way
by: Lucia

Moisten with liquid detergent, then rub naphtha bar over the spot before tossing in the washer. Works great.

cherry cold and flu med stain removed
by: Connie

I had a bottle of cherry cold and flu meds spill onto cream colored bedspread. I tried other stuff first and my friend told me to try the soap. Followed instructions but also scrubbed with little brush but was still there. Threw in wash and looks like brand new bedspread!! So happy and so inexpensive!!!

Does NOT Remove Grass Stains
by: Bella

I was excited to read the post regarding Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar & Stain Remover for removing grass stains. I found it easily in my local grocery store. I used the bar as directed, and I was very disappointed when it did NOT remove the grass stain from my grandson's khaki school uniform pants. It didn't even fade the grass stain.

tell people about this product
by: Sue

Use it on baseball pants, cleaning sneakers, grandkids clothes, carpet stains, on hands after gardening, cleans up toys great that soap could not get clean, I love it. I tell people often what can help them with their issues, FELS!

Yes, it will sometimes remove color.
by: Cheryl

I have been surprised by so many uses people have for this product! I have also used it as a pre-treater and it works great but I have had it remove color from some items. As they say: test on an inconspicuous spot.

by: Anonymous

Does it work on carpet stains?

Poison ivy
by: Anonymous

Stops poison ivy itch in five minutes. Drys it up and it's gone the next day. Work it into a past over the poison ivy with a little water.let it dry, leave it on overnight.

by: Anonymous

I just used Fels Naptha on a light blue shirt and it removed the color leaving two small bleach looking stains. Has this happened to anyone else before??? I’ve been using it awhile and this has never happened before.

Need to let it sit on fabric...
by: GrandmaToots

I have used this on many stains over the years, even a set on stain that has been washed and dried a couple of times. Wet the fabric and rub on the soap...the trick is to let is sit on the fabric for a couple of hours and then wash and dry like normal.

Felt Naptha for white shoes
by: Ashley

I use Fels Naptha for the white soles of shoes like Converse and sneakers. It gets them so white! And you can just scrub and rinse, then wear the next day.

keep in an onion bag
by: B-Man

I keep the bar of Fels Naptha in an onion bag. I cut to fit and tie the end. The roughness of the bag, along with the soap does wonders on stains.

clean steamer mop pad
by: Anonymous

My husband was doing something in the sink and I had no idea he was cleaning our steamer mop and had no idea he was cleaning it with the Fels Naptha soap (Jen didn’t even know what it was) but it worked like a charm and the mop pad is white again!

Fels Gets Out A Variety of Laundry Stains
by: Jen

This is super at getting out laundry stains like grass, blood, perspiration, ball point ink, as well as dirty collars and cuffs. My friend also uses it for baby formula and baby food stains. It only costs about a buck and how can anyone beat that today!

The same company that makes this bar also produces the 20 Mule Team Borax powder which I also like for presoaking heavily soiled and stained clothes, like grass and mud stains. Sometimes I will pretreat with the Fels first then soak with the Borax for several hours before washing. Again I picked up this tip from my friend that uses this method for baby type stains, as I was amazed at some of the messes she was able to clean up, like stains that had a chance to set for several days. It is powerful enough to get out stains but does not cause skin irritations. That is especially important to me.

by: Anonymous

Fels Naptha is our "go to" stain remover. Takes out everything from ball point pen to grease to blood. Fabulous stuff!

good for removing plant oils
by: Becki

I keep a bar of Fels Naptha with my camping gear and picnics. Use it to wash hands, feet and legs to remove plant oils, such as poison ivy after kids and adults play in the woods.

use a washboard with this soap
by: TerriSue

I make my homemade laundry soap with Fels Naptha. It works very well on getting my clothes clean. As we all know though, sometimes stains get by us in the sorting, or when I find them in the sorting I take them to my sink in the laundry room. I keep a bar of Fels Naptha on the soap tray. Several years ago I made the investment of an old-fashioned glass washboard. I haven't regretted it. I just get the stain wet, rub the bar on it, and scrub it for a minute on the board. Then I rinse it to make sure the stain is gone, it almost always is, if not do over and I have never had to do this three times. The Fels Naptha takes the stain out and the washboard takes the work out. An unbeatable combination. We have an oversized sink and I bought a small board so it fits right in the sink. I've been using the same bar now for years. I don't know if we aren't messy or it's long lasting but it seems I've done a lot of scrubbing and I've got my money's worth out of the washboard, so I'd say those bars last a long time.

works great
by: Anonymous

I use a bar of Fels Naptha as a stain remover for my laundry and have never had a problem. Even gets stains out of my husbands work clothes and he works in construction.

love it!
by: Anonymous

I use Fels Naptha for getting out greasy stains even if they've gone through the dryer.

I gave a bar to my older daughter and she uses it for getting baby food stains out of my granddaughter's bibs and clothes. Just soak in white vinegar, then scrub stain with Fels Naptha and wash as usual.

My younger daughter dyes her hair blue with a semi permanent hair dye and Fels Naptha is great for getting it off your skin and clothing!!

awesome stain remover
by: Yvonne Kadelski

I love Fels Naptha and I remember my mom using it way before stain removers came into existence. I took the bag that onions come in and put the bar of soap in that so between the roughness of the bag and the suds from the soap makes an awesome stain remover.

dries up poison ivy rash
by: Connie

This soap is great for ivy poison. Wash clothes and your body with the soap. It drys the rash up fast.

I use it for making my own laundry detergent
by: Disnne

I make my own laundry detergent with Fels Naptha, Arm and Hammer washing soda and borax. I'm staying at my moms and even using laundry detergent for sensitive skin I am living with hives! Time to hit the grocery store so I can make my own laundry detergent and stop itching .

how to use for poison ivy
by: Patty

For poison ivy this works great. Just make a lather like shaving mug soap and smear it on the effected area and it will dry that poison ivy up in a quicker time than calomine lotion could ever do. I swear by it for this application.

always used for poison ivy
by: Anonymous

Never thought about using it in the laundry. We have always used it to wash our hands, legs, and arms after being near poison ivy or oak.

dries out poison ivy
by: Anonymous

I found out that Fels Naptha works wonders for poison ivy after having gotten it from a friend burning logs with it on. I had it all over, even on my face. It dries out the blisters very quickly. I have always had a bar handy, just for that purpose!

Doesn't work on baby clothes?!
by: Shannon

I read these rave reviews about tough to get out stains and promptly bought several bars. I have two little boys who are very messy eaters. My two year old ends up wearing his dinner most nights. I used Fels Naptha as suggested (wet the bar and apply to the stain) on his messy clothing, washed and...?

NOTHING. No difference whatsoever. On my son's whites, the stains were lightened up a bit but they were still very noticeable. Not a fan.

And, would you believe, awesome hair & poison ivy cleaning!
by: Anonymous

I come from Pittsburgh, where my grandmother was working in a steel mill during WWII. She was, I guess, one of the original "Rosie the Riveters."

Anyway, she used Fels Naptha to clean the funk out of her hair after a shift. And, to her dying days, told me to use Fels Naptha for anything from laundry stains to washing off poison ivy, to cleaning up after a football practice.

I still use this product to wash my hair (and body) after a hard day's work.

I sh*t thee not, but Fels Naptha gets your hair cleaner than anything you can buy at a salon and - you older folks may attest to this - gets your skin "squeaky clean."

Rub your shoulders and hear the squeak once you have toweled off.

It may be a holdover from the old days but, damn! This stuff is the best.

does this work for stains that have been washed and dried?
by: Heather

Does anyone know if this product works on stains that have already been washed and dried?

Great for poison ivy
by: Michelle Iddings

My family has used Fels Naptha for many generations. One of the uses that we have used it for besides laundry is to help heal poison ivy. Simply wash the effected areas with the Fels Naptha bar of soap daily until the area is healed. It helps cut the itching and healing time in half :-) It's an amazing product! Enjoy!

will try it for blood
by: Vanessa

I just washed a pair of white jeans with blood on them, let's say this. The stain didn't come out! 😩 So I'll be going tomorrow to purchase my stain bar and see if it'll work, wish me good luck! #thosearemyfavpants 😩

For Bee Stings
by: Judy

We were camping and my cousin used it for bee stings. Cut the bar of soap into 1" cubes. When you get a bee sting, spit on it then rub the soap on it, making a lather. Let it dry and it helps draw out the stinger and soothes the sting.

Great as shampoo
by: Susan

My mom who is now 83, told me she and her 5 sisters used to use the Fels Naptha on their hair as shampoo when they were young. She saw it at my house one day in the laundry room and insisted on washing her hair with it. I have to say that afterwards her hair was very shiny clean and soft. Guess it's good for more than laundry and paint brushes.

Love it
by: Carol

Simply said, Fels Naptha is THE BEST! I am 72 years old and have used Fels Naptha as my mom did before me to remove old and new stains in the laundry. She showed me how to remove monthly blood stains with cold water before putting the item in the wash machine, wring washers in those days! I could repeat all it cleans, but you can read it all above. Basically use it to pretreat or clean anything by scrubbing a corner or end of a bar of it right into a wet, old or new stain. It works on everything you can launder. Once worked in, you can also use a toothbrush or other brush if needed. I have even used it to remove stains on walls, stains on shoes and caused by shoes, etc. along with other stains around my home. It also is very inexpensive! As it has been said about Mikey: try it, you'll LOVE it!

Dry out poison ivy
by: Sheryl Purcell

I actually use it to help dry out poison ivy. Use it in the shower in place of your regular soap. Lather up as normal and it will dry up the poison in a couple of days.

Baseball pants
by: Anonymous

It' the best thing I have found to get stains out of baseball pants, even red dirt.

Poison ivy
by: Anonymous

Who knew,laundry soap would have been good for laundry? It has always been my first attack after poison ivy exposure. If you wash with it quickly after exposure, you can totally bypass the rash. Put some in the laundry with exposed clothes and hot water to get the oils off of them too.

Removes oils left from poison ivy
by: Anonymous

A third grade field day for my daughter resulted in her first experience with poison ivy. She got the bad rash and had to see the Dr for a steroid pack it got so inflamed. Her doctor recommended that I wash all her clothing that she had worn that day (even her sneakers and ball cap) in the Fels Naptha. It neutralizes the oils that would have otherwise kept her getting the rash.

Bug spray
by: Dee

Grate a half bar, add to gallon of water, shake well to dissolve. From there pour 3-4 oz. into a spray bottle and fill with water. Use to spray your garden veggies and fruits. Bugs hate it. No chemicals. You can add some hot sauce to the spray bottle as well if the bugs are bad.

Baseball pants
by: Linda

I bought this to get grass stains out of my kids baseball white pants. You can't beat the inexpensive product.

Great stuff
by: Tealady3

I have been using Fels Napha for years and have found that it takes out EVERY stain I have ever used it on. Great stuff! I went to the sites listed and was shocked at the prices listed because here I only pay $1.00 a bar.

Removes anything
by: Peggy Miller

Wow this stuff removes any stain; blood, grease, ground in dirt, oily spots. Just name it Fels removes it. Cost of a bar is inexpensive compared to other products and does a much better job.

Poison ivy
by: Tina

It is not just for laundry. I use it on poison oak or ivy.

Tomatoe sauce
by: Bobbie

I splattered my shirt cooking a tomato sauce, it was an old shirt so I wasn't really heart broken. Several hours later when I was getting ready to wash the shirt, I wet the shirt and rubbed Fels on all the spots and after it came out of the wash not one tomato sauce spot was on it! The shirt was a blue knit shirt ,and the Fels did not discolor the fabric. I'm sold!

Finding Fels Naptha
by: Anonymous

For those having trouble finding Fels Naptha in your local store, if you have an Amish community near you try their stores. It will probably be the same price as Wal-Mart.

Great for homemade laundry detergent
by: Anonymous

I use Fels in my homemade laundry detergent and as a pretreater along with peroxide and have gotten all of my stains out so far.

Soy sauce stains
by: Lacey

I've used it to remove soy sauce stains.

Love this stuff
by: Anonymous

Fels naphtha is amazing. My daughter plays competitive softball and has white pants. It take the stains out grass, dirt even the red dirt. It also gets sunscreen stains off her jerseys and sweat stains off of white baseball hats. I love this stuff and would not be without a bar or four.

what am I doing wrong?
by: Anonymous

I bought a bar of this because I am extremely messy when I eat and cook. It doesn't take the stains out for me.

Fels Does A Lot For A Small Price
by: Julia

I initially used Fels as a pretreater for shirt collars and cuffs but soon discovered it works really well on lots of other stains like blood, most baby foods, and even baby formula. Of course the sooner you are able to pretreat, the better off you will be (especially baby formula), but I have even gotten out stains that were a few days old with Fels. You can sure pretreat many stains effectively for an investment of one dollar. I can't think of any laundry product that performs so well, and costs so little.

It didn't work on iron rust stains on jeans.
by: Barbara

My husband was moving an iron pipe and it had rusty water inside, which went completely down the front of his jeans. I have tried everything, and did not dry them in the dryer, but outside last summer. I have kept the jeans on top of my dryer trying to figure out what to do with them and a friend suggested Fels. I put it on as directed and let it sit for a couple hours, too. After washing them twice with Fels Naptha the stain was still in the jeans. There is no way I am going to be able to save them, and my husband won't wear them the way they are!

I must be doing something wrong
by: Danelle

I just bought a bar for the first time the other day. I must be doing something wrong because there is still red dirt on the white baseball pants! Also, has anyone had any problems with it messing up the fabric?? Help please!

not sold on it
by: Regi

I have some and used it but I wasn't sold on it because oxy powder did the same.

worked on chiggers as well
by: Julie

I believe it works for chiggers too. We used it and had had good results. That or rubbing alcohol used after exposure washes them away where soap does not.

my new favorite
by: Tammy

I started using this about two weeks ago. I saw it on a post. When my mom saw it in my grocery basket she said my gram used to use it all the time. It is now my favorite stain remover. It works so good!!!

I've had one bar for years
by: Diane

I've had my bar for a few years!! I wet the tip and treat stains then put it back in a container.

where I find it
by: Tamela

You can find it with the laundry soap at Luekens just a small soap size package.

always great!
by: Christine

This is older than ME! My mom used it when I was growing up and it was always great.

grate some soap into some laundry loads
by: Linda

I use a cheese grater and grate some into my whites load. I also grate some into my husbands work jeans load. Love it!

Fels Works Well
by: Connie

Nothing works better on blood stains than cold water and Fels. Also a great pretreater for soiled collars, cuffs, and perspiration stains.

cheap and good
by: Beverly

Use it for sports stains and anything else. Cheap too.

don't like smell
by: Christa

It smells SO bad/strong!

mom used it
by: Deb

My mom introduced me to it. It works best on dirt/grass stains and set-in stains. Can fade color on treated spot.

by: Lawanna

Works great for blood stains.

lasts and lasts
by: Laurie

I love it! A bar lasts forever too!

how to use
by: Bev

My local independent grocery store carries it. And, yes, it is on the bottom shelf. Wet the bar and thoroughly cover the stain with it, by rubbing the bar on it.

works on mystery farm stains
by: Heather

I've been using it for stains for forever now! I keep a coffee cup of water on the dryer, dip the bar in the water, and scrub the stain with the bar. Works great on mystery farm stains! lol

another use
by: Jennifer

Great for cooking oil stains!

always keep on shelf
by: Sarah

I always keep a bar of laundry soap on shelf next to my washer......this stuff works wonders.

love the smell
by: Jeanette

I love this product. I use it all the time. Fels Naptha was the welcoming smell of my Grandmother's basement.

baby clothes
by: Suzanne

Great stuff! Worked wonders on baby clothes.

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