Uses For Coca Cola Around Your Home
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Here is a round up of some suprising uses for Coca Cola around your home, for cleaning, stain removal and more.

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With a need to save money, for a feeling of self-sufficiency, or just out of curiosity many people are trying to use normal items in their home to accomplish even more tasks then their normal use. One of those products is the drink, Coke.

What Is It About Carbonated Soda That Allows It To Be Used For Cleaning?

I also tried to figure out what is is about Coke that allows it to be a stain remover and cleaner. My research has indicated that it is the phosphoric acid contained in it which is the active cleaning ingredient.

Phosphoric acid is not only in Coke, and many other soft drinks, but also a component of toilet bowl cleaners, other bathroom cleaners for tubs and tiles, and in many lime descalers and hard water removers.

It is also found in denture cleaners and certain metal polishes.

Therefore, it's the low pH of the product that makes it work so well. (You can read more here about how the pH of the cleaner impacts what it can clean.)

How the pH of your cleaner affects what it will clean

Kind of makes you wonder about whether it's a good idea to drink that stuff, huh?

Uses For Coke Or Other Sodas

Here are the best tips and uses submitted so far:

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greasy hands
Clean Fabrics Stained With Grease And Oil
cleaning toilet
Clean Toilet
skunk in grass
Remove Skunk Odor

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What If The Soda Stains The Surface Or Fabric You're Trying To Clean?

Of course this drink, along with the phosphoric acid, also contains other ingredients, including dyes that may themselves cause stains. Here is my article on removing soda stains, with tips and tricks for removing these types of stains from clothing, upholstery and carpet if a stain results in use.

Cola and soda stain removal guide

uses for coca cola

Normally we think of Coca-Cola as something to drink. However, here on this site I like to find unusual uses for common objects, especially as it relates to cleaning and stain removal.

It turns out I've gotten a couple of good tips already for how people use Coke not just as a beverage, but for other uses around their home.

That got me thinking -- are there even more uses for Coke that other people, like you, might be able to share?

I would love to hear your ideas, so share your tips below. You can skip down here to share your tips right now.

What Are Your Uses For Coke And Cola Around Your Home?

I'm always looking for more helpful household hints, and unusual uses for everyday items in our homes.

Share your tips and ideas below. Remember, photographs are not required, but they are encouraged, especially if it helps everyone understand your use or tip.

Uses for Coca Cola around your home, for cleaning, stain removal and more {on Stain Removal 101} #UsesForCocaCola #UsesForCoke #CleaningTipsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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