Keep Mice Out Of Your Home - Quick Cheap Eco-Friendly Tip

by Tina

Tina provided this quick tip about how to keep mice out of your home, which is eco-friendly and frugal too!

Tina says:

If you have any holes you think mice are coming through, fill all with wire or steel wool. Mice cannot chew through this, and cannot come in.

Taylor says:

Thanks Tina for your quick tip.

If you have your own home remedy for how to keep mice out (or any other pest), or to get rid of them once they get in your home, you can share your home remedy pest control tips here, or you can read other ideas already submitted.

Photo by Diddlecome Dawcock

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Scare Mice Away From Your Home - Here's How

by The Blindman

Here is a quick tip from a reader about how to keep mice out of your home naturally.

The Blindman says:

Mice do not like snakes.

However, instead of getting a few rattlers into the lounge go to your nearest reptile park and ask for some snake poop (it does not smell).

Just sprinkle around a few entry points and the mice won't want to come in.

Taylor says:

Wow, never would have thought of that one!

Has anyone else done this? If so, please tell me how it has worked for you.

In addition, you can share your own home remedy pest control tips here, or read tips already submitted.

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Use Bounce To Prevent Mice From Coming In Your Home

by Lori Cardinal
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Lori has shared her tip for how to keep mice out of your home.

Lori says:

Bounce Sheets, the Original Scented ones ONLY, strewn about randomly in the areas affected by mice or signs of mice will get rid of them.

Mice hate the smell of Bounce sheets (remember only use the Original Scented ones) and will leave.

Bounce Dryer Sheets {Referral Links}

I tried this out and it worked. I do however, replace the sheets regularly once the smell dissipates from the sheets.

I also place them inside of closets and storage areas as a preventative measure and the bonus is that everything smells good too. :)

Taylor says:

Thanks Lori for your tip for using Bounce to prevent mice from staying in your home.

It makes me wonder, though, what about the scent that the mice dislike, and should I really be using them on my own clothes if that is the case?

I had not heard this suggestion before, but found out once I did a bit of research that it is not unheard of. I would love to hear from others to know if this works for them too.

You can share your own home remedy pest control tips here, telling me what works for you to keep mice out, or any other pest, or see other tips already suggested.

In addition, I started collecting dryer sheet uses here, with ideas from other readers, for how to use this common laundry supply in other unexpected ways.

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Comments for Use Bounce To Prevent Mice From Coming In Your Home

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Agree with the Bounce dryer sheets
by: Karen

We always put Bounce sheets in our camper when we put it away for the winter. We put them in the cupboards, closets, engine compartment, under furniture. Smelled much better than mothballs in the Spring! We stored our campers in the fairgrounds building, so we saw signs of mice in the buildings, but none in our camper.

Aluminum foil
by: Anonymous

Block entryways with packed aluminum foil, it's almost the same as steel wool.

Irish Spring soap
by: Anonymous

I use Irish Spring Soap Bars-they chew on them and leave!!
Also: Bounce dryer sheets work also.

Replace each every two months in the fall when they are looking for a warm resort!!

by: Geoff M

Yes steel wool is a great fix for small mouse holes. I found an area in our cabin that was about 2O feet long so I cut up a fine type of stucco mesh into eight inch wide sections and crammed it into these areas. I even nailed it with roofing nails so it wouldn’t,t be shifted at all. It looks like the mouse population has to stay outside now! Yea

Better than Steel Wool
by: PeanJay

When I re-did the walls in our kitchen back in 2001 I was familiar with steel-wool as a block against mice. I found they can actually claw through it, and some will in fact chew through the material in an attempt to get warm (and who could blame them after last winter?). I found that by using actual "Soap-pads" (steel-wool pads with the soap embedded within) actually had a better effect. Guess the soap actually gets air-born, the mice inhale and it stings. Besides having their mouth washed out with soap, they also have no dishes to do beside ours, and those they certainly won't do. We are now in August, and we've already been dealt 5 here at our home in Massachusetts, which our cats got before we could intercede. I really hope the mice use their noggins this fall and winter, and simply keep away. Has anyone tried turpentine on a cloth or pad? I know the scent stays even after the oil fades.

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