Clorox Bleach Review: Works Well But Expensive In Comparison

by Taylor

I will make a confession. I don't typically buy Clorox bleach, but instead I tend to buy the generic version instead.

The reason why is exactly what I explained in greater detail in my article about chlorine bleach, which is that chlorine bleach is a type of chemical with a specific chemical formula so Clorox's version and the store brand version are the same, basically.

I'm personally not convinced that it is superior enough to pay the higher price for the brand name.

That being said, I recently got a big jug of the regular liquid version when my mother-in-law noticed I was running low while she was at my home, and purchased some for me.

So, not being one to waste a free (to me) cleaning product, I dutifully used this brand name version in all the ways I typically use chlorine bleach, which is quite sparingly, but for things such as stain removal and my homemade disinfectant recipe.

As I used it I noticed it worked quite well.

That being said, the store or generic brand works quite well too, no better or worse, but the same.

I know lots of people don't like to use chlorine bleach because of environmental concerns, but I have to say, putting that issue aside for a moment, this stuff works quite well and is very powerful. It is a last line defense for many types of stains on both fabric and other surfaces, as well as a powerful disinfectant.

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I know my opinion of the brand name Clorox bleach versus generic may not be held by all readers, and I completely understand that. Heck, if everyone felt the way I do Clorox, the company, would go out of business and the last I looked the company is going strong.

Therefore, I'd love to hear from other people who've also used this brand of chlorine bleach sharing your experience and review of it, either positive or negative. You can share your review here. In addition, you can click the link to read other reviews that have already been submitted of several brands of liquid chlorine bleach.

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I'm too cheap!
by: Gerry Pong

I try to buy generic or store brand of products I use whether it is medicine, personal care or cleaning stuff. Clorox is $2.98 and 96-oz@Dollar Store is a two buck savings. For me, that is a lot!

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