How To Remove Grease Stains & Motor Oil: Home Remedies

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Below I've compiled home remedies for how to remove grease stains, from mechanical or electrical items in and around your home, as well as motor oil.

Specifically, this page is devoted to removing these stains and spots from your clothes and other washable fabric.

It is very easy to get these stains, such as from working on your car or even just rubbing up or brushing past a piece of machinery. Then, you just look down and you've got a big mark on your pants or shirt and have no idea how you did it!

how to remove grease from clothes
Several readers have already shared how they get rid of these marks, but I would love to hear from you as well. If you've got your own tips or remedies to share please click this link and do so here. Further, you can also learn about several commercially available products for removing these stains at the link as well.

Scroll on down for the home remedies that have already been shared.

(Also, please note that this page is all about mechanical types of grease and oil. If you're looking for how to remove oil and grease spots caused by food, here's the page for you!)

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Dawn To Remove Bicycle Grease From Top

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

I mistakenly washed a top that had bicycle grease on it without removing the grease before I washed it.

I used Dawn dish detergent applied with a toothbrush while the top was wet from my previous wash and it came right out!

I rinsed it with water and set it out to line dry.

Dawn Works On More Than Just Bike Grease! It Works On Lots Of Types Of Mechanical Grease

***Update: After putting up this tip from a reader, I've had even more readers write in to say how well Dawn works for removing these types of stains. Here's a story from a reader, Tina:

I belong to a roller coaster club, we travel all over to ride. I was on a behind the scenes tour, and got black industrial grease all over a new bright orange shirt. I was devastated. Couldn't even wash it until two weeks later when home.

I used blue Dawn, but never rinsed before putting in washer. Initial wash took out about 85% of stains (there were so many spots, I may have missed pre-treating some).

I didn't dry, then pretreated and washed again.

You would NEVER know the shirt wasn't brand new! I'll never use anything else for grease stains.

Dawn Dish Soap {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for these tips.

Dish soap is actually an awesome stain remover and cleaner for lots of things. Here's my round up of dish soap uses around your home for cleaning and stain removal if you want to see even more.

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Fels Naptha For Getting Out Grease Stains In Clothes

Vicky says:

I have used Fels Naptha very successfully on my husbands Navy uniform to remove engine and anchor chain grease (black oily tar like stuff).

Mr. G says:

After constant attempts to remove a self caused oil and grease stain from a good shirt I stumbled upon this method.

Dawn, ammonia, vinegar and baking soda, WD-40 and Clorox bleach were tried with no success.

I found an old bar of Fels-Naptha, a yellow soap under a sink. I thought there was nothing to lose so gave it a try. I wet the stain, rubbed the old bar of soap over it many times and used a toothbrush to scrub the area.

That stain began to get lighter with each scrubbing.

I did allow time to dry before scrubbing again.

Fels Naptha soap uses
True, Fels-Naptha can be difficult to locate these days but worth checking some hardware and grocery stores. It should be, if available, placed somewhere in the laundry detergent aisle.

My stain is so light now that I can again wear that shirt.

I wish everyone who finds and tries Fels Naptha the very best of luck.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for this tips Vicky and Mr. G!

This little laundry soap bar is amazing, so be sure to check out all the uses for Fels Naptha soap here that have been shared by readers.

Fels Naptha {Referral Links}

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Use Hand Cleaner, Like Mechanics Use, For Effortless Removal

by SR101 Reader

SR101 Reader says:

Purchase hand cleaner (primarily used by mechanics in garages to remove grease and dirt from their hands at work) from Canadian Tire (I believe Walmart sells it too).

When encountering a grease stain on clothes, use an old toothbrush to rub cleaner into the oil spot.

Let stand for a couple of minutes to soak in. Throw into washing machine and wash as normal.

The hand cleaner washes away and the stain is gone!

Hand Cleaner {Referral Links}

Taylor says:

This is a tried and true tip that many mechanics and others who like to tinker with mechanical things swear by, and it really works.

You can buy hand cleaners such as the one mentioned in any automotive store, or the automotive section of most big box retailers like Walmart, Meijer, Target, etc.

I will give you a helpful hint though. Don't buy the ones with pumice in them!

The hand cleaners with pumice are very good for getting your hands clean, but they are extremely rough on clothes.

Instead, for clothing stain removal purposes, choose a cleaner without the pumice such as the ones I've linked to above!

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Remove Black Oil From Clothing With Baby Oil

by Anna Barry
(Mallorca, Spain)

Anna shared how home remedy for removing electrical grease stains from her clothing.

Anna says:

This remedy works for black oil from my electronic entrance gate and oil picked up on towelling from local beach (brought in by sea from yachts etc.)

It works very well on old stains too (provided they are untouched by water).

DO NOT USE WATER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES at first, or the stain will set.

Use lovely clean baby oil (olive oil for cooking will also do, but it is harder work to remove this oil).

SOAK the stain overnight with baby oil. Then, blot off with brown absorbent paper, kitchen roll etc.

Next, treat the stain with washing powder directly and allow to soak well in to the fabric.

Finally, wash with hot water, rubbing stain periodically (keep increasing temperature of water if stain does not disappear immediately).

Diluted ammonia can also be used if stain is stubborn.

Works a treat!

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for these tips and ideas Anna.

It makes sense to fight an oil stain with another oil, since this can help lift the stain more easily. Of course, sometimes the oil used to remove the stain can itself stain. If you've got that problem check out my tips for removing baby oil stains and olive oil stains.

In addition, I know Anna said olive oil doesn't work as well as baby oil for grease stains, but I'm still adding this tip to the uses for olive oil page, for cleaning and stain removal too. Come check it out if you'd like more ways to use this common product in your home for other things beside cooking!

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Use For Coke - Cleaning Fabrics Stained With Grease And Oil

by Jana

Jana provided a tip for using coke for cleaning automotive grease and oil from clothes.

Jana says:

My husband loves to work on his cars, but when he comes in from outside he always has grease and oil on his clothes.

I soak the dirty clothes in Coca-Cola, generally overnight, and then wash them in the washing machine the next morning.

It generally gets the grease stains out, and doesn't seem to harm the clothes.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jana for sharing your automotive grease stain removal tip with us.

If, for some reason you do get a stain from the Coca-Cola stain itself check out my article on removing soda stains.

I would love to hear from people in the comments about whether they have ever used this method successfully, or not, for removing grease stains from clothing.

You can share your own uses for Coca Cola here, for around the house for cleaning and stain removal, or read even more tips already submitted.

In addition, you can submit your own grease stain removal tips here, or read other tips already submitted.

***Update: I got this comment from Teri, who stated: "Before I would use either of the home remedies noted I would first try Lestoil. It has always worked well for me when it comes to grease and oil stains on clothing. In fact, as you mentioned, both baby oil and cola can be problem stains in themselves."

I agree Teri, that Lestoil is a great product, and I have a whole page all about it actually (click the image on the right to see it), since it works so well for so many people. If you don't want to use a home remedy I would definitely give it a try! ***End Update

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Comments for Use For Coke - Cleaning Fabrics Stained With Grease And Oil

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How to remove grease spots from sheets
by: Heidi Hancock

I have a dark blue sheet and accidently spilled some oil on it as I was applying oil to my dry legs. I sprayed the spots with stain remover and washed the sheet immediately afterwards on 40C with regular detergent. After drying it, the spots are still there. Any idea of how to get the spots out?

How to remove axle grease from my washable down jacket?
by: Anonymous

I was splattered with black axle grease from the ski lift. It’s on my lavender down jacket with instructions to NOT dry clean it. Please help, it is brand new and expensive.

Washing machine oily ring
by: Koko

I wash my oily work clothes at home. When the washer is done there is a thick oily dark green, black ring around the drum toward the top. I wipe it off but also am pushing it into the small holes. Is there any other way to wipe it off to avoid pushing the greasy mess into the holes?

Sheets stained with oil
by: Donna

I washed my sheets in my washer and the ball bearings must have let go and I have grease all over the sheets. Washed them again with bleach and didn't come out. The sheets have only been used once.

Shopping cart grease
by: Anonymous

How do I remove black shopping cart wheel grease from a white dress?

how do I get bike grease off my white sweater?
by: Chrissy

Could you please tell me how to get bike grease stains out of my white sweater?

How do I remove the blue stain caused by the Dawn?
by: Janice

I used Dawn dish washing liquid to remove a grease stain (Neosporin ointment) from a cotton/polyester comforter. Then I took the comforter to the laundromat to have them wash it in a large washer (not dry clean). When I got the comforter back it has a big blue stain where I applied the Dawn to the grease stain. Do you have any idea how I can remove the Dawn stain?

White housekeeper's shirt used as shop rag
by: Anonymous

My daughter's white uniform shirt, just a white t-shirt with print, was used as a rag in my husband's car garage. How do I get the grease and oil and dirt out of it? She needs the shirt as the company she works for will not replace it. Please help!

Brake cleaner to spray on grease
by: Anonymous

Brake cleaners are a perfect way to remove any grease on clothing. They can be picked up at any automotive shop. They are also in a spray bottle so are easy to use.

Machine oil on uniforms
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have a tip on a product to add to the washing machine to remove machine oil and get the smell out? My son works in a factory and his uniforms are really oily.

My vote is for Dawn
by: Corinne

Dawn dishwashing detergent works every time! I couldn't live without it!!!!!!!

Coke and Grease
by: Amber

I had to pick up the wife of my husband's company worker and she said her trick is when the washer if filled with water you dump a 12 oz can of coke in and start the machine. I found out that it helps get the diesel mechanic grease out of his clothes.

Lots of motor oil
by: Anonymous

A whole quart or more of motor oil ended up on a (removable) seat cushion in my car. I have tried dawn as an emulsifier with felt naphtha and it's thoroughly soaked in. Not to mention it was there weeks before I foundnit. Any suggestions?

response re question about hand cleaner
by: Taylor

Hand cleaner is designed to be used waterless, so that is also how you'd apply it to the stained fabric.

question about using hand cleaner
by: Anonymous

Do you wet the stain first or apply it dry with the tooth brush?

What about coconut oil?
by: Rachel

Will coconut oil work as well as baby oil?

firm believer in Dawn
by: Kay

I have used Dawn dish soap for years and I'm a firm believer. It's the best stain, grease remover there is. I use nothing else and even have convinced my husband and son. Never with out my Dawn.

Dawn to Remove Stains
by: Candy

My adult son backed into grease on car he was showing someone. I saw the tip about using Dawn dish soap (blue soap). I scrubbed the Dawn into the grease spot with small hand brush. The grease came totally out. I did NOT rinse out the Dawn aoap from the shirt before I threw the shirt into the washer - using hot water. The dress shirt looks like new.

how can I remove after I've washed it several times without success?
by: Anonymous

How do I remove a grease stain on light gray pants? I have tried to wash them several times and the stain will not come out.

chalk soaks up the oil
by: Anonymous

To get out oil stains just buy some chalk, rub on oil stain or grease stain. It will soak up oil and wash out in the wash. Or use Dawn liquid soap, pretreat area, and wash as usual. Never had a problem getting stains out this way.

I use coke to clean my toilet sometimes
by: Anonymous

I have used coke to clean my toilet in a pinch sometimes! Makes me think it must be bad for my teeth if I can use it for toilet cleaning and removing grease stains.

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