Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Works Wonders For Set-In Stains

by Ray N.

Ray shared his experience with Shout Advanced Ultra Gel stain remover.

Ray says:

Recently, I had dinner out and I spilled some melted butter on my favorite jacket. I used a stain remover that I had in the house, then washed the jacket and put it in the dryer. BIG MISTAKE!!! The stain was set and I could not get it out.

I thought I was going to have to throw the jacket away. Yesterday I went shopping and found the Shout Advanced Gel for set-in stains.

To make a long story short, I followed the directions and incredibly the stains were gone. What a fantastic product!!! Best stain remover I have ever tried. Thank you for saving my jacket.

Taylor says:

Thanks Ray for sharing how this product worked for you. Set-in stains, especially ones that have been through the dryer, are often very difficult to remove.

I'd love to hear from even more people who have used this product, to hear what stains they've removed with it, and how it's worked for them. You can share your laundry stain removers review here, telling me which product you think is best, and why.

In addition, you can share your tips for how to remove butter stains here, or read other tips which have already been submitted.

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Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Spray Stain Remover Review

by Heidi

Heidi shared her review of Shout Advanced Ultra Gel, in the spray bottle. She shared her opinion with me after I asked her what her favorite laundry stain remover was, when she was sharing a Fab laundry detergent review.

Heidi says:

This is my stain remover of choice.

I have an HE machine and it is so far the only one I have found marked for HE in my area.

I do not have to use it often, but when I do, it does a decent job.

Taylor says:

Thanks Heidi for your Shout stain remover review.

I guess I would call saying that it does a "decent job" faint praise.

It is interesting that you mention it says it is HE compatible. I honestly hadn't thought too much about the need for things besides laundry detergent to be HE compatible, but I guess now that I think about it, all laundry supplies you use in the washing machine must be.

Has anyone else found other laundry stain removers which are HE compatible that they like to use? Or, do you have an HE machine and use a stain remover without problems, even though it doesn't specifically mention being HE compatible? I would love to hear from you. You can share your laundry stain removers review here, or read other reviews, of other brands, which have already been submitted.

In addition, Heidi has provided a couple of other reviews for this site. You can read her additional reviews here:

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I Like The Shout Advanced Gel With The Scrubby Brush

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

For me the best of the Shout products is the Advanced Gel that has the scrubby brush.

The brush really helps to work the product into the stain.

I have used it on a variety of stains including baby formula, baby food, tomato sauce, and fruit juice and have had great results.

Clearly, kids are stain magnets.

One thing I noted in one of your comments was the ease of pretreating and throwing in the hamper and washing later. For the most part I agree whole heartedly but the instructions on the package indicate that when pretreating bright colors or khaki garments the product should not be left on for long periods.

I found out the hard way with one of my son's bright red shirts which wound up with a blotch where I had pretreated a juice stain, tossed in the hamper and washed 3 days later.

Of course this was my fault!

I also like to keep a separate hamper for stained clothes so that I will remember to check them before they go into the dryer.

For very bad (dye type) stains like grape juice I will pretreat as soon as I can, drop it in the hamper, then apply a fresh dose of Shout right before washing.

Shout is my #1 ally for stain removal.

It has saved me both time in the laundry room and money that would have been spent on more clothes.

Taylor says:

Thanks for telling me which types of stains you've successfully removed with this product! That is always helpful to others when looking for a product that can help them with their own spots and spills.
caution when using laundry pretreater
I also appreciate the warning about letting certain pretreaters dry on the fabric. In fact, this is mentioned in my article about using laundry pre treaters for removing stains.

With many types of pretreating products leaving it on for several days is perfectly fine, but with others it can cause a problem of bleaching or lightening the area where it is applied if left on to long, just as you described.

In addition, I like the tip for laundry that you shared of having the separate hamper for stained items. I often forget I have a stain, and then don't check it when it comes out of the washer and put it in the dryer, and we all know if its not removed the dryer will set the spots making them much harder to remove!

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This Is The Best For Machine Grease Even On Dress Shirts!

by Becky

Becky says:

I should be a paid spokesperson for Shout Advanced.

My husband is an engineer and wears dress clothes to work every day. But often he's asked to repair machinery in the machine shop.

Machine grease on his dress shirts sits for several days in the laundry. I saturate the stain with Shout Advanced and gone!

I recommend it almost daily to my friends! Best stain cleaner on the market for grease.

Taylor says:

Thanks for this tip Becky!

Mechanical grease is always so difficult to remove. Here are even more tips and ideas you could use, or share your own.

Photo courtesy of velkr0

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Shout Gel Is A Handy And Effective Pretreater

by Carrie

I work in a restaurant and really like the Shout Gel, both in the brush form as well as the spray bottle.

The whole laundry issue is truly minimized when you treat the stains as soon as you return from work.

I use the brush form for small stains, and the spray for larger stains or if I get really lazy.

My single complaint about the spray bottle is that it only comes in a 14 oz size, and when used daily it does not last long.

Both of these forms of Shout can be left on up to a week, which is perfect for me as I have just enough uniforms to cover the week.

In order to ensure good results I wash with either ERA or Wisk and also add a non chlorine bleach such as Clorox 2.

Most of my daily stains are coffee, tea, and soft drink, though I have also removed tomato based stains with the Shout.

For really greasy stains like cooking oil I also sponge the stain with Lestoil about 15 minutes before I throw it in the wash.

Most of my co workers use some form of Shout, and it was one of the more seasoned that suggested Lestoil for grease stains.

While I had heard of Lestoil I thought it was only used to clean floors.

One of our crew members said that she uses dishwashing liquid for greasy stains, though it sounds logical I probably won't try it unless I run short on Lestoil, since I know the Lestoil truly does the job.

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This Product Is Good For Mystery Stains

by Cassie

I was recently loading the washer and noticed a "mystery" red stain on the sleeve of one of my son's shirts.

Based on where it was laying in the hamper it had to be at least 5 days old.

I sprayed on the Shout Advanced Gel, let it sit for about an hour, then threw it in with the next load.

I was pleasantly surprised that the stain was removed.

I admit this product is a bit expensive so I use it only for the worst stains, including those that are unknown.

If I know about the stains on the days when they occur I like to apply the Shout Gel that comes with a scrub brush, then leave it sit until wash day.

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Tip: Apply Shout To Both Sides Of The Stain

by Lorie

I have gotten out many different stains using the Shout Advanced Gel, including baby formula, fruit juice of different colors including red, and baby food to name a few.

Believe me the stains I have are no mystery, just a fact of life!

One tip is to first spray the back of the stain, rub in gently, then spray another shot to the front of the stain, and rub it in some more.

I then drop the garment into either the light and white clothes hamper, or the colored clothes hamper until I am ready to wash.

Of course these hampers are strictly for baby clothes, as I use a different detergent for his clothes than I use for the rest of the wash.

This way I am ready to wash and can avoid the step of sorting.

It also makes it easy for my husband to help out by running a wash, since it is just a matter of loading the machine. I would never trust him to do the pretreating step.

I also miss being able to buy the big refill bottle for this product, but sometimes I find a 22 ounce size at Target.

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What Happened To The Refill For The Shout Gel?

by Kay

Kay asked:

I use a lot of the Shout Gel, mainly on baby clothes, and can no longer find the bottles used for refilling the original container.

These used to save me a few dollars. Are they still available?

Taylor's answer:

Thanks for your question Kay. I did some research for you and found that the refills for the gel version have been discontinued, but they still have refills for the original trigger formula.

I hate it when they stop making something I use, so I know it is disappointing, but at least they still make the product itself, just not the refill bottles.

I've answered this question as part of the site where readers ask me for laundry help. Come on over and see what else I've answered, or ask me your own question!

***Update: Kay responded, once I answered her question, and she said:
Although most stores only carry the 14 ounce size I have been able to locate a 22 ounce bottle at Target. Even though this is still not as good a deal as the refill bottles it is less expensive than the 14 ounce bottle.

I also use the Shout Gel that comes with a small brush that you can use to work the gel into the stain. It also works quite well on baby food, formula, and juice stains.

When we travel away from home for several days I always pack a bottle of this pretreater. Although there is a lot of laundry catch up to do upon return, at least I know the stains have not had a chance to set.
***End Update

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Shout Gel Is The Only Stain Remover I Use

by Lisa

Lisa shared this review on the site's Facebook fan page, and then graciously agreed to let me put it up on the site too.

Lisa says:

This is the only one I use. I love it because it can sit on the stain for about a week.

My daughter is almost five, been using since she was born and I have NEVER had a piece of her clothing ruined by a stain.

I can let her wear her "nice" clothes to school and whatever comes home on them I just spray with the Shout and toss it in the hamper, then wash as usual that weekend. LOVE this stuff!

Taylor says:

I told Lisa on the site that her review just about sold me on this product, just by itself! I have three kids too and I know what she means about "nice" clothes and stains. They seem to be attracted to one another.

I also like to be able to pretreat stains as I see them and then be able to wash the item with everything else in the wash instead of having to stop everything and throw that one item in the wash by itself.

I would love to hear from even more people who have used this laundry stain remover to share with me how you like it. You can share your laundry stain removers review here, telling me about this or any other product and how it has worked for you, good or bad.

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Comments for Shout Gel Is The Only Stain Remover I Use

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grease stains from the farm
by: Amanda

We farm and it’s not uncommon for my hubby to come home covered in grease. I spray everything down with Shout advanced and then add some good old dawn dish soap (the platinum is my favorite to use) it may take a couple washes (NO drying in the dryer in-between) to get it most of it out, but that usually does the trick.

Just use liquid detergent
by: Suzie Anderson

One of the best things you can do is put liquid detergent on the clothing as soon as there is a spill. It will prevent the stain from setting. I have not tried it on carpet, but I am sure it might work too. I would not blot, just clean in the washing machine.

It's No Longer As Thick As The Original Version
by: Kathy

While I still use Shout Gel I have noticed that it is not as thick as it used to be, which causes me to use more of it to get the same cleaning power as the old version. Considering all of the stains I need to pretreat it is definitely getting more expensive. Unless I can find a good substitute I will be doing more presoaking.

One thing I have found is that at least for shirt collars and greasy stains on my uniforms, dishwashing liquid is a worthy substitute for Shout. Just apply it about 10-15 minutes prior to washing.

I also like pretreating stains with BIZ liquid and the most economical approach is to pour some into an old dishwashing liquid bottle instead of fooling with the cap from the BIZ container.

Shout Gel is an excellent product
by: Anonymous

I also work in a restaurant and experience the same stains as Carrie. Shout Gel is an excellent product. My sister works at a child care center and also gets a lot of stains on her clothes, e.g. formula, baby food, and even some medicines like cough syrup, etc. She is also a faithful user of Shout. We both like being able to pretreat and leave the product on the clothes up to 1 week. We also do at least a 30 minute soak with BIZ to help with stains and odors, and wash with Wisk. By using the combo of these 3 products the laundry is not a challenge.

love idea to apply it to both sides of the stain!
by: Anonymous

I deal with the same kinds of stains, plus I usually spill coffee on the same robes that get hit with formula and food stains. Applying Shout to both sides of the stain is a great tip! This is an excellent pretreater that I use daily and normally leave on the garments until I have a load to run.

Pack A Laundry Pre-Treater When Going On Vacation
by: Mary

We just returned from vacation and one of the best things I packed was a bottle of Shout Gel. I used it to pre-treat various stains including coffee, tea, juice, formula, and baby food. It truly made the daunting task of laundry after a vacation much easier. I call it first aid for stains since it can generally be left on the garments for up to a week before washing. I depend on Shout for all of my laundry stains.

A Bottle of Shout Next to The Hamper Is The Right Solution
by: Anonymous

My daughter recently started working at a restaurant. I agreed to wash her white uniforms as long as she timely pretreated the stains.

She has a bottle of Shout gel next to a separate wash basket for her work clothes.

So far so good. It is really convenient that you can leave this product on the stains for several days.

BTW I use Wisk and Biz (good for stains and general whitener) to complete the job.

There has not been a stain that did not come out, including coffee, tea, ketchup, perspiration, etc.

I Keep A Bottle Of Shout Gel By Each Hamper And By The Washer
by: Dee

Lisa is right on point. Since I have a hamper on each floor I keep a bottle of Shout gel right next to them for easy and timely pretreatment.

I also have a bottle next to the washer for those stains that don't show up until wash day. This is one product I use daily that really pays off on wash day.

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