Simple Green Bike Cleaner Degreaser Review: Foaming Formula

by Taylor

My husband recently used the Simple Green Bike Cleaner Degreaser for cleaning his mountain bike of grease, oil, dirt and road grime.

He also used it to clean his bicycle chain, before relubricating it.

He was quite pleased with the results, and thought it did a good job.

There are two versions of this product, the one which sprays on, and the version he used which sprays on as a foam. He said he liked the foaming version because it didn't drip and stuck to the areas of his bicycle that he wanted to get clean, even small spaces that are hard to reach.

The instructions for using this product are simple: first wet your bike with water, and then spray the cleaner on the areas you want to get cleaned. Next, let the foam sit on the surfaces for several minutes, and then wipe and scrub the product off and rinse with water. Finally you need to dry the bike off.

Obviously, also, if you use this product as a bike chain cleaner you'll need to relubricate the chain afterward!

He's never used a different cleaner and degreaser than this one, so he doesn't have much to compare it to, but he was overall happy with the product.

This is rather a specialty cleaning product, and he bought it at a local bike shop he goes to. However, you can also purchase it through the links below.

Has anyone else used this or any other product to clean up their bikes, including their bike chains? If so, I would love to hear from you. You can share your own review here of this or any other product, telling me the good or the bad.

Further, another reader wrote in to share how he used Lestoil for cleaning his bike chain.

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