Soft Scrub Gel With Bleach Review

by Jackie R.
(Dallas, Texas)

Jackie has provided her review of Soft Scrub gel with bleach.

Jackie says:

My favorite kind of Soft Scrub is actually the bleach gel. I would purchase it in the store if I could find it. Sadly, it looks like you can only get it online, though I could be wrong about that.

Soft Scrub is a great cleaner. I use it on my kitchen counters and kitchen sink, and also in my bathroom.

It has an unpleasant odor, but nothing worse than what you would normally find in a cleaner, especially one with bleach.

What I really like about Soft Scrub is that it works on the nastiest stains. In order for it to work, you may have to leave it on a stain for a few minutes, but the stains almost always come off.

For example, I've gotten stains like grape juice and tomato sauce off my white kitchen counters that looked like they were never going to come off.

It really is a great product, and well worth the price. I just wish I could find it in the store, instead of having to get it online!

Taylor says:

Thanks Jackie for your Soft Scrub Gel, with bleach, review.

Jackie, if you are having trouble finding this product on your store shelf, check out the links to the products pictured so you can buy it online.

It is always great to find a kitchen counter cleaner that works well for you, since counters can get pretty messy pretty fast, especially in a busy kitchen.

soft scrub total
So, does anyone else have a favorite kitchen cleaner? If so, you can share your kitchen cleaner review here, or read others already submitted.

In addition, you can share your tips for removing countertop stains, or read others that have already been submitted.

***Update: I've recently tried some of these products for myself, when the company provided me with a couple bottles to use in my kitchen and bathroom. You can read my review of the Total all purpose cleaner products here. ***End Update

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I Use Soft Scrub Cleanser With Bleach To Clean Shower Grout

by Eve
(Boise, ID)

Eve has shared how she uses Soft Scrub cleanser, with bleach, to clean her shower grout.

Eve says:

I like those automatic shower cleaners but sometimes they just can't get into the creases and nicks and crannies of my shower, plus my shower grout still needs some added attention.

For these tough jobs I use Soft Scrub with bleach. I like this cleaner better than other shower and grout cleaners I've tried.

It is easy to use, it smells good and it works too. It is easy to squeeze the bottle, and the cleaner comes out easily. I can direct it right into the grout spot that needs cleaning, or right into the corner of the shower.

Then, I rub it in with a toothbrush, my finger or a small sponge and then rinse the area with water. It rinses away clean, and doesn't leave any residue in the grout or on the tub.

I've found that is is well priced, and you definitely get your money's worth from each bottle. Plus, it is sold almost everywhere so it is easy to find in stores.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your Soft Scrub cleanser review, and how you use it to clean your shower.

I would love to hear from other people sharing how they use this product, in its many variations and varieties, in their own home, and how it works for them. You can share your review and uses here.

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Soft Scrub Cleanser Review - Mixed Opinions

by Laura Pelaez
(Anaheim, CA)

Laura provides a mixed review about Soft Scrub cleanser.

Laura says:

I usually use Clorox Clean Up spray, with bleach, to clean tile and counter surfaces, but it is much too harsh on our bathroom sink and tub.

Soft scrub seems to clean fairly well without destroying the finish on our sink and bathtub. It has a funky, chalky feel and doesn't smell as clean as bleach, but I still use it every week.

Taylor says:

Thanks Laura for your review.

If you want to use a product with bleach, I don't know if you are aware that Soft Scrub does have a product which contains bleach.

However, that would not solve the chalky feeling you describe.

Has anyone else used Soft Scrub and have an opinion about how it cleans? Is it easy or difficult to rinse away?

Please tell me in the comments, or share your own reviews here of this, or any other house cleaning product.

You can also share your bathroom cleaner reviews here, or read other reviews already submitted.

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Comments for Soft Scrub Cleanser Review - Mixed Opinions

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Paste okay, gel formula not
by: Lee

We were most satisfied with a Softscrub paste, but the gel formula is worthless for our corian sink. Do not see the paste type in the store anymore, so will drop Softscrub, unless guided to a store that has the paste formula.

Left dark shade
by: Katie

I used Softscrub gel with beach to remove sap stains from our light-wood deck and on some of the stains it worked perfectly. On others, it left a darker shade in the area to which it was applied (trying to keep the cleaner exactly within the outline of the stain. Any recommendations on how o remove the darker marks it has left?

containers are worthless can't even use
by: Deborah Stanger

I bought the total soft scrub with bleach. I was only able to use 1/4 of the bottle and the sprayer stopped working. Can't even remove the top to put it in the sprayer. Now I'm stuck with 3/4 of a bottle that I can't even use. Contacted the company and let them know this. Not one response. Poor customer service.

help needed
by: Mary

I squirted soft scrub with bleach in my tub-now I have white bleach marks exactly where the squirts were--I was rinsing it with in a couple minutes-it has ruined my tub.

Caps on the bottle
by: Marilyn

I love your product - but the cap on the top always breaks off. This is so frustrating - you may want to look at a new design as the Soft Scrub begins to thicken quickly without the lid.

Unhappy in Colorado

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