Dawn Dishwashing Liquid With Bleach Alternative Review

by Stephanie

Stephanie shared her Dawn dishwashing liquid review, of the Dawn Plus with bleach alternative, in the Fresh Rapids scent.

Stephanie says:

I use this dish soap everyday to make washing dishes a little less of a chore. One squeeze of a few drops and my dish water is ready to tackle an entire sink full of dishes.

I often make pasta and my pans and plates end up with a lot of butter and olive oil on them, but it's no problem for Dawn Plus Bleach Alternative.

I also find that when using it my dishes rinse very clean and I don't find myself adding more soap or changing the water in the sink.

The scent is calm and subtle, and I don't feel like I'm standing in a potpourri shop.

It's also a very gentle soap. It has never harmed any of my dishes, and I actually use it to wash my hands when cooking.

I usually buy the 19 ounce bottle for around $3.00 and it lasts for at least two months, making this a very cost effective product.

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Taylor says:

Thanks Stephanie for sharing your Dawn dishwashing liquid review.

This is actually the second page of reviews on this site for this brand of dishwashing soap, since I've collected so many. You can read additional Dawn dish soap reviews here.

I have not used this particular product before, although I have used the Dawn brand before. When researching all the types of Dawn dishwashing liquid available, I noticed they have a lot of "plus ______ alternative" products, where you can fill in the blank not only with bleach, which is what you have reviewed, but also with baking soda, and also vinegar.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what they replaced the baking soda and vinegar with, since these are both such natural products, that I guess I didn't know they needed "alternatives."

I would love to hear from more readers who have used any of these products to share your review of them with me, and tell me what, if anything, distinguishes them from the more mundane varieties of this brand.

You can share your dishwashing soap review here, for this or any other brand, telling me what you like, or don't, about it and why.

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Dawn Pure Essentials Review: Sparkling Mist Scent

by Taylor

I grabbed a bottle of Dawn Pure Essentials dish soap, in the Sparkling Mist scent, because it intrigued me.

It is supposed to be a hypoallergenic product, despite having a scent, and it is dye free unlike many dishwashing liquids on the market these days.

Personally, I don't like to call things hypoallergenic unless they are scent free, but that's just my quirk. Normally I'm not bothered by scented products while washing dishes, so it isn't a huge deal to me either way, but for those who are you've been warned.

Overall, I was happy with the way this product worked, as with all Dawn products I've tried. They really do know how to make good soap that cleans your dishes well.

Does Dawn cause smelly sponges?
It was not too thin, it smelled nice, it cut grease and left everything feeling clean and ready to use again.

I wondered if this variety would cause the smelly sponge syndrome that some of the other varieties do, because this one is advertised as both "without dye or other extra ingredients."

Sadly I must report, just like other Dawn varieties it did leave a stinky scent on the sponge. I have no idea what the issue is with this brand and this sour smell issue it leaves on your hands from the sponge, but it is a big problem!

Has anyone else used this variety? There is also a citrus infusion scent available. If you've used it please share your review here with me and I'll add it to the site.

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Dawn Oxi Review: Citrus Zest Scent

by Taylor

A while back I bought a bottle of Dawn Oxi, in the citrus zest scent. The bottle claims that it gives "overnight soaking power in 5 minutes."

By the time I actually got around to trying it, wouldn't you know the company has already changed the name of the product, and somewhat changed the formula.

Now it is called "Dawn Platinum Oxi" and it has the "power of an overnight soak in 3 minutes."

Nonetheless, since I bought the bottle and tried it I am sharing my review. Surely it can't be too different, but who knows.

First, the scent was lovely. Even my husband commented how much he enjoyed it, and he is very particular about scents.

Now, in regard to how this product actually worked -- I think the claims are exaggerated, although it did seem to work better than normal soaps for some really tough stuck on gunk.

The ultimate test we did with this product was a pyrex dish that had been sitting for at least a day and a half after we baked homemade macaroni and cheese in it. Yes, I should have cleaned it up right away, but sometimes life happens.

Plus, it was a good excuse to test this stuff out on its claim. :)

I filled the dish with hot water and a few quirts of the Dawn Oxi and let it sit for five minutes.

Th results: Did it work better than regular dish soap? Yes. Did it wipe away easily with no effort? No. There was still a good bit of scrubbing required.

If the product hadn't claimed to be so powerful and wonderful I would have given it pretty high marks, but it set the bar for itself very high and I don't think it quite reached it.

Has anyone tried any of the new Dawn Platinum soaps? If so, I would love to hear from you sharing what you thought of them. You can share your experience here and I'll add it to the site.

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Orange Scented Dawn Power Scrubber Dish Soap Is My Favorite

by Kristen

Kristen has shared her review of Dawn Power Scrubber dish soap, which is a specially formulated variation of Ultra Dawn which, marketing claims, does well for cleaning caked on food from pots and pans.

Kristen says:

Dawn is my all time favorite dish soap. I've tried other brands that are cheaper, but I always come back to Dawn.

The bottle I use is fairly large and lasts a long time, but costs almost $6 per bottle. It's worth the price because Dawn has such a variety of products and they are all gentle to hands (and apparently wildlife), but cuts grease and cleans sticky pots and pans really well.

The best thing about Dawn is how well it suds and lathers. It only takes a tiny bit to get a full sink of bubbles and a little really goes a long way, so I don't mind spending more for a bottle.

My favorite scent is orange, but they have a lot of other scents as well.

I like that you can use it as a handsoap for your kitchen too, because it's mild to skin.

I usually use it for pots or pans that have baked on food, that need soaking for a little while. I soak the pan for about an hour with some Dawn dish soap and hot water and the stuck on food comes right off. It gets rid of all the greasy residue left behind as well. I don't think I'll ever use any dish liquid except Dawn.

Taylor says:

Thanks Kristen for sharing your review.

I noted that this particular scent, along with the apple blossom scent, of the Dawn Power Scrubber variety, are both antibacterial as well.

I have not personally compared Ultra Dawn and the Power Scrubbers variety to see which one works better on caked on food. If someone has used both and can compare them, I would love to hear your opinion if the Power Scrubber version works better, or not.

I'd also love even more reviews, so if you've got one make sure to click here to share your own experience.

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Comments for Orange Scented Dawn Power Scrubber Dish Soap Is My Favorite

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why I use this brand
by: Lauren

I got hooked on it when I worked for a screen printing place and came home looking like a smurf, the hulk, or abstract art... It was the only thing that would get in the ink off. And I tried it because it works on oil spilled animals!

by: Dee

I add bleach to the dish soap.

Don't use Dawn
by: Anonymous

I have replaced Dawn with environmentally friendly detergents.

suds disappear quickly
by: Valerie Bridgeforth

I have been using Dawn Dish Soap for years. It has always out performed all other dish soaps until lately. The formula must have been changed, and not for the better. You have less than 60 seconds to wash your dishes until all suds disappear. I add more and still the same result. If I wanted cheap dish soap I would get it at the Dollar store. I guess unless they correct this new under performing dish soap, the search for something better is on.

Dawn has changed their Formula
by: Anonymous

Dawn dish liquid is not the same as it has been. I purchase Dawn all the time and it has been the best, but here lately I've had to pour in a substantial amount of liquid for the suds and it does not hold. I find myself having to put more and more in for me to have sudsy water. It is now the equivalent of any bargain brand for me. Procter & Gamble know they changed the formula to save money but still kept the price the same. It's all about greed.

Blue dawn stained the carpet when tried to use it as a stain remover
by: Anonymous

Cleaned stain on rug. Original stain came out but the blue Dawn stained the carpet blue.

use regular Dawn Platinum for hand washing dishes
by: Traci Cerna

I used the regular Dawn Platinum liquid. I reserve it for hand washing cooking pots, baking pans, and skillets with food residue or grease. I think it does a great job of removing food and grease.

I don’t use dish cloths because I think they are unsanitary. I hate the soured smell that inevitably happens after using a cloth in dirty dishwater with food particles. No amount of wringing and rinsing will remove all the microscopic particles that become food for bacteria. I use brushes for removing food from dishes, the fist-sized wood Bubble Up brush and soapy water ramekin from Grove are really effective, hold up a long time, and are biodegradable when it’s time to replace them.

Dawn liquid is great for hand washing dishes. It gets dishes clean and leaves no residue. A little goes a long way; it’s concentrated. I also us it to clean food from my white enamel burners and cooktop.

Dawn liquid is also great for pretreating biological (food, blood, grass, grease) stains on laundry. I put the liquid right out of the spout directly on the stain on dry laundry.

I use sponges, never towels, for washing, wiping, and disinfecting countertops. I use a spray cleaner with bleach like Clorox Spray Cleaner or Fantastic with bleach. Personally I like the smell of diluted bleach, and I like the disinfectant properties. When the sponge is stained or I feel I can’t wring it out thoroughly enough to prevent souring, I spray the sponges directly with the bleach spray, and leave them in the sink a few minutes to soak. Then rinse thoroughly, squeeze out all soap and water, and lean the damp sponge vertically against a brush holder or backsplash so that the water can drain and evaporate. I also put the sponges and brushes in the silverware holder of the dishwasher about once a week. I always do this and they never smell.

I reserve kitchen towels for drying dishes (cotton terry cloth bar towels or dish towels) and drying hands (different hand towels). These also have to hang up to dry out.

it's the best
by: Anonymous

I keep coming back to it because it works the best.

I like the Platinum
by: Anne

I have used other brands but I am partial to Dawn, Dawn Platinum. It never fails to get the job done the first time, rinses off quickly and dries without spots.

doesn't last as long
by: Betty

I have been using Dawn for many years (25) and I recommended to many friends. I felt it gave good results and you didn't have to use as much as the other competing soaps. I don't know whether it is the added flavors, scents, color or what but the 'new' Dawn is not near as effective and my last bottle didn't last 3 months and I do have a dishwasher! As I remember a bottle of Dawn used to last over the year!

Platinum helps remove baked on food
by: Renee

I have used Dawn for 20 some years. Have tried other brands, wouldn't switch if you paid me to. I've been using the newer Dawn Platinum with bleach alternative. It's totally GREAT! Especially to soak hard baked on food. No more "overnight" soaks. Very hot water and Dawn Platinum, and in 10 minutes or so it's ready, and food comes right off.

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