Ajax Cleanser With Bleach Review - Recommended By Grandma

by Monica Herron
(Plantation, FL, USA)

Monica has provided this review of Ajax cleanser, when asked what her favorite bathroom cleaner was.

Monica says:

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom everyone cringes.

Since, my bathroom has my washer and dryer in it things can get a little messy. When the dryer is on the bathroom tends to become humid, causing disgusting mildew in the tile grout.

I have tried every spray under the sun. I have worn my arm out scrubbing with cleaning sprays and foams.

I was about to have is cleaned professionally until I spoke to my Grandma.

Yes, my Grandma saved me tons of money with one question, "Did you try Ajax?" So, I purchased Ajax cleanser with bleach and I was amazed.

I went to the tile first and smeared the Ajax on using a sponge. I let it sit for a few minutes, and then I used a scrubbing pad and very little elbow grease and "Voila!" the mildew was gone.

I was so excited.

I did not know Ajax had that kind of cleaning power. Now, it is the only thing I use to get the job done.

It removes mildew, soap scum, and build up around the sink.

The best part is you can use it on anything and it doesn't scratch the surface.

It will also leave your bathroom with a light clean scent.

So, thanks Grandma for the tip. Ajax with bleach is amazing!

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Taylor says:

Thanks Monica for your review.

I also have my washer and dryer in the bathroom, and it does contribute to making the bathroom much dirtier. I haven't noticed mildew build up, perhaps because we have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, but I have noticed a lot more lint build up which I have to dust and wipe away.

So, what product do you use to clean your bathroom? You can share your bathroom cleaner reviews here, or read even more that have already been submitted.

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Ajax Cleaner Powder Not Cleaning Well Anymore

by Denise

Denise says:

Seems like the Ajax products are not working as well anymore. Their Ajax cleanser does not get anything white or stains out like it used to and it smells awful, like a rotten band aid.

I purchased several cans because I thought may be it was just that one can that was the issue.

I went to an entirely different location and purchased them. They smelled funny when I used them.

I used Ajax all the time to clean and it would remove stains, whiten, and had a fresh scent.

I drink coffee and would pour the old coffee down the drain and sometimes it would stain the kitchen sink a little. Well, Ajax could not get rid of the stains like it used to and just does not make everything look as clean.

I threw the cleanser away and had to switch to Comet.

Seem like something has changed with their products in the last 6 months to a year.

The product smells smell bad too. I had stop using all their products because they do not clean the same and are less effective.

Taylor says:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience Denise.

I'd love to hear from even more people who've used this product telling me what you think of it. You can share your opinion here and I'll add it to the page.

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Comments for Ajax Cleaner Powder Not Cleaning Well Anymore

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Ajax used to be good but not any more
by: Joan

I have used Ajax forever. It used to do a great job cleaning anything. Not any more. Now, it is just like pouring baby powder or clear water on stains or grime or anything. It is totally and absolutely useless. I am told that they took out the phosphates to protect the environment and that was the cleaning agent - well - guess what? If that is the case then they need to replace it with something that works because Ajax does not do the job any more. Don't waste your money.

Happy Customer
by: Karin

my name is Karin and I'm using Ajax Powder Cleaner for many years.
Wanted to tell you, how much I love this product.
I have used many different cleaners over the years and always came back to Ajax.
So many times I had bad stains in my Kitchen sink and only Ajax made it disappear. For me, there is nothing better on the marked, then Ajax.
Thank you for this great product and a great price.

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