Unusual Uses Of Hand Sanitizer
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Almost everyone has some hand sanitizer in their home or purse, but here are some unusual uses for this product you may have never thought of before.

With a need to save money and also for environmental reasons, more and more people are finding new ways to make common items around their home more useful.

Below I've listed several ways to use hand sanitizer on items around your home, to clean them or remove stains.

Further, below this I've added my own thoughts on using this product, including cautions to take, and what kinds will work best for these alternate uses.

Here are the uses submitted so far:

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writing with ball point pen
Remove Ball Point Pen Ink
dripping tree sap
Remove Tree Sap From Car
vegetable oil in bottle
Remove Food Oil & Grease Stains

permanent marker on wall
Permanent Marker Removal From Walls

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unusual uses for hand sanitizer

I love finding new ways to use common everyday items around your home, and this time I've tackled hand sanitizer.

What makes this product great for cleaning up messes or removing certain stains around your home or laundry is because the most common varieties of them are most alcohol-based.

That makes it basically like a gel version of rubbing alcohol to use when needed. Handily though, unlike alcohol, most people carry a little bottle of this stuff in their purse. (Well, at least many Moms do, like me!)

What Kind Works Best For These Additional Uses?

Of course, for this stuff to work its best, you've got to be using the right kind. The most basic versions work best.

As I've already mentioned the active ingredient that makes its cleaning work is the alcohol, so clearly the alcohol free versions won't work for these extra purposes.

Plus, these new-fangled versions that foam, or have added ingredients like aloe won't do as well. These added ingredients can impede the cleaning and stain removal abilities of the old-school version, plus may themselves leave behind a stain or oily film on the surface of whatever item you treat with this product.

Caution When Using This Product On Fabric

Some clothing has had bleeding dye when rubbing alcohol is applied to it, so the same caution should be used when using this product on fabrics as well.

This is especially true if you're out and will need to let it dry on your clothing before it can be washed away.

Therefore, if in doubt or concerned always do a test for colorfastness on any clothing you'll put this product on.

I'm always looking for new uses, so if you've got one please skip down to share your ideas below and I'll them to the site!

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What Unusual Ways Do You Use Hand Sanitizer Around Your Home?

I'm always looking for more helpful household hints, and unusual uses for everyday items in our homes.

Share your tips and ideas below. Remember, photographs are not required, but they are encouraged, especially if it helps everyone understand your use or tip.

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