Resolve Triple Action Carpet Stain Remover Review

by Michelle P
(Green Bay, WI. US)

Michelle has shares her Resolve Trip Action Carpet Stain Remover review.

Michelle says:

I use Resolve Triple action to remove stains from my carpet.

The bottle says the triple action removes stains, penetrates deep and neutralizes odors. It can be used for all stain and odor types.

I bought this brand because my mother uses it and recommended it when I asked her about my carpet stains.

I've already cleaned two stains with the Resolve carpet cleaner. One was chocolate milk and the other was grape juice. Both were on tan colored carpet.

This product is very easy to use. I just sprayed it on the stains, let it set for 5 minutes then gently rubbed it with a damp cloth.

I rinsed the cloth and went over the stain with the damp cloth 3 times. I let it dry and the carpet felt really crusty so I have to rinse it more but the stains were gone.

The formula was gentle on my sensitive skin.

Overall I think this is a great product to remove stains. You just have to make sure you rinse it enough so the carpet won't be crusty.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a carpet stain remover.

Taylor says:

Thanks Michelle for sharing your Resolve Triple Action carpet stain remover review.

It is definitely important to thoroughly remove any cleaner or stain remover residue from your carpet, as Michelle mentions, not only so the texture of your carpet doesn't feel rough but also because detergents can actually attract dirt. That means if you leave detergent residue in your carpet over time that area can begin to look dirtier than others because the detergent has clung to the dirt.

So, does anyone else have a favorite carpet stain remover they use? If so, I would love for you to share your carpet stain remover review here, telling me why you like that remover, and what stains you've removed from your carpet with it.

In addition, you can share your Resolve carpet cleaner reviews here, or read even more already submitted for this particular brand.

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Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner Review - Great For Cat Urine Stains And Odors

by Jason R. Peters
(Hillsborough, NC)

Jason says:

Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner is one of our most crucial cleaning supplies in our home. It has repeatedly proven its worth in our household.

Our primary use of Resolve is to deal with pet stains, such as urine stains when a new cat hadn't yet memorized the location of the litter box. In a few unfortunate circumstances, we had to clean fecal matter as well.

Resolve Triple Action eliminated any hint of the stain on the carpet, in most cases to the point you could no longer tell where the incident occurred. Even if you can tell where Resolve was used, it's likely because that section of the carpet is cleaner than what's around it!

No hint of odor remained after using Resolve on multiple stains either. In fact, friends and family have complimented us for how odor-free our home remains even with three cats.

We primarily use Resolve on carpets. Most of our 1200-square-foot apartment is carpeted, and so nearly any spill or pet incident that will threaten odor or discoloration calls for a stain remover of some kind. Resolve has consistently fit the bill.

Occasionally we have used it on stains on our faux suede furniture cushions.

We like it because it is easy to use, fast, and effective. It eliminates discoloration and it eliminates odor, and with relatively little time and effort.

It does not appear to affect the wear and tear of the surface it's used on, but this could be because our apartment carpets are rather worn to begin with.

There is a disclaimer on the bottle to test it for color removal, which means that it may affect some carpets more than others.

We have not experienced any allergies or skin reactions, but we avoid contact with harsh cleaners as much as possible.

I don't actually recall how we originally chose Resolve. I believe we just tried different stain removers until we found the one that worked the best.

Taylor says:

Thanks Jason for your Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner review.

If you use a pet stain or pet odor remover that works well for you, you can share your pet stain removers reviews here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can share your Resolve carpet cleaner reviews here, or read others already submitted.

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what caused the oily residue?
by: Charlene

I had a container of Damp Rid spill on my carpeted closet floor. I blotted up all the liquid (which incidentally was a dark black) and sprayed with this Resolve product and used my Bissell Carpet cleaner to remove the moisture. I then let a fan run on it for three days. Now the carpet feels dry, except for an oily residue. Is this residue caused from the Resolve, or from the Damp Rid moisture absorbing product?

response re question about bleach stains on clothes
by: Taylor

The reviews on this page are about carpet cleaner, not laundry stain removers. While I have heard of some people using carpet cleaning products on fabric, I wouldn't particularly suggest it, especially when there are much better (and typically cheaper) products available for clothing. As for bleach stains, in general, they are almost impossible to remove anyway because bleach stains mean the dye has been removed from the fiber. A stain remover cannot put that dye back.

Bleach stains on clothes
by: Anonymous

Will Resolve handle this stain?

works on red wine
by: Katy

Resolve carpet cleaner works on red wine.

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