Shout Color Catcher Review: It Definitely Grabbed Some Dye!

by Taylor

I tried a Shout Color Catcher with a recent load of laundry I did for the family.

Normally, I like to sort my clothes into like colors to keep things from getting to dingy, but it is a big pain to sort everything so I'm always willing to try something that will make my laundry routine easier.

I got a free sheet from the company by requesting it from their Facebook page when they were running a promotion.

Here's a picture of the load of laundry I used it on. I admit it was quite freeing to just dump everything in!

Shout color catcher in use

I washed everything like normal, and when I was done I fished out the used sheet.

Wow, it really did pick up a lot of dye from the look of it. Here's a picture below of what it looked like after the load was complete:

Shout color catcher after use

I examined the clothes after they got out of the dryer, and I didn't see any major bleeds on anything, but of course I had washed all of these clothes multiple times before so I wasn't expecting anything major.

It does make me realize I better always sort if I don't use one of these dye grabber products, otherwise I could see how everything could get dingy really fast.

The question I can't answer from this one use is whether the product caught all the dye, or just a portion of it. The video from Consumer Reports (scroll down a bit to see the video) would suggest that the cloth didn't grab all the dye, but just some of it.

I would have to wash the clothes over and over like this, using lots of these sheets, to see if over time they got dingy or not.

The question I have to ask myself is even if they do work to keep clothes from getting dingy, if they're worth the cost? It is another thing to add to each wash load, and they're only usable once, so it's an ongoing expense if you choose not to sort your laundry.

Certainly it would be more frugal just to sort my clothes, and therefore, at least as of this time, based on my research and my cheap tendencies I haven't bought anymore of this product but have just gone back to sorting each load.

I'd love to hear from others who've used this or any other dye grabber product, telling me how they've worked for you, and whether you think it's worth it to pay for the convenience of not having to sort anymore. You can share your reviews and experiences here.

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Shout Color Catcher Saved The Day For This Quilt

Bleeding dye on quilt

Bleeding dye on quilt

This product is normally used to grab dye when it bleeds into the laundry wash water, so it doesn't redeposit back onto the fabric being washed.

However, it can also be used to help fix the problem if you've accidentally had some bleed through of one dye onto another fabric.

That is exactly what happened to Lisa Clarke who blogs at Polka Dot Cottage. She explained in her blog post (click through for the full post) that she'd created a quilt which had a red sheet as a backing.

Because of the quilting technique she was using she didn't prewash the red sheet, and when she washed it once the quilt was completed it bled onto the lighter fabric on the front, causing pinkness especially around the stitching.

In a later post she explained how she saved the quilt with these color catchers.

Here's the after picture:

quilt saved with Shout Color Catchers

Normally red fabrics, like this sheet which was used as the quilt backing, will bleed for a couple of washes, and should be washed separately for a while to prevent bleeding like what occurred.

I would assume that although the dye had bled and gotten parts of the front of the quilt pink that the dye was not well set, so when it was washed again the dye from the front again lifted, and this product's purpose was to then grab it so it didn't re-redeposit onto the quilt again.

She washed the quilt twice more, each time with a different dye grabber sheet, and salvaged the quilt, which is a great thing since it really is beautiful, don't you think?

I think you could use this product in a similar way if you ever have bleeding dyes on some of your clothes, especially if they're colored or have prints.

This technique may work better for you than using a color remover, which is what I would normally recommend when there is a dye transfer disaster because this product can be used on colored clothing, and many color removers can only be used on whites.

I've collected lots of dye and color remover reviews here though, since some of them can also be used on colored fabrics, in case you ever need one for a laundry mishap of your own.

Further, I also normally suggest soaking in Oxiclean or another color safe bleach if you've had a dye bleed, but again this method probably worked better than the soaking method would have in this instance.

Why? Because if she'd soaked the quilt after just the first wash which had caused the original problem she'd most likely have gotten even more dye transfer because the red sheet was still giving off some dye in the second and third washes.

This product grabbed not only the dye that lifted from the front of the quilt, but also the dye that was released in the second and subsequent washes from the red sheet backing, and kept all of the dye it from depositing onto the front of the quilt.

Have you had success removing color bleeds from clothes using this product? Whether the answer is yes or no I'd love to hear from you, sharing your experiences. You can share your dye grabber cloth product reviews here, or read more information about them.

Photos courtesy of lisaclarke on Flickr Creative Commons

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Comments for Shout Color Catcher Saved The Day For This Quilt

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I use them, but still sort!
by: Irene

These catchers works, but I still sort laundry because some things are better to wash in cold, others hot.

Great luck with them
by: Lynette

I've had great luck with them, both in keeping things from bleeding and helping to draw the dye out of things that turned colors.

Great on football jersey
by: Gail

I think they work great too. My sons' football jerseys were maroon with white numbering/names. A color catcher prevented the color from fading on those, the product was coated in color though.

I swear by them
by: Becky

I swear by them. They have saved me so many times. Now I'm not ridiculous, but sometimes it's new blue jeans or a new dark item and I don't want it all over everything else! Wouldn't be without them!

Hit and miss
by: Kimberly

They work sometimes, I have had one pink shirt. I think the trick is putting them in the bottom of the washer before you load the clothes.

Use for new clothes
by: Mary Ann

I sort my clothes, but if I have something new that has not been washed before I use the color catcher and it works!

I swear by them
by: Brandy

I swear by them! My daughters dresses are whites and bright colors, usually on the same dress and they catch the color!!

Help when I want to combine loads
by: Kim

I usually sort but sometimes I want to combine loads and Color Catchers save me! I also use one in my lights because sometimes the pinks bleed onto the whites.

Great for uniforms
by: Heather

They're GREAT for uniforms. School colors are maroon & white. I don't care how many times they have been washed I still throw one in. If one of my kids get a new uniform, I throw in about 4, LOL! Still sort clothes. Don't throw a catcher in with everything. Just kids uniforms and my whites, believe it or not.

Tips for using them
by: Joni

I use them when I wash something for the first time. I usually cut them in half and place them in different areas of the machine to catch as much of the colored water as possible. Some brands make them pretty big, so I may only use one per wash, which helps to stretch the cost.

Best thing since sliced bread
by: Tracie

I use Color Catchers religiously and LOVE them. I still sort and wash, but use them in any load where I'm concerned with colors bleeding. Even when I sort colors there is the worry of a dark purple item bleeding on my favorite hot pink shirt, so I won't take a chance washing without them. I think they are the best thing since sliced bread!

Didn't work for laundry mishaps
by: Amy

There have been a couple of times I've tried them after laundry mishaps. They haven't worked. I think it's because the clothes went through the dryer.

Use on vacation
by: Ruth

I use them only when I'm on vacation at the seashore or campgrounds and don't have time to wait on several loads. Work great!

Removed color that had already run
by: Susan

I love them! I've even used them in loads that already had color that ran and it was removed.

Cut in pieces and reuse to save
by: Anonymous

I love Color Catcher sheets, but they are not cheap, but I am. So I tried re-using them, and have NEVER had a problem. You can see when they are starting to lose their effectiveness, as they get darker and darker but, I always keep them for SEVERAL washes at least. I always use 3 or 4 in each load, to have them more evenly protecting all of the items. If you make any attempt at sorting, or are washing only older items, you will often see that they have left the wash in the same condition they started. When you are re-using most of the sheets, it really becomes a quite reasonable price to insure that the stray red sock doesn't create a mess that will take so much time to fix.

New brand
by: Leslie

I agree Anonymous! I've been using Color Catcher for years and I use them over and over until they're getting as dark as a mid-range color.
Recently when going to buy Color Catcher, I noticed a different brand of dye attracting sheets nearby, Color Grabber (a Carbana product).
The Grabber brand works just as well as Catcher, is a bit less expensive than the Catcher and has more sheets per pack.

Since I live alone, sorting is not a burden, but I don't like to wash unless I have a full load of clothes. Washing darks and lights separately makes for very small loads, even when washing just once per week. The Catcher/Grabbers have solved that problem for me.

use when a new item of clothing in my wash
by: Samantha

I still faithfully sort my laundry. But I also do use the color catchers. I use them when I am washing a new piece of clothing with like colors. There is a lot of dye on new clothing. So just to be on the safe side I add a color catcher to my load of laundry if I have a new item of clothing in with that load ad the sheet does come out with a lot of color on it. I could honestly say I seriously doubt there is would ever be a product I could trust to wash my reds and whites together!

love it, and helped with yellow spots caused by iron in my water
by: Judy

I love this product. I started using it when I had tons of iron in my water, leading to yellow spots. Using color catchers prevented spots. Found I no longer worried about bleeding colors. Worth every penny.

use when something has white and color on it
by: Christina K

I still sort my clothes but I use these when a new item comes in and there are other darks that have white in them that could get discolored. I think that they work well enough so that I don't have to wash a red and white shirt by doing something odd. Another thing I do is use resolve laundry stain spray on the white and it helps remove the discolor you can get from various things including white towels with a navy stripe.

I did an experiment - they work!
by: Anonymous

I love it! I was skeptical at first so I did an experiment: I put a white sock in with a load of red clothes. Result? White so k still white and a red color catcher. If you are washing things for the first few times, or things that bleed a lot (like jeans), use 2 or 3 sheets. But they are amazing!

Didn't work for me
by: Anonymous

Tried to get pink out of red and white dress and it just made it worse. Maybe type of material and that it had been dried.

by: Anonymous

I used color catcher sheets for years, but recently our washing machine wouldn't work; not draining properly.Nothing was clogged in the hose, but when the pump was checked,there were 3 color catcher sheets wrapped around it. UGH! Who knows how long it took for 3 sheets to cause this. Laundry may not have been draining cleanly for a long time. Anyway, color catcher sheets will not be used by me ever again.

Colour bleed
by: Anonymous

I have a colour bleed problem and am thinking of buying colour catcher sheets. I always wash my clothes in cold water. Do you have to use hot water with colour catchers?

Color catchers work well
by: Anonymous

Color catcher sheets work well for me. I use them to wash large loads without separating lights and darks. I use them when washing hand dyed fabrics that I’ve purchased. I make quilts without prewashing the fabric before piecing and sewing them, so I also use color catcher sheets when washing my quilts (because of using dark and light fabrics in the same quilt). If you have a front loader washer, place the color catcher sheet(s) in a mesh bag that is used for machine washing delicate items.

Only One Failed
by: Keilah

I have used Color Catchers for years. I have never had a failure until today. I washed our 4th of July new towels and shirts (blue, red & white) altogether with a Color Catcher. I am now trying to get pink out of clothes.

Reusing dye catchers
by: Wendy

I have used these dye catchers for quite some time now and find they work great. I do separate my laundry, I’m fact I also go as far as to separate by color and type of laundry. I worked for 15 yrs for a commercial laundry provider and learned that by spreading your items by color and type you not only prolong the fabric but many times it can also help the efficiency of your machines. Additionally, after some consideration I cut the sheets in half and sometimes use multiple sheets in larger loads just in case and I also reuse them. It seems to work equally well to reuse them and they continue to get darker and darker. I find them especially helpful when items have a mixture of light and dark colors on the same article. My next experiment will be to make my own dye catchers out of old cut up white undershirts. I haven’t been able to get to the store lately, I try to stay home as much as possible with the COVID 19 pandemic as we have several immune compromised people in our home so I will also be making my own washing soda from placing baking soda in a 400* oven for an hour.

one sheet, ripped into three pieces, works for me
by: Melissa

I sort my clothing and use the Color Catcher. I rip the sheet into threes and use one piece per load. When I do lights the sheet is a little darker. When I do darks the sheet is always blue or red.

didn't remove dye transfer stain on shirt
by: Treena V.

Used on ‘light grape’ colored Lands End t-shirt with red stains transferred from wet shirt laying on top. Had a basement flood, and found shirt approximately 36 hours after waters receded. Still wet. Rinsed out with clean water then washed. Stain still there so tried Color Catcher sheet. Did nothing. Shirt kept wet whole time. May work on super fresh stains, but apparently not on 2 day old, even if not allowed to dry out. Am going to return box.

it worked!
by: KS

It worked! It really worked!!!!!! I had grey shirts that had a red stain on them and it was gone. What a relief it was.

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