Shout Stain Remover Review - Gets Out The Whole Family's Stains

by April
(Pensacola, Florida USA)

April has provided this Shout stain remover review.

April says:

I've tried just about every laundry pretreater that is out there, from the Dollar Tree knock off brands to the expensive ones.

In my searches for the best product I have found that Shout works the best on even the toughest stains.

I have a husband who works in a job where his clothes are constantly getting dirty and covered in grease and other things, and a three year old who gets anything and everything on her clothes, and this product gets every stain out, from oil to blood.

Some of the things I love the most about it are that it doesn't have an offensive odor, and that it doesn't goop up. Some of the other laundry stain removers that I have used before have a tendency to goop up.

I'm also a pretty thrifty shopper, and I love how much solution is in the bottles.

I can't see myself using anything other then Shout to get stains out of my family's laundry.

Taylor says:

Thanks April for your review.

Here's a question for readers: Shout has both the classic laundry stain remover, and also a gel stain remover. Which one do you use?

What about everyone else? Do you have an opinion about Shout? You can share your laundry stain removers reviews here, or read reviews of lots of other brands.

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Shout Got Out Strawberry Syrup Stain On Thanksgiving Tablecloth

by Taylor

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year at my Mom and Dad's and like all grandparents my parents want to spoil their grandkids.

Well, my youngest (who is 5 currently) is enamored with strawberry milk, so they bought her Hershey Strawberry Syrup and made her this brightly colored pink milk for the main meal.

I told her to be very careful, and even was sitting right next to her, but accidents happen.

As everyone else in the family was talking she was bored (she was done eating) and began stacking the napkin rings. The big tower fell down and knocked over about half a glass of milk onto the nice ivory Thanksgiving tablecloth.

I also used several ivory colored napkins to try to sop everything up in my haste.

Wouldn't you know I didn't take a picture of this disaster, because honestly I didn't think it would come out. And I felt really bad that my child had basically ruined the nice tablecloth.

After dinner my Mom wanted to try and wash it, to see if we could salvage everything, and gave me the choice between the new Spray N Wash with Resolve and Shout. I chose the Shout.

(I personally normally use the scent free version but she had the original scented version.)

We dosed the tablecloth and napkins liberally with the pretreater, washed in warm water on permanent press and when we took them out of the washer they were absolutely clean and spotless. No big pink splotch across the tablecloth or any of the napkins at all!

I was absolutely amazed.

removing food coloring stains
Now, we did wash them right away, as soon as we cleared the table which I'm sure helped. But really -- it was basically milk with red dye in it, and it came out! Wow!

I had a similar positive experience with purple popsicle stains on a dress with Shout Free, so really this stuff works great on food coloring stains as far as I'm concerned!

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Shout Laundry Stain Remover Review - Mixed Stain Removal Results

by Brittney
(Cedar Falls, IA, United States)

Brittney provided her Shout Laundry Stain Remover review, explaining her mixed results with the product.

Brittney says:

My whole family has used Shout for a long time and almost everyone is greatly satisfied with it, except me.

Shout does a great job on getting rid of stains if they are small stains. For example, I had a small ketchup stain on my t-shirt and used a small amount of Shout and left it on for the required 5 minutes, rubbed it in, and then threw it into the wash and the stain came right out.

It also works wonders for medium mud stains that my Dad gets on his work clothes in the same fashion as the small stains.

However, I did not have good results with Shout laundry stain remover for a large stain I had. One time I had cut open my foot and had a big blood stain on my sheets, and decided to use Shout to get it out. It did not work.

I washed the sheet twice using Shout both times (and a lot of it) and the stain just didn't come out.

The first time I left the Shout on there for the required 5 minutes, rubbed the stain in completely and then threw it into wash. The stain came out a little but not completely.

So I did not dry the sheet in the dryer, but instead I hung it out on the line. The 2nd time I left the Shout laundry stain remover on for 8 minutes, rubbed it in, and washed it again, the stain didn't even disappear a little.

So in context to April's review above of Shout, where she said "Shout Stain Remover Review - Gets Out The Whole Family's Stains", I would respond that the phrase "Gets Out The Whole Family's Stains" does not live up to its full potential.

Taylor says:

Brittney, thanks for your Shout laundry stain remover review.

Shout, like most laundry stain removers, is designed to try to remove a wide spectrum of stains, but not all stains are alike and they don't all respond equally well to the same treatment.

That is why I'm not surprised you had mixed results with Shout -- it just unfortunately cannot work on everything, all the time.

So, does anyone else have an experience with Shout laundry stain remover and want to share it? If so, share your laundry stain removers reviews here, telling me about how Shout or any other product has worked for you (or not worked, as the case may be).

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I Love To Shout It Out! With Shout Stain Remover

by Sandy

Sandy has shared her favorite laundry stain remover for removing all kinds of stains her kids get on their clothes.

Sandy says:

I am a mother of three and I love to "Shout It Out" with Shout.

I have had many experiences with spills, spots and accidents, especially the kinds of accidents no Mother enjoys to encounter.

With my first child, I had to throw away so many onesies, pants and sheets because those "accidents" really wanted to leave a mark.

I got sick of all the spot removers that did not do what they were intended to do.

That's when my best friend told me to try Shout. She was convinced that it was the best spot remover.

She told me about the time she had made fudge sundaes for her son's birthday party and her close friend stopped by to drop off a gift. However, she could not resist having one before she had to leave and go to work. She was wearing a white blouse and she had just missed her mouth and the fudge ran down her shirt. Thankfully, they had Shout and they were amazed that even just rinsing off the stain, spraying it with Shout and rubbing it out worked.

Ever since I heard her advice and listened to that convincing story I have been hooked. I have used it for every stain I come across.

My family and I lived in Europe for a little while and it was even able to take out set in red wine stains. My husband was amazed when he got his favorite white t-shirt back with no stains.

Most of the mothers I know all use Shout because we all know it works great. No more throwing clothing out because of a nasty stain.

Taylor says:

Thanks Sandy for sharing your favorite laundry stain remover.

I have to say quite a number of readers also have opinions about Shout. Here are some other reviews also submitted for related products:I would love to hear from other readers too about their favorite laundry stain removers. What do you make sure you always have in stock in your laundry room for treating stains?

You can share your laundry stain removers reviews here, or read many more already submitted.

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Comments for I Love To Shout It Out! With Shout Stain Remover

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Has the formula been changed?
by: S Dobson

I have used Shout spray pretreater for my laundry forever. Recently I purchased a new bottle. I used it as I always had and folded or hung my clothing etc. up without checking to see if the stains were removed. Lo and behold, I would choose something to wear and the remainder of the stain was there. I started looking at all the recent laundry, and there were the stains on most of it. This has happened since I opened the new bottle. Prior it happened very seldom. My thought is they have added more water and more scent.

I have turned so many people onto using Shout
by: Pamela Flanagan

I have tried a lot of different stain removers and Shout is, by far, the best of any. I can't get over how it gets out pen marks, blood, grease, white-out, make-up, soda, chocolate; you name it and it removes it. I wish there were coupons for Shout. I never see any.

I like the Shout wipes too. They are great to carry in your purse. They work great too, should you spill something on your blouse or pants while eating out.

I have turned so many people onto using Shout.

it does not work
by: timlights

I have used Shout for years until recently.

It no longer works like it used to.

I am going to resort to another brand, they must have changed the formula.

I have washed my shirts more than once after applying Shout every time, it does not remove stains.

it works
by: Harriett

I use Shout on everyday stains but especially on my husbands work clothes. He is a construction and there are tough stains. We live in the south making the stains worse because of the heat and pollen. I use it every time I wash his clothes. We do not have children so baby stains are not involved.

by: ray g.

I have used shout for everyday grease spots and stains. This time I had a nice pair of pants that got stained with a good amount of blood. Shout worked like a champ, no trace of blood after washing the pants with a regular load.

did not help one bit!!!
by: Anonymous

Shout triple acting has not helped one bit. Have used it for 3 days trying to get the tea stain lifted a little. Nothing. I will never buy this product again.

Shout stained my shirt
by: Lisa

I put Shout on a small area on the front of a new shirt where I dropped gravy. The shirt is pink, when it can out of the washer it was purple where I had sprayed the shout :( New shirt is ruined. Wash again and still the same.

Took color out of sheets
by: Anonymous

I used Shout on my sheets, my granddaughter got a couple of stains on them. We have ortho beds, due to health reasons, with twin XL sheets. The two twins lock together to form one bed with separate controls. I used Shout (usually use another treatment brand, but Shout was on sale). It took the color out in every spot I sprayed it on. I have a front load extra large capacity Kenmore washer and dryer that are only 8 months old. I only washed one twin fitted and one flat with two pillowcases in one load. There are big spots all over the sheets where it lifted the color. These sheets are far from cheap as they are twin XL. You have to pay premium dollars to get decent thread count. At college time you can buy 180 thread count which are terrible. Now I have a set of sheets we paid $74 for each set that are ruined. They are darker tan. Has anyone had this problem? I sprayed them, waited about 5 minutes and washed on warm water. Washer was not over crowded either. Any ideas?

Did not work for me
by: Anonymous

I have always heard about how this works. Well didn't work for me on a sauce stain. I followed the directions and nothing. Shout only dulled the stain a little bit. I won't buy this product again. The commercials are false as well at least in my experience. Sorry shout you definitely failed the sauce stain remover test.

Works great
by: Lynn

I started buying shout when my elderly dog, who slept with me, would leave blood stains on the sheets from chewing on her feet. Of course, there was a lot of dirt from her paws. When it came to washing the sheet, I had to spray the entire thing because of the dirt and also covered the blood.
Blood sets when using hot water. However, the blood still came out. Without Shout, I would have been soaking my sheets forever before washing. I use Shout on all pretreatment and it works great!

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