Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Review - Effective Cleaner For Hard To Clean Surfaces

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Below are quite a few Bar Keepers Friend liquid cleanser reviews from readers, discussing what they like and don't about this cleaning product.

Bar Keepers Friend started out as a powder, and I've got a whole lot of reviews of the original powder version here.

Bar Keepers Friend Liquid cleaner reviews and uses, as shared by Stain Removal 101 readers who've used it to clean their bathrooms, kitchens, and more, and compared it to BKF powder #BarKeepersFriend #CleaningProduct #Cleanersuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest
The product is designed to clean a multitude of things in your kitchen and your bathroom, and it uses the power of oxalic acid, which is a milder acid, to do that.

That means BKF, which is what this product is often abbreviated as by those who use it often, works well for cleaning things in the bathroom like soap scum and hard water build up, as well as metals.

While the original powder version is still beloved by many, the company has now also come out with the liquid version, which is a soft cleanser.

Some people find the convenience of the liquid more to their liking, while others are still partial to the powder. You can read lots of reviews below, and then come to your own conclusion of which type you like more!

Here's the first review:

Sharon says:

My husband has used Bar Keeper's Friend for several years, and I finally tried it recently.

I was wary, because I am not able to use most commercial cleaning supplies as their strong scents can trigger migraines.
The scent of it, however, was mild enough for me to be able to use it without a headache afterwards.

I tried it first in our bathtub. When applied with a stiff brush it did a very good job at removing the orange film that was starting to appear on the bottom of the tub.

I then tried it on our black ceramic stove top with a cloth. It easily removed the residue left from a pot that had recently boiled over.

It also did a great job at cleaning my porcelain kitchen sink. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an effective cleaner for hard to clean surfaces.

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Taylor says:

Sharon, thanks for sharing your Bar Keepers Friend liquid review.

I have long been a fan of products from the Bar Keepers Friend line. I fortunately live in an area where I've been able to buy these products for quite a few years, since it is still somewhat regionally based. However, with the advent of Internet shopping now just about anyone can get these cleaning products.

I am always looking for more reviews and uses for Bar Keepers Friend, so I would love it if even more people sent in their reviews. You can share your reviews here of any product, sharing how it has worked for you, and all the great uses you've found for it.

Bar Keepers Friend Liquid cleaner reviews and uses, as shared by Stain Removal 101 readers who've used it to clean their bathrooms, kitchens, and more, and compared it to BKF powderuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Great For Cleaning Faucets In The Bathroom

Raedie shared a picture of her bathroom faucet once she'd cleaned with with this product.

It helped remove the tarnish and grime, and made it shine instead.

Photo courtesy of

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Great For Removing Hard Water Stains & Orangish Discoloration From Shower Walls & Floor

How Bar Keepers Friend liquid works for removing hard water stains and orangish colored deposits on shower walls and floors {on Stain Removal 101} #BarKeepersFriend #ShowerCleaning #HardWaterStainsuse this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

Debbie sent in this photo of her shower, after she cleaned a portion of it with the liquid BKF.

She said, "WOW, I cannot believe it! Where have you been the past 30 years of my living with hard water deposits in the shower?!

This product is a zillion times better than Kaboom or any similar product and should be renamed Housekeeper's Friend. In less than one minute with essentially NO scrubbing the deep orange stain that ran down to the floor under the hot water knob was gone! You can see just under the knob where I missed how dark the stain was."

Thanks for sending in your photo Debbie, it really did make a difference where you've already applied it!

You can read even more tips for cleaning showers here, or share your own.

In addition, you can read more about removing hard water stains and spots here.

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Liquid Bar Keepers Not As Good As The Powdered Version

by SR101 Reader

Bar Keepers powder has been my go-to for cleaning in my kitchen and bathroom for years.

When the liquid came out I had to try it and I was quite disappointed.

The design of the cap makes it hard to squeeze out a small amount of cleaner.

Therefore, it was not economical as I would always get more then necessary.

I love the powder form as I can shake a small amount and it lasts forever.

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Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleans Stainless Steel Well, Mostly

by Monica

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Monica says:

I just gave Bar Keepers Friend in the liquid version a try for the first time. Bottom line – I like it.

Caveat – I’m looking forward to trying the powder version, which may have a bit more power and I found that squeezing it out always led to a long distance squirt and waste.

My sister had some Farberware pots she planned to discard because they looked old and worn. I’d read about Bar Keepers Friend for stainless steel, so tried it out, to save the vintage pots. It worked fairly well, but I couldn’t remove the worst of the darker spots on the bottom. I plan to try the powder version on those.

On my Blanco stainless steel sink, the liquid worked great, as it did on my stainless stove and refrigerator.

Bar Keepers Friend wasn’t available in the first two places I looked – a well-stocked drug store in downtown Washington and a grocery store. But a rural Lowes had it in both forms.

I was careful not to use the liquid on the knobs of the stove, just in case it would remove writing.

I don’t usually have allergies, and didn’t have any reaction to the product, nor did I find the smell noticeable. All in all, I would buy it again, but suspect I will like the powder even better, as it was a bit less expensive and seems more cost effective.

Taylor says:

Thanks for sharing your Bar Keepers Friend liquid cleaner review.

I'm glad to find out how it works on stainless steel items in your home, since people are always looking for a good cleaner for this common metal.

***Update: Here's another review from a reader, Shelley, who also provided the picture above of this product. Shelly says: "Bar Keepers Friend. You can find it in Walmart and other stores. Normally in a container like Comet, it's getting fancy now and comes in liquid versions. I have both as you can see. Shines stainless steel like no other."

I'd love to hear even more reviews of this product, so please share your experiences and opinions about it with me here.

In addition, you can share your stainless steel cleaners review here, telling me which product you like (or don't like) to use to clean all the stainless steel items in your home, or read other reviews that have already been submitted.

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Comments for Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleans Stainless Steel Well, Mostly

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use liquid more than powder version
by: Nicole

I run a house cleaning business and this is one of my staples!! Love it, and I use the liquid form more often.

by: Janet

I used the liquid Bar Keepers Friend on my stainless steel sink and I wasn't totally impressed. Baking soda made it sparkle!

prefer powder version
by: Karin

I prefer the powder version of Bar Keepers...liquid didn't work nearly as well.

liquid tends to get funky
by: Jamie

The liquid tends to get funky if you keep the bottle for any length of time. It sort of hardens and separates, much like silver polish, for lack of a better comparison. But I'll use it in a pinch.

in my cleaning business I prefer the powder
by: Felicia

I own a cleaning business and I can't live w/out it. It works wonders. But, the liquid does not work as good and it gets lumpy after sitting over an period of time.

It separates after a while
by: Wanda

I "inherited" a bottle of this from my mother, so I'm not sure how long she had it. I shook it up well, as it says to do on the bottle; however, it came out kind of semi-opaque and runny, not like the white cream I expected. I keep shaking, but I think it is past its prime.

Retired in California & Wisconsin
by: Gini

I love my BKF soft cleanser, but have 2 homes & when I return from 1 or the other, the cleanser has separated (dry bottom & liquid on top) & I am unable to reconsolidate. Suggestions?

powder version is better
by: Anonymous

Bar keepers friend powder is the best. My bottle of liquid turned into a clump on the bottom. I couldn't get it to dissolve Won't buy it again.

I love the powder version but not the liquid.
by: Dee

I tried the powder version and it works so well I told all my friends and a lot of them tried it too, liked the results and became steady users.

When the liquid version became available I bought some. I don't like it at all. You have to shake it to reconstitute the product. If you let it set for even a few days the solids will settle at the bottom of the container and unless you shake for a long, long time all you get is soapy looking water. The solids just won't mix up and it is useless. The powder type Bar Keepers Friend is the best scouring cleanser I have ever used - but the liquid version is a major disappointment.

BKF Liquid settles like a rock
by: Anonymous

BKF Liquid settles in the bottle leaving a clear liquid and a solid concrete mass at the bottom of the bottle. It does not shake up, and even using a chopstick does not break up the mass. Stick with the powder!! I cut the bottle open and used a blender to remix, (got a really clean blender), and re-bottled in a jar. It settled again within a week but with some effort I can re-mix it by shaking. Do so once a week.

Motorhome Rims?
by: Bobs

Can I use BKF on my 22.5" rims? They are dull aluminum right now.

If so, may I use a power buffer?

Get a rod
by: Tom

I too experienced the separation of the powder, with it settling to the bottom into a firm blob. It defied my best efforts to dislodge it by shaking. Eventually, what I did was to get a short metal rod and by poking it into the mass at the bottom of the container, was finally able to break it into smaller pieces that were more cooperative in rejoining the liquid. Cleaner worked as it was supposed to after that.

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