Hairspray Uses For Stain Removal & Cleaning
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Here are several tips and hints for hairspray uses around your home for unusual purposes, focusing on stain removal and cleaning.

Here is a round up of hairspray uses for stain removal and cleaning around your home {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

With a need to save money and also for reasons of convenience more and more people are making their own cleaning products, and trying to remove stains with items they already have around their homes.

However, when you are new to making your own products you can feel a bit nervous about which recipes and uses will actually work or not.

This is your chance to share your knowledge if you have a great tip or use for this product, or get some tips of your own to make sure you get the best results possible.

Here are the uses submitted so far this hair product (and you can also read my tips and ideas below):

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blue ink
Removing Ink From Clothing
leather jacket
Get Ink Stains Out Of Leather
sharpie on wood
Remove Sharpie From Wood

ballpoint pen
Remove Ballpoint Ink From Clothing
ink pen
Removal Of Ink Pen From Upholstery
permanent marker
Removing Permanent Marker From Clothes
applying hair dye
Remove Hair Dye From Carpet

spilling nail polish
Remove Nail Polish From Fabric
Halloween makeup
Makeup Stains From Clothing
applying hair dye
Hair Dye Removal From Clothes
permanent marker on wall
Removing Permanent Marker From Wall

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Lots of listed uses for hairspray for stain removal and cleaning around your home {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Alcohol Is The Active Ingredient In Hairspray That Makes It Work For These Uses

It seems to be a commonly known fact that hairspray is supposed to remove certain types of stains, especially of the ink variety.

However, as I've been learning more about removing spots and spills, and cleaning things up, as part of my research for writing this site I have come to question this common assumption.

The reason is that I asked myself what ingredient within this hair product is the "active" ingredient in removing the stains? The answer I came up with -- rubbing alcohol.

In most instances it is the alcohol within the hairspray which is what removes the stain or cleans up the surface (similar to when people use hand sanitizer to remove spots).

Then, why use this product instead of just going to the source? After all, it's not hard to get a bottle of alcohol - just head to the first aid aisle of just about any store and buy a bottle, quite cheaply.

Additional Ingredients Within The Spray, Such As Glue, Can Cause Problems If Not Careful

Plus, the whole purpose of hairspray is to hold your hair in place, meaning that it contains other ingredients in it, like glue, which can actually harm surfaces or make a big mess on them if nothing else.

Therefore, I typically caution people to try using alcohol first, before using this hair product to try to clean up a mess that's occurred in their home.

With that being said though, I must admit I've gotten some reviews and recommendations from readers saying no, alcohol didn't work, but the spray did.

Why is this? I have no idea, and I think it really just depends on what product you're using, what you're trying to remove or clean up, and what surface you're using it on to try to answer that question, meaning it is quite circumstance specific.

Therefore, although I would not personally try it first, hairspray can get out spots and spills that seemingly nothing else can remove.

What Types To Choose: The Cheaper The Better

Now, the interesting thing is when choosing a hairspray for the purposes of stain removal or cleaning the cheaper it is, the better.

This is not the time to use your expensive stuff. Save that for your hair.

Instead, the less ingredients contained in the product (and definitely no "conditioners") and the harsher the stuff, the better it will typically work for these unusual uses.

Therefore, many people favor brands like AquaNet which is very low cost for cleaning and stain removal purposes.

Do you have a tip for using this product in your home for something other than the typical use? If so, skip down to share your uses here, and I'll add it to the site.

How Do You Use Hairspray In Your Home?

I'm always looking for more helpful household hints, and unusual uses for everyday items in our homes.

Share your tips and ideas below. Remember, photographs are not required, but they are encouraged, especially if it helps everyone understand your use or tip.

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