Bar Keepers Friend Powder Review: I'm Glad I Discovered It

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Bar Keepers Friend is one of the best kept secret cleaning products around as far as I'm concerned, and no, no one is paying me to say that. I just like this stuff.

This is a product which comes in powder form (there is also a liquid version which you can read about here, but this page is dedicated to reviews of the powder version) and its active ingredient is oxalic acid.

Oxalic acid is actually a chemical found in, of all things, rhubarb.

That makes Bar Keepers Friend (or BKF to those of us who use it a lot) different than some cleansing powders which rely on bleach to help them clean, and/or contain abrasives. BKF does not have either abrasives or bleach in it, but boy, it sure can clean.

This stuff has been around for a long time, and has been manufactured in Indiana since the 1880s. Despite it being around for a long time for some reason lots of people don't yet know about it, and often, unfortunately, it can be a bit hard to find in stores, especially outside the Midwest.

I actually grew up using this product in my own house, in the powdered version. The first uses of this product I knew about were in the garage, since it was my Dad who used it. However, as I've gotten older I've learned all kinds of great uses for Bar Keepers Friend, plus you lovely readers have told me even more.

Below you'll find a compilation of some of the best uses and reviews of this product I've received from readers, or that I know about from using it myself.

To start you out though, here's a couple more general reviews and praises of this product sent in to me by other readers.

A reader, Roxana, says: "I have
used this for years. It is the best on pots and pans and stainless sinks. I prefer the powder form, it seems to be most effective. If you need liquid, you can turn this into a paste or liquid. One product, one hundred uses."

Further, another reader, Allie, told me this story:

"I moved into a 1970's house about a year ago. When I started to clean things out and move my stuff in, I found a can of Bar Keepers Friend powder in the bathroom.

At first I didn't think much of it and thought this stuff is too old to use. Well, later that night I cooked dinner for my family. Sauce was everywhere and it got all over the stove-top and counter.

Later that night I decided to clean up the kitchen. I didn't have anything to clean up this mess. I remembered the cleaning powder I found in the bathroom. I went down the hall and grabbed it. Came back and started using it on the stove-top.

To my amazement the powder worked and my stove-top was sparkling white again. I couldn't believe it, after all these years that this product was still good enough to use.

It busted through the toughest mess and didn't scratch the stove top or my counter.

I started using it everywhere, in the bathroom tubs and sink and even the porcelain kitchen sink. I even use it to clean the front of my stainless steel fridge.

It's funny that the name of this stuff is called Bar Keepers Friend, now I know why.

Bar Keepers Friend Products {Referral Links}

Below I've collected a number of uses for this product. If you've got your own you'd like added to this or another page of the site please share your general purpose cleaner reviews here, or read others that have already been submitted by others.

Wow! Lots of Bar Keepers Friend original powder uses for around your home! {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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It's The Best On Porcelain Sinks

Bar Keeper's Friend is the easiest and best way to clean porcelain sinks {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Lara sent in the photo above saying, "We recently bought a house. The white porcelain kitchen sink was really scratched and dingy. The 'before' using BKF is the left. The 'after' is the right side. I was very pleased with the results! It's good stuff!"

how to clean porcelain sink, before and after pictures
Thanks for sharing this use and awesome photo Lara!

You're certainly not the only person who has told me about the magic that is BKF for porcelain. In fact, another reader used it to clean her dingy vintage porcelain sink as well, and as you can see from the before and after pictures on the right, it did a great job for her too!

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Best Product For Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks

Bar Keeper's Friend is the best cleaner for stainless steel sinks {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

How to clean stainless steel sink
Just like BKF is great for cleaning porcelain sinks, it also does an amazing job cleaning and making stainless steel sinks shine.

In fact, several readers have shared how they use it on the how to clean a stainless steel sink page of the site. Go over to read the reviews, and how they do it.

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Cleaning Stainless Steel Pots With Bar Keepers Friend Powder

How to use Bar Keepers Friend to clean stainless steel pot bottoms {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
Momw4kids shared these pictures of the bottom of an All Clad stainless steel pan which she cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend.

As you can see, this pan looks like many pots and pans which have been used a lot, and put under heat, especially if you've got a gas stove top.

Normal scrubbing just won't budge these types of stains, so that's where BFK came in.

She explained her technique for cleaning the pots as follows: "I used the rough side of a Scotch Brite No Scratch (blue) sponge. I rinsed the pan with water, so that a little water remained, then sprinkled Bar Keepers on surface, then used swirl motions to clean. Repeated the process several times."

Once she'd finished using this product there were just a few spots left.

Please note that while the original BKF obviously works for cleaning pots and pans (as shown by these pictures), there is also a BKF Cookware Cleanser & Polish designed specifically to clean both stainless steel and copper cookware.

Click the link to see reviews of this product, plus before and after pictures sharing results.

Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish Reviews & Results

Before during and after courtesy of

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Removed Rainbow Heat Marks From Pot: Before & After Pics

Joseph Ekaitis shared a before and after picture of a pot he cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend.

He had placed the pan in the dishwasher's pots and pan cycle, and instead of getting it clean it left heat marks and residue within it. However, using this product he got it shining again in no time.

Do you have any tips for cleaning pots and pans? If so, click the link to share them with me, or read others that I've already collected.

Tips for cleaning pots, pans, bakeware and cookware

Photo courtesy of

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Cleaning Stoneware Scratches With BKF

How to use Bar Keeper's Friend to remove utensil marks and scratches on dishes and stoneware {on Stain Removal 101}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

OhioMom shared a before and after picture of her 15 year old stoneware dishes, which had lots of scratches from near constant use.

The plate on the right has been cleaned with BKF, while the one on the left shows what they looked like before.

Wow, what a difference!

Photo courtesy of

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Used BKF To Clean Glass Top Stove

Nenne Jane shared before and after pictures of how she used this product to clean her glass top stove.

The top picture shows the before shot, and the bottom picture is the after shot.

She explained about the before picture, "This streak stayed on my cooktop for weeks, cleaning it with anything wouldn't remove it until I used BKF."

Here are more tips for how to clean a stove top shared by readers, if you'd like more ideas. Plus, if you've got your own I'd love to hear those as well.

Tips and tricks for how to clean stove top

Photo courtesy of

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Remove Rust Stains From Fiberglass Sink With BKF

Gail Moore shared a before and after picture of how this product worked on her fiberglass sink, as both a cleaner and rust stain remover.

As you can see it was quite stained from rusty well water on the right hand side.

The left hand side had already been cleaned with the BKF.

She explained her technique for using this product was as follows: "I used a Scotchbrite regular green scrubber lightly rubbing the Bar Keeper's around and round."

Everyone knows how easily fiberglass can get scratched, so I checked to make sure this product would be safe for it, and it is advertised as being safe, and non-scratching for this surface! That means it could be used on your fiberglass bathtubs, showers, sinks, etc.

You can check out even more tips for how to clean fiberglass here, or share your own as well!

Tips for how to clean fiberglass

In addition, check out these tips for removing rust stains from all types of surfaces, or share your own.

Tips for removing rust stains

Photo courtesy of

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Great Bathtub Cleaner

A reader, Tracie, sent in the photo above. She said, "Ajax, Comet, Magic Eraser....nothing worked except BKF!!

True story, my tub during reno."

You can check out even more tips and product reviews for bathtub cleaning here if you want more ideas.

Bathtub cleaning tips and tricks

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How To Clean Kettle With Burnt On Splatters And Grime

Jan M. shared her before and after pictures, showing how she cleaned her metal kettle using Bar Keepers Friend powder.

As you can see the kettle had gotten grimy and dirty with constant use, and since it stayed on the stove top while others things were cooking, and getting oil and grease splatters all over it.

That is always a sticky mess that is almost impossible to remove with just plain old dishwashing liquid.

However, that stuff was not match for BKF, and now the kettle looks as good as new.

Before and after photos courtesy of

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Bar Keepers Friend Does An Awesome Job

Lisa provided the product photo above, and recommended using BKF to clean toilets.

She stated: "I use nothing but this!!! Sprinkle it around the sides, use your toilet scrubber and let it sit.

I'm a house keeper and I use this all the time. Don't waste time with SOS pads. You're going to damage the enamel."

Tips for how to clean a toilet

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This Is The Best Cleaner I've Ever Used

A reader, SueEllen, sent in the photo above, saying, "There's a cookware version that polishes, too. The. Best."

Another reader, Dawn, said this: "This has always been by far the BEST cleaner I have ever used in my entire life... It still surprises me how many people have never heard of it.

I use it literally for everything and it never ruins anything.

At first I was scared to use it thinking if it worked that good then it would damage things but I just cleaned my front loading washer with it and sparkles like no one would believe.

I have used it for sinks, dishes, toilets, tubs... you name it."

Taylor's note: Did you know there's also a liquid version of this product? You can check out the Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser reviews here.

Bar Keepers Friend Liquid cleaner reviews and uses

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Barkeepers Friend Powder Is A Great Secret I Stumbled Upon

by Billie

Billie shared a secret she learned about a great cleaning product, Bar Keepers Friend.

Billie says:

Bar Keepers Friend is a great secret I stumbled upon. One of my roommates, a few years ago, was using it and offered me some to clean the gunk off our outside patio chairs. It worked so fast and so good, I loved it.

I had never heard of it before. It is great for anything that is stuck on just about anything.

I use it in my kitchen every week. In addition, I have used it to scrub any and everything from my bathroom and utility sinks, counters, tubs and showers, refrigerator-in and out, microwave, on any metal or stainless steel, most plastics, my deck chairs and patio or lawn furniture, our jaccuzi, fan blades, and even to scrub my plastic flip flops and the outside of my white leather top tennis shoes.

It does not scratch, but you do have to be a bit careful of the pressure you apply when using on some plastics or something fragile, such as my leather uppers on my tennis shoes.

Scuff marks are easily removed, as is just about anything dirty.

Bar Keepers Friend is very inexpensive; much cheaper than most other name brands. It is sometimes hard to find, so you have to look for it. Usually the stores I shop at have it, but it is never in a big fancy display, which is why I say you have to really look for it.

But, this stuff is so great and time saving. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get some.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much Billie for sharing your review of this product. As you can see, I've got several glowing reviews of it.

If anyone else has tried Bar Keepers Friend I would love to hear what you've cleaned with it. You can share your reviews here, for this or any other general purpose cleaner.

Bar Keepers Friend Products {Referral Links}

Lots of reviews and uses of Bar Keepers Friend, explaining the many ways you can use this powder cleanser to clean parts of your home, such as in your kitchen, bathroom and more {on Stain Removal 101} #BarKeepersFriend #CleaningTips #Cleaneruse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Comments for Barkeepers Friend Powder Is A Great Secret I Stumbled Upon

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glass top oven
by: Elizabeth

I Love bar keepers friend! I use it to clean my glass top oven and it shines like new every time!

Copper bottom pots and more
by: Deb

Started using this on my copper bottom Revereware and found it works great for lots of things!

porcelain sink
by: Candice

Love that stuff! My husband scratched out porcelain pedestal sink shortly after we got it and Barkeepers friend took it right out!

stainless steel pans
by: Hilda

Been using this for years especially when I clean my SS pans.

stove top
by: Erica

Love this stuff, it's the only thing I'll use on our stove top. It gets all the grease/gunk off so easily.

how I use it
by: Sarah

It's great stuff. I use it to remove scratches from my plates and clean my glass top range.

cleaned cymbals!
by: Debbie

I used to use it to shine my marching band cymbals!

removes metal scratch marks from utensils on plates and bowls
by: Bev

If you have metal scratch marks from utensils on your plates and bowls, it is great for that.

how I use it
by: Dottie

I use bar keepers friend on my white porcelain sinks (which BTW I'd trade any day for stainless). I also use it to keep copper ring and bottoms on my all clad pots and pans spiffy.

great for counter top
by: Patty

I used Bar Keeper's Helper on my old counter top the day before it was to be ripped out for new counter top. If I had used it before ordering the new one, I would have kept it. It looked so good!

so many uses
by: Bev R.

This is great on coffee or tea stained cups, and also on metal scratch marks on your plates.

This stuff is MAGIC!
by: Heather

Once upon a time I lived in the USA and BKF was easily available and just another useful non abrasive cleaner that is NOT hard on one's hands. I used it on the copper pots I had then.

Now I live in Australia and even with the power of cyber shopping, it can be hard to find. It is magic....all the uses given previously PLUS it is amazing for cleaning hard water spots from a clear shower screen which I then coat with the silicone protectant polish used for ceramic cooktops.

But even better...with care, it is so non abrasive that it can be used to take scuff marks and crayon off painted surfaces.

I love it so much I found some accidentally while on holiday and literally hugged it to me as I took it to the cash register!!!! MAGIC

Love this stuff! My Mom used it, and now so do I!
by: Georgi

I recall as a little girl that my mom used BKF on the 8 foot marble counter top in her bathroom. She said it did not scratch and was the only one she could use. She also used it in the kitchen on the sink, pots and pans, etc. I use it now on the hard water build up on my bathtub and the surrounding tile. I also use on every surface in my kitchen. I have COPD and asthma and cannot use cleaners with a strong odor. BKF has no discernable odor to trigger a negative response for my breathing. I love it!!

I do love it
by: Anonymous

I've been using Bar keepers friend for 50+ years for all the reasons mentioned above and many others too numerous to mention by adjusting the scrubbing pressure you can clean most anything -- remove coffee and tea stains in cups just like magic, clean the hard water deposit line around the toilet bowl. It's the best, doesn't scratch the porcelain ceramic which once scratched is impossible to keep clean. Oh I do love my Bar Keepers Friend.

Can't Live Without It!
by: Homemaker in Allentown, PA

My grandmother used it on her pots, my mother and mother in law used it, and now so do my two daughters and I.

by: Anonymous

Can it be used as an oven cleaner?

Great stuff!
by: Laurie

I bought a new set of Cuisinart stainless steel pots and pans. The care instructions that came with said to use BKF instead of Brillo to keep them from getting scratched up. It works beautifully and leaves a nice shine. Highly recommended!

I buy it at Walmart
by: Anonymous

I have been using Bar Keepers Friend for many years and love it. I live in the suburb of Atlanta and I buy it at Walmart for less then $2 plus tax.

haven't found another product as good
by: Amy Bumpus

I haven't found another product to remove stains from my white laminate counters, products line Clorox clean up leave a yellow mark! BKF even removed the yellow!

It word great to remove blackened burned on messes on stainless steel pots! Yep I boiled some pinto beans dry and had an ugly mess. A soak with a few TBSPs of BKF and a squirt of Seventh Generation with hot water filling the pan. Let sit overnight and the black burned on beans wipe out.

BKF on a sponge gets the last boys! Saves your counters, stove tops and pots and pans!

white water rings on black plastic laundry sink
by: Anonymous

The black laundry sink is fine till you leave a little water standing in the bottom. Tried lots of cleaners and home remedies, nope! Came right back. Tried BKF powder, poof all gone! ;-) Love this stuff on my glass stove top too! Cleans burned on stuff and brings back the shine.

by: Janet

I was cleaning my stainless steel fridge with a soft scuff pad to remove water stains, not thinking. I made scratches on the two doors so bad, I could not believe what I did. I googled everywhere and came across this product.
I want to tell you I made these scratches almost invisible and my fridge gleams like it never did before.

This product ss Amazing! I highly recommend it and It is not expensive to boot.

Only thing that works
by: Pool owner

Bar Keepers Friend is THE only cleaner that removed stains from the natural stone patio around my pool. I have tried so many things, including oxiclean and bleach. Bar Keepers Friend is the only cleanser that removed the stains easily and completely. Thank you!

I have been using for a long time.
by: Pat

I have been using BKF on the ceramic top on my stove. Also on the oven door and glass. It is the greatest cleaning powder I have ever used.

by: Anonymous

I am a Manager of a fast food store. One night after hours we were cleaning the store for the morning shift. I went to the cleaning closet to get our cleaning supplies to begin getting the tedious job completed. What I found was the cleaner we used to clean our stainless steel cooking area was out. Someone did not forward the message that it was time to replenish our cleaning supplies. Well I began looking for something anything to clean up so we could go home after a long day. I seen a can BKF and thought better than nothing. After cleaning I stepped back to take a look and Wow! I never seen the stainless steel equipment looked this clean. The appliances just sparkled and even the cooking odors were gone. I was surprised at how well it did the job. This BKF by far made the equipment look new. It also refreshed the area from all those cooking smells. Now I use it in my home and I love the way it cleans no matter how long those baked on stains are rinsed down the drain. I would recommend BKF to anyone.

Great for the bathroom
by: Anonymous

Bar Keeper’s is great. We had plumbing problems in one bathroom and the plumber used a long, flexible, metal hose to go down inside the toilet bowl. I was horrified when I saw the long black streaks it left in the toilet bowl - it looked like the porcelain bowl was badly scratched. Bar Keeper’s Friend (which I normally use on my stainless steel cookware) took all the dark marks off with very little effort and the toilet bowl looks like new.

Perfect Cleaner
by: Anonymous

Have used this forever -- the powder, liquid and now new foam spray love all of it. So impressed on how it never scratches or ruins anything you use it on and the price is good. I'm surprised how many people aren't aware of it.

canister design very poor
by: Anonymous

I use your 12 oz. cleanser & polish for cleaning my stainless pots & pans.It does a great job, hoeever your canister spout/ (7 holes) is a very poor design. The problem is after you lift the paper sticker several times covering the holes
it will not stick anymore because of the the buildup of cleanser on the surface exposing the cleanser inside of the canister to moisture, water, etc. making it unable to pour the powder out in a steading stream.

Very easy solution. Spend a few cents more by placing a plastic cover over the top and snap in place.

Speaking from a Design engineer standpoint: I would like to see that implemented.

UK source
by: Anonymous

Where can you buy this or an equivalent in the UK?

It clumps
by: Tonie

I need a plastic top to keep from clumping.

Great cleanser
by: Anonymous

After trying several other cleansers on a stainless steel frying pan with a copper bottom that is probably about 70 years old (inherited from my mom), I used BK Friend and it looked like new. Later I also accidentally burned things in the pan and BK again worked wonders.

Bar Keepers is no.1
by: Terri

Clean your stainless steel sink, clean your stainless pans, clean your copper pans-this product does it all and better than any other cleaner.

Unbelievable stuff
by: Anonymous

I work in a small store. The rust and calcium build up in the toilet was a disgrace to look at. I noticed they had a canister of your product. I immediately used it, to their surprise (not mine, I'm a regular user), overnight it was a total transformation. I was greatly appreciated from day one working there.

discolored my stainless steel sink
by: Sharon

I left this powdered cleaner on my stainless steel sinks too long and it discolored my sinks. How can I remove the discoloration?

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