The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review

by Taylor

I've been using The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner for a couple of years now, ever since I noticed it in the Walmart one day for the cost of $1.00 for a bottle.

It is one of the lowest costing cleaning products on the market, that I've found, that is designed for cleaning your toilet.

I can't find it for quite that low of a price anymore, normally, but it still costs less that $1.50 typically, and I watch for sales to buy more.

The first time I used it I was thoroughly disappointed when I first squirted it out of the bottle, because it is extremely thin, about the consistency of water, unlike many other types of toilet cleaners which are quite thick and viscous.

I figured I had just bought blue colored water, and it wouldn't do much good.

However, I was happily surprised to find that it works just fine for lightly soiled toilets, especially if you let it sit for a while first, before scrubbing with your toilet brush.

Now, if you've got stains on the side of your bowl, above the water line, it may not work well for you since it will not stay on the sides of the bowl to soak into the stained area, since it is so thin.

However, if you clean your toilet pretty regularly, this stuff will work just fine for your needs, and costs a lot less than the leading brands. Plus, it can be found at most big box stores, so you can just grab some while you're doing your regular shopping.

If you're looking to save money on cleaning supplies this is an instance where a cheaper product works well enough, in my opinion, and can be a way to cut costs in your budget.

Because it is so thin you do have to be careful to not apply too much to your commode at once or you'll waste a bunch of it, which will cut down on the cost savings of using such a bargain cost product.

The other day I noticed they also have a thicker version of this brand's toilet cleaner, but I haven't personally tried it yet. I would love to hear from more people who've used this, or any of the other The Works cleaning products, sharing how they've worked for you, good or bad.

You can share your own toilet cleaner reviews here for this or any other brand, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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The Best For Removing Hard Water Buildup

by Sheila

Yes, it may be runny, but The Works is the absolute, hands-down BEST at removing hard water buildup.

I've tried several different cleaners on my toilet, a pumice stone, and soaking in vinegar, but the ONLY thing that worked is The Works.

I didn't really have to scrub it, either. Just poured the cleaner directly on the buildup and it melted away.

Photo courtesy of Jessica

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The Works Is Great For Rust & Hard Water Stains

by Angela L.
(Woodstock, Ohio)

Angela says:

We live in the country and have some of the hardest water I have ever encountered. I have to clean our toilet every other day because of the hard water stains.

I have tried just about every type/brand of toilet bowl cleaner and The Works is the ONLY one that actually takes care of the hard water stains without much effort.

Yes, it is thin, like water, but all I have to do is squirt it all around the bowl and swish with a brush.

You can see it start dissolving the rust stain as soon as it comes in contact with it.

I used to use CLR, but couldn't stand the smell.

I have even used this in my sink when I have a hard water stain from a dripping faucet. I never buy anything else!

Taylor says:

Thanks Angela for your review.

I agree, this stuff is great, especially for the cost.

So, has anyone else used it? If so, I'd love to hear your reviews as well, or of any of the other products from this company. You can share your household cleaning products reviews here.

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Comments for The Works Is Great For Rust & Hard Water Stains

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I only buy The Works
by: Joyce

I am a professional cleaner with a specialty in move-out / move-in cleaning, so I get a lot of toilets that have not been cleaned for years. I use The Works and a pumice stick to clean all the toilets.

Blue stains
by: Zig

I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing blue stains in the toilet after using The Works Bowl cleaner. I was having problems a while back and then noticed that the color had been lightened, but now it is a darker blue again and leaves stains in the bowl. I clean houses and this is a BIG problem when I can't remove the stains.

It no longer works for rust stains
by: Anonymous

The formula must have changed as it no longer gets rid of rust stains in the toilet.

No longer works
by: Anonymous

We live in NE Florida & have some of the hardest water in the world. I have used The Works and recommended it to people for years. Unfortunately, the last couple of bottles haven't worked! Always before I could squeeze the bottle into the bowl & watch the rust stains & lime deposits turn green & melt away. Now even after soaking for hours the stains are still there. Really disappointed.

Stained my toilet blue
by: Anonymous

I used "it works " on my toilet bowl. It sat in toilet for less than 10 minutes. It STAINED the toilet BLUE!

New formula does not work
by: Anonymous

They must have changed the works formula because it no longer works at all. It used to be so good now nothing. I am so disappointed will have to make my own from now on.

They changed it
by: Anonymous

I have always used it but for the last 2 years it does not remove the rust. When they changed the cap I noticed the difference. Very disappointed, must have been too toxic is all I can think.

put in a spray bottle to make it last longer
by: Anonymous

So many people have made remarks about how thin this was and a little wasteful. I put it into a spray bottle; it lasts a lot longer, the thin spray adheres better than the heavy stream from squeezing the container.

I use this to clean my tub/shower and sink also; have to be careful it doesn't touch the faucets or metal parts because they will discolor.

I've been using this for a very long time but have not had a problem with it turning the toilet blue.

This is the best product I've ever used!

it works better than expensive varieties
by: Leighann

I have used many toilet bowl cleaners over the years, and have cleaned some super dirty toilets. Even ones that had stains in them for months. Most of the brands listed are very expensive, and require a lot of scrubbing. The Works can be bought at the dollar store for a couple of bucks, and works better than any of them. You leave it set for about 10 minutes, and come back later with the toilet brush, and all the stains come off easy with barely any scrubbing. Don't waste money on expensive cleaners that will make you scrub and work hard, only to leave stains. I just can't say enough about what a miracle cleaner this is.

new formula even thinner
by: John

I liked the former formula. Now it is thinner so won't stay on the surface--not nearly as effective.

changed the formula
by: Anonymous

I have always used the Works toilet bowl cleaner because I have well water and it was the only cleaner that could get the rust stains out, until recently. Our office closes down from Dec till March and the stain in the toilet has been tough to clean. The Works always took the stain off with a small amount of scrubbing, but this year I could never get the stain off. I found an old bottle of the Works in my garage and used that and it took it right off. They are now diluting it or they changed the formula, will not be using it anymore.

I like the "thick" formula version, but can't find it now
by: Diane Benedict

I have always used The Works toilet bowl cleaner "thick" formula. It was the best toilet bowl cleaner, but what it was also good for, is walls that have rusty water residue that won't wash off. However, using the thick formula it washes off with minimum work. However, I can no longer find the works thick formula, so if any of you know where I can find the thick formula, please let me know. Thank you.

great product
by: Ann

Wow! I got the toilet bowl cleaner, and Tub & Shower Cleaner at the Dollar store today. I had read about them on the internet.

The Toilet had scale on it that I have been scrubbing for years. One cleaning with your product, and it really made a dent. A few more cleanings, and I think it will be gone.

Thanks so much for making a great product at a great price.

they cut the active ingredient in their formula
by: Anonymous

Works toilet bowl cleaner cut its active ingredient by 50%. They did not reduce the price. They now have 9.5% active ingredient (basically bleach). I can buy Walmart bleach, 8% strength, for 1/2 the price. It works just as well. Just a bit of information to help the consumer make an informed decision.

what happened to this cleaner?
by: Marie Moore

Hi I've been using your product for many years. I clean toilets for a living. I must say you used to have the best toilet bowl cleaner on the market. Not anymore! Your company obviously has cut corners to save money making this product or something along that line. Not really sure. Now it's just a waste of money right down the toilet! What happened to the best toilet bowl cleaner on the market??

The Works is not the same - Never again!!
by: Jennifer

I used to use The works all the time as we have hard water and it knocked the rust stains out right away. It was thicker then and all I had to do was let the "The Works" flow down the stain for a few SECONDS and it would wipe the stain out - no brushing. Over the last two years it has taken more and more of the stuff to do it. Tonight I used it for the last time. I dumped a whole bottle on the stains in the toilet and let it soak for an hour and even scrubbing wouldn't get out the rust stain. Yes I clean often because my hands aren't what they used to be and I can't afford to get any build-up going. There is no point using a product that no longer does the job. They have changed it and I will never waste my money on it again.

by: Lisaloha

I have used the more aggressively-advertised and higher-priced products, and still fought month after month against these hard water deposits that are common in my city. I've tried the gells and scrubbing aggressively to no avail. I randomly just grabbed The Works off the shelf at the store not really caring about the brand.

I wish I had taken before and afters of my first toilet, because that crap literally dissolved away with no effort on my part. I did take pictures of the second toilet, but I can't find a way to post them. Let me just say that the black stains that seemed to be impenetrable, are only visible now because I'm looking for them.

Obviously altered
by: Dustin

I was introduced to the works while attending naval nuclear power school in 1998. A fellow student demonstrated its potency with a rather dangerous stunt. I have noticed that after 7-10 days of using this to clean my toilet, a grey film will begin to form that will progress to black if unchecked and the product also station vs the bowl blue when left to shot for any amount of time. Curious about this, I chemically tested the cleaner and discovered that it is indeed weakened. The same experiment from 19 years ago that once caused an explosion did NOT even create a fizzle. Safer for storage? Yes. Useless for cleaning toilets? Mostly yes. Very disappointing.

Amazing but why so often?
by: Dawn

I first used The Works on a toilet in a house where workmen had been using it without running water! I didn't expect much but still needed it sanitary. I was shocked to find the bowl sparkling white after using The Works once. I was hooked!

Recently though, it seems that using this product does something to the porcelain, making it get nasty quicker. I find the toilets need cleaning at least twice a week now, sometimes after just a day or two.

Did I use too much or let it sit too long? Not sure, but it's too late now.

the works vs the works basic
by: Anonymous

Many of you have noticed the cleaner becoming weaker from 20% to 9%. This is because they make 2 different versions. The works (20%) and the works basic (9%). Don't buy the basic version.

Is there a ban?
by: Anonymous

It's the only cleaner that cleans my shower, when it turns Orange from hard water. Can't find it in any stores now. Is there a ban on it right now?

by: Anonymous

I have bought many bottles of The Works. I recently bought 2 bottles for my bathrooms. One of the bottles were clear liquid and the other blue. While I’ve always gotten the blue color, this time the liquid was white/ clear. If I hadn’t ever used this before I would of never bought it again. Who ever bottled this must of done it on a Friday. This stuff doesn’t take anything off my toilet bowl. Just to say the least I’m very disappointed.

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